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what vibes do the rising signs give you?

Aries Rising tend to have a strong vibe overall, maybe even dominant. Is expressive and might appear to have a temper or be opinionated.

Taurus Rising has a very comfortable, friendly, and attractive vibe. Is easy to get along with and commonly appears artistic too. I typically feel comfortable around Taurus Moons and Risings. 

Gemini Rising vibe can be hard to pin point because they give a variety of impressions. Common ones are talkative, intimidating (when I was younger), and energetic. I click with many Gemini Suns but not so sure about the Risings. 

Cancer Rising comes off as shy or reserved, has a friendly side, is nonthreatening but might also act tough and biased. Some can be mysterious. 

Leo Rising is obvious! Good fashion, confident, some are loud, some are playful and funny, likes to show off, smiles a lot, heated vibes.

Virgo Rising has an earthy appeal. They come off as nice, helpful, and easygoing. Their criticism comes out in sarcasm or unexpected quips. Some Virgo Risings have a clearly seen judgmental side but many try hard to fit in or at least give off a specific, purposeful impression.

Libra Rising is friendly, charming, and flirty. They create chemistry with others easily. Subtly shows off, knows how to make others like them. Personally there is always something recognizable to me when I encounter a Libra Moon or Rising.

Scorpio Rising usually has confidence, intensity bubbles to the surface time to time, has a strong sex-appeal. Many show an edgy identity. Many Scorpio Risings have a combination of a reserved aura + magnetism.

Sagittarius Rising- VERY friendly, many are funny, is blunt, a lot have an open and naive persona, is energetic, loves to try new things. I easily click with a lot of Sagittarius Risings and sometimes the Moons and Suns. 

Capricorn Risings try to relate on a basic or shallow way to many, has an earthy reliability, their responsible side will find a way to show. They can be witty and sarcastic. Some can be blunt in a “call it how they see it” way. They can have an unshakable aura too. Likely will never see one cry. 

Aquarius Rising will always come off as “different” somehow. They attract people, some can be charismatic, are hard to understand. Will always keep their distance, is someone who has many unusual views or morals.

Pisces Rising can be hard to identify. The vibe is chameleon-like. Many are passive and artistic. Some are on a search to define themselves.

Hidden Talents - McCall Pack

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Hey! Thanks again for sending in a request. Sorry if its not the best I just finished a 10 page essay for my year 12 literature class! xx

“Okay, so I realised that we really need to shape up if we want to face the ghost riders and find Stiles.” Scott called as he stood in front of the pack. We were in an abandoned warehouse filled with different types of training equipment such as punching bags. 

“Geez, where’d you get all this stuff” Liam asked in awe.

“(Y/N)’s contribution. Thanks again.” Scott answered.

“My grandad used to be a boxer” I said shyly.

“Okay so heres how its going to go down…” Scott continues to explain the plan and then we seperate into groups. Lydia goes to use her powers to knock over and push back the punching bags while others fought against one another to increase their defence skills. I stood there uncomfortably not knowing what to do.

“Uhh, Scott? What should I do?” I ask quietly. I always feel awkward when it comes to our supernatural abilities because I’m so confused as to what I am. I heal fast and can take others pain but the only other thing that happens is an intense pain in my upper back. Scott looked at me with a sad charming smile.

“Here, I’ll train with you.” Scott walks away from the rest of the pack and off to the side with me. He started to teach me hand to hand combat and how to defend myself.

“Okay. You’re actually doing really well. Here, pretend I’m trying to hurt you. Try and stop me.” Scott says and I nod. He starts to try and swing at me but I dodge and push his arms away from the inside. He takes the opportunity of me not focusing to get me in a headlock. His arm is around my neck and I feel my heart begin to beat faster and everything seems to blur for a second. An intense pain in my back surfaces and I wince in pain. Scott loosens his grip as he sees I’m in pain.

“Are you ok?” He asked worried. By this point everyone had stopped and was staring at me. I stomped on Scott’s foot and then elbowed him in the stomach. He involuntarily let go of me and I fell to the ground and tried scratching my back to get rid of the burning pain. I felt something prick my finger so I grab onto it and pull it out. I cry out in pain while doing so. I finally pull it out and look at what was causing me so much pain. A single white feather that was covered in my blood. 

“W-what?” I whisper to myself before the pain becomes nearly unbearable. It builds itself up until… nothing. All the pain was gone but I felt heavier. 

“uhhh (Y/N)?” Lydia said. I looked up to notice everyone staring above my head. Confused, I looked up too.

“What. The. F-”

“Can you fly?” Mason piped up looking at the giant pair of white angel wings gracefully moving above my head. Slowly I begin to move off the ground and hover 5 feet up until dropping back down on my feet. 

“Well that’s gonna come in handy” Scott laughs.

signs that i think are very similar
  • Aries & Scorpio: passionate, loyal to the end, sweet and soft under the surface, intense.
  • Taurus & Cancer: sweet and kind, love to cuddle, creative, very considerate (especially to their friends), family is important to them.
  • Gemini & Aquarius: quirky, communicative, prioritizes their friends, imaginative, can get lost in their thoughts and has a tendency to overthink.
  • Leo & Libra: very sociable, bold, knows their worth, likes to make people happy, likes to make people laugh.
  • Virgo & Capricorn: organized, intelligent, values hard work and dedication, will drop everything for the ones they love.
  • Pisces & Sagittarius: very philosophical, likes to ask questions, very honest and can be a bit blunt, they follow their heart.
where did we come from?

the fourth house in astrology is marked by the imum coeli. latin for “bottom of the sky,” this point in the natal chart indicates the very tip of our roots, and lays the foundation of potential from which we grew. what we find in our fourth house is profoundly insightful regarding our lived experiences as children, and this can help to understand how they shape our personality as adults.

☉ sun in the fourth house: homebody, identity is closely tied with the condition of the home, needing special attention/care, may hold the traditions of the family and live by this or rebel against the home to establish a totally different path.

☽ moon in the fourth house: closely tied to the mother, acute awareness of the emotional conditions of the home, emotions kept under the surface, intense emotions, either very healthy or very damaged home.

☿ mercury in the fourth house: thoughts are influenced by family, interested in history, may have intellectual parents, values family communication/togetherness, fixated on the past.

♀ venus in the fourth house: holds distinct fondness for the conditions of the family, comforting home, home was filled with beautiful things and trinkets, parents may have been collectors of a sort.

♂ mars in the fourth house: turbulent home life, someone who spends much of their energy trying to keep peace, either the instigator or pacifist within the home’s drama, tends to be the ‘bossy’ one of the household.

♃ jupiter in the fourth house: large family, generous parents/parents who spoiled, a need to be extremely giving to others, luck befalls you when you nurture, nice natural flow of the home, potent instincts

♄ saturn in the fourth house: mirrors the condition of the father/austere figure of the home, may be forced early on to be the ‘mature’ one of the house, thinks critically of home life, difficult to express emotions, especially to family

♅ uranus in the fourth house: desire to rebel, breaks traditions of the home, wants to ‘break the cycle’ present in family, sense of detachment from family members, may feel like the black sheep.

♆ neptune in the fourth house: parents project their idea of who you are onto you, overly loving to others, wanting the ‘perfect family’ and being unable to achieve it, avoiding maturity in the home, too lenient of parent(s), irresponsible.

♇ pluto in the fourth house: abandonment issues, a parent who is not around, fluctuating/stirring emotions, intense shifts and changes of the home, guilt or secrecy about the home, life events and changes are kept hidden.

*those with a fourth house stellium are more sensitive and receptive to the environment of the home. what happens in their home sticks with them for life, and they cannot repress or move on from events (especially unpleasant) as easily- especially if the sun and/or moon is involved.

Venus in Scorpio

This is my personal breakdown of Venus in Scorpio based on myself and other Venus in Scorpios I’ve known over the years. A lot of this could also apply to people who are very Scorpionic in general, or those with Venus/Pluto aspects. Warning: In true Scorpionic fashion I don’t sugarcoat anything so do try and take it with a grain of salt.


  • POWER: Someone with influence, someone who pulls the strings, could have formidable social standing, typically confident and/or gives off an intoxicating vibe, could even have an air of danger or something destructive about them.
  • MYSTERY: Someone hard to pin down, someone who’s private, elusive, keeps you guessing. Someone to play detective with. Doesn’t open up easily. Takes effort and patience to really get to know them.
  • DEPTH: Someone who has a quiet intensity that lurks beneath their surface. Is the psychologist, the loner, the criminal, the tortured artist, someone with a dark past and a lot of baggage.
  • SUBTLETY: It’s all in the eyes. Lingering looks, suggestive wordplay, touches that may or may not mean something more. Won’t always tell you they’re interested so much as hint at it.
  • PASSION: Someone who doesn’t shy away from emotionally charged situations. Someone who loves and hates with their entire being. Someone in touch with their desires, someone who cleverly goes after what they want. Someone who likes sex, uses it to express themselves or considers sex a large part of their identity.
  • FORBIDDEN FRUIT: Someone who’s emotionally unavailable or unstable, someone who’s already in a relationship. Subconsciously or consciously drawn to relationships that are turbulent or inappropriate in some way.

Venus in Scorpios themselves will possess some or even all of the above traits.


  • CHEATING: A need for intensity can result in a wandering eye. Once a relationship settles into a kind of monotony they can start to crave the emotional high that they experienced during the “honeymoon” phase. It’s important for Venus in Scorpios to remember what fascinated them about their partner in the first place before betraying that person’s trust and potentially losing them. On the other hand (despite how it may feel) not every relationship is meant to last forever. If you’re honest with yourself you know when a relationship is over for you. Try to end it properly before looking elsewhere.

  • ABUSIVE SITUATIONS: Associating love with pain is a Venus in Scorpio hallmark. Even in a happy, healthy relationship there will always be an underlying ache, a twinge in the chest whenever they think of their partner. This is simply how they experience love. That in itself isn’t problematic. The issue arises when a Venus in Scorpio lacks the self awareness to discern “good pain” from “bad pain.” They can easily latch onto a partner who doesn’t have their best interest in mind, or chase after someone who only wants to string them along. Generally “good pain” soothes a Venus in Scorpio and has a positive effect. It’s that “wow, I love you so much it hurts” feeling you get all while knowing your love is being reciprocated in a healthy way. “Bad pain” can have a similar flavor at first but inevitably leaves you feeling hopeless and sends you spiraling into a depression. Not to say you’re always the victim, you’re not. Sometimes you’re the perpetrator. You’re capable of being manipulative, possessive, playing power games and projecting your issues onto other people. It’s important to stay aware of these tendencies, as they could easily get out of control under the right circumstances. Be honest with yourself about it. Turn that perception inward and ask yourself why you feel the need to do certain things. Don’t allow your fears to consume you and taint your relationships, but more importantly don’t allow yourself to become someone you can’t respect.

  • OBSESSION: Every Venus in Scorpio will experience obsession with another person at some point in their lives, usually when they’re young. They want to talk to that person, know everything about them, fantasize about them, go over everything they’ve ever said with a fine-tooth comb looking for double meanings and hidden clues. They’ll probably stalk their social media and quietly (or openly) resent anyone in their lives who’s a little too close to them. Scorpio is polarizing in ways that make it easy for things to go too far too quickly. When you like someone you really like them. Being passionate in love isn’t a bad thing, but when your life starts to revolve entirely around another person and their actions, it might be time to pull back and look at the situation objectively. A mature Venus in Scorpio will take no for an answer and move on (after privately sulking and writing poetry about it of course), but someone less evolved might hold on longer than is necessary or appropriate. The creepy stalker stereotype is connected to Scorpio for a reason, so it’s crucial to recognize that unrequited love is a scenario you may find yourself in again and again because it’s pretty much the perfect drug to fuel your lust for suffering. If the Scorpio passion is handled poorly it can become a viscous cycle that ultimately leaves you feeling empty and frustrated until you can break out of it.

  • PARANOIA: Venus in Scorpios always seem to possess this knowing that every relationship has an expiration date. This is mainly because Scorpio/Pluto itself never allows things to thrive that no longer serve a purpose, and so a lot of relationships are cut short or end on less than favorable terms. The “death” of so many close relationships can result in a feeling of impending doom whenever they enter a new one. There’s a huge fear of abandonment and loss, but also a fear of betrayal that either comes from having their trust violated in traumatic ways or simply being able to see other people’s intentions a little too clearly. To combat this Venus in Scorpios are usually very private with their feelings, figuring the less people know the less chance there is for someone else to use it against them. This is of course a double-edged sword, as the preoccupation with protecting themselves can make them overly suspicious of loved ones. On the other hand they could place so much trust in a loved one that the thought of them ever leaving causes them to panic. They can get so wrapped up in these feelings to the point of actual paranoia, which of course can drive people away, making their fears of abandonment a self-fulfilling prophecy. And it’s true, some things will end. You don’t always know how and you don’t know when it will happen, which is scary, but this is a fact of life no one can avoid. You don’t need to potentially speed up the process by accusing or smothering others and risk ruining something good. The sooner you can learn to enjoy what a relationship has to offer without always trying to control the outcome, the better off you’ll be.


  • LOYALTY: Saying Venus in Scorpios are fiercely loyal might seem strange after calling out their penchant for infidelity, but 1) Not all Venus in Scorpios cheat, and 2) Even if they do mess up in that regard, they’ll usually still have your back when it matters most. They take relationships of all kind very seriously. If you mean something to them, they’re in it for the long haul and aren’t about to let anything get in the way of that. They can also be really protective, making them hostile towards your enemies. They’ll probably remember every slight they’ve ever made against you better than you can. Definitely not the flaky types to associate with those you have good reason not to like. If someone’s wronged you then they no longer exist.

  • DISCRETION: They will take your secrets to the grave. They know what is and isn’t acceptable to say in front of other people. (Unless of course you betray them or they’re air dominant, but that’s another story…) Can also be useful to have around when you need to get information out of someone without giving too much away.

  • PERCEPTIVE: If they know you well enough they’ll probably know what you’re thinking and feeling in any given situation without you having to say a word. They make excellent therapists and can probably give you some truly amazing insights about yourself and the people around you.

  • GOOD SEX: This one’s a bit of a cliché and probably applies more to Mars in Scorpio, but it is true that most Venus in Scorpios are generally… knowledgeable in this area. Sex is best when there’s a deep connection going on as that’s when they’ll really want to give it their all, but either way they’re bound to pleasantly surprise you.

  • ACCEPTING: These people will love you, warts and all. Their philosophy is everyone has flaws and those flaws are what make a person uniquely them. Someone with baggage is someone worth knowing, since baggage usually comes with a deeper understanding of the world learned the hard way, and that’s something they can always appreciate as well as relate to. 

  • EMPATHETIC: They may not always know how to express it, but these people really do care and are way more sensitive than they let on. They may not be as easily prone to tears as some (at least not in front of you), but tell them about a time you were deeply hurt and they’ll feel it like a stab to the chest. They understand trauma on a profound level and the struggle that comes with healing from it. This type of person can actually become a powerful healer to those closest to them, which makes them some of the most valuable companions you could ever hope to have.

  • TRANSFORMATIVE: Venus in Scorpio love isn’t for everyone. They can be melodramatic in ways that give Venus in Leo a run for their money, but that’s because these people have a tremendous amount of passion lurking within themselves just biding its time waiting for them to find “the one” so it can fully express itself. This is definitely overwhelming for some, but for others it’s downright intoxicating, and most likely karmic. Venus in Scorpios are slowly learning the ins and outs of their very own nature and transforming themselves through their relationships with others. Chances are if you’ve fallen for one you’ll be undergoing some type of change as well. For better or worse, this experience is meant to teach you both something about yourselves, and at the end of the day, whether you’re romantically drawn to a Venus in Scorpio or not, a close encounter with one will nearly always have a lasting impact.

Brig. Gen. Robin Olds was an American fighter pilot and general officer in the U.S. Air Force. He was a “triple ace”, with a combined total of 16 victories in World War II and the Vietnam War. He retired in 1973 as a Brigadier General. He served from 1943 until 1973.

The son of Army Maj. Gen. Robert Olds, educated at West Point, and the product of an upbringing in the early years of the U.S. Army Air Corps, Olds epitomized the youthful World War II fighter pilot. He remained in the service as it became the United States Air Force, despite often being at odds with its leadership, and was one of its pioneer jet pilots. Rising to the command of two fighter wings, Olds is regarded among aviation historians, and his peers, as the best wing commander of the Vietnam War, for both his air-fighting skills, and his reputation as a combat leader.

Olds was promoted to brigadier general after returning from Vietnam but did not hold another major command. The remainder of his career was spent in non-operational positions, as Commandant of Cadets at the United States Air Force Academy and as an official in the Air Force Inspector General’s Office. His inability to rise higher as a general officer is attributed to both his maverick views and his penchant for drinking.

Olds had a highly publicized career and life, including marriage to Hollywood actress Ella Raines. As a young man he was also recognized for his athletic prowess in both high school and college, being named an All-American as a lineman in college football. Olds expressed his philosophy regarding fighter pilots in the quote: “There are pilots and there are pilots; with the good ones, it is inborn. You can’t teach it. If you are a fighter pilot, you have to be willing to take risks.”

Awards as Command pilot.

•Air Force Cross
•Air Force Distinguished Service Medal
•Silver Star, three oak leaf clusters
•Legion of Merit
•Distinguished Flying Cross, five oak leaf clusters.
•Air Medal, with 39 oak leaf clusters.
•Air Force Commendation Medal
•Presidential Unit Citation, with oak leaf cluster •Outstanding Unit Award, with two oak leaf clusters
•American Defense Service Medal
•American Campaign Medal
•European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with six campaign stars
•World War II Victory Medal
•National Defense Service Medal, with second service star.
•Vietnam Service Medal
•Air Force Longevity Service Award, with six oak leaf clusters
•Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Medal
•Légion d'honneur
•Distinguished Flying Cross (United Kingdom); •Croix de Guerre (France), with star
•Vietnam Air Gallantry Cross with Gold Wings •Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal.
•Vietnam Air Force Distinguished Service Order, 2nd Class
•Vietnam Air Force Meritorious Service Medal

He was awarded a fourth Silver Star for leading a three-aircraft low-level bombing strike on March 30, 1967, and the Air Force Cross for an attack on the Paul Doumer Bridge in Hanoi on August 11, one of five awarded to Air Force pilots for that mission. He flew his final combat mission over North Vietnam on September 23, 1967.

Air Force Cross Citation
Colonel Robin Olds

U.S. Air Force
Date Of Action: August 11, 1967

“The President of the United States of America, authorized by Title 10, Section 8742, United States Code, takes pleasure in presenting the Air Force Cross to Colonel Robin Olds (AFSN: 0-26046), United States Air Force, for extraordinary heroism in military operations against an opposing armed force while serving as Strike Mission Commander in the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, Ubon Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand, against the Paul Doumer Bridge, a major north-south transportation link on Hanoi’s Red River in North Vietnam, on 11 August 1967. On that date, Colonel Olds led his strike force of eight F-4C aircraft against a key railroad and highway bridge in North Vietnam. Despite intense, accurately directed fire, multiple surface-to-air missile attacks on his force, and continuous harassment by MiG fighters defending the target, Colonel Olds, with undaunted determination, indomitable courage, and professional skill, led his force through to help destroy this significant bridge. As a result the flow of war materials into this area was appreciably reduced. Through his extraordinary heroism, superb airmanship, and aggressiveness in the face of hostile forces, Colonel Olds reflected the highest credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.”

Brig Gen Robin Olds died on June 14, 2007. He was 84 years old.

INFJ Mirroring (pt 1)

I hate the image of INFJs that is frequently presented online.  If one was to read personality site descriptions, the general impression is that the INFJ is a psychic empath with the power to change the world who walks on water and understands the mysteries of the universe while maintaining a breathtaking balance of strength and fragility that defies understanding.

Um.  *cough* Bullshit.  

That drivel is written either by people who don’t understand INFJs or by INFJs who need their ego stroked. I wish they’d go found a cult or something because they really give the wrong impression…and they fuel the tidal wave of people who took a quick online test, came out (incorrectly) INFJ, and now think they’re Jesus on a luck dragon.  

In a way, I understand where the myth comes from, but it’s really misunderstood.  Empaths?  Hell. No. INFJs are just really good at knowing what people want to see, need to see, and showing exactly that.  There’s a term for it – it’s called INFJ Mirroring.

In order to understand what’s really going on, you have to understand the IN*J function stack.  For an IN*J the instinctive, easiest way of dealing with the world is through Introverted Intuition.  So we make intuitive leaps…we just “get” stuff.  But that’s not all there is to it. The thing that makes IN*Js look “magical” to others is the fact that our last function is Extroverted Sensing.  We are constantly taking in the world around us, picking up details, stimuli…we just don’t realize we’re doing it.  When you feed that stream of sensory data into the world filter of Introverted Intuition, we use all of that info to fuel those leaps.  We look as if we’re telepathic.  Really, we’re just oblivious to the massive amounts of data our brain is using to “get” stuff through deduction.  

For INFJs, that ability to just seem to get stuff is compounded by the Extroverted Feeling that’s our secondary function – the second most important part of dealing with our world.  We make those intuitive leaps…and we apply them to emotional and social contexts.  That means that when we’re talking to you – whether “you” is an individual or an audience – we intuitively sense what you want and expect…and we give it to you.

That’s mirroring. It’s this subconscious feedback loop that picks up on all the little social cues in an interaction, matches them to what we know about social norms and contexts, and then responds in the way the audience wants.  It comes out as warmth, social connection, empathy.  

Most often, it’s not. Yeah, I know…I just pissed of a lot of INFJs.  But really, we’re not always that empathetic, especially as we mature.  INFJs tend to be very private and very intense.  We have a surface connection, a basic empathy, sure.  But most of that is the result of mirroring what you need. We protect the really sensitive, emotional core of connection, reserving it for the few people we let in. The rest of it is a lot of instinct and a little emotion.

That ability to mirror is powerful, and it can be used.  When you have a knack for showing people what they want to see, everyone has a different image of who you are – an image that frequently resembles their idea of themselves. Year in and year out, I have students and administrators who think they’re my dear friends.  They tell me that we’re “just alike.” Or, my favorite among older faculty and administrators, that I remind them “of a younger version of myself.”  Actually, they’re just seeing me instinctively mirror them; they see surprisingly little of me.  Do I let them remain under the impression that they know me?  Of course.  

INFJs aren’t psychic or empathic.  They’re just good at mirroring.  And, of course, depending on upbringing and environmental factors, they can be really…really…really good at mirroring.  Yes, mirroring is exhausting, even when you’re doing it instinctively.  It contributes to social burnout and makes the INFJ need to escape from interactions with others.  But when you’re in the midst of it?  In the moment?  You know how to create the needed connections; you get caught up in the reflection, and quite frequently, you totally empathize.  Until the mirror falls empty again.

Pokémon in our Biomes: pt. 19 Open Oceans

“I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.”

This will be my 19th Pokémon in our Biomes post, and this one will focus on the Open Ocean. Generally when we talk about open oceans we throw around the term pelagic zone. Much like the abyssal zone, the pelagic zone has its own specific characteristics that make it different than other oceanic zones. The difference of the pelagic zone compared to other zones is that it’s pretty much just water. No coral, no plant life, the pelagic zone encompasses everything from the surface of the water all the way down to just above the ocean floor, where the benthic and demersal zones lie respectively. 

The sheer vastness and openness of the oceans allow for some of the fastest, biggest, most migratory aquatic species. Because there isn’t much to offer in regards to nutrients and prey, pretty much all of the food chain in the pelagic zone starts with the bear essential: sunlight

Let’s get started!

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The 4th House in Astrology

The 4th House is marked by the Imum Coeli (Latin; “bottom of the sky”) - this point in the natal chart indicates the very tip of our roots and lays the foundation of potential from which we grew. It indicates our life experiences as children and can help in understanding how circumstances at home have shaped our adult personality.

☉ Sun in the 4th House. Homebody with an identity closely linked with the condition of the home, needs special attention and extra care, may hold the traditions of the family and live by them or do the exact opposite - rebel against the home to establish a completely different path.

☽ Moon in the 4th House. Closely tied to the mother, acute awareness of the emotional conditions of the home, emotions kept under the surface, intensity, either very healthy or very damaged home.

☿ Mercury in the 4th House. Thoughts are influenced by family, interested in history, may have intellectual parents, values family, communication, and togetherness, fixated on the past.

♀ Venus in the 4th House. Holds distinct fondness for the conditions of the family, comforting home filled with beautiful things and trinkets, parents may have been collectors of a sort.

♂ Mars in the 4th House. Turbulent home life, someone who spends much of their energy trying to keep the peace, either the instigator or pacifist within the home’s drama, tends to be the bossy one of the household, or completely withdrawn and passive.

♃ Jupiter in the 4th House. Large family, generous parents who spoiled them, has a need to be extremely giving to others, luck comes when they nurture others, nice natural flow at home, powerful instincts.

♄ Saturn in the 4th House. Mirrors the condition of the male/father/austere figure of the home, may be forced early on to be the ‘mature’ one, thinks critically of home life, difficult to express emotions, especially to family.

♅ Uranus in the 4th House. A desire to rebel and break traditions of the home, wants to ‘break the cycle that is present in the family, sense of detachment from family members, may feel like the black sheep.

♆ Neptune in the 4th House. Parents projected their ideas of who you are onto them, overly loving to others, wanting the perfect family and being unable to achieve it, avoiding maturity in the home, too lenient of parent(s), irresponsible.

♇ Pluto in the 4th House. Abandonment issues, a parent who’s absent, fluctuating and stirring emotions, intense shifts and changes of the home, guilt or secrecy about home, life events and changes are kept hidden.

NOTE: Those with a 4th House stellium are more sensitive and receptive to the environment of the home. What happens in their home sticks with them for life; they can’t repress it or move on from events as easily. 

Seven Minutes In Heaven [Sehun]

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Summary: In which you experience your first kiss during Seven Minutes in Heaven with the most popular boy in school, Sehun.

Word count: 2 004

Type: Fluff! :)

Member: Sehun from EXO

A/N: an anonnie requested this! I hope you precious baby stars will like this scenario because I sure do! I actually think it’s one of my favorite scenarios I’ve written so far. I hope you precious baby stars have a nice day and have a happy Monday! (Well, as happy as a Monday can get 😂💕) Happy reading! X


You knew this was a bad idea.

You knew this right from the start, from the moment your best friend, as well as roommate told you about the party that Sehun, the most popular and evidentially, the most handsome boy at your school was hosting this weekend that it was bad idea attending the party. You were starting with important exams the next week and you had to do all your revising this weekend, not attend some popular boy’s party but yet here you were, awkwardly sitting on a couch in the lounge while couples made out on the couch right next to you, sucking each other’s faces off and making you realize that you seriously didn’t want a boyfriend anytime soon if he was basically going to eat you whole at a party while intoxicated.

  You brought the notorious red cup up to your lips, drinking the liquid you assumed was Cola that happened to having a stinging sensation going down your throat when you drank it. You awkwardly toyed with the now empty cup, eyes darting from one place to another while you began to think of ways to get home and do some revision for your exams coming up.

“You actually showed up,”

You looked up from whatever direction of the house you looked in, your eyes landing on the host of the party himself, Sehun, dressed in all-black except for the white v-neck he wore that oh so greatly complimented his edgy and classic bad boy look of a black leather jacket, skinny ripped jeans and combat boots.

You would admit, the boy was rather handsome, with his defined features, tall height and charming nature that worked on just about everyone he tried it on, but unlike the girls at your school, you had morals and respect for yourself, not even daring to speak to Sehun while other girls flung themselves at the popular boy. With all those girls flinging themselves at him, it was hard for you to think he wasn’t a player, a trait you hated most, which was another reason why you had kept your distance from the popular boy.

“I was beginning to think you didn’t show up.” Sehun finished off his sentence, sending a charming smile your way, as well as his signature wink that made girls knees weak, but at this moment made you chuckle in amusement because he had the habit of slightly closing his other eye when he winked which would make it look as if he was blinking instead of winking.

“Well, you thought wrong.” You answered the boy with an amused smile, looking up at him to see him smiling down at you which you didn’t want to admit but made you really happy.

“Do you wanna hang out somewhere else? You know, where they aren’t annoying couples sucking each other’s faces off.” Sehun suggested to you with a cute hopeful smile, his offer amusing you once again as you smiled in amusement, placing the cup you held in your hand on the back of a guy that was hovering over his poor girlfriend as they feverishly made out on the couch, standing up from the couch and going on to follow behind Sehun, but that didn’t happen when you felt the boy gently grab your hand, the boy holding your hand in his as you both made your way within the crowd of sweaty and intoxicated students that were clearly having a great time.

  Blinded by the view of so many people drunk out of their minds while still having a good time, you didn’t notice that Sehun had leaded the two of you towards the basement of his house, the area less crowded with people than where you last were but still its fair share of people. Your attention was brought about upon your surroundings when you heard someone call out Sehun’s name.

Your head turned in the direction of the person who called his name, his equally handsome and popular best friend, Kai waving the both of you over towards where he sat in a circle with some of Sehun’s other friends, as well as some girls from your class. Sehun led the two of you to the circle, the both of you separating when you had to find places to sit, your hand suddenly feeling cold without his warm touch. You sat down right across the boy, witnessing him stare intensely at you, causing you to look down at the ground without thinking, feeling slightly self-conscious under his intense stare.

“Alright, now that we have everyone here, let’s start this game,” Baekhyun mentioned to everyone, spinning the beer bottle placed in the middle of the circle everyone made before the ends of the beer bottle ended up being pointed towards some girl named Seulgi in your class and one of Sehun’s friends that was just as tall as him, Chanyeol.

The pair both began to flush a cute pretty pink color in their cheeks, both of them standing up from their seats on the ground before they were laid into a small closet space nearby by Baekhyun, the door being closed behind them before Baekhyun said with a mischievous smile, “Your seven minutes start now, don’t get up to too much trouble.”

Your heart began to pick up its pace, almost feeling as if it would beat right against your rib cage and even beat out of your chest. They were playing Seven Minutes in Heaven and you were apart of the game. The only reason why you were nervous about this was that even at this stage of your life, you hadn’t had your first kiss yet and weren’t up for giving to someone who wasn’t someone you loved. You could of left, but Sehun was here and he was the only person that seemed to be willing to keep you company at this party unlike your best friend, so you decided to stay back and play the game, nerves beginning to make homes for themselves in your stomach.

Pair after pair stood up from their seats on the ground and walked into the dim closet space, spending seven minutes together doing who knows what before the door was opened the game continued. You wouldn’t lie, you grew more and more nervous as time ticked on, knowing that you were getting closer and closer to having your first kiss.

“Alright (Y/N), it’s your turn.” Baekhyn alerted you as Kai and some other guy from a different grade named Luhan exited out of the closet space, Kai awkwardly scratching the back of his neck while Luhan pretending as if nothing happened, even when it was clear something did happen when his pastel pink lips were swollen and Kai had a visible love bite.

You let out a nervous heave, keeping your eyes on the ground as you went ahead and turned the bottle, the bottle spinning so fast that you could have gotten sick by staring at it. Eventually, the bottle began to slow down, coming to a stop and pointing towards the person in which you would be spending your so-called ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’ with.

You looked upwards, lips parting in slight surprise while your eyes widened just the slightest when they laid on Sehun. Sehun wore an emotionless look on his face, a look that you only known on the boy as you two stood up from your seats on the ground, stepping inside the closet space before the door had been shut, Baekhyun alerting you that your seven minutes started then.

All you could see was darkness and only smell the strong scent of Sehun’s cologne that you now began to grow fond of, his scent somewhat calming your nerves from rushing throughout your body.

“Seeing as we’re here all alone without any distractions, I might as well tell you,” Sehun informed you, his voice startling you at first because you hadn’t expected him to talk. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, thinking what he meant by whatever he said before you heard him confess, “I like you, (Y/N). And no, it’s not some petty crush that will blow over in a week’s time, it’s a life-longing feeling that I feel will ultimately turn into love. You’re extremely intellectual, charming and god damn sexy. I hope this confess doesn’t seem too lame to the point that you would deny my feelings because we both know you don’t like anything lame,”

You began to feel an intense blush surface onto the skin of your cheeks, sheepishly looking down at the ground and feeling your heart begin to race within your chest.

“Can I kiss you?”

You immediately looked upwards when you heard those words escape his lips, those words echoing throughout your mind that had gone blank the second those words were said to you. You blinked a few times, opening your mouth but finding that you had lost your voice after his confession. You rolled your eyes at your failed attempt to answer Sehun, trying again as Sehun heard a shy and low answer from you, “…Yes.”

Over the next few seconds you felt Sehun’s hand, the same one that held your hand moments ago being placed against your cheek, his thumb gently caressing the heated skin of your pink-tinted cheek. He stepped forwards, standing so close to you that you were breathing in his scent. You looked upwards, somewhat seeing the outline of his face from the light that shined within the cracks of the closet door before you admitted before his lips could touch yours, “This is my first kiss, Sehun.”

“You’re so innocent, (Y/N),” Sehun chuckled in amusement while you could only blush more, “Don’t worry, I’ll make it one you won’t forget.”

You felt his lips approaching yours, finally feeling the touch of lips against yours. His lips were soft, you thought to yourself. For a moment that didn’t last very long, your lips had just remained gently pressed against each other, your heart physically feeling as if it were just about to beat out of your chest before you felt Sehun’s lips begin to move against yours. Panicking, you simply mirrored what Sehun did with his lips, feeling as if your body had become weightless and the homes of the nerves that made a temporary home in your stomach exploded.

You moved your lips with his, the sounds of your lips moving with one another echoing throughout the closet space. Your hands had found their way to Sehun’s hair, your fingers running through the healthy and soft strands again and again, your actions seeming to please the boy when he hummed in satisfaction. You smiled against his lips, feeling him sweetly kiss the smile before he had pulled away, smiling smugly before saying to you, “For someone who just had just their first kiss, you sure do kiss great.”

“Shut up, Sehun.” You cried out in embarrassment, placing your head on Sehun’s chest and attempting to hide yourself within the warmth of his chest.

“Your seven minutes are up!”

You lifted your head off Sehun’s chest, turning to walk out the door but Sehun had caught your wrist, stopping you from walking further. As you went to question why he had stopped you, you felt him gently hold your hand in his, your fingers interlocking before he walked ahead of you, opening the door as he led the both of you out of the closet space.

You walked back towards the group that still sat within the circle they had made earlier that night, most of the people within that circle smirking at the two of you and your held hands, a blush decorating your cheeks as both you and Sehun sat back down, for a change sitting next to each other and holding hands for the rest of the night, later on thinking to yourself that maybe it wasn’t the worst idea to come to the party.


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Would having each other's pluto conjunct create a sort of very intense mutual obsession? I ask because I've got this with a close friend of mine, but sometimes our friendship becomes too much to handle because it feels like there's something intense simmering under the surface. My pluto is in my 10th house and his is in his 6th, so might this also account for how he seems to have put me on a pedastal, and how I've come to view our conversations as a part of my daily routine?

Yeah that sounds about right! An intense sort of connection

Ann Demeulemeester ‘Table Blanche’ furniture licence produced by Bulo, 1996. In collaboration with Patrick Robyn.

The table is covered with painter’s canvas. As a comment on the transitory character of design-furniture, this table is meant for intensive use. The canvas surface can at all times, by simply applying a layer of fresh paint, be made brand-new again. Photo: Patrick Robyn. 

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Rucas + “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

“Riles, I…I hope you can hear this.” Lucas swallows thickly as he starts to talk. He takes Riley’s hand in his and nearly cringes as his fingers brush against the bandage and IV. “I think you can. I know you’d think I could.”

The air is thick and heavy with the smell of antiseptic, and the steady beeping of various monitors removes any level of peace and calm. 

It’s not supposed to be like this. 

They were supposed to have plenty of time and were enjoying one last vacation on the coast of Maine before their world changed again, but their daughter–their tiny little daughter fighting in the NICU who he can’t even name yet–hadn’t cared about the remaining two months before Riley’s due date and demanded to come into the world. Then partway through the labor all sorts of alarms went off. The doctors pushed Lucas out of the delivery room and Riley into emergency surgery, the details of which are just a blur in Lucas’ head. All he’s really been able to process is that their daughter is as strong as she can be, all things considered, and that Riley made it through the surgery, but that was hours ago and nothing has changed since. 

Everyone else is on their way, but they’re not there yet. Lucas has been splitting his time between Riley’s bedside and the NICU. He’s exhausted and terrified and he can feel every last bit of his resolve and strength vibrating so intensely beneath the surface that he’s certain it might shatter at any moment and then he’ll just be finished. 

“Riles, I need you to wake up. I know you’re exhausted and in pain and a million other things, but I just need you to wake up for five minutes. I need to know that you’re going to be OK, and I need to tell you about our beautiful baby girl, and I need you to tell me what to name her, OK? Because we never finished talking about that and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do about any of this…I love her so much already and she’s so small and she doesn’t have a name and we’re not ready…I’m not ready. So I need you to wake up because I can’t do this without you.” 

Pluto dominant people have animal magnetism.  They have an inner intensity which smolders beneath the surface, drawing people’s attention; transfixing them and tugging on their emotions.  This power can go one of two ways.  It can be used for the healing and insight or for depraved evil. 

Dev Blog: Physically Based Rendering and Post Effects

Mike Oliver, Technical Art Director

[Leading into the launch of Rise of the Tomb Raider, we’ll feature a variety of developer blogs that lift the curtain on the creation of Lara’s first great tomb raiding expedition.]

One of the main goals in Rise of the Tomb Raider is to create rich, believable environments that are grounded in reality. Environments where players feel connected with Lara and her journey on a personal level. This is a very difficult challenge because of the limitations of a game environment and the constantly evolving world. Physically Based Rendering and Post Effects greatly help solve this visual challenge.  

Physically Based Rendering is a relatively new technique to video games but has been extensively used in film production for many years. It allows artists to accurately simulate real-world materials and lighting conditions. Surfaces accurately reflect and refract light based on their absorption and diffusion properties. Essentially, they look and behave more realistically and naturally. Lighting is achieved through the use of images that simulate real lighting conditions. These techniques, when combined, contribute heavily to creating believable and realistic environments.

Post effects also play another important role in creating the believable world. They are filters that are applied to the world and provide the final level of polish and cohesiveness. 

Read on for a breakdown of commonly used techniques and effects in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Image Based Lighting

Image Based Lighting is a technique where light information is stored in a texture, called a probe. Probes project this light information into the surrounding area, simulating realistic lighting conditions. Below is an example of a room lit with a single directional light (left) and the same room with an applied light probe (right). This technique provides artists the flexibility to create their scenes with significantly less lights, while offering greatly increased flexibility and quality.

Physically Based Materials

In order to take advantage of the new image based lighting model used in Rise of the Tomb Raider we also improved our material pipeline to support Physically Based Materials. Physically based materials allow for more accurate and natural looking surfaces that retain their quality in a variety of lighting conditions. These materials are comprised of 3 parts. Albedo, roughness, and reflectance. Albedo defines the colour intensity of a surface. Reflectance defines the metallic properties of a surface, and roughness defines how much of the reflected light is scattered.  

Post FX

In addition to our PBR workflow we added and improved a number of post process effects. Post process effects are the final touches that artists apply to a scene to help bring all the elements together. They represent a significant portion of the look and feel of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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Misty and Cordelia have the academy to themselves for the whole weekend, they end up confessing their feelings for each other and just lots of smut

Je t’aime…

this prompt wrecked me, here ya go:

  “Have you seen Zoe?” Misty asked, standing in the doorway with an innocent air to her voice that echoed through the greenhouse.

Cordelia briefly looked over her shoulder, stepping back from the potted plant that had her attention. She chuckled at the sight of the confused witch. “The girls are out for the weekend, including Zoe.” The headmistress aptly replied, a smile bright on her lips.

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POZ Review: State Champs - The Acoustic Things

by Becky Kovach, edited by Erik van Rheenen

A little over a year ago, I found myself reviewing The Finer Things, the debut full-length from a lesser-known Albany pop punk band called State Champs. That album completely blew me away, leading me to make the lofty declaration that State Champs was “poised to be the scene’s next break-out band.”
Looking back, that prediction doesn’t seem so far off. The guys of State Champs have been hard at work this past year, from touring with bands like New Found Glory, Bayside, and Motion City Soundtrack, to spending the whole summer on Warped Tour, to co-headlining this fall’s Pure Noise Tour. This is a band that has been working tirelessly to make a name for themselves - it’s certainly paying off.
State Champs recently released The Acoustic Things, a – you guessed it – all-acoustic EP featuring five tracks from last year’s debut as well as two new ones. And just as The Finer Things succeeded in making a fan out of me, so The Acoustic Things solidified my belief that State Champs is one of the finest bands to come out of this scene in several years.
One of the things that immediately caught my attention upon discovering State Champs was the range in frontman Derek Discanio’s voice. His vocals are passionate and powerful, and display a control that is rare in someone so young, especially in pop punk music. The Acoustic Things allows Discanio to shine even brighter, the album’s softer nature and quieter melodies providing an emotional backdrop for his powerhouse vocals.

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The great white snuck closer to the figure in the water. A giant toothy grin spread across his face as Bruce arose from beneath the glistening surface, intense cerulean eyes staring down the helpless, stranded newcomer. 

                                        “Hello, morsel.”


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