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I am a huge fan of ALL your writing but "Backlogged Messages" is one of my absolute favorites. It's my go-to when I need high-quality, tear-jerking angst (and you know how much I love angst). I also really love "Inter-species Cooperation" and can't wait to read it after actually playing Javik's DLC...

Man, I’m really glad you like Backlogged Messages! It’s an angsty one, in an angsty series. Well, I have a proper sequel for it in the works (but first I need to catch up on the Shepard-Didn’t-Die counterpart to it) so stayed tuned. But meanwhile, I guess consider this a little add-on?


“Commander. My name is Tanya Beltram, my wife was at Arcturus when the Reapers destroyed the station. We used to joke about you, about how the pressure of being the first human Spectre must have gotten to your head: how else could someone make up such a ridiculous story about ‘Reapers?’

I’ve already begged god for forgiveness for not believing you. Now I have your forgiveness to ask. The last thing I said to my wife was ‘I’m not going to fight with you anymore, Amy. You can cool it and call me when you’re ready to be reasonable.’ I don’t remember what we were fighting about. I didn’t remember she was aboard Arcturus until three hours after I heard about the Reapers destroying it.

I thought Amy and I would be together forever. I thought the Reapers were a myth. I was wrong about a lot of things, I don’t think I’m wrong about you this time, Commander.

Forgive me. Please save us.”

What would Kaidan say, if he met Tanya Beltram today? If she were still alive, if he met her on the train on his way downtown, what would he say?

Nothing. Probably nothing.

He had read her message, the one meant only for Shepard’s eyes. One of thousands of messages Diana Allers had received aboard the Normandy in the Battlespace mailbag during the war. They were all Kaidan’s now… except they weren’t. They would always be Shepard’s letters. They sat on his omni-tool like a specter waiting in a cupboard.

Each time he read one, it felt… ‘voyeuristic’ wasn’t quite the right word. Reading Tanya’s letter had been like calling up the thinnest wisps of two departed spirits, and what could you say to a woman after performing a séance to reach her dead wife?

He couldn’t read the letters every day, the way certain music can only be paired with the right weather, or the way gin only tasted right in a certain bar. Some evenings he would just feel the weight of them watching him through his console across his apartment while he mended a shirt or hemmed a pair of trousers. Some mornings he woke up knowing—not today, but soon—he would be able to read another batch. The way you feel an anniversary coming.

Someday, would he forget? The way anniversaries begin to sneak up on you over the years?

Dear Miss Allers,

Please watch yourself around Commander Shepard. I dare not risk exposing myself, but I am deeply concerned for your safety aboard the Normandy. It has come to my attention that Commander Shepard is a scoundrel and a womanizer and is not above risking civilians to achieve his dark purposes.

-A Concerned Watcher

So many opinions, so many memories of John. So many Shepards. Kaidan wondered sometimes how long he could keep this feeling of Shepard alive: this mix of missing and loving and the noble ache that came from agreeing not to mourn any longer. How long till reading these letters made him feel like the voyeur of his own waning grief?

Diana Allers would you please pass this note on to Commander Shephard?

Commander. I salute you! You’re out there showing that humanity is the best this galaxy has to offer. Let’s bring those aliens in line and kick ass!

Kaidan would watch the sky grow dark from his balcony, he would watch more and more lights turn on and stay on as the city recovered from the war. Night after night he would stand there with Shepard’s hoodie on, with the ghost of all these thousands of letters haunting his apartment. He would change, and they would stay the same. Kaidan would grow old and there would still be a hundred thousand opinions on the man Shepard had been.

When he had held Shepard in his arms, when they had watched the stars together from Shepard’s bed, Kaidan had said “I will always love you.”

Shepard had said: “I know.”

It was an invitation. Kaidan had come into Shepard’s life and made a life of his own. There was no peeking through the keyhole, anymore. Shepard was in the rains and the darkness and the days drenched in sun. Shepard was a truth in Kaidan’s heart that would feel like an ache where his stomach should be, somedays, and Shepard was the truth in Kaidan’s heart that let him laugh when he spilled a pot of coffee on the sleeve of that hoodie.

Commander Shepard,

If you have time when the war is over will you please visit my dad in the hospital? He is very sick and can’t fight. I am to young to fight. Thank you for fighting for us. My dad admyres you very much. Please be careful. I don’t want to lose anyone else.

Come visit my dad and I will give you a hug to say thank you
Trixie Randall

Breathe in, breathe out. Every day he would learn more about Shepard, every day he would love him more.

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egobangflap Vampire!AU | It's late, or more or less early and the topic of turning comes up. Dan is dating two vampires and he couldn’t be more happy, but he was at least physically a bit ahead of them in age.

here you go my mcdarling @a-simple-note

Considering the events in his life that had led Dan to this point, he honestly couldn’t say he was  surprised.

He was a pretty chill dude in general and tended to roll with whatever came his way, but what with the wrestling alligators and other inebriated shenanigans in his twenties, switching from band to band until finally finding his niche in a duo with a theoretical physicist turned self-taught musician with a ninja mask, and, at last, landing a nine-to-five job with which he could sustain himself playing video games. Every day. For a living.

He figured that, hey, he’s survived up to this point and a future version of himself hasn’t arrived in a time machine to shake him and tell him he’s made a terrible mistake, so he must be doing pretty okay.

All that considered, he was really sure he’d fucked himself around the time he realized he was into not only his best friend’s wife, but also his best friend, both of whom, just by pure chance, happen to be vampires.

But, once again, that good, ol’ Avidan luck came through for him, because the two of them ended up liking him back and now they were all together, in a big, happy, gay, old inter-species love thing.

Which, by the way, was fantastic.

The three of them had only been an item for a year and some change, which was nothing of consequence to Arin and Suzy, who had been together something to the tune of three hundred years. Despite that, they loved him and really didn’t make him feel like he had an expiration date and was truly an important piece of their relationship.

But try as they might, there were times when his shorter lifespan and human-ness became pretty hard to ignore.

Suzy and Arin were primarily nocturnal, but since most of their friends and coworkers weren’t (with the exception of Ross, who was, against all odds, a were-dingo,) they catered to their schedules and worked during the day, even if it meant constant naps between Grump episodes and events.

Dan hadn’t really realized the implications of this until they started living together. The couple had told him over and over that they were night owls, but he shrugged it off and found himself often sleeping alone while his partners puttered around, getting work done or cooking or playing a game.

Luckily, he’d only had his sleep schedule for thirty-seven years as opposed to several centuries old, so it was must easier for him to readjust to their schedule instead of the other way around.

They still made jokes, calling Danny “old man” and “grandpa”, even though they were nearly a millennium older than him, but since they’d been turned in their twenties, they’d look that way forever. They were just jokes, but Dan didn’t miss the looks they gave each other or the looks they gave him when another birthday of his passed or he mentioned his achy back or a gray hair he’d found in his giant mop that morning.

They got that way about everyone, especially when Brian mentioned milestones with Audrey or a famous celebrity they’d watch rise, fall, rise again, etc. pass away.

But it was sort of different with Dan, as was to be expected from the people he was dating.

He knew what they could have been thinking, possible solutions to this discrepancy between them, but it still shocked him when Suzy brought it up one day.

“Would you ever let us turn you?” she asked, muffled through her taxidermy mask but still perfectly clear to Danny’s ears. It was late, even for them, and Danny had been a few minutes away from suggesting they go to bed.

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  • Me: Did you like of Desolation of Smaug?
  • Friend: I kinda liked. Except that whole inter-species love stuff.
  • Me: I think it was cute.
  • Friend: What?! You like that stupid love triangle with and OC and Legolas and a dwarf?!
  • Me: Oh fucking NO.
  • Me: I was talking about the inter-species love stuff between Bilbo and Thorin.
  • Friend: ...
  • Friend: You're very peculiar, you know that right?!