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Why I think Jimin is dead in the MV...

In the first pic he is the only one not really interacting with the environment much. Yoonseok + someone (Jungkook?) are leaning on each other and Jin is interacting with the laundry machine (as seen from a previous shot).

Next, Jimin is shown sitting on the laundry machine with the shoes to his side (and wearing his own shoes for some reason?). He looks like he’s just watching Jin, who is in front of him as you can tell by the positioning in the first picture.

Jin turns and you can see Jimin in the background. This is from the perspective of the laundry machine.

This is what it looks like Jin looks into the laundry machine, and he only sees himself in the reflection. Although we have been able to see Jimin, the actual characters in the MV can’t.

Assuming the MV is not chronological and that the scenes with ot7 are before Jimin died.


All of our politicians are totally incapable of dealing with the impending apocalypse. And so, they must be replaced. In fact, the whole system must be replaced, and it is your job to imagine a new one!

The Utopia video is set in a not too far off dystopian future. A woman lives in a bland condo village and her only social interaction is with a machine built by the largest corporation in the world: rainforest. Its a sad prediction of where we are headed, but also a reminder that we have to keep believing in the alternatives.

The record was mixed (alice wilder), mastered (heba kadry), and produced (katie and maya) by all women.

The video was directed by that go.

Our New Record “Future Politics” is coming out January 20th !!


Doug Crawford & Chris Fala demonstrated Commodore 8-bit machines performing similar tasks to Arduinos (or any other microcontrollers).  I always like the VCF East exhibits that mix the retro with the modern to provide perspective and a point of reference for the younger generation.

Starting with a PET 4016, working its way through the VIC-20 and C64, all though the C-128.  Oh, and with an SX-64, C16, C64C, C128D, and Plus/4 thrown in for good measure.  Each machine was interacting with hardware just like an Arduino counterpart – both machines did the same thing.

For the most part, the demonstration machines were simply running banks of LEDs in unique configurations.  However, the C128D was hooked into a 40 column composite display, an 80 column RGBi display, and a tiny 20 column vacuum florescent display, all operating at the same time.

Everything was running BASIC, operating on simple peeks and pokes to interact directly with the user ports for I/O.  BASIC does a fantastic job of providing a non-intimidating coding environment for first time programmers. 

We humans are changing. We have become so intertwined with what we have created that we are no longer separate from it. We have outgrown the distinction between the natural and the artificial. We are what we make. We are our thoughts, whether they are created by our neurons, by our electronically augmented minds, by our technologically mediated social interactions, or by our machines themselves. We are our bodies, whether they are born in womb or test tube, our genes inherited or designed, organs augmented, repaired, transplanted, or manufactured. Our prosthetic enhancements are as simple as contact lenses and tattoos and as complex as robotic limbs and search engines. They are both functional and aesthetic. We are our perceptions, whether they are through our eyes and ears or our sensory-fused hyper-spectral sensors, processed as much by computers as by our own cortex. We are our institutions, cooperating super-organisms, entangled amalgams of people and machines with super-human intelligence, processing, sensing, deciding, acting. Our home planet is inhabited by both engineered organisms and evolved machines. Our very atmosphere is the emergent creation of forests, farms and factories. Empowered by the tools of the Enlightenment, connected by networked flows of freight and fuel and finance, by information and ideas, we are becoming something new. We are at the dawn of the Age of Entanglement.
—  Danny Hillis

Cause of death– Thomas Astruc admitting that he’s seen our umbrella shoot and slyly asking us to do another one

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Björn Schülke, “Vision Machine 4”. #interactive #sculpture #art #robot #bitforms #newmedia #digital #camera

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Return Zero (extended)

Hello, so after seeing the finale, and seeing Shaw’s interaction with the Machine at the end coupled with many people sharing the belief that that could possibly be a sign of Root’s living, this little number popped into my head. I wrote it out, and it’s more or less what could have happened if the episode ran for say, ten more minutes? Anyway, hopefully you read it, and if you do here’s to also hoping you enjoy it.

The weather is fairly cool as Jessica Hemsworth begins her routine run through the streets of Manhattan. The trees rustle with a faint breeze, and the sun glints down with a measure of mercy not so easily found in the late weeks of June.

Left on West Thirty-Fifth Street.

She’s running, sneakers pounding against the hard sidewalk, legs stretching over the cracks in the concrete with the ease of muscle memory. Her headphones are in, music blasting as the thump of her heart quickens to catch up with the song’s backbeat. Her breathing remains even; in and out and in and out.

Right onto Seventh Ave.

Jessica’s mind roams in and out of the street dwellers, her imagination turning like a well oiled machine behind startling blue eyes. The man in the suit and fedora is a CEO of a large firm, her head coos. But he’s losing money in the market fast. What will he ever do? Her eyes snap to a woman in a dark blue blazer and skirt, red hair tucked into a bun and briefcase swinging at her side. Enter stage left the mysterious business woman, her mind declares, a slight smile crossing Jessica’s lips. The woman with whom he’d only spoken to once holds the very answer to his financial crisis in the front pouch of her Louis Vuitton. Jessica runs on, the fabricated encounter melting away like ice on hot asphalt. Who’s next, her eyes roam, looking for anyone interesting, or perhaps not interesting at all.

The woman on the bench, with her wardrobe a combination of Good Will finds and dumpster rags stares blankly into the apartment across the street, wispy grey hair fraying against her tan, liver spotted face. She’s not poor, Jessica’s mind calls out as she runs closer. She sits here everyday in costume to watch her son who lives on the fourth floor. They had a falling out years ago, and he refuses to make contact with her. Just then, a man in a t-shirt and shorts exits the complex and starts towards the coffee cart on the corner. Him, that’s him. Everyday she comes to see him, to make sure he’s okay, because it’s still her son.

Right on West Forty-Fifth Street.

Unusual but not entirely unexpected in this city, Jessica stumbles upon a large group of business men and women as they shuffle in a herd of expensive suits down the street. She stops her run- chest rising and falling heavily and a slight trickle of sweat forming at her brow- to breathe. Lacing her hands behind her head, she opens her chest cavity, eyes closing for a moment. One of her earbuds falls out and her eyes dart open, mind now filtering a mixture of music and the reality around her. Cars sputter and rev, horns honk, and people talk in such large quantities that each word blurs together in Jessica’s ear. Then, like a beacon of light in the foggy dark of a perilous sea, one sound surges above all.

The ringing of a payphone.

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Worry not, fellow RvB fans! I have a way to save all of our friends.

It just, you know, involves most of them dying horribly first.

The ingredients of our recipe today are the temple of weather manipulation, a few armor enhancements, and a dash of callback.

But first, a bit of context:

This season’s True Warrior storyline is strongly paralleling the Great Destroyer storyline (also known as “Scenario Three”) from the Blood Gulch Chronicles. This scenario involved (among other things) the Reds and Blues meeting a Sangheili that they named Crunchbite, and Tucker finding the sword-key and taking it to a temple, where it revealed a Banshee that Crunchbite used to try to get off the planet.

And the scenario started when two of Sarge’s inventions interacted: when a weather machine he put in one robot (Lopez)…

..and a bomb he put in another robot (Church’s robot body) were both activated. Supposedly, the subsequent explosion blew most of the team into the future, and blew Church into the past.

It was just a sim soldier scenario. It didn’t actually happen.

But what if it could?

Which brings me to our current season. Things are going badly: General Doyle is mired in indecision as an unexpected contingent of space pirates overwhelms Kimball’s team and Sharkface pins down Carolina’s team so that he can get to the Purge.

They’re going to lose, and most of them are going to die. (Miles has to live up to the George R. R. Martin reputation he’s garnered somehow.) It will be heartwrenching: Freckles will be unable to save Caboose, Grif and Simmons will profess their love before getting shot, Doctor Grey will sacrifice herself so that Tucker and Carolina can get away…

And Sharkface is going to get to the building containing the Purge.

Meanwhile, the five surviving main characters in the field:

will regroup at the closest temple: The temple of weather manipulation.

They’ll wonder what they can possibly do with the technology at this temple, and Tucker will comment in frustration that the only thing weather manipulation is good for is fake time travel. Cue a recap of the intro to Scenario Three.

The thing is, Sarge now has ten more years of machine-building experience, an actual huge weather manipulation machine, and an AI who can run calculations for him. They can actually do it this time. They can go back in time and get to the Purge before Sharkface does.

They can save Chorus.

With time travel.

Carolina will offer her armor enhancements to rig up as a bomb, and using the weather machine to overload them should do the trick. They’ll even face the “proper direction” for the explosion to take them back. Only, Epsilon is failing and he’ll do the calculations wrong. Instead of getting thrown back a day or so into the past, they’ll get thrown back…1,856 years, just like Church supposedly was in Scenario Three.

Now, on a planet full of old-timey Sangheili building their temples (who, I like to imagine, might be involved in some Red versus Blue battles themselves), our five heroes will have to teach the inhabitants of Chorus about the Great Prophecy, thereby creating the alien lore and technology that Project Freelancer will scoop for Scenario Three, which will give Tucker the sword-key and teach the Reds and Blues about the Great Prophecy…

And if shaping history isn’t a delicate enough business already, they’ll have to do it while being tracked by a person in a particular suit of armor that contains a particular time distortion unit.

And then somehow return to a point slightly before their own time to stop the space pirates and the Purge.


I fuckin swear customers only have two ways of interacting with the debit machine: a gentle nail tap followed by complaining about how these never work, or falcon-punching the absolute shit out of it.