intentionally left blank

this page is intentionally left blank
or better to say
this page is intentionally left un-blank
by virtue of being left intentionally blank
but not fully blank, blank frightened of itself
and assuring the reader hurriedly
that there is something beyond
the blank page,
there is something further on–
not fully believing the reader, as it were (understandable)–
that there is something else
after this blankness of a page
intentionally left as is,
at least initially;
although what do they matter, the author’s intentions,

Hey guys, so I’ve reblogged the original post before, but I follow @ineffablewitch and she’s an artist! The picture above is actually the work I just commissioned from her! (I got permission before posting on here). 

She is actually trying to afford a dental appointment, so if anyone here could help her reach that goal, it would be incredible. The picture I commissioned from her was $35 because it was full color with two people, but I suggest checking out her original post to see different prices and look at other work she’s done. 

(banner was left intentionally blank so I could put what I wanted inside. It will probably read “Bi Pride”)