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sitting in the back of a truck telling dick jokes to avoid thinking about the fact that a host of inter-dimensional creatures possessing a human party-goer  might decide to make a suit out of the amalgamation of your best features.

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I need some help coping with something. In 107 facts about DAnny Phantom, fact #27, i think, mentioned that the ghosts in the show were actually inter-dimensional creatures, does that mean that they're still kind like ghosts via that quantum theory, or that they're just a coincidence to the real inhabitants of our realm because of how close it is? It's really screwing my head up cause, is Danny still like a halfa of SOMETHING, or is he like, a DIFFERENT Danny, but the same altogether??

Okay! Let’s work this mess out for you, anon. :)

So what Butch is trying to say is that ghosts are a different type of creature entirely to what would typically be considered a ghost, i.e. a dead person whose soul remains. He’s trying to imply that they’re more like interdimensional monsters. This would mean that Danny got spliced with “ghost” (interdimensional monster) energy/genetic make-up/whatever. He’s still himself, as he always was, but he mutated. So to speak. Butch literally says “they are not dead people” (might be paraphrasing).

NOW, let’s consider this: in the actual show, it is implied and dead-on said several times that ghosts are in fact people who have died. This implies that it was the original intention of the creators. My theory is that Nickelodeon told them to “tone down” the death mentions because, uhh, you know, kids are watching this. Probably there were a few parental complaints from parents who didn’t believe their children were mature enough to “cope” or “know” about this information yet. And so we had the sudden change in Butch’s disposition, which was to say that ghosts are not, in fact, what we would typically say are ghosts.

Because I would like to adhere to the show more than I would like to adhere to Butch’s headcanons (keep in mind that a lot of the things we like about the show come mainly from the other writers, especially Steve Marmel), I am going to go with ghosts being traditional ghosts (dead people), and with the running theory that Danny is in fact half ghost because, at least in a way, he is half dead.

My favourite theory on how this works is that he began to die in the ghost portal and the ectoplasm animated inside his body and kept him alive. By that point he’d already created a ghost core and whatever else is needed to function as a ghost, but he wasn’t strictly dead either, and so kept on living. Half and half.

So yeah, that’s my take, anon! Thanks for asking! This’s been fun!

Summoner (RWBY AU Snippet)

As an apprentice summoner, Weiss had not been prepared to carry out a complex summoning on her own. That hadn’t stopped her from trying, and she was now thoroughly convinced that she was going to join the long list of apprentice summoners who had been eaten/dismembered/mangled by something they’d summoned.

It was bad enough that she’d made a mistake in copying the runes onto the floor of her chamber. It was even worse that she’d misread the instructions and used rose water instead of holy water. And it was absolutely terrible that she’d dropped a strawberry and a cookie into the summoning circle.

Who knew what monstrosity she was going to summon? Given her luck, it would be some of inter-dimensional nightmare creature that would devour her soul and blow the building up. Even if she somehow survived, Winter was going to murder her for trying something like this on her own.

The hum of magic in the air grew louder until there was a blinding flash of crimson light. When Weiss could finally see again, she gasped and stumbled back to press herself against the far wall of her chamber. She knew who she’d summoned. Nobody in the world could possibly fail to recognise the tall woman in the blood red cloak who wield a scythe that was blacker than the dead of night. The runes on the floor vanished in a haze of silver fire.

Weiss had summoned Death.

“Hmm…” Death noticed the cookie and strawberry on the ground and sighed. “What a waste. But it has been a while since someone summoned me like this.” She ambled over to Weiss. “I’m guessing that was you.”

“Please don’t kill me!” Weiss put her hands up. “It was an accident.”

“Is that so?” Death cackled evilly. “Do you know what I do to people who summon me accidentally?”

Weiss gulped. “Do I want to know?”

“I force them to bribe me with strawberries and baked goods.” Death held her scythe in one hand and used the other to give Weiss a gentle bonk on the head. “Don’t worry. I won’t be coming for your soul any time soon. But if you know what’s good for you, you’ll make sure to bring a pack of cookies and some strawberries to my temple at least once a week for, I don’t know, the next two months. That should do it.”

“So… you’re not going to claim my soul?”

“Nope.” Death grinned. “But you might want to practice with your instructor a bit more before you try another summoning. Not all the gods are as nice as I am.” Death laughed. “If you’d summoned Yang, she might have punched you through a wall.”


“Ah, I guess you mortals call her Wrath.”


“Anyway, keep practicing and, uh, I’ll see you later.” Weiss paled, and Death winced. “A lot later.”