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Prompt: how about the moment someone (Anyone really) finds out Jancy has been sleeping together

“Jonathan what is this?”

Jonathan freezes as his mother holds up a condom. The look on her face is one of complete horror which Jonathan thinks is a little much, considering the past two years. They both know what it is, but she’s clearly waiting for him to say it out loud.

“Evidence of me being responsible?” He tries.

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So, what do you think about Blue's rejection of Lance? I think it was kind of cold to let him think that she hated him, especially if she knows about his shaking confidence

Which would probably be why Blue and Red definitely teamed up to let Lance know where he was supposed to go.

Something I think is noteworthy that we saw in s3e3 with Blue and Allura is… it doesn’t really seem like the Lions can talk unless the other party is open. Allura had to reach a point of understanding before she could “hear” Blue at all. So at points of emotional turbulence, at low points- the Lions can’t really open up and explain because they get drowned out by the “static”.

The Lions really aren’t omniscient. They’re inter-dimensional ancient creatures but at the end of the day, they’re just trying to do the best they can not knowing how the future is gonna pan out.

Blue in the past has already told Lance that he is worthy, that she chose him, that she waited for him. That he was the one he wanted, not Shiro, not Keith, not Pidge, not Hunk.

There’s a point where Blue can only carry Lance so far and Lance kinda needs to carry himself. Blue has her own burdens and her own life, and a self-esteem built entirely out of another person’s validation is not a stable one.

And I think Blue herself is insecure enough herself to know how it works.

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Could you please do a Pennywise x trans boy headcannon?

  •  Pennywise being an inter-dimensional genderless creature would have a completely different outlook on gender.
  • IT would see the general understanding humans have of gender, but not completely understand it in the same way we do.
  •  What IT does understand is how it affects you emotionally.
  •  Pennywise would not miss-gender you
  • Giving you nicknames like “pretty boy and handsome”.
  •  Scaring and/or targeting the people who miss-gender you.
  • Pennywise would be, or at least “try” to be understanding of your pronouns. This is not to be mistaken with him being particularly nice. IT just doesn’t see all the fuss with gender in general, and therefore it comes more naturally for IT to treat you the way you think of yourself.

I hope these sound all right and does not offend anyone! If they do dont hesitate to tell me!  <3

Also these are my personal interpretation of Pennywise and how I think he would act!

cute date idea

sitting in the back of a truck telling dick jokes to avoid thinking about the fact that a host of inter-dimensional creatures possessing a human party-goer  might decide to make a suit out of the amalgamation of your best features.

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Not only is your writing superb (and you don’t like Pennywise fluff which I loathe entirely so thank you for writing imagines where he acts like the sexily evil inter-dimensional creature he is) but you use Dark Tower lingo and I fucking love you sooo much more for that. Long days and pleasant nights, AND may you have twice that number. ❤️🤡❤️

i do try to sneak it in ;) thankee! god, seriously, this message makes me smile really hard. it’s always so encouraging to hear that someone else enjoys something i take a lot of pleasure in. thank you for dropping by to say that 🖤

Summoner (RWBY AU Snippet)

As an apprentice summoner, Weiss had not been prepared to carry out a complex summoning on her own. That hadn’t stopped her from trying, and she was now thoroughly convinced that she was going to join the long list of apprentice summoners who had been eaten/dismembered/mangled by something they’d summoned.

It was bad enough that she’d made a mistake in copying the runes onto the floor of her chamber. It was even worse that she’d misread the instructions and used rose water instead of holy water. And it was absolutely terrible that she’d dropped a strawberry and a cookie into the summoning circle.

Who knew what monstrosity she was going to summon? Given her luck, it would be some of inter-dimensional nightmare creature that would devour her soul and blow the building up. Even if she somehow survived, Winter was going to murder her for trying something like this on her own.

The hum of magic in the air grew louder until there was a blinding flash of crimson light. When Weiss could finally see again, she gasped and stumbled back to press herself against the far wall of her chamber. She knew who she’d summoned. Nobody in the world could possibly fail to recognise the tall woman in the blood red cloak who wield a scythe that was blacker than the dead of night. The runes on the floor vanished in a haze of silver fire.

Weiss had summoned Death.

“Hmm…” Death noticed the cookie and strawberry on the ground and sighed. “What a waste. But it has been a while since someone summoned me like this.” She ambled over to Weiss. “I’m guessing that was you.”

“Please don’t kill me!” Weiss put her hands up. “It was an accident.”

“Is that so?” Death cackled evilly. “Do you know what I do to people who summon me accidentally?”

Weiss gulped. “Do I want to know?”

“I force them to bribe me with strawberries and baked goods.” Death held her scythe in one hand and used the other to give Weiss a gentle bonk on the head. “Don’t worry. I won’t be coming for your soul any time soon. But if you know what’s good for you, you’ll make sure to bring a pack of cookies and some strawberries to my temple at least once a week for, I don’t know, the next two months. That should do it.”

“So… you’re not going to claim my soul?”

“Nope.” Death grinned. “But you might want to practice with your instructor a bit more before you try another summoning. Not all the gods are as nice as I am.” Death laughed. “If you’d summoned Yang, she might have punched you through a wall.”


“Ah, I guess you mortals call her Wrath.”


“Anyway, keep practicing and, uh, I’ll see you later.” Weiss paled, and Death winced. “A lot later.”