intentionally left blank

I support these blogs and respect all forms of freedom of expression. I therefore apologize to all of those who follow me who post primarily nude images. I am unlikely to follow you or reblog your posts. I am asexual, my orientation is: (this space intentionally left blank). I hope I don’t offend anyone but I am not sure why you follow me. Is this normal for tumblr users?

unbreakablehaven  asked:

📖, and 🌚

📖 = tell a story

In the army, I was assigned as a storeman for an artillery battery, taking care of stuff. Maintaining, retaining, issuing, etc. It was a secondary store, so I didn’t have much to do from the day-to-day, and spent most of my time reading books. And the one thing that I hated doing was taking the chainsaws, bringing them to this one place that seemed like ten thousand kilometers away, and changing the fluid. The upside was that the expended fluid smelled like chemical strawberries.

It turns out that nobody liked doing it either, so I was instructed to just fill out the logbook as if I did.

And I don’t know how it happened, but near the end of my two years, I was so sick and tired that I didn’t do anything except what was told of me directly, eat, sleep, and read. I intentionally left those logbooks blank.

I got a call a few weeks after I was released, with the store staff asking me to come back and sign the logbooks. I told them no, fuck you, fuck off, I’m done. The guy on the other line laughed knowingly, said “okay,” and hung up. And I never heard from them again.

After that, I got anxious about it for a good couple of days.

🌚 = talk about my crush

My crush is kind and wonderful and that’s all I’m willing to say right now.