interactive relationship

*is complimented* are you flirting

*is nice to someone* am I flirting

*engages in small talk with friend* are we flirting

      CHARACTER ARC. ♡ ! *  //   IMPORTANT 

      so    this    has    been    in    the    works    for    a    while,    but    i’m     gonna    be    doing     a    CHARACTER    ARC    for    this    blog.       it    will    be    set    POST WAR    and    will    be    CANON DIVERGENT    (  since    i    disagree    with    many    of    the    routes    that    Rowling    chose    to    go ).      it    will    be    about    Hermione’s    healing    process    following    the    war    as    she    copes    with    her    PTSD    and    searches    for    her    parents.    this    will    consist    of    self-discovery   as    she    seeks    to    redefine    herself    without    the    context    of    the    war. 

        she    takes    this    journey    on her own,    and    makes    many    stops   along    the    way    before    she    finally    ends    up    in    Australia,    where    she    initally    sent    her    mother    and    father.   that being said, HERMIONE WILL NOT IMMEDIATELY RETURN TO HOGWARTS THE FOLLOWING YEAR

        hermione    speaks    of    said    jouney    to    her    loved    ones,    however    leaves    without    warning,    and    leaves    behind    a    note,    promising    to   write.     she    then    travels  —    to    countries    she’s    never    been,    and    even    those    she’d    been    as   a    child.  

         during    this    time,    she    will    be    doing    things     that    she    thoroughly    enjoys:     spending    her    evenings    in    cofee    shops,    consumed    by     literature,     getting    lost    in    massive    libraries,    and    visiting    art    museums.     depending    on    her    mood,    she    may    be    inclined   pretend    to    be    someone    else   —   perhaps    even    offering    your    muse    a    false    name.     there may be moments where she forgets that she has magic   —   or    that    she    is    even    a    witch    at    all   —   however,      moments    such    as    these   are    RARE   and   never    last    very    long.       perhaps,    on    her    travels,    she    even    falls     for    someone    who    isn’t    Ron    Weasley    (  though,   that’s    yet    to    be    determined ).

I love komahina a lot but not always in a romantic way. I just really love Hinata and Komaeda’s interactions and relationship and the way they effect each other, and I want them to get along and be friends and sort out the issues between them and help each other grow, etc… I don’t really mind if that’s just friendship or a romantic relationship, I just want to see them together in general.

lately i’ve been replacing my “i’m sorry”s with “thank you”s, like instead of “sorry i’m late” i’ll say “thanks for waiting for me”, or instead of “sorry for being such a mess” i’ll say “thank you for loving me and caring about me unconditionally” and it’s not only shifted the way i think and feel about myself but also improved my relationships with others who now get to receive my gratitude instead of my negativity

I find those “eat her out/rub her butt/finger her to relieve her stress” posts so corny. Like just listen to her and let her vent and reassure her.

I swear y'all think sex can solve everything and have a real juvenile view on human relationships/interactions in general


joshua birthday countdown: d-13

sh!t josh says (in english) [ cr. 1 / 2 / 3 ]

But consider how far Sherlock has come. From his manipulation of Molly and her feelings for him in season 1. To carelessly hurting her in season 2. To working with her and telling her she matters in the end of season 2 and through season 3.  To this episode, where being made to hurt her is what he considers torture. 

Whether you think of it in terms of his specific relationship to her- the way he’s learned to respect her and his growing affection for her- or in terms of an example of how he relates to people in general. How he’s stopped disguising himself as a sociopath and become a good man. 

I have managed to find a single feeling about galen erso, and it mostly concerns him being an amoral figure, wearing very badly-fitting moral skin

because clearly at one point he was okay with building the Death Star! He was chill about being head engineer for a planet-killing laser! He and Krennic were bros, they were having late night drinks in his kicky Coruscant apartment and talking about killing a lot of people!

and whatever ended up turning him (personally I like the idea that it was lyra) that sort of thing doesn’t go away. Which means that every interaction and relationship erso has afterwards is complicated by the fact that he’s……not necessarily a moral compass. He plays the role of moral compass, moral goal and obligation, for a lot of the characters, but he isn’t one. That’s just sort of the role he’s taken on, in the process of his personal revenge against the empire.

(it’s not that he’s suddenly discovered a love of democracy; it’s not that he’s now regretting the death star itself, which is still the crowning triumph of his life’s work. but they killed lyra and took jyn from him, they cannot have his other child, his beautiful awful death star. he’ll set it alight and burn them inside it before he allows that.)

which I love, because then bodhi’s near-worship of him is deeply misguided. (I love the idea that erso was—not preying on bodhi, but manipulating him a little. His intentions were never pure, but a mix of genuine concern, guilt over jyn, and necessity to have a messenger to the rebellion.) The rebellion is right to want him dead, even via cassian’s methods, and jyn’s loving & feelings of abandonment are more complicated because the flaw in the death star wasn’t her father redeeming himself, he had motives that were entirely his own.

galen erso, oppenheimer turned vengeful and manipulative, is the only way I can see caring about him.

INFJ and INFP Firewood

INFP: *Places wood in fireplace and watches it burn*

INFP: Hey INFJ, do you, like, I don’t know, ever feel sorry for it?

INFJ: For What?

INFP: For the firewood. I mean like, it has no choice but to burn, I feel bad for it.

INFJ: Hmm, well, think of it this way, it’s fulfilling a purpose in keeping our home warm.

INFP: I know, but what if the tree it came from was literally cut down in it’s prime?

INFJ: ….

INFP: ….

INFJ: Honestly I love you, but, I don’t know where to go from here

INFP: It’s ok, I know you tried…

INFJ and INFP sit quietly as they watch the wood burn. INFP proceeds to write poem in their journal while INFJ feels bad for INFP for some odd reason.