interactive shelf

&&. @frigidmotif.

the local library in  her hometown had disappointed her one too many times and so she had boarded the train to the biggest city in the area — gentiana — to continue her quest to chase down new leads there. while usually, her parents would never have let her go there alone, but when her brother had promised to accompany her, they had allowed it. now, mariam’s brother was pressing his nose to the windows of the sword shops while she was considering to  climb  on the shelf to get her hands on the book she had come for.

however — she was not  alone in this aisle so this would have to wait. for now, she would sit down on the floor and  stare  at the dark-haired man until he would leave. if no one knew what she was looking into, exactly, it would be just perfect for her. after all — she recognised a secret when she was looking at it. and yet, this secret was one she  needed  to crack. and no one, especially not someone who unsettled her, could stop her.


Had a re-organise of my shelves to include a couple of favourite skulls and lots of little curios and trinkets. I made the triangle in the middle from card and brown paper tape - very effective. 

The idea is, that, as I go through autumn and pick up natural treasure on my travels I can add them into the empty spaces of the shelf, an interactive art installment. 

I still need to dust and tinker with the next shelf up - the ‘bird shelf’.