Try scrolling through these to annoy yourself as you marvel in awe at the size of our solar system. Or put yourself to sleep by clicking the icon in the lower right corner that allows the visualization to progress at the speed of light, which takes 4.5 hours.

 OR you could just use the icons at the top of the screen to skip over the vast distances between the planets.



Connected Worlds

Project by Design I/O is a huge interactive installation for children for the New York Hall of Science, featuring an ecosystem of virtual animals to play with:

Connected Worlds is a large scale immersive, interactive ecosystem developed for the New York Hall of Science. The installation is composed of six interactive ecosystems spread out across the walls of the Great Hall, connected together by a 3000 sqft interactive floor and a 45ft high waterfall. Children can use physical logs to divert water flowing across the floor from the waterfall into the different environments, where they can then use their hands to plant seeds. As the different environments bloom, creatures appear based on the health of the environment and the type of plants growing in it. If multiple environments are healthy creatures will migrate between them causing interesting chain reactions of behaviors.

Connected Worlds is designed to encourage a systems thinking approach to sustainability where local actions in one environment may have global consequences. Children work with a fixed amount of water in the system and have to work together to manage and distribute the water across the different environments. Clouds return water from the environments to the waterfall which releases water to the floor when it rains.

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As of today, 622 people have been killed this year by police in the United States — 69 in July alone. 

Learn more about each of these cases in The Counted project. 

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Calling all pinball wizards! This Thursday, July 23, we will be hosting another Art Off the Wall inspired by our new exhibition FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds. The event revolves around a tournament inside FAILE’s Deluxx Fluxx Arcade, a highly interactive and visually stimulating installation of pinball machines and video games made in collaboration with artist BÄST. In addition to the Deluxx Fluxx Arcade, the exhibition features statuary and interactive installations referencing street art, pop culture, art history, and the landscape of New York City. 

The event also features a special DJ set by FAILE friend and Grammy Award-winning producer and recording artist Swizz Beatz and opener DJ Runna. Whether you come for the games or the beats, this is one event that is not to be missed! 

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jurassic world has an actual working tourism website

like you can plan your visit, look at park maps, watch live videofeeds, research dinosaurs, shop, book dining, and look at others’ shared google photo albums

the store works! 

detailed ticket prices, (my faves are the adrenaline package with ziplining, and the family package that includes a ‘create your own dino plush’)

three words: downloadable colouring pages

*elated raptor screeching*


Jeppe Hein

“While they’re simple in form, initially uncomplicated, each work is laden with ideas. Having pieces that literally come alive when approached creates a relationship between art and viewer that can’t be ignored, reminding the audience of their “vital part in activating art’s communicative potential” and at the same time, expanding our “notion of what art is or could be.”  

Via:Yellow trace


Connected World  – Interactive ecosystem for NYSCI by Design I/O

Connected Worlds is made possible with generous support from The JPB Foundation, the National Science Foundation, Google Inc., and The Nasdaq Educational Foundation, Inc. Created with additional design and animation by Josh Goodrich and game design by Zach Gage. Sound design by M-OST

Project Page | Design I/O | NYSCI – Connected Worlds

Connected Worlds - Behind The Scenes from Design I/O on Vimeo.


This is really cool, guys! Try it out!


I recently released an interactive artbook from my Past Away project! Check it out!

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