interactive picture book


Girl Genius book FINALLY came in, with all the bells and whistles!

Voice actorrr/ress....?

So, ya’ll might have heard I’m doing this lil game-thingie with my working-partner for our Bachelor’s aye? (tbh more like an interactive picture book at this point but ayy).

To the point: I’d need someone to voice act a few lines with a feminine, light-ish childrens voice.. The lil’ protagonist is a girl around 10-11 y/o. o:

Doesn’t have to be super high quality of the sound as long as it’s clear and w/o a bunch of background sounds since this is just an alpha/beta-build!

Concept art of the girl! She’s designed by me, but the color design is all by my friend Oskar (cantican). c:

And another shitty lil’ concept doodle…

BUT YEAH IDK, HMU if you feel like it’d fit you, voice sample would be amazing too but we ain’t that picky at this point… We’re pretty tight on time. o:

If we don’t find anyone we’ll use “subs” instead so ya, np.