Gun Companies In a Nutshell

Colt: “We know our collectors will pay outrageous prices for stuff, and don’t care for the rest”

S&W: “We know our customers will pay for fame, or just want revolvers that don’t cost more than their kidneys but also work.”

Winchester: “Our rifles are made by Howa so we don’t mess them up”.

Remington: “We make our rifles in house so we can mess them up”.

Glock: “We sell 50 flavors of the same basic gun.”

H&K: “Our military sales print more money than Volkswagen, so the consumer can deal with it”

IWI: “Our military sales are iffy at best, so we’re trying to appeal to consumers”

Century Arms: “We’re Interarms with a different name, and worse quality control”.

B&T: “Saving forgotten designs and giving them a facelift.”

Magnum Research: “We rely on movie fame to move our products.”