inter racial relationships

Alright but if Zootopia ever gets a sequel I DEMAND that they have an animal date another animal who is a different species from them. Bring on the dual metaphor for both what it’s like to be in an inter-racial relationship (”Don’t you think you’d be happier with someone… more like you?”) and what it’s like to be gay (”But sweetie I’ll never have grandchildren if you stay with them! It’s not natural!”).

Consequences of Awakening

A visual artist from greece with dimensia who I work with as a PCA asked me “How does it feel to be from another country but born in minneapolis?”

I told him… Im very sad and in pain. 

He would go on to ask me where im from in Africa. I told him:

“Im from Kemet. Thats how I identify.”

Later that week I found HDN CLRS 2 on Tumblr and attempted to watch it with my European-American Girlfriend. I cant tell that it changed anything in her. From what I guaged from her actions and reactions confirmed this suspicious feeling i’ve been having and hoping to ignore. We had an arguement prior:

“Everytime I say something about race you’re always… its not the answer you’re looking for.”, She sobbed.

And I didn’t know it at the time, but that person was right. Because of her european-american reality, I cant seem to find myself in her.  And the relationship is only blissful when I hold tongue about my blackness. In point of fact, on this journey of black consciousness, in desire of someone close to talk with about my evolution, anytime I bring up Blackness, almost as if I summoned a spirit, conflict arises in the house somehow. For the baby pharaoh thats on the way though, I bear and grin the voice in my head whispering in my ear with concerned voice:

“A european-american cannot fill the void in the melanated persons -”

- And then I stop him right there, for the baby pharaoh on the way. Remembering the time I stopped and talked with an Elder at the Market last month. It was the beginnings of my awakening so I had one question: 

“Can a melanated person be awakened AND be in a relationship with a white person?, or is it a contradiction of terms?” Hoping it wasn’t TOO late into our romantic story to start asking questions NOW, but, in need of help, because Im paranoid that my melanin will cause me to outgrow her, especially now that im on path back to Kemet. He told me that he had a pharaoh by a european too and told me I had the answer already. Then he was quiet for a little while and said as a matter of fact:

“You can do whatever you want to do, thats god but, You can’t reform no devil.”