Musical map of Europe.

The Kangnido map, made in 1402 in Korea. This map shows east Asian perceptions of the world at the time. The map has a lot of detail for China and Korea, and you can see a more rudimentary version of Arabia and Africa on the left. This map predated Zheng He’s Chinese voyages across the Indian Ocean, which took Chinese treasure fleets to Arabia, East Africa, and much of South and Southeast Asia.


The Doctor and the Master + favourite moments [4/?]

Ainley!Master and One, Two, and Three — “I came here to help you. A little unwillingly, but I came. My services were scorned, my help refused.”

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Lugia! I'm going to be the catdad of a Zapdos!

As an individual who’s helped to raise not one, but THREE legendary birds, there are dos and don’ts I’ve encountered on a nearly daily basis. Should you have any questions concerning proper care, I’m more than happy to assist…And I would suggest finding a nice, tall rock for them to make their nest–They like to be the center of attention.

Once again..Congratulations.

All The Pennies (Drabble)

Summary: You and Bucky are a recently married couple without an ounce of money in your pockets, but you don’t need money to know you love each other. All the pennies and diamonds couldn’t make you love him any better. 
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word counting: 200 and something words. 
Warnings: 1940’s AU, Fluff.

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“Doll?” You heard and the floor squeaked when Bucky entered the bedroom.

“Hey, you.” You smiled openly, throwing your arms around him. “So…”

“I got the job.” He smiled.

“Yes.” You clapped, excited. “That’s great.”

He leaned down, kissing your lips softly and quickly.

“I start later today. Just came to kiss you.”

You nodded quickly.

“I’ll make your lunch and bring it to you.”

Bucky kissed you again, and sighed.

“You know, I can go to the army and…”

“No.” You interrupted him. “I’ll go look for a job in the industries tomorrow. No army.”

“Come on.” He sighed. “I mean… love… We don’t even own a bathroom door.”

“We don’t need one.”

Bucky smirked down at you, not surprised by your words.

“Doll, why are you so against the army? It is heroic and it would be such a help with money and…”

“And you’d be away.” You interrupted him. “Money will not hug me at night, kiss me or love me. It won’t keep you safe.”

He shook his head, but hugged you tight and kissed your forehead.

“Okay, then.” He whispered as you rested your cheek on his chest. “No army.”

“No army.”

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hi yes im new to this so if i fuck it up just ignore me 👌
this is vien, a recent oc ive made-
he’s a fashionista / ex-model who’s now a clothing designer. he’s opinionated and brash but also snarky and can be sweet at times- he doesn’t mind giving his opinion bc he thinks it’s always great 👍 (even if it’s not)

he’s got a major phobia of blood and dislikes germs. don’t interact w him he will make u cry

thank u for ur time have a good day ☀️

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