Proof of concept project from Media Interaction Lab re-invents smartphone flipcase to provide additional interface features:

FlexCase is a novel flip cover for smartphones, which brings flexible input and output capabilities to existing mobile phones. It combines an e-paper display with a pressure- and bend-sensitive input sensor to augment the capabilities of a phone. Due to the form factor, FlexCase can be easily transformed into several different configurations, each with different interaction possibilities. We can use FlexCase to perform a variety of touch, pressure, grip and bend gestures in a natural manner, much like interacting with a sheet of paper. The secondary e-paper display can act as a mechanism for providing user feedback and persisting content from the main display. In this paper, we explore the rich design space of FlexCase and present a number of different interaction techniques. Beyond, we highlight how touch and flex sensing can be combined to support a novel type of gestures, which we call Grip & Bend. We also describe the underlying technology and gesture sensing algorithms. Numerous applications apply the interaction techniques in real-world examples, including enhanced e-paper reading and interaction, a new copy-and-paste metaphor, high degree of freedom 3D and 2D manipulation, and the ability to transfer content and support input between displays in a natural and flexible manner. 


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Here is a promotional teaser video for Interactive Media Lab’s open house last week that I helped write, direct, edit and create the graphic effects for. It was hard work but so much fun.

The Proportionist iPhone App... A Designer's Friend

It’s been a few months since Interactive Media Lab (IML) released the iPhone app, The Proportionist. Since then, I have used the app a number of times for resizing embedded videos and images on this blog and for clients’ websites. I’ve also used it several times for creating new Photoshop documents with specific proportions and aspect ratios. These are the exact reasons that we created the app in the first place. We saw a need for a tool that we knew we would use countless times that would speed up productivity. The Proportionist does the job.


For a designer, having the right tools to make your work move more quickly and easily is vital to staying on time, on budget and overall more productive. Having an application that does the seemingly simple task of calculating the correct pixel proportions of an image or video frees me up to concentrate on the creative process. Sure, it may be minutes saved, but deadlines are a reality and are ever-increasingly getting shorter and shorter.

So, download IML’s iPhone app, The Proportionist from the iTunes store. Spend a few cents to save a lot of time. You can download The Proportionist here and find out more info here.