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Pokemon-Pikachu and Ash’s Reunion

An Animation I started during my 2nd year at the Animation Workshop and I decided to continue. It was a good challenge and a pleasure to use those childhood characters !

Who We Are

We are from Mumbai’s red-light area.

We are daughters of sex workers.

We are girls who were trafficked.

We are survivors.

We are young women with big plans and big dreams.

We are leaders.

We are agents of change.

Kranti means “Revolution” in Hindi – and we are the Revolutionaries!

What We Do

Kranti is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that empowers girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas to become agents of social change. Kranti believes that, when girls like us have access to the same education, training, and opportunities as people from privileged backgrounds, we can become exceptional leaders.

Our backgrounds give us added value as leaders and agents of social change because we’ve had to develop innovativeness, compassion, and resilience in the face of marginalization and discrimination. By combining our experiences with the support, opportunities, and confidence Kranti gives us, we can revolutionize not only our own lives, but also our community, the people around us, and all of India. Look out world – here come the Revolutionaries!

How We Get There

Therapy: Because change starts from within
At Kranti, we believe that the first and most important step of becoming a social change agent is learning to love oneself. All of the Revolutionaries have faced abuse, rape, and other types of violence, as well as the emotional and mental burden of coming from India’s most marginalized populations. To help us overcome society’s prejudice toward us, our mothers, and our community, Kranti offers many kinds of therapy, including art therapy, dance movement therapy, and cognitive based therapy.

Education: Because changing the world requires critical thinking as well as literacy
At Kranti, we believe the purpose of education is not to attain employment; it is to achieve empowerment and social change. We study in mainstream schools and open schools, and attend trainings with partner NGOs, including Swaraj, PWESCR, CREA, and Pravah. We are also free to design our own curriculum and measure our own progress.

Extracurricular: Because social change is led by well-rounded human beings
Each Revolutionary is required to take two extracurricular activities: one physical and one artistic. We’re learning everything from photography, drawing, singing, piano, and drums to karate and dance!

Social Justice: Because social change must be taught and learned
The Social Justice Curriculum covers 20 topics including caste, class, religion, environment, gender, sexuality, and women’s rights. Through a combination of workshops, documentaries, theatre, guest speakers, and field trips, we learn about the root causes of India’s biggest social justice problems, what the situation is today, and how we can help solve the problem. We even get to design and implement our own projects for each social justice unit.

Workshops and Theater: Because changing the world requires practice
We have led dozens of interactive workshops across India for over 15,000 people at schools, companies and NGOs; topics range from trafficking and sex work to gender equality and sexual abuse. We have also written a play about their lives, which we have performed in over 50 venues in India. By telling our stories, we’ve changed audiences’ mindsets about us, our moms, and our community.

Travel: Because you can’t change the world without seeing it first
Kranti takes between 3 and 5 trips each year, including an annual Himalayan trek in India, Nepal, or Bhutan. Traveling provides the opportunity to learn from various NGOs and to lead workshops around the country, as well as develop the confidence, grit, and resilience that can only come from traveling.


28/6/2016: Crown Prince Hussein joined on Tuesday, which marks his 22nd birthday, a group of youth and children in two interactive workshops that were organized within “Tahseen Initiative” at the Naour Youth Center.

The initiative, which was launched by the Crown Prince Foundation aims to protect young Jordanians against the dangers of addiction and smoking. He took part in the first interactive workshop that coincides with the World No Tobacco Day, and included questions on data related to smoking and addiction and their negative effects.

In the second interactive workshop, Prince Hussein viewed paintings by children aged 9-12 in which they highlighted the negative effects of smoking. He stressed the importance of the initiative that seeks to raise awareness among Jordanian youths on the effects of addiction on their lives to enable them to take positive decisions related to their life and health. (Source: Petra)

Jain Zar is revealed to be the faction leader of the Eldar in Eternal Crusade.

Since I’m not familiar with EC mechanics, I don’t know if this means that some tart who donated enough will be able to play as our mythical ten thousand years old demigod momma or she will be just an overpowered friendly npc for eldar.

I’m hoping for the latter. Helping her to wreck some dumb raiding party at your home like it was with Thrall (maybe Overlord Saurfang is a better example since they both are adepts at cleaving shit) would be priceless.


Eternal Crusade gameplay footage.

y'all, i’ve been so inspired since i’ve finished my thesis research to do more thought, talking, writing on the relationship between Black women’s art & resistance. I’m doing a workshop on it this week. i wanna make it like an interactive art workshop that talks about mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers & how their art was found in the most unique & least expected places. maybe some of us in the bay area will come??

DPLAfest 2016

I have the honor to be co-hosting DPLAfest 2016 in Washington, D.C., next week, April 14-15, 2016. Along with the Smithsonian Institution and the Library of Congress, we will host DPLA’s third annual series of interactive workshops, hackathons, and discussions.

The National Archives plays a major role in this year’s DPLAfest, and various staff from across the National Archives will be presenting on innovative projects throughout the event. I will be welcoming members of the public to DPLAfest 2016 as we kick off this year’s event. 

With our colleagues at Historypin, we will provide a presentation on APIs, Apps, and Audiences. The National Archives and Historypin have been working together on a project to digitize World War I content and increase the creative reuse and impact of these collections. We are proud of the innovative work we are doing at NARA, and we are eager to share it with the community.

You can keep up to date about DPLAfest 2016 by subscribing to its news list, bookmarking the DPLAfest 2016 homepage, keeping tabs on news and blog feed, or follow #DPLAfeston Twitter and Facebook.

Read the full post on the AOTUS blog.

anonymous asked:

who else teaches at the institute of 1d studies? whos classes do i need to enroll in??

Your timing is so impeccable, anon! We’ve just been discussing the faculty line-up for the upcoming semester. 

Firstly, the thing about the Institute that you need to understand is that it’s an open form system. An open campus. You may come and go as you please. You may jump up to the podium and grab the mic and talk for an hour about Harry’s hands! Or the way that Niall wears a suit! Or your feelings about Zayn! We are all teachers here and we are all students, but here are some of the important players in this particular wing of the Institute of 1D Studies:

Sika / othisredding - Founder and President of the Institute. A guiding light and ispiration to us all. There is a corridor in the main building that is wallpapered in Sika selfies.

Kenzie / echolikebells / one half of getoffthebridge1d - The institute’s studier of studies, a librarian but without all the awful parts (the books stack themselves here). Guest lecturer and Harry tags expert. 

Gillian / nozayngel - Baker of cakes, respected lecturer in the Zarriall department. Beloved by every student. Host baking club in her kitchen where students and faculty gather learn advanced icing techniques and discuss the nuanced joyful beauty of Ziall.

Jamiefeelingshulk - Our guidance counselor. Step into her office if you are having a feeling about Zayn or ANYTHING else and you’re not sure what to do with it. Drink her relaxing tea, tell her your troubles. Also a featured speaker in this Spring’s Tragi-Louis lecture series. Spends her breaks in the staff lounge knocking things over and angrily muttering about Zayn’s tongue while she beep-beep-boops the wall.

di / imlikenah - Chair of fandom and media studies! Ot5 expert (aer class on the subject is highly requested). di also watches over the institute garden and leads a special Nouis seminar course. 

Darren / likeliterallydead / one half of getoffthebridge1d - famed Niam guest lecturer with a Summer seminar on Southern Gentleman Niall. Buys way too many pearls. Can often be found in the staff lounge bickering with Kenzie. 

Chris / johnnykaratevevo  - our graduate student TA. Picks up everyone else’s classes when they can make it in, generally keeps things moving. Volunteers her free time in the counseling office with Jamie. Often late turning in papers but is SUPER nice to every student. Also acting equality officer in the Institute. 

Syar - theroadverytravelled - director of admin, in charge of carefully color-coding all the files, organizes roundtables and guest speakers, accessibility coordinator and student relations liason. She maintains the Zayn meditation cave in the quad and also steps in to guest lecture on parallel universe Nouis. Respected member of the Ziall Booster Club on campus. 

Jenn / Me! - I just like…pick up the trash and yell about Niall a lot. Though I do teach night classes on Ziall Vampire Boyfriends, Zayn’s Gentle Touching and the Immoveable Permanence of Narry. 

Other Notable Staff and Students:

Victoria / nononoabsolutelynot - Lirry studies coordinator

Elaine / nicethighsnicereyes - Composes and send out the daily Institute emails

Katy / justawordshaker - Has been hanging around the quad a lot making students cry about Louis, leads the student choir

Alex / space-bakery - Coordinates the post-larry lecture series (not listed on the official schedule, please inquire in the office) and runs an interactive workshop titled “Where Are You Meant To Be?: fandom in the physical realm”

Jamie / myinsidescape - Niall Booster Club honored member. 

Danielle / nuthinbutniall - Runs a very popular seminar series with me on Niall Springsteen 

Alex / thewordisweetabix - Lecturer on the philosophy of fandom, frequently found in the Zayn meditation cave. 

Em / never2old4this - Preeminent Louis scholar. Runs an ongoing lecture series titled “Louis Is Important!!”

Ray / felloveronpurpose - Maintains the institute’s expansive zine library, teaches a course on zine-making and trinket collecting.

Vlargaret / yourwholelifeisa1dblog - Vlada and Margaret teach a very popular class on Poetry Direction (along with Erica) and the speculative politics of One Insurrection. 

Jebet / cosmonoughts - Junior professor in the College BF Harry department, resident barista and oceans expert. 

Erica / boybandquicksand - Leads the Poetry Direction series with Vlargaret.

Kate / hereforthehair - Teaches a summer class that meets outside in the garden devoted to discussing Domestic Direction and the art of the AU.

THERE ARE SO MANY MORE. So many more. These are just some notables.

Listen though: the most wonderful thing about the institute is how expansive it is. It just goes on and on. You are a teacher. You are a student. We are all everything. There are so many wings and satellite campuses and areas of study I’ve never even considered. 

Please feel free to bust into my inbox and let me know what courses you teach, or which ones you would love to see on the schedule. I want to know all about it. The Institute of 1D Studies is expansive and eternal and meant for us all.