Legal Translation Services in Lambeth, London

As the legal hub of the UK, our Lambeth legal translation experts operate largely in the city of London. We cover the entire uk with our translating and interpreting services but we have a specialist interest in the London area and it’s boroughs including Lambeth.

we understand the different cultures and languages spoken in the Lambeth area and boast to having access to over 1400 linguists based in and around London.

anonymous asked:

Just want you to know that DoFP might be my favorite Undertale comic I've read so far, topping all the popular series. I'm a hardcore Undertale fan, and so far there's almost none here I can find that MIGHT contradict the canon - finding accurate interpretations aren't common. What this fanfic has are unique plot twists, the INTEPRETATIONS (Undyne challenge, Flowey), movement, and I love your why-7-souls-reset theory. Hope I don't sound bloated or anything. I just WANT TO LET YOU KNOW MY love!

Oh goodness, thank you so very much! This was amazing to hear! I am so glad that you think everything works well, totally made my night!

It makes me laugh because while playing FF fates in japanese, I am following the english script to help me to understand.
And that’s how I realize how much the english “adaptation” is kinda….exaggerated lol like, they tend to add soooooo much text sometimes…

“ - what are you going to do?”

Japanese reply : “ - I….”

English reply : “ I don’t know. For now I am just going to spend some time thinking”

??? was it really necessary xDD I understand that sometimes they have to adapt the text but sometimes it’s just not intepretation but invention x)
I am often confused to read a simple “eh” and have a very long sentence instead on the script xD