hell yeah frosh.

So frosh orientation or the recently called interaktive2013.
It was a  blast. I met a lot of cool people, not only from the FDM sides but from the other courses too plus i met up with some friends i chatted in FB and my hs tropa teehee,“shout out to anagel”. The day started in a long line outside the taft campus of benilde. The line for FDM was called and when we were walking past the other courses, the kept whispering “ grabe pagfashion talga eh no" la lng natuwa lng ako. 

Then we grouped with our blockmates. I kinda kept talking to my seatmates when ever i have time. I actually gathered up a lot of courage since, i’m actually shy person at first but i can loud and perky as hell when i’m with the gang. Anyway, my block was DFFD2 of fdm. we’re kinda many compared to other blocks i think. My most awaited thing is to have a boy, like, really straight boy in my course. i think we have 3? or 2 haha. i’m not really sure. but i’m sure about the first guy. 

DFFD2 block was fun, but i kinda wish i’m in the DFFD1 block because they look so fun and i really dig the personality of hans, one hell of a adorable person. The truth is there are those peeps that i don’t kinda feel in my block, well orientation palang naman, i shall see sa mga next days. I met this beki, jeremy. he’s funny and we’re noisy when were together but some girls ripped himher off me. okay :/ jk. just kidding :)) peace yo. 

another thing was, there are girls who speaks in english conyo. fvk. i’m not used to speak english-english. i prefer the tagalog kalye bardams style of speaking. okaywtf. i only do that englishspeakenen in my blogs or social medias. they’re like omg. haha kidding. fine talk to me in english-conya whatevs linggow you want but i’m going to answer you in tagalog, i’m not obliged to speak in english. HAHAHA. 

Well, over all it was fun, the games, the activities and everything. I really wish to meet up with the whole KNL group tho we have different course and bldg :)) 

lovelots. i’m really looking forward sa pasukan teehee at sa unite2013 parteynaitech. 

ps. those guys who oriented the air benilde are just hnnng. that accent.