phil's live stream 5.28.17

- had ihop pancakes
- perspective of dan’s bahamas story
- phil’s dad is an artist
- nasa kennedy centre haul
- broke nasa mug
- will have to share dan’s mug
- bath & bodyworks haul
- watched the movies “split” and “passengers”
- flew back to england without dan
- enjoyed miami
- cleaned computer with bath & body works bag
- went on airboat
- went back to where the squirrel attacked him
- some asmr
- paper boy laughed at phil in emoji pj pants
- getting “sweat head”
- phil proud of fortune telling banana prank on dan
- new collab video sometime next week (maybe wednesday)
- got intensive tour if launch pads at nasa and saw spaceship atlantis which martin loved
- superman flavoured ice cream
- hot weather in england
- excited for vidcon
- childhood bants with dan
- eurovision party “i forced my family to watch it” and “i didnt force dan to watch it, he loves it”
- riverdale opinions
- next liveshow on next sunday most likely
- “my schedule next month is weird”
- new dnp newsletter coming soon announcing winners for dnp plushie entries
- new vowture codes
- signed more box sets of dapgo and abinof for america dnp shop

TIMELINE: February 2012

Wow. Your eyes are not deceiving you. I actually finally got this timeline done almost 6 months after I posted January 2012. That’s in part to album promo, the holidays, etc., but also due, in large part, to the scope and length of this timeline. As I’ve progressed through 2011 and into 2012, there are much more articles, tweets, pictures and videos to wade through and make sense of. 

But I think this one will be worth it.

August 2011 was what I call “bulletproof weeks.” February 2012 had a similar feel. Harry had “broken up” with Caroline at the very end of January (the same day he flew to America to start his American career wow what a coincidence) and Louis and Eleanor were barely half-assing it. These 4 weeks are so important, as I believe they were the last weeks they had where they were able to publicly display the reality and nature of their relationship without a lot of negative consequences. 

And they did not hold back.

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anonymous asked:

Was at a local gig last night with New Fire and some friends..he said to me " I don't know if I'm ready to go out on tour again.." I was like "yeah I saw the dates,are you even gonna get any rest? he was like barely! and jokingly with a drama queen gesture was like "its so know" I was like yeah poor you living the life on the road and both laughed! Bless them though, they're leaving this Wednesday and that tour looks so intense..

It’s going to be an intense tour. I get exhausted just looking at the dates haha


Not everyone would have the same reasons to change their daily habits - and definitely quitting alcohol isn’t for everyone - but for me it has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. 

Before touring around the world with Savages after the release of our first album ‘Silence Yourself’, drinking alcohol had never been a conscious problem in my life. In fact, to this day I can say I have never really been addicted to anything. I know I’m pretty lucky this way. People really struggle with addiction to a level I will never be able to experience. But I know dugs just ain’t for me, and I’ve known that since I was a teenager. My body was never strong enough to take it, and my mind was never really attracted to it genuinely - which I tend to view as a blessing, as I know I will never have to deal with the desperate sensations of emptiness due to the lack of it.
This said, touring got me into drinking everyday. That’s something I hadn’t planned and it was a daily habit that drove me into a bad place which I didn’t notice at first. 

At the time, I wasn’t able to go on stage without alcohol. It started with me drinking only a shot or two of vodka before walking on. Then I’d set myself rules like ‘drink only an hour before the show’. Then ‘ok two hours before the show but never after the show’. Then I started drinking full glasses of vodka and cranberry juice onstage whenever I was feeling thirsty. Later I switched to red Martini. I’d drink almost a bottle every show. That’s when I got ill and lost my voice.

I remember the last time I drunk alcohol. It was at the British Film Institute (BFI) in London more than two years ago. Savages were curating an evening around the legendary Australian guitarist Rowland S. Howard, screening the documentary about his life. This was quite a coincidence now I’m thinking about it. The documentary relates the story of Rowland’s musical genius and struggle with drugs until he sadly died much too early (liver cancer in 2009) after he just finished recording his masterpiece 'Pop Crimes’ with Mick Harvey, JP Shilo and my friend Jonnine Standish from the Australian band HTRK.
My mental and physical health was very weak at that point, due to the intensity of touring and my bad habit with alcohol. I was ill and my voice started breaking, sounding more and more like a broken kettle. I drunk red wine all that evening and went home quite early around midnight. I remember cursing everyone and everything on the ride home, and waking up with a terrible hangover and nausea. Andy, my tour manager at the time, showed up at 9am at my house to take me to the next show. I was still in bed, unable to move, unable to imagine myself physically doing it again, getting in the van and playing another show…

That’s when you desperately need someone who knows you very well. Luckily I had someone like that.
Johnny Hostile sat on the side of our bed. I looked at him and started to cry. I was feeling so miserable and helpless. My heart felt empty and my emotions numb. I wanted to go on tour and play the shows, but I just didn’t have the strength anymore, and I felt I was letting everybody down. I was ashamed of the state I was finding myself in at that moment - and letting anyone witness it was humiliating. He took my hand and said: “you’re gonna get ready, slowly, have a shower, eat something, Andy is going to wait for you. But as soon as you step out that door, you won’t drink another drop of alcohol". At that time, I had known Johnny as my partner for 9 years, and known him sober for 6, so this was coming from someone who was aware of what he was talking about.
Everyone can stop alcohol for various reasons, beyond the real damage done to your body and your mind, there’s a real stupidity surrounding alcohol consumption in certain cultures when you think about it. From numbing your access to first hand experience, to excusing idiotic acts (including encouraging the mass to mediocre sexual intercourse!), alcohol is too often used to excuse a lot of crap happening in the world. We drink because we want to forget, make space in our heads so we can chase away the annoying thoughts. For people who are constantly thinking about how to change the world and find ways to make things better, drinking alcohol quickly start not making much sense at all…
At that point I knew I couldn’t physically finish the tour if I didn’t change something. Johnny is a person who I’d always known for suggesting good solutions for me to be happier my life. I trusted him. His words were the only light of hope at that moment, so I took it.
I haven’t drunk since then, but most importantly I haven’t felt the desire to drink at all - and it’s been more than two years. That day I realised that drinking was not only putting my health in danger but it was putting my work in danger too, and that was the most important signal to me. Not being able to play a show is the worse thing that can happen when you’ve build all your life around music to achieve what you want to achieve.
 I guess it’s called a survival instinct, and mine was pretty strong when it came down to music.
Few months after that, Savages embarked into another three months of touring during which I was completely sober. Australia, Europe, South America… Never did I enjoy the life on the road so much. I wasn’t tired, my voice was at its best, my spirit was high. Surprisingly, I would go out a lot more after the shows, partying until 5am, waking up feeling tired but fine, no hangovers! 
Quitting alcohol has really been amazing for me. I would recommend it to anyone who feels trapped and needs a change - or anyone who (like me) has a weak resistance to drugs in general. Alcohol can be fun and I would never judge someone who wants to drink. But as much as it numbed my pain, alcohol also numbed my happiness. I feel so much freer now I know it’s only music that makes me loose myself onstage. Nothing and no one but myself is making me connect with the people in the room. I’m doing that! Me, the people and the music. Nothing more. I think there’s definitely some magic in that.

SHINee In Dallas
  • A room of nothing but Shawols
  • *tears up*
  • The opening VCR = NOSTALGIA TO THE MAX
  • SHINee hitting us with everything they had for Everybody
  • I wasn’t ready
  • Key twirling that arm like the fucking boss he is
  • God bless dedication 
  • Shawols
  • The host 
  • The host’s sass
  • That girl that flew here from Tokyo omg
  • Honey, Korea is like, right next….. nvm
  • The boys singing Hello
  • Key cutting Minho off to talk about Pokemon Go
  • Key not understanding Pokemon Go
  • Minho looking fine af 
  • Like…… BOY
  • That one male Shawol that screamed his love for Jonghyun
  • And Jonghyun recognized him from the Chicago meet
  • Taemin asking if we’ll support a future U.S. solo tour
  • *intense screaming from everyone*
  • Kibum’s F L A W L E S S English
  • Onew’s weird elephant, horn noise that he wouldn’t stop doing
  • Onew being hella extra 
  • Shawols loving Onew
  • Key getting “movies” to act out and then getting last place
  • Jonghyun’s goldfish
  • Shawols
  • Taemin w/ black hair <3
  • That SHINee World video
  • The sea of baby blue lights
  • And pretty much every Shawol singing along to the songs in the vid
  • View fanchant
  • The love of Shawols
  • Replay
  • the vocalsT
  • Lucifer 
  • the most lit song of the night 
  • Jonghyun’s long ass note
  • Shawols screaming their lungs out
  • Key and Tae going so hard in the dance
  • Sherlock choreo
  • Minho owning everything
  • The bts for the View mv
  • Jonghyun being so flirty I want to jump off a cliff
  • the boys coming out before the video was done
  • everyone laughing at the boys
  • everyone crying because View starts
  • strong ass fanchants
  • Shawols <3333
  • Key looking so good in his outfit
  • Taemin being a reincarnated MJ
  • Taemin hitting those NOTES
  • Taemin slaying that song
  • Jonghyun’s “DOOOoooooWWWNnnnNN”
  • Onew being at the front 
  • Onew getting his life
  • SHINee saying goodbye
  • Shawols start singing Happy Birthday to Taemin
  • Tae being so. damn. surprised.
  • Key being confused and shady cuz
  • “Taemin, what day is it?” Not the 18th? Ok, then sit down.
  • Minho not wanting to leave the stage
  • SHINee loving us
  • Shawols loving SHINee

This was such a beautiful fanmeet/concert and nothing will compare to the night we all had. I feel so close to SHINee but I feel close to Shawols as well. Pure magic. 


There’s something about Kivin…

They’re not exactly breaking up, but Laneway Festival 2017 might be the last chance you get to see Tame Impala perform for quite some time.

The Australia/New Zealand festival series will be the last hurrah for the Perth-based indie superstars as they wrap up touring for their 2015 album Currents. The man behind the moniker, Kevin Parker, admits it could feel a little strange.

“I really don’t know how that’s going to feel because in the past, the album cycles haven’t really ended with a bang, or even ended decidedly. They just sort of peter out. But this time it really is a bookend,” he says.

“I’m glad it’s happening at Laneway. There will be tears and cheers, and emotions will be running high. I think it’ll be quite weird, but not without a sense of accomplishment.”

There’s a lot to feel proud of: not only finishing a monster world tour that’s taken up most of the last 12 months, but also making an accolade-grabbing album which turned Tame Impala into a global phenomenon.

Currents appeared near the top of many 2015 “best of the year” lists, won multiple ARIA Music Awards, a BRIT Award, a Grammy nomination, and to date has sold approximately 470,500 copies worldwide – which is a startling achievement for a psychedelic, alt-rock band.

Parker may still find himself stopped by security as he wanders around backstage at his own shows (as happened in London earlier this year), such is his unassuming nature, but there’s no doubt Currents made Tame Impala one of the hottest bands in the world.

Yet Parker is only just beginning to feel as though he can appreciate the songs that have been so successful.

“When you first finish an album, they [the songs] sound like anything but a song really – they sound like a combination of melodies and words and ideas and structures and chords. It’s hard to appreciate a song for what it is when you’re working on it. So a year later, it’s great to be able to come back to it and almost hear it like it’s someone else’s song, and I really enjoy that. I enjoy hearing them in a new context I hadn’t really considered at the time… like looking at old photos of yourself. It’s very enlightening.”

But just as he’s rediscovered an affection for his songs, and found some new perspective on them, Parker has decided to give Tame Impala a break. The decision might seem odd at first, but given the other opportunities that have come Parker’s way of late, it makes a lot of sense.

“This album was a real door-opener for me. It’s funny, but I kind of knew it would be, just because of the way I was making songs, the way I was producing it. I sort of sensed that it wouldn’t just be an album that came and went. I had a feeling that it would take me other places.”

Those other places have included the world of pop, as he delves into new producing and co-writing gigs. Rihanna covered the band’s track ‘New Person, Same Old Mistakes’ on her album Anti; Parker has been working with Lady Gaga on her just-released album Joanne; and his burgeoning friendship and collaborative relationship with British superstar producer Mark Ronson has been a key development too.

Parker and Ronson have been friends for a number of years, after discovering a mutual appreciation for each other’s music.

“Mark has definitely been a key dude in this whole new path for me. The first time I ever heard a song of his, I fell in love with it. That was ‘Bang Bang Bang’, and I had no idea who he was or anything – I was drunk, at someone’s house, and they were playing the song, and I immediately demanded that the song be played on repeat for the next three hours or something horrific. I was just like, ‘No, we’re not listening to anything else!’ I think I actually went and apologised the next day,” he laughs.

“But then we happened to be playing at the same festival, which I was excited about. We met backstage and he told me he was a fan of our last album, which was amazing. And the rest is history.”

Parker ended up working with Ronson on his 2015 album UpTown Special (which included the Bruno Mars collaboration ‘Uptown Funk’), adding a certain psychedelic flavour to tracks such as ‘Daffodils’. And it was Ronson who called Parker up to see if he’d be interested in working with Lady Gaga – it immediately piqued Parker’s curiosity because it was such unfamiliar territory.

“I had no idea, really, what she was like or what working with her would be like. It was a world of my imagination and wonder, and so when Mark asked, I just had about a million possibilities jump into my head,” he says.

“I think one of the first things he told me was that she was doing something really different to her earlier stuff, and she was keen to change things up. But I wasn’t sure if that was his way of trying to convince me or steer my mind away from the world of crazy electro-pop – I was totally cool with that anyway, I would’ve been up for that.”

Gaga’s first, head-turning single, ‘Perfect Illusion’, was the result of her collaboration with Parker, and revealed their mutual appreciation for Fleetwood Mac.

“She’d started to cultivate a few ideas about this character she was writing about, if you know what I mean, the essence of what she wanted to say. And I think the way Mark initially described it to me was, ‘Like Stevie Nicks but more S&M.’ So that made me even more intrigued,” Parker laughs.

“But I guess that turned me onto writing some quite Fleetwood Mac-style melodies – I’m not sure if you can immediately pick that in the song, but if you imagine Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks singing ‘Perfect Illusion’ at the same time, I think you can kind of imagine it as a Fleetwood Mac song – with a Gaga stamp, of course.”

It’s clear the experience has given Parker a hunger to do further producing and co-writing work. “In my head, I almost always hear other people singing my songs when I write them, anyway,” he explains.

Equally, it’s obvious that after six years of intensive Tame Impala touring and back-to-back albums, Parker simply wants a chance to take a breath, reflect, and see what crops up.

Which is what he’s been doing over the past month, back home in Perth. Cue getting his old band Mink Mussel Creek back together for a one-off festival appearance.

“That band was a big part of my musical growth, and we all have very fond memories of it. So when our friends who run this cool festival in the bush down south asked if we’d like to play, it just seemed like a fun idea to reunite – in a classic, clichéd ‘getting the band back together’ way,” he says.“It was only a one-off but it was great to revisit it, and it gave me really good perspective on where I’m at now. Not to get too deep on it, but I think subconsciously it made me realise, not exactly how far I’d come, that sounds weird, but I guess how much things have evolved.”

That walk down memory lane didn’t make Parker’s plans for 2017 any clearer, but no matter. He’s thrilled that his career has evolved to the point where having a particular plan isn’t strictly necessary.

“What comes next is still very much a blank canvas. But a blank canvas in a good way – I’ve got all the paint!

This article was first published in Paperboy, a free weekly magazine available from cafes and transport points across Auckland.

GOT7:- Secret marriage proposal.

missblackmcstar said:

I’ll keep it simple: secret marriage proposal. ;) :D

Ill tell you this, thinking of seven different proposals was interesting :P. sorry it took a while.
Thanks for the request, as always, you’re a doll ^_^ 
keep them coming missblackmcstar. hope you like this one :) sorry that yugyeom turned out extra long. :P


You and JB had been dating for a while, it was public knowledge and you two were a very popular couple, so it wasn’t any surprise when JB got questions about you during interviews. This time around he was especially happy that he was asked about you, you thought maybe its just because you can see how he really replies before all the editing, as you was on set that day.

When he started to give a speech about loving you forever and never wanting to loose you, a member of staff pulls you on stage, he looked over to you, taking a few steps and kneeling down onto one knee to propose to you. 


Mark had been away for a while, as he was touring more intensely this time around. He seemed fine in the car when you picked him up from the airport but when you got home.

He suddenly bolted off to his room, leaving the others to ‘talk’ to you. He screams your name from the room, and you run to him without thinking. He’s knelt down surrounded by a heart shape made by all the stuffed toys his fans had given him over the years. He proposes to you, with a few sweet simple words, but without a ring, it seemed odd that he would got to this trouble without the ring…
You: “Mark i think your forgetting something…”

Mark: “oh ring…right… You have to find it, its on one of these teddies…”


You and Jackson always went on outings whenever you could, so today didn’t seem any different. You went to your favourite spot in the park (where the two of you first meet). He had even packed an unhealthy picnic for the two of you. It wasn't until he pulls out flash cards do you think something strange is going on. 

He slowly read out his life long promise to you, but as he did more and more of his face was covered by the cards. He’s speech a little broken as he waffled on, instead of sticking to the point.

You summarised his proposal back to him to clarify.
You: “So this was meant to be a wedding proposal?”
Jackson: “Jagi, i’d love to spend the rest of my life with you”


You knew something was wrong with jinyoung when he said he wanted to talk to you. He didn’t have his serious face on like he would during a proper talk, but he had run ahead of the others to tell you. You just assumed he was going to talk to you about what Jackson did, some strange anecdote. All the other members sniggering down the corridor, which made Jinyoung sign. What was wrong with him?

He finally looks at you, with a smile brighter then you’ve ever seen. He says that he wants to ask you something with the member around, but had second thoughts because Yugyeom was being, well Yugeom. He takes another breath, he goes down to one knee and proposes. You practically yell yes, to which all the others start running to the pair of you. 

Jinyoung quickly takes this chance to give you a kiss before he’s disturbed, but as he does the members walk in, with Jackson scream as loud as you did, all the member rejoice at the successful proposal. 


You had always help Youngjae when he was in his composing mood, mostly so you could secretly stare at him as he played. But it was a secret at all, Youngjae knew that thats all you did, even when he asked if it sounded right, you could never give him a coherent answer. Honestly he loved that you loved him whilst he was going something he enjoyed.

But today was a little different, he insisted that you sit right next to him, as he played, you didn’t mind in the slightest. He played his new song, which song a little familiar. 
Youngjae: “Do you like it? I feel like ill hear it a lot in the future”
It was a mash up of the ‘wedding march’ and ‘A’. he had worked on it for weeks, to get it just right. By the time you had realised what was happened he had already pull out the little red box and was down on one knee.

After you answer, he runs out of the music room, to the others, who were sitting on the couch like expecting fathers, and shouts to them “boys todays a special day”. 


BamBam had taken you out to a romantic meal. It was his first day back from tour, and insisted that he make it up to for being away for so long. You sat down to eat, but when it came to desserts the restaurant was practically empty, thats when a spot light shown on stage… and empty stage. You thought nothing of it, you saw a lot of rehearsals happen when public area became quite, it struck you as too odd. But when BamBam stop up and walked over to the stage, you knew he was up to something 

He starts to sing you favourite song, the one he would sing when you couldn’t fall asleep. However wit all the nerves, he started to skip lines. You could see he was slightly annoyed but he wasn’t at the same time. 

He leaves the stage and walks behind you, you turn to see where he’s going, only to see the other members holding cards that spell out ‘MARRY ME!’. He grabs the ring on JB and walks back over to, saying nothing, just kneeling and smiling.


Today was a special day, JYP had let you tag along with the members to their radio recording for their new song. The whole day you noticed that Yugyeoms behaviour didn’t match the others. Whilst the others were jumping for joy happy, Yugyeom seemed very reserved. 

It wasn’t until half way through the interview did he wake up and start contributing to the conversation. Figures he probably tired. It got to the phone all section, and a random caller called in pretending to be you, asking Yugyeom for his love. It was a little odd, but you expected this from him fans. He suddenly turns red, which was very odd.

 He composes himself and turns to you, making a heart, and says ‘i love you’. you think he’s just being sweet, but when the interviewer asks him to say a few more words, you beside yourself (as well as the ‘fan’ whos still on the phone). Jackson pulls you to te mics as Yugyeom gives his speech about being with you forever. He lifts and sits you on the table, and he pulls out a ring and kneels down on the floor. 

Before you could answer the ‘fan’ on the phone answered for you… but sounded like she was behind you, you turned around to see F(X)’s Amber on the phone pretending to be the crazed fan. 

You realise the Yugyeoms little plan, jump off the table, sit on his knelt knee and whisper yes.

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the type of boyfriend michael would be plz” - anonymous

I personally see Mikey as a very dynamic person. Basically, an exact example of the whole “you have to peel back the layers to get to know them” person, a paradox of some sort. Michael seems like a very open and accepting and humbling person to be around if his recent actions in relation to social justice and mental illness awareness are anything to go by. He’s someone who always willing to listen to the other side of the story, collect all the information there is to collect, and then make his own opinions based on what he feels strongly connected to (meaning, he’s very much a observational individual who thinks for himself). I think because of this, he’d be a very attentive and affectionate boyfriend; always tuned into you like his favorite radio station, noticing when the connection seemed to be sputtering a little bit, when there’s a bit of feedback scratching through the speakers, when happy music is abundant, everything (I’ll touch on this later). I think Michael’s very much someone who tends to put his all into relationships, pretty much just taking a leap of faith right from the very beginning; wearing his heart on his sleeve from the moment he finally mustered up enough courage to ask you on a date by doting on you and treating you like the royalty.

That being said though, I think Mikey would need to have a good grip on his bearings before he even thought about asking you out. And what I mean by that, is that I think he’d prefer to have you pretty much figured out before he let himself think about the possibility of you two being a thing. I think Michael’s definitely one of those people who firmly believe that friendship should always be a solid basis to any type of relationship and would firmly implement his ideology with you. Michael would make sure (before he let himself wonder about how your lips tasted or what your hand might feel like gently linked with his) that you were friends with him for all the right reasons because though he’s open in most senses, I think he’s guarded with letting people see that little side of him he manages to keep private. Don’t get me wrong, there would always be flirtatious banter flowing between you two and an underlying current of sexual tension whenever you were alone, but he’d definitely establish a firm connection with you friendship-wise before anything else.

Moving on though, once that barrier between friends and lovers was broken down, Mikey would literally be the best boyfriend ever. He’d always be so in tune with you, knowing even across the world that maybe you felt like the relationship was lacking a little just by the type of texts you were sending. He’d be able to guess what was wrong almost immediately when your responses to his questions during phone calls across oceans lacked the enthusiasm your voice usually rang with, just because he was so attentive and remembered every single little detail you fed him (“Are you bummed because of that chem test, baby? I know you studied for hours, there’s no way you couldn’t’ve aced it”). He’d totally have your address memorized just so that in every country he visited, it would be quick and easy to pick up a postcard with a cheesy picture of whatever attraction the place he was staying in was known for and scrawl a quick little note like “miss you” or “wish you were here” and throw it in the next mailbox he saw walking down the road. Mikey would love getting you little trinkets and such from every odd place he visited even if you adamantly told him not to just because he loved to see you flustered and squirming when he came home from tour and intensively watched you open each gift.

To Mikey, you getting along with his friends would be non-negotiable, but I don’t think that would ever become a problem considering he’d make sure you got along with the boys before ever asking you out while you guys were still ‘just friends.’ His parents though, his parents would be a make or break it thing with him considering he’s an only child and he seems to be very close to them (assuming from his tweets about them). Michael would probably be more nervous than you when he took you to meet them and would literally beam the entire night the four of you sat at his parent’s dinner table, watching you fit into his little family like you were meant to be there all along.

Additionally, I think Michael’s great in the sack. He’s someone who just oozes sexual charm and quite literally would do anything to make sure you were satisfied. Mikey’s someone who put his most important people in his life before him, and I think that attribute would prove to be true when he was pleasing you, too; always making sure you’d at least gotten off twice (whether it be from his fingers, his tongue, having you grind on his thigh, using toys because lord knows that boy loves to experiment and test boundaries, watching you get yourself off, his dick, anything) before he let himself pay attention to his own impending orgasm.

Overall, I just really think that Mikey would be a fantastic boyfriend. He’d love to have nights where just the two of you would lounge in ratty PJs with greasy hair and buckets of take out scattered around you two and watch an entire season of Parks and Rec. in one sitting; absolutely burst with happiness whenever you got the chance to visit him on tour; still blush bright pink every time you said “I love you;” and literally beam with pride whenever you walked into a room and cockily comment to whoever he was talking to, “Yep, that’s my girl/boy” and yes I must go now dear friends goodbye

ashton / calumluke  ||| +masterlist

Was having a shit body day again, and was thinking fuck I’m gonna be the fattest bitch at armin, but you know what? I don’t give a flying fuckkkkkk. Idc if I have rolls for days. I am going to see armin fucking van buuren tomorrow and I’m here stressing about my body and how skinny I want to look in a dark as fuck place -.- I could not be more keen. Holy fuck. The next 24 hours could not go quicker.