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10 Creative Designs week 6

Multifaceted Furtniture 

This week I explored multifunctional furniture designs. These items are the ones that make the most of a small space. I think it takes creativity to figure out how to make it work with ought it looking awkward and with ought it not working as it should be. I also like how there is a wow factor to it when you surprise your guests with this type of furniture. Its something they won’t expect from furniture. It makes immobile things like furniture more dynamic and interactive. I leave you with some of my favorites but feel free to look at my Pinterest for even more multifaceted furnitures.  

References in my Pinterest page:


I am soooo very excited to announce that I will be having a show entitled MOTELSCAPE with @signepierce and @marina-fini this Art Basel 2015!!!

It is a wonderfully immersive art vacation that we have put together inside the “Love Suite” of Miami Princess Hotel. The ENTIRE suite will be dripping with our works, including interactive photography, video, furniture design by Marina, performance art, neon works by Sydney Krause, etcetcetc! <3333

Opening is Friday, December 4th after 7 p.m. 

Prints, zines of our photos, and Marina’s wonderful jewelry will all be on sale as well!

~~~It just hit me right now that this is all happening and coming together. I am the biggest fan girl of Marina and Signe’s so this is truly a dream come true. Can u feel my art happiness seep thru your screen? 

“Ocean Cake” aka “I Hate My Birthday” .gif by yours truly, Sierra Grace.