intentionally shitty

To Recap:

Bad Things Raphael Did:

  • Kidnapped Simon
  • Threatened to kill Simon after the Shadowhunters already attacked him in his own home, literally risked killing Simon themselves, and put everyone in danger by freeing Camille

Good Things Raphael Did:

  • Saved Simon’s life despite considerable personal risk from Camille
  • Saved Simon’s life again despite even more considerable personal risk from Shadowhunters
  • Overthrew Camille as a way of protecting Simon, the clan, and god knows how many innocent mundanes she might otherwise have killed
  • Agreed to train Simon
  • Gave them blood (which he could also have gotten into trouble for)
  • Helped rescue Meliorn even though he had no personal ties to Meliorn
  • Let Simon borrow his clothes
  • Agreed to help the Shadowhunters find the Book of the White, but drew the line at freeing Camille because she was locked up for their own safety

Does this sound like a villain to you?

Listen, I know these weirdly accurate situations of reality mirroring Homestuck are funny and all, but let’s keep in mind that when we actually DO end up with Juggalo presidents, you know where your allegiance lies. We won’t tolerate such ruthless corporate corruption in our government. We reserve the right to make our art, however intentionally or unintentionally shitty. Accepting applications for the Strilonde rebellion now. Compressed .jpeg artifacts will be in production by 2019. They are our last hope. Power to the people.

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Are some these intentionally shitty?

yeah if i give up at some point, balding is a life that doesn’t let you be happy sometimes and you’ll feel as if you could’ve done better but you’ll know there was no saving the bald piece. you may wish you could’ve but you won’t. it’s harsh

Today, in ideas that would have been 10000% better for the Kosplay Pack,

Cassie as Harley Quinn (hell, make it Suicide Squad Harley, we all know WB would kill for even more publicity)

Jacqui as Batgirl

Kung Lao as Fujin, we’ll take what we can get

Sonya as Wonder Woman

Johnny as the Terminator

Takeda as Scorpion

Mileena as Kitana, but like an intentionally shitty Kitana disguise

Kitana as Liu Kang

Kung Jin as Green Arrow

Bo Rai Cho as iroh or some shit

Tremor as a rock. Just a literal rock. Like a fifth grade production ‘the kid wasn’t gonna be in to begin with but his parents pitched a fit’ papier mache boulder.


did I ever tell you guys about the spanish final I half-assed in the script department but actually tried with the editing/soundtrack/special effects because I’d list it on a resume

My dad’s favorite pastime is mocking things. He loves conspiracy documentaries and bad movies because they give him a chance to make fun of ridiculously low-hanging fruit without actually insulting anyone… it’s a great father-son bonding activity, though I’m a little nicer than he is.

Weirdly, though, he hates movies like “Sharknado” because they’re intentionally shitty. He only likes targets that don’t realize how lousy they are - self-aware crappiness threatens his fragile sense of superiority.

you’re gonna be kicking yourself for getting that really well done tattoo of an immense galactic sunflower once intentionally shitty tattoos of cereal animal mascots are the hot new thing