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Taking requests because I want to draw many stuff :D

I will make sketches for the first 12 requests on my Askbox . I will close the askbox when the slots are full. 

What  I can draw:

My OCs
Your OCs (I’ll let you know if your request was chosen. Then you must post your OC’s reference in your blog and tag me so I can check it. )
Characters from TV Shows
Characters from videogames
Ships (Yeah I’ll do it, BUT not about real people, only about the things I mentioned up there, and remember, no weird ships, or at least a ship that could make sense a  bit lmao)

If you want the character(s) doing something specific, don’t forget to mention it in the ask!

What I can’t draw:

Three or more characters interacting.
Machines and all those kind of complex stuff
Nsfw/(+18) content
Hard gore stuff

I’ll post all the skecthes when I finish all of them.



↳ Day 3 [Favorite Dynamic(s)]: In which I can’t really choose. 


Why I think Jimin is dead in the MV...

In the first pic he is the only one not really interacting with the environment much. Yoonseok + someone (Jungkook?) are leaning on each other and Jin is interacting with the laundry machine (as seen from a previous shot).

Next, Jimin is shown sitting on the laundry machine with the shoes to his side (and wearing his own shoes for some reason?). He looks like he’s just watching Jin, who is in front of him as you can tell by the positioning in the first picture.

Jin turns and you can see Jimin in the background. This is from the perspective of the laundry machine.

This is what it looks like Jin looks into the laundry machine, and he only sees himself in the reflection. Although we have been able to see Jimin, the actual characters in the MV can’t.

Assuming the MV is not chronological and that the scenes with ot7 are before Jimin died.

“WELL HOOOWDY, @bdcyberwestern​, W-W-WANNA HE-HEAR A S%0bNG?”

With fast fingers and a memory bank chuck full of music, RED HOT RAVIN’ AKIRA, YOUR SALOON SIDEKICK™ is a musical animatronic manufactured for playing at bars- or at least he used to be.

After the advancement of entertainment and technology, he is now obsolete, a robot whose entire form is bolted down to a heavy upright piano, and wearing down fast. With fraying wires and a cracked face plate, AKIRA plays at a rapid, chaotic pace because of his energy consumption.

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H̨̠̹͖͇̭̘͐̈͑͛̈́͘̕͞Ȩ̷̨̢̬͇̇͋͋̇̃̍̄͘͟͠Ḻ̷̞̦̺̣̦̊̈́͌́̌͠Ĺ̬̫͙͖̣̹͆͗͆̏͞͡O̭̯͖͔̪̼͂̓͒̕̕̚͘͠~̧̟͕̝̺͙̳̆̿̍̋̂̌͢͝ͅ Y̵̢̨̛̩̙̱͆̾̓͆̂͜ͅǪ̹̦̯̼̥͌̈̿̅̿ͅÚ̴̙̯̝͈͉̱̙̆̽̀̄̓̍̅̎Ŗ̶̢̨̭̼͍͎̓̍̊̅̈͜͡ A̶̳͙̮̖͙̯͐̔̐̂̒̈́́͜ͅ C̵̢͔̞̤̥͚̬͇̭͗̃͐̍̓̿̒͛̂̚͢Ũ͍͍͇̥͎̖͗̔̌͂͟͢͡ͅT̸̛̩̱͔̜͖̺̣̰̋̉͢͢͡͡E̺͉͉̥̪̗̠͐̿́̓̄̾̽̓͊ L̷̨͈̠̤̟̝̗͎̖͖̾́̌͛͌Ị̙͕͍̦̀̆̌̎̏̌͝T̸̟̗̻̮̲̦͆̆̅̄̕͢͡͡T̶̛͙̦̹̳̋̄̓͛͆̍͟͞Ļ̸͕͇͎̲̻͉̺̆́̈́̅̽͂̌͝ͅE̶̼̻̥̻̭̻̳̪̓̌͊̊̕̚ O̶̦̘̙̼̬͎̹̱̜͋̿͐̿̍̎͆͊͟͠͡N̸̡̖̺̦̟͔͓̻̲̿̀̓̆̕͟Ȩ̸̝̠̪͔̍̋̉̂̅̚͡~̵͔̲͈̞͉̣̾̌͆͒̂̚̕͝ (Ask-king-drippy)

Slendy: “Ah- T-Thank you, your Majesty~ I am honored to be complimented by such a marvelous individual such as you.”


((8ft vs. 40ft WOW <3 ))

I don't even know what to call this

So I’m a cashier at a Home Depot (in Canada, this is important for later), and we recently had an update for our interact machines where it’ll ask you to pick the language you want to use, the options are English and French.
So this woman comes up and goes to pay for her stuff, and she gets all heated over the language thing.
“What do you mean, French? What the hell? I don’t speak French?!”
So I politely tell her to pick the English option. She starts huffing and puffing angrily.
“You know if we went to their country, they wouldn’t do this for us!”
And I honestly just had to stand there, for a second like, excuse me? And I just take a breath and politely tell her,
“Well French IS one of the two official languages of Canada…”
And she goes, “No I’m pretty sure thats spanish.”
And I dont even know what to say at this point, like their country, you are currently IN “their” country, and as you can see, there is still an english option?
Then as she’s leaving she speaks basic gibberish and laughs saying hey, I sound like a french person.
As a french speaker I wasn’t sure whether to be offended or not….

“In the beginning…”

Honestly, Finch’s interactions with the Machine are my favourite part of the series. 

I’ve been saving my few episodes of Person of Interest that I had left…I’m halfway through the last season, and honestly I had forgotten how fucking amazing this series was. 

I’ll probably be binge watching it all over again as soon as I finish it XD

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"It's not a double date, we're just third and fourth wheeling." (Prinxiety and Logicality) Also your blog is my fav and makes me so happy TYSM ❤

Awwww, I love you so much. It means the world to hear that from you. I hope you like the fic. Sorry it’s a bit late, finals.

“I’m so happy you guys decided to come with us!” Morality beamed. “I’ve always wanted to go on a double date!”

“Woah, woah, woah” Anxiety said, “This is not a double date, okay. Prince and I are just third and fourth wheeling, that’s all.”

“He’s right,” Prince chimed in, “I only came along because I heard they had a new section on dinosaurs in the museum, and you know I love dinosaurs. They’re the closest thing the real world has to dragons. I have no idea why he’s here though.”

Anxiety scowled. Just because he was little darker than the rest of the sides didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy a trip to the museum. Although he supposed the exhibit he was here to check out was a little grim.

“I,” he said, still glaring at Prince, “am going to check out the skull exhibit. On my own, because this is not a double date” He stared extra hard at Morality after his last sentence, to make sure the other side understood.

Prince rolled his eyes. “You really can’t go one hour without being an emo nightmare, can you?” he said exasperatedly. “Of course you’re going to see the skulls.”

“Well to be be fair, it is a fascinating exhibit,” Logic piped up. “This museum has almost 200 skulls.”

“I love all the interactive displays,” Morality announced cheerfully, “that’s always my favorite part of the science museum.”

“Yes, you always seem to enjoy yourself quite thoroughly there.“ Logic smiled at Morality fondly, “And I do enjoy watching you enjoy them.”

“Right, okay,” Anxiety broke in. “Look, I’m just going to go before this gets any more sappy. We’ll meet up at the car when the museum closes, good? Great.”

He turned around and started walking to the skull exhibit before anyone actually had time to reply. But for some reason, he could still hear footsteps coming from right behind him. He whirled around. It was Princey.

“Why are you following me?” he demanded, glaring up at the royal.

Prince looked indignant. “I am not following you,” he insisted. “However, this also happens to be the way to the dinosaur exhibit. We’re just sharing the corridor that’s all.”

“Fine,” Anxiety grumbled. He continued walking and Prince fell into step beside him. It didn’t take long for Prince to break the silence.

“Alright so I have to ask…”

“You really don’t, but sure continue”

Prince kept talking like he hadn’t heard Anxiety’s muttering, “Why skulls? I mean get you have that whole goth aesthetic going on, but don’t you think this is taking it too far.”

Anxiety sighed. “Look I don’t like them just because of my aesthetic. It’s just… it’s kind of amazing to me that even long after things are gone, people, animals, we can still learn so much from what’s left behind. Gives me hope that maybe we’ll end up meaning something after all, even if it’s only our bones. I like fossils for the same reason.”

Prince had actually stopped walking to look at him.

“What?” Anxiety asked defensively, his shoulders hunching up.

“Oh, nothing!” Prince said, still staring, “I was just surprised. I mean that was a really interesting answer, still incredibly depressing of course, but I just didn’t expect that.”

He paused for a moment, “Also, you like fossils?”

“Yeah, what of it?” Anxiety said, raising an eyebrow.

Prince cleared his throat. “Well,” he began, “as it happens, I too like fossils. And I happen to know that there is a very nice fossil exhibit here. It has some great dinosaur fossils, which I’m sure include skulls. I- Perhaps, you’d like to check it with me.”

Anxiety stared at him suspiciously. ‘This isn’t a date,” he said flatly.

“No, of course not,” Prince said quickly. “Just two friends partaking in a similar interest.”

Anxiety stared at him a moment longer. “Fine,” he finally said, moving forwards once more. “But we’re going to the skull exhibit first.”

He heard Prince sigh behind him. “Well, if you insist.”

Meanwhile, in another part of the museum, Logan watched fondly as Morality worked at one of the interactive machines, supposedly attempting to “fly”. He didn’t seem to be very good at it, but no one would be able to tell just from looking at the smile on his face.

“Logan,” he called out, “Come over here and put that big brain of yours to use so we can figure this out.”

Logan allowed a small smile to cross his face as he strode forward. “Of course,” he said. “It can’t be too complicated.”

“Great,” Morality said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. “Oh! After this I thought we could check out the space exhibit.”

Logan’s smile grew a bit wider. “That would be more that satisfactory,” he assured his boyfriend.

Morality just grinned at him. They spent the next few minutes figuring out the machine, but between the two of them, they soon got the hang of it.

As they walked to the next exhibit, Morality spoke up. “You know I wonder how Anxiety and Roman are doing?” he said thoughtfully. “They spilt up from us so quickly earlier.”

“Well if you wanted, we could check on them,” Logan suggested. “It would only be a quick detour, both the exhibits they planned to peruse are right next to each other.”

“You don’t mind?” Morality asked a bit sheepishly. “I just get a bit worried about those two sometimes.”

“Not at all,” Logan assured him. “And when it comes to those two, better safe than sorry.”

Tugging on Morality’s arm, he quickly corrected their course to make their way to the skull room, but before they’d made it there. Morality stopped them.

“Look, I think I found them,” he said, pointing through the door of the fossil exhibit.

And sure enough the two of them were there, standing rather close together as they peered into the same display case.

“Awww,” Morality said, ”Looks like this really was a double date.”

Logan chuckled. “Just don’t tell them that,” he advised.

“Fair enough,” Morality agreed. “Now, to the space exhibit?”

“To the space exhibit.“