interalised misogyny

anonymous asked:

things i read today: "why do people still follow gam? no offence but they're whorephobic lesbophobe who unironically refers to their husband as mr misandry" they said you're a libfem and a fauxminist. i am 99% sure the mr misandry thing is ironic?

The Mr Misandry thing is a tag, nothing more. I don’t call him Mr Misandry, it’s not a nickname, I refer to him on my blog as “my husband” but decided long ago that, since I couldn’t name any of my family here, that I would give them Misandry codenames. My mum is Mother Misandry, for example, so that if I want to find posts about her then that is what I have to search. 

I’m shocked that I wasn’t called more, usually they throw in transphobe as well. I really don’t have much time for people who use “libfem” as an insult withut realising how much they, and many others, rely on liberal feminism. I don’t really have much time for feminists who are more focused on having a whine about women they don’t like than they are on, you know, actual issues of feminism. 

There are lots of women I don’t like on here for personal reasons, I don’t post continuously about them simply because my interalised misogyny is not so drastic that I feel the need to focus on women simply because I don’t like them. 

If you don’t like me then don’t like me, but if I was a faux feminist (whatever that really is) I’d have been out of here with the first death threat, the first time someone wished rape upon me, the first time someone spread pictures of me around to talk about how they would like to hurt me, the first time someone sent me a message trying to guess my address, when someone told me they would wait at my uni campus until they saw me, the first time someone told me to kill myself or a myriad of other instances of bullshit I deal with for being a feminist here and now. 

I give my time, my money, my limited energy, to feminist causes and for that I do not deserve recognition or special attention, but if some human weeds want to stay focusing on my life instead of their own then I have to start to wonder when the hell they have time to contribute anything but negativity and horizontal hostility.