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Cranscott Headcanons!

• Jason loves visiting Billy at his desk before class starts to just check in on him and ask him how his day has been and Billy just loves it and rambles on like he does. The teacher even has to kick Jason out because he doesn’t realize the bell has rung because he’s listening so intently.

• Billy loves Jason’s hair! Like “it’s just so curly and pretty Jason!!!” And Jason just gleams with his head in Billy’s lap while he’s on his phone letting him twirl it around and massage his scalp because it feels so good and like “Billy you stopped playing in my hair, Ima need you to stop doing your homework and finish playing with my hair.”

• When Jason gets into fights with his dad he low key goes in his room and cries and wants to throw crap. He doesn’t like talking about his personal drama with his dad to the other rangers but Billy can always tell when something is up so whenever they are over each other’s houses Billy’s just like “Jason, I know something is wrong so please don’t tell me that your fine and tell me why you’re upset.” And Jason is so dumbfounded??? He’s so???? Like how do you know??? But then he lets it all out and ends up crying on Billy’s shoulder.

• Billy feels that it’s only right to ask Jason if he can walk with him to class or sit next to him at lunch because he’s afraid that one day Jason will get tired of him and be annoyed with him because he’s unapologetically himself but little does he know Jason finds him like SUPER sexy it’s so funny. One day they’re like making out and Billy’s like “Jason is this okay???? Am I bothering you??” And Jason is just shook he’s like “Billy… we’re kissing…”

• Jason is a little possessive sometimes and has to check himself because he gets jealous easily. After Billy accidentally knocked out the bully, he quickly became a ladies man and pretty popular so when a bunch of people are crowded by Billy’s locker, Jason runs up and grabs his hand like “HEY BABE LETS GO GET LUNCH I REALLY MISSED YOU” and Billy just covers his face because he’s blushing so hard and is slightly embarrassed but low key loves it so much.

• Billy gets super upset and confused one time because he’s sees Jason talking to his ex boyfriend from the football team and Jason is smiling while talking to him and it leaves him really hurt but he doesn’t understand because he’s like “they were just talking” but it still hurts so he doesn’t talk to Jason for a while and like avoids him which leaves Jason so confused as well because he has no clue what he did wrong. When he catches Billy at his locker and is like “can you please talk to me? If I did something wrong let me fix it Billy please.” And Billy gets really emotional and overwhelmed and is like “listen Jason I really like you but if you like someone else that’s okay I understand I don’t want to be a bother I just really want to be your friend and I know Brad from your team is a really nice guy-” and Jason shuts him up with a hug, realizing what he was talking about and he’s like “Billy, he was just asking me how I was and all I could do was talk about how happy you make me.”

• Jason sometimes visits the football field and watches the players which gets him in his feelings. Whenever he comes back to where the rangers are he doesn’t talk for a minute and tries to hide how much he misses playing the game but Billy ain’t no fool. So he’ll throw himself on to Jason’s back and kiss him all over and is just like “I WUV U SO MUCH LETS GO GET YOUR FAVE ICE CREAM!” And Jason can’t help but smile with tears of joy because he doesn’t know what he did to deserve someone as kind, loving, considerate, and just damn he’s so fine like Billy.

• Billy can be really flirty when he wants to be and he loves leaving Jason flustered like when they’re at his house and no one is in sight he’ll nibble on Jason’s ear and whisper things while Jason is trying to be a good student and do his homework but dang it’s so hard. So he ends up putting his homework away and they do “other things”.

• After Billy’s death, Jason sometimes can’t sleep without hearing Billy’s voice so he’ll FaceTime him and Snapchat him like their streak on Snapchat is over 500. Billy will let it be known that it’s “3 in the morning Jason I’m fine” but then Jason just smiles because he knows he’s with him and safe and that they’re okay.

• Jason is extremely fashionable like his Instagram has thousands of followers because everyone thinks he’s so cute and stylish and his pics are on fleek. Little do they know that Billy is Jason’s personal photographer and manager. Even when they’re walking and Jason sees something super “aesthetic” he’ll be like “Billy! Check this wall out!” And Billy is like “already got you” and pulls out his phone and goes into professional photographer mode, getting on his knees or any position to take good photos of Jason for his social media. Billy isn’t a picture person himself because he has low self esteem but he gives in when Jason gives him puppy dog eyes and is like “please take this selfie with me?! Everyone deserves to know how awesome and cute my bf is!” And Billy is like “sometimes I don’t feel cute…” and Jason is about to beat someone ass like “who said you weren’t cute?? Did someone say something to you?? Was it in detention??” And Billy’s like “nooo Jason staaahhpp noooo” and then Jason realizes it’s Billy who feels this way and all he can do is hug him and tell him how perfect he is, just the way he is.

• Jason has a very hard time controlling his anger sometimes so when Billy almost gets himself hurt when they’re fighting Rita’s monsters, he freaks out and starts yelling like “Billy how could you?! You could get yourself hurt or even worse and I can’t handle losing you Billy please-” and Billy kisses and hugs him with tears in his eyes once Jason starts to cry too because they’re soft boys and they care too much for each other.

• Billy is a huge nerd for super heroes and Jason can’t help but to surprise him with super hero themed adventures and movies, especially when the local theatre starts playing older super hero movies Jason surprises him with tickets to each one and Billy freaks out and is like “I HAVE THE BEST BF IN THE WHOLE WORLD!” And Jason wears his captain America shirt and Billy wears his spider man shirt and Jason is high key a DC guy but he doesn’t really care as long as Billy’s happy… but also “Jason, how can you like DC more than Marvel????? Like???”

• Jason is a classic movie and theatre buff (just like Dacre) and Billy buys him a huge box of classic movies from the thrift store because they were each like a $1 each and Jason can’t even handle all the emotions he’s feeling he’s like “you fouND GONE WITH THE WIND????” And they spend the night eating and watching all of them until Billy falls asleep but Jason is stubborn and is like “nope, I’m not sleeping till we’re done with the first tape” but most of the classics come with two or three tapes.

• Don’t let that sweet boy fool you Billy can be possessive too and he’ll leave hickies all over Jason’s neck and chest and shoulder and Jason LOVES it but when he goes to school he has to wear his dads big sweaters and hoodies and shirts and just runs to Kimberly in the halls like “Kim I REALLY need your cover up” and this is basically how the other rangers find out and they FLIP OUT! They kinda had a deal with Zack on whether or not they’d found out in the next few days. Billy gets a little embarrassed but he knows what he’s doing. “I’m sorry Jason but it’s not my fault you’re so pale and pasty!!” And Jason scoffs like “um… excuse me? It’s not my fault that I’m the only white person here…” and the other rangers just laugh so much like he’s so white it’s funny asl.

• One day Jason and Billy are hanging out and Billy honestly asks him “will you be mad at me if some days I don’t want to be touched or kissed?” Because some days Billy just doesn’t feel comfortable and Jason smiles and holds his hand “Billy you tell me what you want and when you’re ok and I won’t mind, ever.” And Billy nods and hugs the crap out of his bf because he couldn’t have found someone more patient and loving than Jason.

god plays dice / billy kaplan (wiccan) / by aud koch

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I really really like Billy Kaplan, but it’s more that i like what Marvel could be doing with his character than what they’re actually doing.  — because it feels like Marvel doesn’t have a damn clue what to do with him, most especially when it comes to his powers (but also when it comes to his family situation).  Is he this powerful being capable of warping the fabric of reality or is he this dumb kid who can’t get away from a gun to the head and can’t use his powers if he can’t hear his own voice?  (Like, seriously, WTF?)  It’s like no one knows for sure what he can or can’t do, and so the different writers create different arbitrary limits for his powers that don’t make any sense and aren’t compatible.

It’s really. frustrating. to me, because i think there’s an incredibly cool and incredibly easy explanation of his powers that they could go with:  all that Billy does is manipulate the rules of probability in (Quantum) Physics.

Right?  Okay, because what Quantum Physics tells us is that pretty much anything is possible — it’s just not terribly probable.  It’s entirely possible that every single atom on Earth will spontaneously disappear and reappear somewhere else in the universe, and it is possible to travel at superluminal speeds, and it’s possible that the entire universe will suddenly collapse into a massive black hole.  Possible, not probable. 

But if Billy had the power to see & tweak these probabilities — the ability to manipulate the essence of matter —, he could cause all sorts of weird-ass stuff to happen, and you can bet that there would be an insane learning curve for that sort of thing.  (Plus, it would explain the electricity thing because i bet manipulating electromagnetism — which is pretty much just the movement of electrons — would be a lot easier than manipulating other aspects of physics that deal with protons and neutrons and muons etc. etc.)

Anyway, that’s my idea for Billy’s powers, and i’m sticking with it.

Couple of Headcanons for Saban’s Power Rangers (2017)

Requested by @pwrangerbabes

Grocery Shopping:

  • Jason makes sure they all eat before they go shopping because one time they had all gone with empty bellies and bought way too much junk food.
  • Kim loves raspberry Snapple and a couple usually end up in the shopping cart.
  • Zack always tosses a in the cart, even if he has no plan to use it. It’s sort of a just in case purchase.
  • Trini has to at least once pull Zack away from someone he is flirting with so they can all focus.
  • Obviously Billy is the cereal master and makes sure they have a few of the best in the cart.
  • After reading Scott Pilgrim (Billy lent him) he always buys Market Bacon and quotes the graphic novel.
  • Kim always makes sure they get fruits and veggies but that doesn’t stop her from slipping a few dark chocolate bars into the cart.
  • Zack always reads those trashy ‘I had an alien baby’ newspapers. He says it’s for research on the next possible attack. The others wonder if he just wants to find Big Foot or Nessy.
  • Trini tosses a bag of sour gummy worms in every visit and Swedish Fish.
  • Billy buys only Creamy peanut butter and Concord Grape Jelly. Only those for the perfect PB&J. Trini having lived on the East Coast introduces them to Marshmellow Fluff and teaches them of the wonderfully delicious FlufferNutter (Only East Coast New Englanders know this gem.)

Scary Movie Night

  • Jason likes thrillers/mysteries the most. He thinks jump scares are dumb even if another ranger jumps for a hug.
  • Kim loves 80’s Slasher movies especially the later Nightmare on Elm Streets when they basically became morbid Looney Tunes (I mean more morbid than LT already is I mean did you see Space Jam??)
  • Zack grew up watching Ringu and Ju On so he loves the slow burn when it comes to horror movies. It took a few of this genre of horror before the others enjoyed it.
  • Trini swears by Rob Zombie (except his remakes of classic movies) and really old ass Zombie movies (like black and white old.)
  • Billy loves the Scary Movie franchise, the 3rd one is his favorite. It wasn’t until they had Spooky Movie night that he soon realized he was watching comedies. These movies had scared him and they weren’t even horror films.

SMN Snacks

  • Jason always pops JiffyPop he never microwaves popcorn.
  • Kim brings Red Vines while Trini brings Twizlers, no one wins this fight (and no one ever will.)
  • Zack always brings a case of Cherry Coke.
  • Trini found a hot pepper chocolate bar and replaced the wrapper with Hershey’s. She does this every few SMN to keep the team guessing.
  • Billy always brings the Starbursts and Jelly Beans and usually watches the movies with one hand over his eyes.


  • Jason saved a dance for his whole team and they drew straws for the order.
  • Kim taped flasks to everyone’s legs. Billy never drinks but Zack uses it to spike the punch.
  • Zack wore a purple suit, top hat and cane. He did smack a couple asses some of those were intentional flirting.
  • Trini helps Billy get a dance with his crush because she is a caring sister and loves her lanky brother.
  • Billy got the team to line dance to his favorite country song. (I don’t know country music but its probably like Dwight Yolkam or Garth Brookes or Dixie Chicks??? Didn’t Beyonce do a country song!?)
  • The whole team practiced a choreographed dance like it was a scene from a 90’s RomCom.
  • Jason reenacts the scene from 10 Things I Hate About You the “You’re Too Good to Be True.”
  • Kim had also saved a dance for the team but she had made them guess numbers. She had no idea Jason had copied her idea but used straws.
  • Zack back flipped off the DJ’s stage (and he hadn’t even had the punch yet!) After the punch he made every one stop dancing and circle around him so he could breakdance. Zack can’t break dance but he was the talk of the school.
  • Trini had a couple wallflower rounds until the team pulled her to the dance floor.
  • Billy stayed close to the other rangers and they would dance with him to make him comfortable.

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Whenever the robins get a new girlfriend/boyfriend the Gotham villians interrogate them

Billy fished his apartment key out of his hoodie pocket and fumbled with the lock. All he really wanted was to walk straight to his bed and flop down. He’d had gym last period follow straight after by track practice so Billy was ready to fall over. However a full day’s worth of homework was waiting. Days like today he just wanted to say the magic word, use the Wisdom of Solomon and do his homework in 15 minutes. The key turned and Billy slumped through the door.

“Heya Billy Bones!” Billy jumped a foot “Harley! why are you in apartment!” Harley Quinn was sitting at the small table in the kitchen where Billy ate most of his meals. She was cutting up the flyers and junk mail he got. She smiled at him “come sit down Shazy!” she waved at the chair across from her and Billy sat down slowly. 

“So been hanging out with Catwoman a lot lately” Harley said

“oh no” Billy already knew where this was going

“yeah, so she knows who all the Bats are behind the masks and what not”

“oh fu-”

“Language!” Harley looked at him sharply “sorry, just I’m not in the mood for-” Billy tried to protest, Harley cut him off “any ways CatLady ain’t tell no body no names, but she did say the little bird was seeing someone, some civilian kid she said. Imagine how shocked I was when I found out it was my old pal, you!” She smiled at him and Billy groaned. He put his head down on the table, he’d been so careful, they’d thought since no one would think Captain Marvel was dating Robin, and no one knew Robin was Damian, he’d be safe.

“Now scouts honor I won’t try to figure out who the baby bird is, I don’t care, but it’s tradition Billy” He sighed and sat up “Okay Harley, hit me”

“what are your intentions with Robin?” Billy blushed trying not to think about any of things he’d done or worse the things he wanted to do with his boyfriend. “Um totally honorable” he managed 

“good answer, you do know if you break his heart, we the roughs of Gotham City will hunt you down and kill you, right” 

he gulped, “um yeah I kinda figured” 

“great!” Harley smiled, “now comes the fun part” she reached down to a bag at her feet and pulled out the largest banana he’d ever seen, fully twice the size of a normal one and looking more like a skinny summer squash. “Ivy grows ‘em” Harley explained leaning down to fish something else out of her bag. A box of condoms. Billy wasn’t sure if he wanted to laugh, cry, scream or just pass out. 

@officialvarrictethras was posting sad headcanons of Hancock, and I was forced to fight back with my own fluffy headcanon of my agender SS playing Got Your Nose! with a little kid who then sees Hancock and thinks SS stole his nose and never gave it back.


Scout and four-year-old Billy stared each other down. Children were great at staring contests. They didn’t know to be embarrassed by prolonged eye contact yet and Scout was pretty sure this one had some sort of mutation that kept his eyeballs moist without blinking. The two had been going at it for forty-five seconds now, and Scout’s eyes were starting to water. At second forty-eight, they reached out and grabbed at Billy’s face, fingers brushing lightly against his little nose, then snatched their hand back and made a fist with their thumb sticking out between their first and middle fingers.

“Got your nose,” Scout teased.

Billy’s eyes widened. “No fair, give it back!”

Scout pretended to think about it. “Hmm. Have you been a good boy?”

Billy nodded quickly.

“A really good boy?”


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I completely understand how Daud is an inextricable part of Billie Lurk’s story, but I really want the Death To the Outsider stand-alone to be about Billie Lurk. Billie’s motivations. Billie’s intentions. Billie’s conflict. I want it to be about her, not just about Daud’s mission – what he wants and what he needs to further his own story. That can be woven into Billie’s narrative without losing the emphasis on Billie, but it’s really important that they don’t lose sight of whose image is on those game covers. Otherwise, you’re selling fans a Billie Lurk-centric game and not delivering on that promise. 


What drives you to distraction? (x)

Out Of The Cold (Part 4 - Final)

A/N: You. Guys. I just… I never know the words to say to thank you guys for your comments and your tags. You make me smile so hard and I am beyond grateful for y’all. Here’s the final part and I hope it lives up to your expectations! Thanks for always being so wonderful! xx 

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She wasn’t a mirage. She was real and she was standing in front of him looking more beautiful than he’s ever seen her. Her hair was up in a mess of curls and it flowed effortlessly down to rest on her bare shoulders. Her skin looked like porcelain against the soft lavender of her dress which streamed down her body as easily as water from a faucet and he wanted to reach out and run his fingers along it. 

“Hiya, Finny,” she quietly greeted him. She was holding something in her hands and Finn couldn’t quite make out what it was. It looked like nothing more than a crumpled piece of paper but she couldn’t take her eyes off it, absentmindedly rubbing her thumb across the material. He could tell her hands were shaking and she was gently rocking herself from her heels to the balls of her feet and back again. The silence was killing him but he was too scared to break it. He was afraid he’d say the wrong thing and she would go running again.

“Uh,” he started, trying to find a way to meet her eyes. “Do ya wanna come in?” She finally looked up but not to him. She looked right past him and into the room. Finn could tell she’d previously been crying because her eyes were glassy, her nose was red, and he could tell that her make-up had definitely been applied more than once. 

“Yeah,” she whispered, sliding past him into the room. She looked around, calculating the best place to sit and decided on the chair that was just vacated by Chop. Finn sat on the bed, giving her enough space to make her feel comfortable. She looked so… Small. Like a young child that was so unsure of where she was. Finn had never seen her like this before. Her energy was usually enough to fill a football stadium and her smile could light even the darkest room. Now she looked fragile and cracked, like the tiniest vibration would send her into millions of tiny, ragged pieces all over the carpet, unable to be picked up.  

He needed to say something but he didn’t know where to start. Everything got so fucked up and he didn’t know how to start fixing it. He realized now that she had every reason in the world to be angry with him. He did want her to drop everything and be with him, that was his intention of going to Billy Goats that night. He was going to ask her to be with him; to leave Zack and whatever it was they “had” for him. He’d been holding it in for four years, how did he think she would just drop everything and be with him? How did he not see how selfish that was? How did he not think of any of the repercussions? He needed to fix this. He had to fix this. 

“Rae -”

“You -” 

“No, no,” Finn held up his hands in surrender. “You first. Please, tell me how I can fix this.” His voice was pleading and his throat was on fire. He could feel the hot acid from his stomach working its way up his esophagus and he felt like he could throw up at any second. 

“You,” she swallowed a lump in her throat and shook her head, almost as if she couldn’t believe the words that were about to come out of her mouth. She was still looking at what she was holding and it was then that Finn realized what it was.

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Things I want but am too tired to write

The Kaplan’s going on a family vacation together the summer before Billy and Teddy leave to go to college.

Rebecca calling Tommy and telling him that he’s not invited, it’s mandatory that he comes. Tommy complaining in the weeks preceding the holiday that he wants nothing to do with the Kaplan bonding time, but being suspiciously early on the day they depart.

Billy’s younger brothers being delighted that Tommy’s there and complaining that they missed him loads. Tommy flirting shamelessly with the woman that runs the bar, and attempting to corral Billy and Teddy into being his wingmen. Billy trying but being so awful that both Tommy AND Teddy send him to sit by the pool. Teddy being a hit with the girls and introducing them to his “best friend” before disappearing to find his boyfriend sullking by the pool.

Rebecca and Jeff dragging him around the museums and galleries along with the rest of the family. Tommy complaining but it gets drowned out by everyone else. Drs Kaplan saying that the boys can have a couple of hours to roam the place by themselves and to not get into too much trouble. The younger Kaplans sticking to Tommy like glue for the remainder of the holiday.

Just. Tommy Shepherd. Doing normal family stuff with one of his families. And enjoying himself despite his best intentions.