intentional words 382

Granted it is justified now, cause of you know who, but I really don’t like the use of the word ‘indie’ when talking about skateboarding cause skateboarding itself has always been independent of everything. It has always just been skateboarding. Big corporations come and go but their prevalence now is so overwhelming to the point where the things that skateboarders are doing away from 'big boy pro’ companies are seen as 'indie’ but it’s not - it’s just skateboarding. The use of the word in and of itself should show you how much harm certain brands are causing. Gosh darn it, don’t you see? All this talk of 'indie’ brands, yada yada yada, this is no good. Skateboarders are just trying to do their thing but so much of skateboarding is so far removed from what skateboarding is about that when a skateboarder does skateboarding type stuff it is seen as 'indie’? We don’t need these labels and the presence of these labels should be alarming. Big boy corporations are creating a divide within skateboarding and that is not cool - not cool. We do not need this. And you know what is the worst? It is all the pro’s fault. They let it happen.