Prayer Request

My cousin (who is Protestant) is starting RCIA classes and is the second one of my cousins to do so! Some of her family members are pretty anti-Catholic, so if you could keep her in your prayers, that would be great!

It would also be lovely if you could pray for my friend who’s really trying to start up a relationship with God again. I’m so happy and proud of her, and I’d really appreciate it if you’d keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

I made some new TI motives on a whim! First one is Ashe again, since I had that idea first. “Fistbump Shiny” is available on my Redbubble now on all kinds of products. If you have any feedback about the products, please have no fear to hit me up with that! I’m still figuring things out so I will gladly listen to constructive criticism about how to improve the merch!

Edit: Whoops, almost forgot! Here’s the full resolution file again so you can print it out for yourself or seek out a cheaper service if you can’t afford Redbubble stuff. Just please don’t sell anything with this motif yourself (unless you’re part of The Third Wheel, of course).

  • Ashe:Gregor's gonna kill me! We went too far!
  • Markus:What?! What do you mean "we"? This is all you!
  • Ashe:Yeah but I didn't want to drive him to murder! I just wanted to show him that his philosophical outlook on life is flawed and that the fundamental beliefs and ideologies he holds so dearly are trivial so he'll start crying himself to sleep like the rest of us! I'm not a monster!

A less heavy-handed (badum-psh!) version of the Fistbump motif! I’m trying to create every one of the motives I’m planning in those two flavors, haha. “Fistbump Lite” is available on Redbubble now. I created a slight variation of it for people who would prefer the clothing witha white edge around the motif, it might look nicer to some.

Full-resolution file for self-printing can be found here. As always, you can print it for yourself or gifts, but please don’t sell unless you’re part of The Third Wheel.

There’s my coach, he’s looking down
The disappointment in his knitted brow
I should’ve known, he thinks again
I never should have put him in
He turns and loads the lemonade away
And breathes in deep
The Sporting Life