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Throwback Thursday! 

This Thursday, we bring you a close up of a glorious contact sheet from the Sundance Archives featuring the 1996 Sundance Film Festival. The first rows contain shots from a showing of Bound with an introduction by actors Jennifer Tilly and Joe Pantoliano. In the following row Joe poses alongside Bound costar Chrsitopher Meloni in front of the iconic Egyptian Theatre, before the new marquee was installed. Bound was the first film directed by the Wachowskis, the duo behind The Matrix series. The last row shows images from a screening of The Whole Wide World with an introduction from filmmaker Dan Ireland as well as actors Renee Zellweger and Vincent D’Onofrio.  

Take away: Det. Elliot Stabler and Det. Robert Goren were in Park City UT with their indie films at the same time just a few blocks away from each other!!

© 1996 Trish Empey for Sundance Institute



This quote right here: “An actor in ‘The Promise’ told an interviewer that he was getting ready to work on a film about the Armenian genocide, and the next thing he knew, the Turkish ambassador called him and sent him books that denied the genocide, painting the Armenians as instigators.” 😱😱😱

Now, I definitely need to see Survival Pictures’ “Intent to Destroy” documentary…

doc: i have an idea for you to write! “bakugou undresses kirishima”!

me: ok let’s do this

me, 1.2k words later: bakugou puts clothes on kirishima

me: what the fuck

now on ao3

2,3k words, bnha, very pg, nothing too complicated or shippy, maybe i should’ve written a pwp instead

In retrospective, relying on healing powers of the school nurse was pretty damn stupid when Kirishima broke his arm.

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Seek Out Your Crones

Last night my love and I went to a release party for the newest issue of Sinister Wisdom (#98 Landykes of the South). We went hungry for connection and community with our Lesbian Separatist elders, bolstered by our experiences at Fest and eager to learn. We hoped there would be other young womyn to bond with who still valued Female-Only and Separatist space.

Listening to the Crones recount their years of being Landykes living on and from and intimately with the land was an incredible experience. We heard about the ingenious ways that they figured out funding to purchase their land, and the cottage industries they set up to fund the minimal monetary needs of womyn on the land. One womon spoke of her life traveling and documenting wimmin’s lands, and how she finally came to put down roots right outside of Our Town. In the 70′s and 80′s, prior to electronic communication, it was common for our Dyke foremothers to just drop in on each other and travel from land to land to help out where they could and where they were needed. They spoke of beginning to see portraits of themselves in the bark of trees and the ways they worked to share their knowledge with every sister that asked for it. There was open discussion of the struggles and difficulties of the Landyke life, but every womon’s eyes sparkled with joy and laughter broke out often as they remembered their lives on the land.

We found our community, although we will be the youngest by almost two decades. There are Lesbian-only writers groups, and Lesbian potlucks, and they all get together for holidays, and there are frequent parties. The womyn tentatively asked us if we were Lesbians, and were surprised and relieved when we responded so enthusiastically that yes, yes we are. They no doubt expected us to be curious onlookers from the queer community, and we heard from several of them that none of the young ones call themselves lesbians any more. We all know this to be too true. The way to combat this is to join with our elders and begin to build a community for our younger sisters to be able to relate to and come to. We must take the pride and strength we feel from being Dykes and Amazons and Separatists and wear it on our chests as much as we are possibly able. We must give our cause positive representation.

It is important to seek out your Crones. Find out where they will be, and go there. Listen to them with respect and intention. Ask them where you can fit in to help strengthen our Lesbian community and keep our proud herstory alive. It is up to us now, and it is time for us to step up. I say this especially to my Fest Sisters, or any sisters who support the Intention and Female-Only space: you must go to them now. They need us as much as we need them, and it has become urgent that we find each other and begin to work together.

Nohrian Festival: Hinata and Takumi Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Honestly this conversation had me thinking that Hinata would make some sort of big love confession and ask for a kiss. Yeesh. But I guess we’ve officially confirmed that Hinata is actually older than Takumi, even if only by eight months. Takumi’s brithday is in December, so that already makes him pretty young as it is for his particular year group. 

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Let’s get to Fest

I’m down to help any of my womyn-born-female, pro-intention* readers get to Fest this summer, who can’t do it on their own. I wanna see you all in August!

*Pro intention means you support Festival AS IS, and aren’t trying to coerce her to change her boundaries to “include” born-males.

I am a nerd, so I’m making a spreadsheet about who needs what. Tell me what you need–a ticket? (Note–there’s still time to apply for a reduced rate ticket from the Festival Office!) Transportation help? Gear? Someone to camp with? Be as specific as you can. And then a team of Amazons will work on getting you what you need.

If you have the desire to come, just say so. Tell me what’s in your way and together we’ll move those mountains.