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Regal Believer Appreciation Week

Day 4: eRegal Believer (Henry and The Evil Queen)

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Polnareff kneels in front of little Noriaki, trying to keep his face straight in the sight of his cuteness. "I, Jean Pierre Polnareff, swear to be loyal and protect you with my life through any and all hardships and adversity. I will stay by your side and be your friend and confidant until the end of my days." (weeklypolandkak)

“Thank you brave knight, John…P-Pear…Poln-Pol-….Pol-Pol! ”


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Have you ever played some videogames? What Is your favorite? -badlydrawnerdkyoin

There’s not a lot of people to play with usually though so it’s fine.

Also if my eyes go bad, I get to wear cool glasses like you!


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no offence but you literally can't get mad at other people for calling taika their "dad" or whatever. no one, not even you, means it seriously. besides, no one can just claim him so ??? also the fact that the last anon felt intimidated into a guilty apology just supports the argument that you come off as a bit too over possessive and aggressive. really .. you're gonna harm people who call him "dad" and stuff, too ?? no.

all offence but yea i can i bought him for $5 at goodwill 8 years ago so now i own him n his entire family. i come off as possessive n aggressive?? good then lmao cos im gonna find you and those people and snipe yall in ur sleep sorry x

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Can I request for some hcs for the RFA (yes V included) + Saeran for when MC would propose to them? Like where and what type and what their reaction would be. Thank you!

yasss love this!!!

enjoy! :)


- Zen called you onstage after his final performance of his big musical breakout

- he plans to say a sweet and romantic speech in front of everyone

- but what he doesn’t know is that you have planned out everything and the staff members and other actors are all in it

- so when he invites you up, the crowd claps loudly

- but when he wants to begin his speech, you stop him and grab a microphone from one of the staff members

- you started off with a really cheesy opening

- then you proceeded to bend on one knee and take out a ring 

- I bet you, Zen is already in tears

- the crowd goes wild and the staff and other actors are cheering Zen to say yes

- Zen sweeps you off your feet and kisses you before saying “of course”


- he’s been busy all week and it was hard to get him to eat dinner with you

- but when he’s finally free, you’re excited

- but then you remembered that he’s a traditionalist

- so you’re definitely worried

- so when you invited him for dinner at a five star restaurant and said you already booked, he’s a bit skeptical but he doesn’t say much

- dinner went fine and now it’s time for dessert

- you called the waiter to bring you the cake

- when Jumin cuts into his cake, he sees a ring

- he’s stunned and he looks at you as if you’ve just gone crazy

- but after processing his thoughts, he said “yes”

- and you’re glad he accepted it


- it’s just another day at the café

- you’ve been preparing it for the entire day while trying not to be suspicious

- come closing time, you hurried the last of your customers and locked it up

- Jaehee is wondering what the hell you’re doing

- you ask her to sit down and wait for it

- you bring out three cups of fresh coffee and laid it in front of her

- the first cup is your picture, the second cup is a picture of a heart and the third picture is Jaehee

- she awws at it and says that’s so sweet of you

- you tell her to look closely at the second cup, saying that the heart will actually change into something else

- so while she’s looking at it. you take out the box and drop to one knee

- she almost screams but she manages to say “yes, of course”

- she’s just so happy that she immediately hugs you tight


- you two are going out to a cosplay festival, dressing up as your favourite LOLLOL characters

- you guys are going to meet up with your teammates there

- what Yoosung doesn’t know is that your teammates have already planned everything for you guys and you can’t thank them enough

- Yoosung’s really excited and you’re a little nervous

- you two had a fun time interacting with other cosplayers and staying in character

- when you two finally meet your teammates, the plan is ready for action

- so one of your teammates suggested a role-play and Yoosung got really into it

- and you used that opportunity to take out the ring and propose

- he’s stunned because he thinks it’s still part of the role-play

- but your teammates are now cheering loudly for Yoosung to say yes

- Yoosung looks at you, teary-eyed as he squeaks out a small “yes”

- your teammates yell in celebration as you two kissed


- you’ve learned a thing or two from Seven about hacking

- he’s doing some work about his toy business website in his work room

- you take out your laptop and started your plan

- his server is hacked and he panics

- his screen blacked out and binary numbers start to appear

- he reads from the screen: “01010111 01101001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101101 01100001 01110010 01110010 01111001 00100000 01101101 01100101 00111111 0001010″

- he immediately looks for you in the living room and smile

- he goes up to you and say, “01111001 01100101 01110011″

- after putting on the ring, he kisses you happily


- you’re out on a park date

- you’ve already had your picnic lunch and now you’re strolling in the park

- it’s almost sunset and you’re getting really nervous

- V notices but you say it’s nothing

- finally, you bring him to a park bench and tell him that you have very serious news to deliver

- he tenses up but he waits patiently for you to continue

- after taking a deep breath, you take out a velvet box from your purse and present it to him

- “Jihyun, will you marry me?”

- there’s a moment of relief on his face

- he smiles sweetly at you and answers “yes”


- you two are lying in bed, catching your breath after a wild night together

- you lean onto his chest and cuddle

- you’ve been having this thought for a while and you don’t know when you should pop the question

- but then you decided to go with it because what the heck, why not right?

- you look up at him and say, “Saeran, let’s get married.”

- he looks down at you and smirk

- “sure,” he says before kissing you passionately

- when the both of you parted, you stare longingly into his eyes and he gets the message

- “round two?”

- “round two.”

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Some are born with smugness, some are forged with it. For someone who has never had a functional face before, Rhaast is pretty expressive.

Self-indulgent human!Rhaast doodles :^)

BITE: Chapter 5

percy jackson / teen wolf crossover.
judging by the response to the last chapter, i should write more cliffhangers, yeah?

5/? - Annabeth

They needed a plan. 

They were at a stalemate with their investigation into Scott McCall and Stiles and their friends - they were obviously hiding something, and they obviously knew that Percy and Annabeth were hiding something, too, but the terror on Lydia’s face and the reaction of her friends made Annabeth think that they were just as surprised by Frank’s condition as she and Percy were.

“Burning?” Percy echoed Lydia’s words, voice hoarse. The tendon in his wrist flexed as he tightened his hold on Riptide.

Lydia nodded. Her eyes dropped to the photo on the floor, and she visibly swallowed.

“How do you know?” Annabeth asked. 

She believed it, because they’d known from the outset that whatever had taken Frank and Hazel wasn’t good, but she needed more information. She needed to gather every detail she could, as fast as she could, so she could form a plan.

Lydia lifted her head. She opened her mouth to answer but seemed suddenly lost for words.

“She just does,” Allison answered, voice firm. “Trust her. If Lydia says that your friend’s in trouble, then they’re in trouble.”

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[translation] Model Press 2017.11.21 Interview 2/2: NCT 127

First part of the interview here.

How’s the enthusiasm you are feeling for your debut in Japan? 

It’s the debut you have looked forward to right!

Yuta: Firstly it hasn’t been long since we debuted in Korea, to be able to debut in Japan like this, there are really many people who have helped us, but more than anything this is possible due to the fans who give us a lot of support. Along with our debut we are going to have our first showcase tour (Tokyo. Osaka. Nagoya. Fukuoka) too, from there we can return our gratitude to the fans, I feel. I want to create more and more fun times with everyone.

Taeyong: We have came to Japan to participate in various events previously, and have stood on a big stage, we had a really positive impression left in us. Therefore I always thinkg “I want to come to Japan again!”. To be able to debut in Japan like this, we will have more opportunities to meet fans in Japan than ever. In addition, we can communicate with each other, I think this is very meaningful. Though I’m excited, and nervous, we still want to show our bright and great energy to everyone.

― On being able to debut in your home country, does Yuta have any special feelings with regards to that?

Yuta; When we have activities in Japan, I hope to show a different aspect of us because NCT127 has a Japanese member like Yuta, we are a little different from other groups of Korea.

Difficulty of recording in Japanese for the first time due to pronunciation

On the day NCT127 announced their Japanese debut, they also released the promotional video of the Japanese version of LIMITLESS. They filmed a new MV in Japanese style, and they also tried to record their songs in Japanese for the first time. Of course, there was a difficulty in the pronunciation. 

Taeyong: The pronunciation of “tsu” was tough. Although the singing was fine in that take, because I couldn’t pronounce the word “tsu”, I had to record that part once more.

Jaehyun: We practiced really hard on each pronunciation, we received a test from Yuta hyung from there, and did the recording. Yuta hyung gave us a lot of advice.

Taeyong: This is the good part about having a group with multiple nationalities right (laughs).

― Who was the most outstanding student to Yuta? (laughs) 

Yuta: Although all members tried their best, this time it’s Jaehyun and Taeyong I guess? (laughs) The members really came bombarding me with questions it’s a little tiring (laughs). However we were able to present a high quality recording of Limitless, it was great. 

― You had to film a new music video for the Japanese version, could you tell us some highlights?

Taeil: It’s really cool, and very amazingly presented on the MV, I think there are so many things to highlight. The concept is us escaping from something, we want you to pay attention while watching that part as well. 

Winwin: At the end, I have a part where I do a jump, I think that was really well taken. It was tough filming that particular scene tho (laughs)

Taeil: In that way, there are scenes where you can see the different charms of the members. When we watch the MV on our own, we will say like “ah this part is well done”.So I hope the fans would watch it many times so as to discover the various charms of the members. A really nice music video was created. 

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“Also, there was the thrill, basis indeterminable, which made Glinda shy, and caused her to rush her words, and to speak in a false high voice like an adolescent.”

-Except about Glinda seeing Elphaba again [Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West]

Um Glinda, that’s kinda gay 

Welcome to Malec Immortal Husbands. A Discord server for Malec fans of both the books and the show to interact, and have a fun time talking about their favorite ship. All you need to do to join is to have an account on Discord, send me an ask for a join link, and, of course, you must love the relationship between Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood.

Here is a small rundown of the different channels there are. You’ll find a more descriptive list of the channels on the server. 

Info Channels: There are three (3) info channels. A Welcome channel, a Rules channel, and a channel where you can talk to me about anything regarding the server.

Voice Channels: There are two (2) voice channels. One general channel, and one spoiler channel for when the show comes back on. 

Chat Rooms: There are six (6) total chat rooms. 2 main chat rooms, 3 themed chat rooms, and 1 NSFW chat room.

Creation Station channels: There are four (4) creativity themed channels. 2 art and writing themed, and 2 social media themed.

If you want to see updates and important posts about the server, go and follow @malec-immortal-husbands. If you want me to reblog posts for the rest of the chat to see, tag your posts with #malimhus.

Please reblog this post to spread the word, even if you are not planning on joining. Happy chatting, and I hope to here from you soon!