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You know what I really want?

A Mass Effect-style Bionicle game where you can design your own toa (at least their element, mask, and weapon,) and have a diverse supporting cast of other toa, matoran, skakdi, dark hunters, etc. Hell, you could merge the open world and rpg functions, give the player a boat, and travel all across the matoran universe.

I think it would be really cool to pull a KOTR but with Bionicle, so instead of focusing on the six main toa we know and love, we can create a new story, the events of which precipitate the betrayal of the Makuta and the plot to overthrow Mata Nui, one the player becomes their own hero in.

I think it would be cool to include the other 12 or so elements in character customization, minus light and shadow of course. Masks and extra weapons could be held in a GTA-like click wheel, resembling a Suva for obvious reasons.

Obviously having a map as big as the entire Matoran universe would be completely unfeasable for any independent developers, but I can dream. I’d also like for there to be a mini multiplayer mode (or at least mini compared to the story,) where the players can interact with one another on Mata Nui, fighting one another or hunting infected rahi to raise their levels.

Interacting with AI Matoran, Toa, and other beings is what’ll sell the game. Since we’re not excluding any part of the Matoran universe, players will have the opportunity to explore everywhere and meet everyone. Love interests will be a thing because fuck you, Greg. When you hunt infected Rahi, relieving them of their infected masks makes them drop spare parts. These parts can be salvaged, taken to a Matoran Forge Master, and turned into new weapons for the player to use alongside their original weapons. (To include stuff like disk launchers and cordak blasters, but the more powerful they are the more parts and widgets they’d require, making the latter very expensive.)

I’ll reblog and talk more about my ideas for the story if people are interested. But if not I may just scream at a couple people in messages about it.

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So I'm guessing it's a necessary thing to use like calcium? I feel bad cause I didn't know and they haven't been taking it (and mine are also adopted and I don't think the previous owners had it either). I'll start it ASAP but do you think they'll be alright?

Yes.  Calcium is absolutely vital and you should start supplementing with calcium/calcium+D3 ASAP.  I can’t say if your reptile will be ok or not; I’m not a vet and, even if I was, I’d need to personally examine the animal before making any diagnosis.  A vet visit is your best bet, so you can know the severity of your pet’s metabolic bone disease and the proper steps in treating it.

Thanks for sending this in; this is actually a topic I feel we don’t talk about in enough detail.  People quote “you need twice as much calcium as phosphorus!” without understanding what this actually entails and WHY it’s important.  


[edit so i can’t do cuts in ask, woops, but anyway beyond here we GET INTO A SCIENCE)

Relationship to Phosphorus aka “Why are we talking about a non-calcium thing when we’re trying to talk about calcium?”

Ok, so the first step to understanding the importance of calcium is to talk about bones.  First step in THAT is to stop thinking about bones as fixed.  They’re not an unchanging system; they’re constantly in flux, always either releasing or absorbing calcium as necessary, normally in relation to how much calcium is in the serum around bones.  When there’s not enough calcium in the serum, bone releases some.  When there’s a lot of calcium just floating around, bones are able to use it.

Bones themselves are made of calcium phosphate.  In order to form calcium phosphate, a phosphorus molecule needs to attach itself to one calcium molecule.  Thus bone is born! But wait.  We need calcium for ALL KINDS OF STUFF in the body!  It’s used to moderate the heart rate, the nervous system, the absorption of OTHER minerals… so the bones start worrying and will RELEASE calcium from themselves, which eventually makes them all spongy and fragile.  This eventually leads to a form of MBD (metabolic bone disease).  Yes, there are different types of MBD (more on that in a bit).  This particular one is called Osteomalacia and is the most common in reptiles.

I’d  like to make it clear that phosphorus is not bad; we shouldn’t try to eliminate that from a reptile’s diet, since it plays important parts in almost all of a body’s processes. The best thing we can do is make sure a reptile has plenty of calcium to spare.

With this in mind, the best ratio of calcium to phosphorus is 2:1.  We need twice as much calcium as phosphorus in our reptiles’ diets (with the notable exception of snakes; their meals are naturally very high in calcium, so they don’t need help.  Go, snakes!).

How do reptiles in the wild handle this?

In many different ways!  Non-basking reptiles handle it by consuming a wide variety of prey, including many that are high in calcium.  We’re talking 40 or more species PER DAY.  We simply can’t match that in captivity.  Vegetarian or omnivorous species consume many different plants.

Basking—-and non-basking, to an extent—-deal with this by sitting around in the sun and absorbing UVB rays, which helps metabolize vitamin-D3.

Vitamin D-what?

D3, D2, all sorts of D’s just flying around!  Vitamin-D3 is more properly known as cholecalciferol. It’s bound within serum protein and transported to the liver, where it’s metabolized into another form (1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol), which is actually usable by the reptile.  Reptiles who have access to UVB can make their own vitamin-D3, which has been superior to calcium D-3 that’s included within a diet (Bernard, et al).  Now that the reptile has a nice dose of vitamin-D3, it can use calcium more effectively. Basically, it helps make calcium more usable.

Honestly, the best thing is natural sunlight.  So far, we haven’t created a perfect UVB bulb.  This is actually why I suggest that animals who require a lot of UVB (tortoises come to my mind first because of their unique needs; they can’t absorb UVB through their shells and are prone to being burnt by bulbs that are placed too close to them) are kept in outdoor pens at least partially.  

But since a lot of reptiles aren’t appropriate for outdoor pens, it’s up to the owner to research their needs.  A diurnal reptile who lives in the desert is best kept with 10-12% UVB, while a reptile who’s nocturnal or lives in a thick jungle environment does better with 2-5% UVB.

UVB may not be appropriate for all reptiles.  Albino geckos, for example, may suffer eye damage. Use your knowledge.  

There’s a particular rumor going around that vitamin-D3 is ‘easily overdosed’.  I have yet to see a single substantiated case of vitamin-D3 overdose.  While it’s theoretically possible, it’s highly unlikely.  I personally have seen way more MBD cases than even POSSIBLE vitamin-D3 overdoses.  

Ok, so how much calcium, calcium-D3, and multivitamins do I use?

It strongly depends on your reptile!  Baby and juvenile reptiles require calcium with every meal, multivitamins once a week, and D3 at LEAST every other meal.  I usually give my adults calcium every other meal, multi once a week, and D3 once a week (depending on species and UVB availability).

So… what about those OTHER MBDs you mentioned?

I’m only going to touch on these because most aren’t commonly seen in reptiles.  

Osteoporosis – if you’ve lived through the 90’s, you probably remember those Got Milk commercials where they claimed milk would prevent this.  This… isn’t entirely true since true osteoporosis isn’t caused by a calcium deficiency, exactly; it’s caused by a protein deficiency and can be more accurately attributed to lack of movement.  Reptiles who are kept in extremely confining shelters are prone to this.  

This is a risk of those ‘minimum-space’ racks.  You can prevent this by providing plenty of space for reptiles to roam and lots of things for it to interact with (climbing branches, digging places, swimming areas for appropriate species, etc).  

Secondary Nutritional HyperparathyroidismThis starts when the calcium levels in the serum are too low.  The thyroid is stimulated to produce parathyroid hormone (PTH).  This in turn causes the bones to release calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin-D3. Calcium becomes more easily absorbed in the gut.  Once again, bones are robbed of calcium and there’s simply not enough calcium to replace it.

Many of these conditions are entirely preventable simply by providing the right sort of diet and UVB exposure.

Shit, I think my reptile has MBD.  What do I do?

Go to a vet.  As I said before, I’m not a vet.  I can’t diagnose or treat your pet.  If caught early, MBD IS treatable.  Some bone damage may even be reversible.  It’s treated by calcium in various forms (some forms are more easily usable than others), injections, and UVB exposure.  It’s a plan you’re best off discussing with your vet.  


Bernard, J.S., O.T. Oftendal, P.S. Barboza, M.E. Allen, S.B. Citino, D.E. Ullry and R.J. Montali. (1991) The response of vitamin D deficient green iguanas (Iguana iguana) to artificial ultraviolet light. Proc Am Vet 1991:147-150.

Frye, Fredric F. “The Importance of Calcium in Relation to Phosphorus, Especially in Folivorous Reptiles.” Nutritonal Society. Cambridge University Press, 1 Feb. 2001. Web. 21 Jan. 2017. <>.

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“Thanks. But you were amazing out there Marley.” Sam beamed as he let his guitar hang around him by it’s strap, watching Marley as they walked back to the choir room from their performance, “You can really sing. It’s so awesome to watch. You’re awesome. Like…really awesome.” He nodded as he spoke and felt himself blushed, “Which was why I was uh…hoping to see if you’d like to go to Breadsticks with me this weekend?” He squinted nervously as he finally spat out the question he’d been holding in for weeks.

“Do you want to really fight about differences tonight?
Take a look around, we’re the same in all different ways.”

Because I actually think Chloe and Nathan would get along really well if it wasn’t for all the shit happening in Arcadia Bay.

the sun is gone, chapter 1

pairing: riley and lucas
warning: this is a fic request I got from @sand1128​. she already said what she thinks about it and although it’s not really what she was expecting, I’m glad I wrote it. I’m still thinking if this will or not be continued, hence the chapter one in the title. if I find the time and manage to write what I want to, this will be a little bit longer than expected. it does contain some maya and lucas moments and it might have angsty rucas for once. I hope you guys enjoy it and if you want more, let me know.  / as usual, a huge thank you to @rileyandpluto for always believing in me.


Lucas Friar wasn’t the tipical jealous kind of guy. Or, at least, he thought so. 

The first time that boiling feeling came across his path happened when Charlie Gardner, a little bit creepy, asked Riley to the semi-formal.  

It was the very first time he felt his blood heating up in his veins. The shakiness in his legs was almost too much for him to remain standing.

He never thought he would feel like that again.
Especially for Riley.

Not since he chose her best friend, the petite and fired up blonde, to be his girlfriend. 

But when Jordan Stewart, the new student, showed up, it all changed.  

Riley hadn’t been seeing anyone since that horrible day in her bay window months ago. And he regretted it every single day by watching the pain in her eyes whenever she had to see the couple holding hands.

It was too late to back up on his decision – he had broken her heart already. 

Yet, when Jordan walked in class that very monday morning, he knew things were about to change and little did he know how right he was.

Jordan was tall, with light brown curls covering up his head and shining blue eyes.  

“Subway girl,” he said once he laid eyes on the brunette. “You owe me a date." 

Riley was shocked to see the same boy from the subway in her class. And she was even more shocked to open a bright and wide smile in response at him. 

"Oh, do I?” she was well aware of the curious looks of her classmates behind her. She didn’t care, though. It had been too long since she felt wanted by someone. Or anyone, for that matter. And by the sparkling look in his blue eyes, she knew she had to play along. “What do you have in mind?”

Lucas watched the interaction, his nails digging into his palms in his spiked fists. He had called her subway girl, which could only mean they’ve met there. 

Lucas’s eyes were seeing red – how could she do that? It was their thing! Their first date place! Their first kiss! 

Lucas Friar knew exactly how much he wanted to stand up and punch Jordan’s perfect jaw, but everything inside of him screamed to him in alert. If he’d done that, Riley Matthews would never forgive him. That was the last thing he wanted to do, since he was the reason she was still in so much pain.

Riley didn’t have to say a word, his guilty heart could read through her empty expressions.

Maya was too busy looking at the pretty brunette boy to notice her boyfriend’s anger.

If Maya had to be honest with herself, she hadn’t been noticing Lucas for a really long time now.

Their relationship was good at first – although, they barely talked. All they had was their make out sessions, which felt good at the beginning, but now not so much.

The less they kissed, the more they were drift apart.  

Maya had her art class to be occupied with and Lucas had basketball. The only time they acted as the real couple they were, was in the hallways, when their hands always met with one another. 

They were driven away from each other and neither one of them knew how to tell the other that.

 It wasn’t working. In fact, it never did. Not even their lips touching vividly and roughly.

So when Lucas felt the heat climbing out through his limbs, as Riley laughed to something the Jordan guy had just said, he knew what was missing inside of him; what he missed Maya couldn’t ever give to him.

Yet his choice was made; Riley had a new subway boy in her life and it hurt to know it wasn’t him.

 A wrong and thoughtless decision. That was all it took to make his heart cry out in pain. 

Now he had to pay the price.

Guys if you roleplay my characters

1) I want you to have fun with it, so don’t stress over if you think you aren’t playing the characters right. I’m not grading you, I’m too busy being stoked that people are roleplaying my characters at all in the first place.

2) You can add your own interpretations of how you believe the character would act! Nobody is stopping you. Do what you want!

3) Shove headcannons in your roleplays and junk. Experiment with interactions. You can always dig through my blog to learn more about how the character acts if you really are that nervous.

4) I do not care if you roleplay my characters with smut. Have fun ya damn hormonal kids you. Talk about the inhaled dongs and the anime tiddies or whatever. Get steamy if ya want just gO FOR IT I DON’T CARE SHUSH IT’S FINE I’M CHILL WITH THAT

5) Please, please, please. Don’t think you have to be spot on. In fact, I find myself slipping out of character when I roleplay too. That just means you’re having fun, and even if the character isn’t portrayed 100% accurate, who gives a shit? Goof off man.

6) Roleplay my characters pls just do it omfg

7) Seriously you’re my favorite people if you do that like omfg ily guys don’t be intimidated shhhhhhhh type away my children

8) All I ask is for you to trim posts. It’s just roleplay etiquette really. Don’t clog up the dashboards for us mobile users and others!

9) I don’t care about typos or length of replies btw

10) Stay adorable. Stay creative. Go nuts.

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What do you think Oliver is going to do about his kid? I can't see arrow keeping him on for very long but I also don't see Oliver just leaving his son.

This is the part where I mention I am 100% for this storyline.

Call me crazy, or optimistic, but I have a lot of faith in how the writers are going to play this. 

Before I answer, let me explain a few things.

First, the story has always been about Oliver and his son. They introduced it via a parallel of Oliver being completely unprepared to do anything for a child, while his mother would do literally anything for him. So, anyone nervous that the Mother is going to interfere with Olicity, don’t be. If they were going to go down that road, they for sure wouldn’t have continued the storyline via the Flash. They would have had her approach Oliver dramatically, on arrow, likely in a mid-season finale or even the beginning of a season to set up the drama.

But they didn’t. No, they have Oliver finding out and confronting the Mother on the Flash. After previously bumping into her last season, again, on the Flash. Why though? It isn’t because there isn’t room to do the story on Arrow. Because they could do it easily if they wanted to. No, it’s because they are centering the story around Oliver and his son. Not to mention, it allows the Flash writers to set up a parallel to what Joe is in for. Joe too has a son he is unaware of. What better way then to set up, and follow through these parallel storylines on the same show, right?

Second, this is not the first time Arrow has had kids. And they integrated them each time appropriately for what the show is. The writers know the Arrow world isn’t kid friendly at the best of times. But, they also want Oliver to have this layer to his character? One that will further him down the path of being the Green Arrow.

So, how do they have him be a father without a child becoming a pain?

Well, for starters, they have the child’s home set up in Central City, not Star City. They are not going to kill the boys mother either, they need her alive, at least until the kid is a teenager. But, that would require Arrow going for far more than 5/6 seasons. (Which, if they play their cards write, they could) The mother being alive keeps the kid in Central City, she’s raised him this long, she isn’t about to give up custody. Plus, Oliver isn’t about to insist that they move to Star City, it is far too dangerous. Dig even said he was uneasy about raising Sara there earlier this season.

Visitation rights are the writers bestfriend.

Trust me when I say, that is the route they are going to go. Through visitation rights, they can have small moments where we see Oliver being a father. Packing a lunch, making dinner, playing cars, whatever. Much like we occasionally get a moment where we see Dig interacting with baby Sara. Short, sweet, kills your heart with feels, and done.

Once Oliver has been established as becoming a father to William, we won’t see him often, maybe one in every 2-4 episodes is my guess. We will hear about him though, the same as how Dig constantly mentions Baby Sara and Lyla. Oliver will mention William, that he is going to see him that weekend, that he talked to him, how well he did on a math test that week. Felicity likely will have some comments like this too, as well as even Thea at times I’m sure.

This is what I see playing out in the crossovers;

Barry some how stumbles upon the fact that Oliver has a son, tells Oliver. Oliver will likely ask Felicity to see if its true, and be quite shaken when it is. A lot of guilt over missing years of his sons life, a talk with Dig about being a father. A speech from Felicity about how he will be a great one. Oliver confronting the Mother, working out that he gets to be in the boys life. A proper introductions, and the challenge of Oliver learning to be a parent has begun.

He’ll stumble at times, and worry a ton at others. But he will learn how to balance being a Father, with being the Green Arrow, as well as Mayor business and being with Felicity. But, he will figure it out.

So, what is Oliver going to do about his son? Easy, he’s going to be a father.