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I love you guys! Non-cosplay question: how do you keep your cool? You just answered an anon who wasn't the nicest. I've been working real hard on being like you (it's about how you interpret things right?) But I've had others taken advantage of my will to serve and kindness so I can get real um uppity lol. Any guidance? 💗

Muting your interpretation helps, yes. But sometimes we get anons and hate mail thats so undeniably negative and obviously deconstructive that theres no need for trying to see through to a miscommunication. 

So we always respond in the way WE want to be spoken to. 

It’s a reminder. 

I was taught, when dealing with loud kids, kids that scream and interrupt, that if you talk quiet, and slowly get quieter, consistantly, they will eventually slow down and quiet their own voices in order to hear you. It’s patience and its a reminder. 

We talk to hate and negativity in the way we expect to be spoken to. To remind others what we expect in return. 

If that fails, and no changes are made, then we reply in silence. 

Bcause we’d rather not be spoken to at all, then spoken to disrespectfully. And nothing is worse to someone looking for a reaction, then no reaction at all. 

Giving shit to creators and authors about the direction episodes/chapters went is what causes the stop of content flow and abruptly ends stories.  

You attack them for no real reasons anymore too. You do it because your fictional ship didn’t become canon and another one did, or because a certain character wasn’t pure and innocent and perfect and has actual flaws, makes awful choices and does awful shit, or how the creator is female or male, is heterosexual or homosexual, and shouldn’t be writing/creating certain things because of that– like, really? 

You get upset when mentally ill people aren’t portrayed as cute and adorable and endearing all the fucking time, where creators try to accurately portray that we struggle to meet society’s social interaction norms and mannerisms, that we don’t always make the correct choices when it comes to ourselves and those around us, we can break and lose it, and impulsively let our emotions, pain, and illness control us, that we don’t always seek out the best company(this is specific on how tumblr fucking romanticizes and forces the idea mental illnesses are cute and easy to handle, when no the fuck they aren’t and can be devastating) and a long list of other shit that many people like to ignore or not acknowledge about mental illnesses and how difficult is it to handle them. It does not demonize mentally ill people when shows or stories do this, portray a mentally ill person mentally ill as accurately as they can, it’s bringing to light to what it really is and how badly it can affect us.

You whine and bully over anything, instead of being grateful that the authors and creators fucking pay attention to you, the fans, and try to be kind and answer questions and interact with you.

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Hi! I saw you were open for prompts 😊 How about Jon is initially pleased with the way Sansa wants to learn more about the wildlings but he is embarrassed when he overhears some of the crass conversations the spearwives have with Sansa (who finds the whole thing amusing)? Love your writing by the way! Xx

Yes, of course! And for those who are waiting for me to write your prompts, I will say that I have tendonitis now so it’s hard to update and write fics without my wrist/thumb deciding to try and kill my fingers and arm. But yours will be coming up soon!

And thank you, I’m happy you enjoy my writing!

Initially, Jon had been thrilled that Sansa wished to learn more of the Free Folk. That she wanted to know their ways, how they were accustomed to their new life, and if they craved to speak. Sansa had always been that of a pleaser, always maintaining the joy of those around her with songs, courtesy, and her lovely smile.

It is why he decides to introduce her to Val, the men, and to the spearwives whom all shared a similar interest. Getting to know the great lady of Winterfell. None have been close enough to a ‘southron’ lady before and he can only assume they all share a curiosity over her.

So when Jon had left her to the keep of Val, who had promised him she would be safe, and the spearwives he held little worry. Jon simply left Sansa to her own devices and wandered off with Tormund at his side.

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I am, at the very least, uncomfortable/slightly annoyed, and at the most, fucking mad when people compare putting your artwork on the internet (blog, twitter, deviant art, etc) to displaying it as public art because they are

1. massively underestimating the thought that goes into making and installing public art

2. only has a general idea of what public art does

3. implying that the consumption of public art and consumption of a 10 minute doodle I did while eating nachos at 3 am in the morning should be treated with same regards

4. doesn’t understand that public art is meant to be interacted with and commented on by the whole public, while the internet may be labeled a public space, it’s more like I’m drawing while sitting in a park and trying to show it to a friend that’s sitting next to me and some rando goes “HEY THAT FUCKIN SUCKS” while walking by, it’s really not the same fucking thing

5. unaware that artist of a public art probably won’t hear 99% the shit people say about their art because the art is limited to a physical space while “critiquing” internet art, the artist will. hear. every. single. shitty. comment. which is impossible for a public art and therefore people needs to have at least a modicum of respect and manners when interacting with internet art.

6. ignoring entirely that the internet has wholly different level of interaction even down to the most basic level (ie. how you interact with it using your body!!!) than to a public space

Innes and Lyon as Mirror Characters

I started getting to this topic in Desire vs. Responsibility: Innes and Tana, and felt that this deserves its own post.


To copy from the aforementioned post, Innes and Lyon are both princes and heirs to the throne who have talent in areas that keep them away from the spotlight, have romantic interests in Eirika, and are jealous of Ephraim. Both feel a heavy responsibility of being good enough to step into their fathers’ shoes, and both feel a sense of insecurity as a result of it. Tana says about Innes, “he wants to be the best at everything. The best king, the best general, the best fighter, the best man…” Lyon disparages himself as a “pitiful crown prince” and tells Eirika that “The people need a strong ruler. They don’t want a weakling like me. They want the strength you and Ephraim share.”

The two of them blatantly believe Eirika wouldn’t acknowledge them if they can’t prove themselves superior to Ephraim, a sentiment that Eirika is clearly confused by. I don’t think it’s necessarily an indication of what they believe Eirika and Ephraim’s relationship is like, and more an indication of what they perceive Ephraim to be like. As I just mentioned, both Innes and Lyon have grown up being groomed to inherit the throne; unlike Ephraim, who has Eirika, they don’t have anyone that shares that responsibility. The age difference between Innes and Tana is unknown, but she is clearly younger than him and doesn’t seem to share even a fraction of his responsibilities. Lyon, as far as we know, is an only child and doesn’t even have a sibling to confide in or talk with. In his A support with Gerik, Innes confides his belief that “Those born to royalty cannot show others any weaknesses or deficiencies. If they’re not perfect at all times, their enemies will take advantage of them.” As Lyon’s quote above indicates, Lyon believed the same thing; after all, this is largely the root of his insecurities.

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Any and all UT Gaster Headcanons? Not romantic ones, just how he is, his personality around his kids and if he's clinical and withdrawn or not?

(*I actually have a few Gaster HC’s here.  But I didn’t really touch his personality much, so I’m happy to expand upon them. )

  • Science fascinates him of course.  Gaster is all about experiments and pushing the boundaries to get interesting results.  
  • In that manner, his interactions with people go the same way.  He’s likely to say things to get information from them without them even being aware.  He treats all interactions like he’s following the steps of the scientific method.
  • He’s polite, yet distant and formal.  Gaster has a large vernacular, and all of his notes are written in Wing Dings.  That said, Sans is fluent in ‘dings.  
  • Most of his time was spent in his lab.  Sometimes, he would stay there for several days, barely eating during that time.  He would just get completely absorbed in his work.  (And absorbed by his work, ayyy).  
  • He was around during the War of Monsters and Humans, so he was one of the few monsters to remember what it was like to live on the Surface with humans.  This is what sparked a good deal of his own determination to aid in breaking the barrier.  

Annnd, as you guys have already seen, I don’t think Gaster is Sans and Papyrus’s father.  (I think he was just Sans’s mentor) But, hey, I’m more than happy to throw some Dadster HC’s in the mix because it’s not like I’m against the concept or anything.

  • He’s distant toward his children, perhaps even a little cold.  Spending so much time working on his next breakthrough left him with little time to spend with them.  
  • Papyrus is unaffected, since Sans picks up the slack to encourage his brother.  However, Sans becomes a little distant toward others himself, using humor as a deflection.
  • Gaster is the one that encouraged Sans to get into the scientific pursuits, by allowing him to assist in the Lab.  
  • Despite his distance, Gaster pays attention to his kids’ accomplishments.  Papyrus made him a “#1 Dad” mug at school for the monster version of Father’s Day, and he used that mug every day.

I tried to put myself in the mind of an “alt-right” type of 40k fan but with a twist : “what if I interacted in a civil manner“. For instance : “This is not cannon, so I personnally wouldn’t approve of it, I feel we won’t be able to reconcile our diverging points of view, let’s agree to disagree, nice art though”.

With an optional ending - if you don’t like the art - going like this : “what you do is not my cup of tea at all. I don’t like it, but if others do, I can respect that”.

As you can see, without the agression, the snarky comments, the mockery, it wouldn’t be much fun in their echo chambers… it could even lead to a “ah! why are we doing this again?”.

The Life in the Machine

by reddit user unpatriotic

This story was a top rated story. It’s one of those that make you hit an existential crisis. 

Being a programmer, one of my dreams has always been to create an original video game, something that nobody in the industry has done before.

After seeing Spore, I became intrigued. Here was an attempt at putting people in control over a universe. After looking at what made videogames popular, I realized the main aspect was control.

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Trickster Week (5/8)
West Asian Gods: Jinn (Islamic Mythology)

“The Quran says that the jinn are made of a smokeless and “scorching fire" but are also physical in nature, being able to interact in a tactile manner with people and objects and likewise be acted upon. The jinn, humans and angels make up the three known sapient creations of God. Like human beings, the jinn can be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent and hence have free will like humans and unlike angels.”

issues and ...

problems (?).

i wanted to explain, at least for the few people whose showed a little curiosity about my whereabouts or absence.

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HunHan vs XiuHan - Which is real? (Law v Law)

Quick Note: If either XiuHan or HunHan seriously offends you, may I suggest you not read this post? Cheers.

Also, an anon asked how we actually do Law vs Law debates. Basically, how it goes down, is I, along with a selected group of Law Students, sit in a room and talk for an hour or so. Everything we say gets recorded on my phone, and after the debate’s over, we take down everything that was said and make it into a post.

Proposition: HunHan is real ( James and Thomas @hunhan-never-dies
Opposition: XiuHan is real ( Peter @bacon-in-my-yeol )

Thomas: (ノꐦ ⊙曲ఠ)ノ彡┻━┻ Alright people, LET’S TALK BUSINESS.

James: Thomas, for the sake of civil argument, every time you swear, I’m going to give you a three-point timeout.

Thomas: WHA– that’s not fair ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

Peter: Naw, he’s so cute.

James: No, he’s really not. 

*Awkward Silence*

James: Well anyway…

Thomas: Yo, can we talk about jealous Sehun for a minute? Needless to say, he’s THE MVP when it comes to stubborn, and he’s never exactly reserved about his possessiveness over LuHan, you know. ;)

Peter: Why are you always under the impression jealousy is a good thing? Yes, it’s a portrayal of affection, to some extent, however, it’s also one of mistrust. The fact that Sehun is always so jealous of Luhan’s relationship with Xiumin (or anyone for that matter) is a visual implication that he does not trust Luhan to be around other people. 

If we can just talk about XiuHan for a minute…

Whilst both Xiumin and Luhan appear to get jealous over one-another, they never express it towards each other. This is because they have a mutual respect for one another. Sehun, on the other hand, has made it clear to Luhan on multiple occasions that he dislikes him talking to other people, or showing any visual signs of affection towards anyone other than him. Not only is this childish and disrespectful, but it’s what I like to call the foundations of an unstable relationship.

The fact that Xiumin tries so hard to conceal his own jealousy, instead of outwardly displaying it in a way he knows will upset Luhan, he keeps to himself (unlike someone we know *eyes Sehun*)

Relationships are built off of mutual trust, something that HunHan just doesn’t have. XiuHan, on the other hand, have always seen eye-to-eye.

James: *Chuckles*.

Peter: What? >.>

James: Oh, nothing…

Peter: *Eyeroll*

^^ Sehun ignoring Luhan, inevitably making Luhan upset in the long-run.

If we compare Sehun’s reaction to Xiumin’s, which do you think is the “correct” way to respond? Obviously Xiumin cares more about Luhan, enough to conceal his own emotions for the sake of it…

James: Peter, I think you’re misinterpreting Sehun’s behaviour towards Luhan. Correct me if I’m wrong, but, Sehun is furthermore possessive than jealous, right? There’s a huge difference between being jealous, and being possessive.

As far as I’ve seen, Sehun’s possessive nature towards Luhan is developed over the notion that he does not WANT to share Luhan with anyone else.

I highly doubt that Sehun mistrusts Luhan in any way. The fact that Sehun is always so bitter about Luhan interacting in a friendly manner towards others is because he wishes he could be the centre of Luhan’s attention 24/7, purely because he cares deeply about him. It has NOTHING to do with mistrust.

At most, it’s a sign of deep and unalterable love and affection.

If you haven’t noticed already, Sehun has a tendency to ALWAYS look at Luhan. 

The fact that Sehun always gives his undivided and unconditional attention to Luhan is its own display of affection in itself. Is it really so much for Sehun to be upset when he doesn’t receive the same treatment?


Peter: Go for it.

Thomas: Peter, if I told you that I was going out with James, would that upset you?

Peter: Um…no I guess not…?

Thomas: Becauuuse, you only see me as a platonic friend, right?

Peter: Yeah.

Thomas: Whereas, James, if I told you I was dating Peter, would that upset you?

James: For real man, what are you getting at? *Confuzzled*

Thomas: I’m saying people who have a romantic attraction to someone will almost instinctively show signs of bitterness towards any given situation where their significant other is showing affection to someone else.

If Xiumin truly had a romantic attraction towards LuHan, I personally believe that he would NOT be able to repress these emotions.

However, when I look at Sehun, I feel as though he does try to conceal his dismay whenever someone gets a little too friendly with LuHan for his liking. But the thing is, these types of emotions are extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY, difficult to conceal.

^^ Sehun when seeing LuHan being cute with Jongin

So, and this is probably going to get me killed, but I will go as far as to say, Xiumin has no romantic affections towards LuHan whatsoever, and it’s a purely platonic relationship.

Peter: …Wow. I don’t like you anymore.

James: *Chuckles*.

Peter: (ಠ ∩ಠ) Could you justify yourself a little more, please?

Thomas: With pleasure ;D

I personally believe that Luhan and Xiumin ARE closer. After all, it would only make plausible sense, considering they’re around the same age.

HOWEVER, when I look at the way Luhan and Xiumin behave around one another, I only see a platonic friendship.

If we analyse the way Sehun and Luhan behave towards each other, it’s a little more awkward, less relaxed. This actually supports the HunHan ship to a greater extent than you’d believe.

You see, statistics have proven that an average person will be more comfortable talking about emotional and personal subjects amongst a group of friends, rather than their love interest. The fact that Luhan seems so relaxed around Xiumin is actually a disadvantage to the romantic aspect of the relationship.

Peter: That sounds kind of…stupid to be honest.

James: Woah, calm down. *Laughs*.

Peter: No, but really. You’re implying that XiuHan isn’t real…because they’re closer. That makes zero sense to me, but okay.

I’d also like to point out that the two of you have subconsciously avoided talking about Luhan…maybe it’s because the both of you know that Luhan’s romantic feelings towards Xiumin in comparison to Sehun are much, MUCH clearer.

James: Actually I wasn’t avoiding it, I was going to talk about it later, but you know, what ever makes you happy.

*Awkward silence*

Peter: …Well, as I was saying, Luhan shows clear indications of having much stronger romantic attractions towards Xiumin than he does Sehun, and I think the two of you know that.

If we’re talking proxemics (something the two of you are kind of obsessed with, apparently) Luhan tends to stay closer to Xiumin than many of the other members, if not all of them.

Whereas, when it comes to Sehun, I believe it’s fairly one-sided. Luhan shows far less interest in Sehun in general.

He clings to Xiumin like a lifeline, and the affection he displays towards him is so visually clear that I don’t see how you two could possibly believe his romantic loyalties lie with Sehun.

^^ When I see the two of them together, I don’t see friendship, I see love. They look at each other with eyes of pure adoration that you wouldn’t ever see in a platonic relationship.

^^ I also think this set of gifs defines my point perfectly. To the right, there’s Sehun holding onto Luhan’s hand for dear life, whilst looking a little pissed off, and then there’s Xiumin on the left who coyly gets his hand pulled over my Luhan. Despite that Luhan has the attention of Sehun, he still needs to be near Xiumin and can’t help but hold onto him, because Xiumin is more important to him.

James: You’re suffering from what I like to call the Dom!Complex. 

Thomas: You poor soul.

Peter: …What?

James: The only reason you’re current state of mind sees Luhan as “less interested” in Sehun is because you think Luhan is a Dom.

Thomas: Ewwwwww.

Peter: When paired with Xiumin, yes, I think he’s Dom.

Thomas: Okay, the thing is…

When it comes to MOST ships, the Dominant is generally seen as the one who inputs the most interest in their partner, whilst the submissive kind of just blushes and does really cute fluffy stuff.

THIS is why HunHan shippers (not all of them, but the majority) find Dom!LuHan fairly odd.

Defining LuHan as a person, one of the first words that pop into my head is ‘awkward’. I’ve always seen him as a bit of a social n00b. To this day, he always seems to embarrass himself in one way or another. And generally speaking, he’s quite a reserved character.

This, again, backs up my theory of LuHan and Xiumin being nothing more than close friends. Because, as I’ve stated previously, friends tend to be more comfortable around each other than around their significant other/crush/whatever.

The fact that Luhan can be so open with Xiumin, despite how reserved he is around everyone else, shows that he is not self-conscious when around him.

But, looking at things realistically from a real life perspective, people tend to ALWAYS be self-conscious when around their significant other. THIS is why I believe HunHan to be more realistic than XiuHan.

Peter: You keep going on about the whole, ‘They’re not together because they’re closer’ argument, when in reality, isn’t a romantic relationship BASED off of the foundations of a friendship? You can’t expect to have a stable relationship with someone if you’re not exceedingly close to them.

You’ve established the fact that Xiumin and Luhan are obviously closer than Sehun and Luhan, which is great, however, your delusions have lead you to believe that, despite the clarity that their care for one another is greater than Luhan’s care for Sehun, Hunhan is more realistic, and it makes no logical sense, because “closeness” is what DEFINES a relationship. If we forget about platonic and non-platonic connotations for just a second, who would Luhan be happier spending the rest of his life with, realistically speaking?

Now, as much as I’d love to continue this conversation, I actually have to get to a lecture in ten minutes.


James: There’s always next week :P

Peter: Hey, thanks for talking with me you guys <3

—C’est fini.—


At the end of the day, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. HunHan, XiuHan, or whatever, we’re all EXO-Ls, so please respect each other.

Thomas: I don’t think Pete likes me that much. He called me cute though.

James: *Eyeroll* Yeah whatever.

Thomas: What, do you not think I’m cute? (;-_-)/

James: This conversation just got really weird, let’s stop.

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Most antis try to say Sarada was completely innocent with her completely normal simple question and did absolutely nothing wrong. Offcourse her actions can be justified but she wasn't innocent. I liked your answer

Yes, I don’t think Sarada was completely innocent. You cannot win a battle if you’re the only one involved. In other words, yes, both interacted in a wrong manner with each other, though I still believe Sakura’s reaction was way out of line. She shouldn’t have used violence to intimidate Sarada.


Jack is the rough one. Scary. Ralph has a bit more muscle than him, but he’s definitely the cute jock and so much softer and easier to handle. He’s got softer shapes, softer skin, smaller hands and feet, rounder and cuter and softer face, friendly eyes and smile, and everyone just simply likes him by looking at him, while Jack is just-

Big. Lanky body, long limbs, harsh angles and rough physique, callous large hands, large feet, everything is just big and brutish and his face is all bony, his nose is long and sharp, his eyes almost always look menacing, and he looks scary from all points of view, which kind of benefits Jack’s intentions, but occasionally disheartens him, even though he never shows it. He wishes he had a more pleasant physique, and this is the reason he has somewhat low self-esteem that he covers with an aggressive personality. 

He hates people because most of them instantly reject him due to his looks, but tries to make himself feared and respected through other qualities: his reckless courage that many actually appreciate about him, his talent for speaking in public, his talent for humor - even though he jokes with the purpose of hurting someone most of the time; his abilities in other areas like music and sports - he is actually very good at soccer and basketball, because he’s got long, strong legs - the fact that he’s ambitious and always manages to be in the top of his classes. Still, he sometimes hates himself and whatever force has created him - Jack is, in all truth, agnostic, even atheist at times, and he most of the time believes just in himself, despite being part of a catholic choir.

He hates Ralph. Or at least tries to. Ralph, who charms everyone with his pretty looks and pleasant manner of interacting with other people, Ralph who is loved by everyone. While Jack is feared by everyone and thrives on this, he wishes people would hang out with him out of their own will, not because they’re afraid he would spit fire at them if they left his company, even though he has to admit that he has created this image for himself. Ralph who doesn’t have to lift a finger at times in order to get what he wants, while he has to prove he deserves his titles.

All the same, he wants Ralph. If he can’t be like Ralph, then he knows he has to somehow make Ralph his. But Ralph always fights him, Ralph always stands up to him, Ralph is different. Ralph is not afraid of him like most people are, he’s not afraid of calling out on Jack’s faults, of facing him to protect other people from him. He’s not afraid of pointing out his mistakes, like most people are. Jack knows Ralph will never give himself to him, but that’s what makes his life more worth living everyday. The fact that there is one person who challenges him, one person who colors and lightens his grim existence, one person who changes him bit by bit, everyday, without that person actually realizing the influence he has over him.

Ralph changes him into someone who questions his morality, his ideals, into someone less vicious. Less spiteful. Into someone who accepts himself more every day, who accepts the world around him. Into someone who doesn’t have to prove his worth all the time. Into someone who finds the fire within to fight for something that’s worth fighting.

Jack knows he still has a lot to work on. He’s still inherently wrathful and violent, he still has faults, and he still has the need to step on people so that he can reach above them. He still hurts people with intention and enjoys it. But these things start getting duller with each day. They start getting meaningless, pointless. Without a purpose.

The purpose of getting Ralph to acknowledge and appreciate him gets stronger. And along with this, the purpose of becoming someone better gets stronger. 

He knows he will get Ralph sooner or later. Because Jack never gives up on his ideals. He struggles and fights and always manages to reach them, sooner or later.

Djinn (الجن‎; al-jinn, singular: الجني al-jinnī) are supernatural creatures in Islamic mythology as well as pre-Islamic Arabian mythology. They’re mentioned in the Quran (the 72nd sura is titled Sūrat al-Jinn) and other Islamic texts and inhabit an unseen world called Djinnestan, another universe beyond the known spaces. The Quran says that the djinn are made of a “smokeless and scorching fire", but are also physical and able to interact in a tactile manner with people and objects and likewise be acted upon. The djinn, humans, and angels make up the 3 known sapient creations of Allah/God. Like human beings, the jinn can be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent and hence have free will like humans and unlike angels. The shaytan jinn are the analogue of “demons” in Christian tradition, but the djinn are not angels and the Quran draws a clear distinction between the 2. It states in surat Al-Kahf (The Cave) that Iblis (Azazel) is one of the djinn. In Islamic theology djinn are said to be creatures of free will, made from smokeless fire by Allah as humans were made of clay, among other things. According to the Quran, djinn have free will, and Iblīs abused this freedom in front of Allah by refusing to bow to Adam when Allah ordered angels and djinn to do so. For disobeying, Iblīs was expelled from Paradise and called “Shayṭān” (Satan). They are usually invisible to humans, but humans do appear clearly to djinn and can be possessed. Djinn supposedly have the power to travel large distances at extreme speeds and are thought to live in remote areas, mountains, seas, trees, deserts, and the air, in their own communities. Like humans, they will also be judged on the Day of Judgment and sent to Paradise or Hell according to their deeds.

It’s Just Pretending (Part 2)

Based on this post by @thedreamhasended

Part 1

Part 3

“So, King Edmund,” began Princess Harmonie, “where is this mysterious girl you are supposedly courting? I thought I would have met her by now.”

Edmund looked up at the princess, who had seated herself strategically across from him, with wide eyes. It was only three days since he and Y/n had agreed upon the pretended courtship, and she was yet to make an appearance to Princess Harmonie.

“She, uh, couldn’t make it to dinner tonight. She sends her apologies.” Princess Harmonie was suspicious, but she nodded, and moved the conversation on to another topic, and Edmund almost breathed an audible sigh of relief. He had to invite Lady Y/n to dinner tomorrow.

~The Next Morning~

Edmund found Y/n sitting at a table in the library after breakfast, holding a quill and staring into space. He smiled as he sat down across from her and waited for her to notice him.

“Oh, King Edmund! I’m sorry, I was in a daydream.”

Edmund laughed. “That’s alright Y/n.”

“Did you need something from me?”

“Well, actually I was just wondering if you’d like to come to dinner tonight? You-know-who is starting to wonder if you really exist. Which you don’t of course… I mean you do! But we’re not actually courting. But Princess Harmonie can’t know that! You know?” Edmund cringed inwardly. Why was he so awkward all of a sudden? Lady Y/n just giggled.

“Of course I’ll come to dinner, dearest.” The look on Edmund’s face made Y/n laugh. She shrugged. “We’ve gotta make it believable.” She winked and then put her head down and got to writing.

“Well I’ll see you at dinner, darling.”


Dinner had not been going well. Y/n had slipped her hand into Edmund’s elbow, and he’d looked down incredulously, earning a suspicious look from Princess Harmonie. Edmund and Y/n had an awkward manner of interacting, and Edmund realised he really should have asked Y/n about boundaries beforehand. Peter made a mental note to talk to Edmund about at least putting on a believable performance in front of Harmonie. As for the Princess, her jealousy was barely masked under a thin layer of civility. Lucy had an idea to lighten the mood.

“Edmund! How about we plan a ball?”

“Oh, no, I don’t think that’s necessary-” Edmund was cut off by a very eager Princess Harmonie.

“Oh yes! I should just love a ball King Edmund! I have been terribly bored these last few days. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your guest to be bored. A ball would be just splendid!”

“Susan can organise the decorations! Won’t you Susan?”

“Of course.”

“I will certainly help with decorations. I have simply perfect taste for ballrooms.”

And you’re humble too, Princess.

“Come on Edmund, say you’ll agree!”

“You can’t have a bored guest in your castle.”

“Fine, then. Have your ball. As you say, Princess Harmonie, we can’t have a bored guest in the castle.”

It annoyed Edmund, and Y/n as well, that he had to give in, but he couldn’t upset such an important guest.

~The Ball~

The night of the ball arrived. King Edmund and Lady Y/n had had some time to practice their acting, and gave a much more convincing performance now.

Y/n was chatting with Lucy, and from across the room Edmund was watching her with a smile on his face. He could tell she was talking about the book she was reading from the bright look on her face. She was so beautiful when she talked about something she was passionate about. Aslan, she’s perfect.

A dance ended and another was about to begin. Edmund made his way across the ballroom to Y/n. Putting his arm around her waist he asked, “How about a dance, lovely?”

Y/n looked up at him with the stars in her eyes. “I’d love to!”

Edmund whisked her away to dance, leaving Lucy with a huge smile on her face. They kept reminding her they were just pretending, but something told her they were finding it a lot easier to ‘act’ like they were in love these days.

Their dance finished and Edmund led Y/n to the refreshments table for a drink. Queen Susan was there, listening to Princess Harmonie prattle away about decorations and dresses.

“Oh, King Edmund, Lady Y/n! Don’t you think we’ve done a stunning job of the decorations! It’s quite an achievement I’d say! Loveliest ball I’ve been to in Narnia! Of course I’ve had nicer balls at home but we all must start from somewhere.”

“Indeed, Princess Harmonie, I’m sure your input was incredibly valuable. I hope you both are enjoying yourselves?”

“Oh, yes-” Susan was quickly interrupted.

“I wish I could say I was King Edmund but I have only had one dance the whole night. I just wish someone else would dance with me.”

“Well, Princess Harmonie, perhaps you would like to dance with me?” Edmund hoped in vain that she’d politely decline. Of course she didn’t.

Y/n was a little disappointed. She had no reason to complain, of course. They were only pretending. She shouldn’t be jealous. He wasn’t really hers anyway. As Edmund danced with Harmonie, Y/n chatted with Susan, using all her self control not to look out at the dance floor to spot a certain dark head.

Princess Harmonie kept chattering away as she danced with Edmund. He only had to nod in agreement in the appropriate places, so he let his thoughts be occupied by Lady Y/n. He snuck glances at her every time he was facing the right direction, but she was never looking his way. Did she not care that he was dancing with another woman? Of course not. They were only pretending.

The dance ended and King Edmund introduced Princess Harmonie to a Duke, who promptly asked her for the next dance. Relieved, Edmund made his way back to Y/n.

“Dance with me again, my love?”

“Once more, darling.”

When the dance was over, Edmund and Y/n slipped outside and down the steps into the garden.

“So, uh, Lady Y/n, have you been enjoying the ball?”

“Very much so, your Highness.”

“I… Y/n, I-” don’t want to pretend anymore. “I think you look beautiful tonight, Y/n.” Dammit.

“Thank you.” Y/n blushed.

“Princess Harmonie is going home in two weeks.” But we don’t have to stop if you don’t want to. Come on. Say it. Before she gets the wrong idea.

“That will be a relief.” That came out wrong. He’s going to think I meant him.

Oh. “Yes.” She wants this to end.

Oh. He wants this to end.

conceptualarchitect  asked:

Alright, let's give this a shot, your thoughts on Mage of Hope?

Oh boy, a mage right off the bat.

In terms of personality, there isn’t much canonical information about mages given to us by Hussie. Both the mages we know are introverted however, and prefer to remain connected to the team by one predominant relationship at any given point in time. For Meulin, this is Kurloz; In Sollux’s case, switching is common, but he’s almost never seen interacting in a friendly manner with more than one person/troll at a time. In addition, mages seem to prefer flushed quadrants.

Hope is usually associated with belief in an event, or hope for the future. It also tends to have a correlation with failed relationships, though the first part can be attributed to the class of every hero of hope in Homestuck. Hope has been referred to by Aranea as the Aspect with the most potential power, and has been proven by Jake in Game Over. Unlocking this potential by natural means has never been achieved in Homestuck however, so it’s safe to say that it’s also the most difficult aspect to have.

Before their arcs begin, a mage’s primary interaction with his/her aspect is through suffering from it or in a situation relating to it. For example, a mage of void would never be recognized, relevant, or present when needed. Similarly, a Mage of Hope would probably suffer from horrible bets, be made fun of for believing in something that’s not real (dragons, magic), and similar scenarios. 

From this suffering, the mage will begin to understand hope and when to use it. A successful mage of hope will be able to pull their team out of a fight before they even begin if there’s no hope of winning, and in a situation where all seems lost, the mage of hope will know there’s hope if it’s possible. That’s the thing about hope. It spans across every single timeline, and is inclusive to all. If there’s hope, that means at least one timeline will work, and that’s probably the alpha timeline, which the mage will lead his team into, and if there’s no hope in their situation, meaning every timeline where the fight occurs fails, then the mage can lead the team into a timeline without the fight.

Of course, all of this depends on whether the mage is successful.

Learning that not everything is possible like you thought, and that there’s no hope sometimes is a really, really hard lesson to learn. It takes strength to accept the fact, rather than obstinately believing there’s some chance though one might know there isn’t. In that sense, the journey of the mage is probably the most real interpretation of hope.

TL;DR (You might still want to read this even if you did read the above)

Personality traits
-Prefer the flushed quadrants (if you’re a troll)
-Read PQ/M

Personal Quest/Maturity
-Starts out believing in hopeless stuff and suffering because of it. (Bad bets, being made fun of for believing in imaginary stuff, going into a relationship that everyone knows will be toxic with the hope it will work)
-Needs to accept the fact that some things just can’t happen

-Knows situations that are hopeless and situations that have hope
-Very powerful decision-making skill that can make them win any battle that can be won.
-One of the best players for helping to keep the team on the alpha timeline

Please message me if there’s anything else you’d like to know, so that I can add it onto this post!

Creepypasta #693: My Creation

Story length: Super long

Being a programmer, one of my dreams has always been to create an original video game, something that nobody in the industry has done before.

After seeing Spore, I became intrigued. Here was an attempt at putting people in control over a universe. After looking at what made videogames popular, I realized the main aspect was control.

People in their daily lives have no control over their environment. They are told what to do, where to go, and how to live. Their jobs consist of standing or sitting somewhere until it’s 5 PM and they’re allowed to head back home. It’s no mystery they’re unhappy.

For many people videogames are an escape to a world where they are in control, or live exciting fake lives filled with adventure. The aspect of control is found in strategy games, the adventure in role playing games generally.

I looked at games like the Sims, and noticed what made them so popular is not just the illusion of control, but the degree of control. You have complete control over people’s lives.

Before the Sims, there was Sim Earth. A game in which you do not control individual people, but an entire Earth! I came to the conclusion that I had to develop a game similar to Spore, in which the player subtly “guides” evolution. What caused Spore to be such a failure is the lack of realistic control people had. It hardly resembled evolution.

To do this, I began by generating a physics system. I know little of physics but decided to study it, and try to create a simplified version in which certain particles can interact, in specific manners. When it comes down to it, physics is simply complex mathematics.

I simulated energy, and matter, and created a simple system, with a sun emitting energy, circled by a planet catching said energy.

I decided to create simple basic cells from scratch, that were “hardcoded” so to speak in the system I was designing. They lived of off the energy emitted by my sun, and had a “genetic” code that coded for the substances produced by the cells. I guess you could call them my eukaryotes.

My world within a few minutes would always fill with these cells, after which they would mutate, and the most efficient cell in converting energy from the sun into useful substances for division would survive. It was very boring, but it worked I guess.

I decided to expand the physics system, and force the cells to create waste products, that were toxic and would kill them. I noticed that some cells responded to this by producing less waste. Others responded by producing something to emit the waste. Yet others developed chemicals to clean up the waste products.

However, I noticed something fascinating. Running the simulation for a few centuries (a few minutes in real life), created cells that made massive amounts of specific waste products on purpose. I noticed that other cells died as a result of this, to which the other cells responded by usurping the building blocks they had created from energy. The first predators were born.

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This is not directed to anyone on here at all, this is just an honest thing I’ve noticed from many fandoms. I noticed that a lot of the adults in fandoms like to ‘ assume ‘ that all of the minors are ‘ thirsty ‘, ‘ liars ‘, ‘ good for nothing ‘, etc if you get my drift. I just wanted to remind the good lot, that not all of us are like this, some of us are here for actual fun, and just want to interact in a friendly manner with the older people whom give off good inspiration to us. I understand some past stuff may have went down, which makes one heavily insecure, but we are all different, and we’re trying our best. 

Sorry if this came off rude, but I’ve seen this happen a lot, and feel as if something needed said.