Was having a shit body day again, and was thinking fuck I’m gonna be the fattest bitch at armin, but you know what? I don’t give a flying fuckkkkkk. Idc if I have rolls for days. I am going to see armin fucking van buuren tomorrow and I’m here stressing about my body and how skinny I want to look in a dark as fuck place -.- I could not be more keen. Holy fuck. The next 24 hours could not go quicker.


For Shane’s post-rave thoughts! Awwww yeeeokay.

So, firstly, some things I’ve learned:

  1. NYC raves > everything else
  2. There are MANY worse glovers than I.
  3. Drink BEFORE entering the venue because never again will I pay 10 dollars for flavorless beer.
  4. I need to invest in a better camera for EDM shows because I was unable to effectively capture the excellence that was Armin’s stage setup.

Secondly, this was my first trance show, and it will definitely not be my last. There is no better way to integrate yourself into trance shows than with Armin. Only good vibes last night; everybody was kind and respectful to one another (at least those around me… there were THOUSANDS of people there but I was surrounded by a good bunch). It’s like, every time I begin to lose my faith in the concept of PLURR, I go to a NYC event and I’m reminded of what it really means because it’s so fucking real here. The stage setup was mesmerizing, Armin, the singers, drummer, violinist, and stage performers were INCREDIBLE.

I even did the trance family hands thing too. I actually almost started crying at one point, I could feel tears of pure fucking joy coming but they never made it out. I have NEVER been so moved at an EDM show before in my life. 

I can’t wait to post more pictures, clips and videos of the show! Really wish more of you could’ve made it out, you missed one hell of a night!