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one of my favorite parts of Persuasion is when Wentworth decides he’s going to pour out his heart into a letter for the love of his life because he can’t wait 5 hours to, you know, actually talk to her in person, and then he a) does the equivalent of handing it to her and running away instantly and b) goes to moodily lean on a column less than 500 ft from her house to deal with his Feelings for a minute. Which I mean, same.


Peter Cushing + That sexy neck thing he always does after getting choked out

I couldn’t get her out of my head. The way her lips locked perfectly with mine, the way I felt when I kissed her, how intensely we kissed each other, everything. She tasted amazing, too. My breathing had grown heavier when I had tasted her mouth and such. She was an absolute masterpiece, an angel. She was unbelievably stunning. She was on top of me and as we kissed, I put my hands on her waist and pulled her close to me. Our bodies were pressed against each other, and I had decided to kiss her harder. I couldn’t help but run my hands under her shirt and up her back. Her skin was soft, and at the same time her body was absolutely perfect. I can still remember that night vividly–we kissed each other so intimately and hard, our lips were wet and my love for her had increased majorly. Her body was soft and oh-so perfect. She is my everything. She is mine, and no one else’s. I truly am the luckiest person on this planet.
—  I love you.

The Bold Type - 1x05 - “It’s fine. It’s all fine. Jacqueline is apparently the only one in the world who saw my mildly homophobic tweet.”


“[…] and to see to her needs just as thoroughly as you have mine.
But in a different way, of course.”

“Of course.”

- Peter Cushing in The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

Tons of really thirsty Reylo content out there, but I can’t envision much else besides Rey and Ben holding each other’s faces and crying for a few hours while sitting on the edge of the bed.

Movie night

Pairing; Park Jimin x Reader

Words; 3.2k

Genre; Angst (if you squint), PURE SMUT, Fluff (if you look real closely)

Summary; You and Jimin have been in a 6 month long relationship and the most you’ve done is make-out. During a movie night you deicde to push the boundaries but things don’t go as planned.

A/N; I’m still low-key sick so this isn’t perfect but I tried!

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Dating Peter Parker Would Include ...

Originally posted by kiingholland

• Excessive hand-holding
• Sci-fi movie marathons
• Peter refusing to wake you up after you’ve fallen asleep on him. He’ll just sit there super still to not disturb you.
• Forehead kisses. Lots and lots of forehead kisses.
• Peter taking photos of you when he thinks you aren’t looking.
• Peter taking photos of you doing literally anything. Eating cereal. Sleeping. Doing homework.
• Sleepovers. With the two of you crammed into Peter’s twin, and Aunt May’s pancakes in the morning.
• Peter realizing he’s in love with you one night when you patch him up post- superhero duty
• The confession spilling out of his mouth as you clean out a gash on his chest.
• An intense make-out session following
“Ow, Y/N, just got the shit beaten out of me remember?”
• Cuddle sessions at least once a day
• Peter being the best teacher/tutor
• Peter questioning how he landed someone like you
• You asking yourself the exact same thing
• Peter trying to cook for you. He really did try.
• Peter is a total blanket-hog
• You surprising him on his birthday with the biggest cake you could find complete with all of his favorite food and a night trip to Central Park
• Peter is a literal furnace 99% of the time
• Bear hugs every time he sees you
• Waking up to his mussed up hair and bright smile
• Loving him more than anything in the whole damn world

wordshakerofgallifrey  asked:

14) “Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to" with Sprace pretty please?? :D

OKAY i got like 3 different requests for this so HERE IT IS!!!!! you are welcome!!

this fits in my One of Us universe, but it is NOT canon. I’m keeping the canon Sprace feelings reveal a secret ;) it’s long, so I added the cut!



Spot sighed as he glanced at his phone as it went off again, reading Race’s texts as they popped up on his lockscreen.

RACER: psa don’t fuckin sign up for stupid dating apps its stupid

RACER: jk he’s cute

RACER: jk he’s kinda sexist

RACER: he’s buying me drinks so i’ll let it slide

RACER: if i drink enough maybe i’ll get brave and tell him why he’s wrong for sayin all girls are psycho

RACER: ugh if he’s the kind of guy who’s just tryin out guys bc he’s sick of girls i’m gonna puke

RACER: i hope your date night is going better than mine

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Murder on the Orient Express clip that aired with Kenneth Branagh’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Oct 26 2017

The way Misha plays Cas usually, he carries so much weight, there’s a sadness to the character. Especially this. I keep thinking about this face and then how Cas looks when he sees Dean in the 14.03 reunion. Even the lighting is different, in 14.03, it’s bright, and he’s surrounded by family and the bunker is brightly lit and buzzing with all the hunter activity and I am not over how Cas hurries towards Dean, he practically runs and there’s…swelling music and we’ve seen those kinds of reunion scenes and usually they wind up in intense reunion making out and then the movie ends. This is the flip on the end of 13.05 too which also had that swelling, emotional romantic movie ending feel, only this is at the top of the episode. How Cas’s face lights, like thousands of years of weight have been taken off, like he’s actually being lit from inside by his own grace brightening but it’s not his grace, it’s just joy and relief and happiness that Dean is safe, Dean is back, Dean is home, it’s radiating from his eyes. (Misha so does not get enough appreciation for the stuff he does like that, where he transforms his entire body and just…emits…whatever Cas is emitting). We’ve rarely seen Cas that happy and especially comparing it to this scene from 13.23 when he’s lost Dean. Ok I will just sit here screaming internally for a while. 

Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon

First Queen imagine. I look forward to writing more

Word count: 800+ (It’s short, I know)

Warnings: A steamy make-out session, that’s about it

Originally posted by taylormaydwithlove

Roger was finally home after six months on the road with Queen, and to celebrate, the two of you had spent the last three days wrapped up in bed. The highlight of your lazy weekend was the decision to move to the suede couch in the living room.

A record was playing in the background, the sound as soft as the sunlight that filtered through the sheer curtains.

You laid on the couch, eyes closed, arms behind your head. Roger was in the kitchen brewing tea and singing along quietly. You smiled as the high harmony he sung drifted into the room.

He entered the room a little while later, wearing only a pair of loose pajama pants, and juggling a hot mug in each hand. “Here.” He sat on the couch and handed you a mug.

You sat up, took the offered mug and blew on the contents before gingerly taking a sip. “Ugh!” You made a face. “Is there alcohol in this?”

“Oops!” Roger smiled at you apologetically. “That one’s mine.” He switched the mugs.

“Are you ever not drinking?” You teased, smiling at him over the brim  of the mug.

He leaned towards you, and kissed your shoulder. “Only when my mouth is otherwise occupied.” Roger pulled the collar of the shirt you were wearing- one of his large shirts that dwarfed your body- aside and continued kissing along your shoulder.

“I’ve got hot tea in my hands.” You giggled, ducking away from him.

Roger wrapped his arms around your waist. “So put it down.” He quickly stole a kiss.

You relented, setting the mug on the table. As soon as the imminent danger of being burned was removed, Roger pushed you down onto the couch.

You laughed again, as his lips met yours, hungrier this time. He took his time, molding his lips to yours slowly. He could still taste the lemon tea and honey on your lips, it made him want more of you. Roger parted your lips, savoring the taste of you. You sighed, carding your fingers through his hair, and he shivered in return.

Roger’s hands found the top of your thighs, where his shirt rested. His fingers ran over the silky material deftly, slowly inching it up higher. He traced patterns on your hips with the pads of his rough fingertips. You let out small noises of satisfaction, melting into his soft touches.

You pulled away, to catch your breath after the intense make-out session. Roger grinned above you, already dipping his head to capture your lips again. You acquiesced, one hand tangled in his long blonde locks, the other running across his shoulders. He kissed along your jaw, and down your neck. You squirmed under him, moaning quietly as he sucked a hickey into your skin.

“Beautiful.” Roger leaned back to admire his handiwork.

“You’re so full of yourself,” you scoffed.

Roger ran his thumb over your kiss-swollen lips. “I was talking about you.” He chastely kissed you again.  

“Well aren’t you a charmer.” You brushed his hair out of his face.

The edges of his lips quirked. “It’s how I lure women into my bed.”

“Oh?” You raised an eyebrow. “And just how many women have you lured into your bed?”

He pursed his lips. “I don’t remember them, but I remember you.”

“Yes, until you seduce the next one,” you teased lightly, tugging on a strand of his hair.

Roger gasped, holding a hand over his chest. “Replace you? Love, I would never.”

“You know, you’re lucky you’re cute.” You wrapped your arms around his shoulders.

He moved closer to you, leaning on his elbows. “Yeah, I may have been told that once or twice.” His lips brushed against your jaw, then across your cheek, before he nipped your nose.

You pushed him away. “Roger!”

Roger laughed, grabbing your hands and pulling you up with him. You squealed in surprise, as you landed on top of him, straddling his hips.

“Hello there.” His hands rested on your ass.

You placed your hands on his chest to steady yourself. “Hey yourself.”

He smiled softly. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” You returned the smile.

“You’ve gotta come on the next tour,” Roger said. “I can’t take another six months without you.”

You purse your lips. “I don’t know, spending months on the road, long hours on a bus- it doesn’t really sound all that appealing.”

“But I’ll be there. I can distract you.” His hands kneaded the globes of your ass.

You rolled your eyes at him.

“The bus rides aren’t so bad. We sleep through most of it anyways,” Roger said persuasively. “Plus, you get to see a different city every night, it’s wonderful. And you’ll see yours truly play, I know how much you love that.”

You made a huge show of stroking your chin. “Hmmm…” You pretended to think.

Roger looked up at you with wide eyes and pouty lips. “Please (Y/N)? I can’t stand the thought of leaving you like that again. I might not survive it!” He said dramatically. “Please darling, say yes.”

“I think I might need a bit more convincing.” You leaned forward.

He smirked up at you. “That so?”

You nodded.

Roger flipped you over, pinning your arms above your head. “Well then, let me convince you.”  

Results from the aspec PDA survey!

In the survey, I essentially asked people who identify anywhere on the aro-spectrum/ace-spectrum to share how they feel about PDA in LGBT+ spaces because I’ve often seen non-aspec people say that aspec folks are very against PDA in LGBT+ spaces and actively try to prevent it. I’ve never personally experienced this or met anybody who has, so I made this survey to ask aspec people how they actually feel.

Here are the results so far!

Out of the 84 people who responded, nobody was against PDA in LGBT+ spaces! The majority of respondents (67.9%) say they support it. 31% of respondents said they support PDA even though it makes them uncomfortable. One respondent added their own answer, “I don’t care, you do you, have fun.”

Here are some of the individual responses:
Respondent 4, who identifies as arospec and asexual: “I’m uncomfortable with all kinds of PDA due to trauma, but I wouldn’t stop people from kissing/holding hands in an lgbt+ space. If it went on for more than a moment or two and I was having a really PDA-repulsed day, I’d go to the bathroom or get some water or something. If I knew I wasn’t doing so well trigger-wise that morning, I’d probably have stayed home ”

Respondent 7, who identifies as aromantic and asexual: “I support common acts of affection like kissing/hand holding/etc., but acts that border on sexual like intense making out/ass grabbing/etc. make me uncomfortable.”

Respondant 74, who identifies as aromantic and asexual: “I am romance/sex-repulsed personally, but obviously I would not try to make people stop, especially in a LGBTQ+ space designed to allow for PDA.”

Respondent 84, who identifies as aromantic: “romantic pda can sometimes make me feel uncomfy, but it’s usually more straight pda than gay pda, and i think gay people 100% should have a safe place for pda.“

So, there you have it, friends! 84 people is a relatively small sample size but I think the trend is clear: generally, aspec people are not against PDA in LGBT+ spaces.

hxlywxter  asked:

Can I request a Jimin smut scenario where his girlfriend is younger and innocent and she caught him masturbating,he’s very embarrassed and shy so she tries to help him out? Please and thank you 🙏🏼😊

Jimin X Reader *Request*

Words: 2k

Warnings: Handjob, Dick sucking, Smut 

~Admin L *So sorry it took so long to get this out. Thank you so much for requesting*

Originally posted by nochuie

“You have reached the voicemail box of -” You hung up the phone cutting off the annoying automated voice, for what seemed like the tenth time today of trying to reach your boyfriend. It probably should have occurred to you that Jimin was ignoring your efforts to get into contact with him. The need to be worried or mad shuffling around in your mind. It was apparent he was receiving the calls and text messages. When you called the phone rung about three times before being sent voicemail, and your text messages were left on read. Though you had couldn’t fathom a clue as to why he was ignoring you. As far as you knew there was no reason for him to be upset with you. There haven’t been any serious disagreement as of late; everything was just peachy between Jimin and you.

“You have reac-” You cut off the voice once again. This was irking your nerves. All you wanted to do was to go over to Jimin’s house to cuddle and watch a movie with him like any other loving girlfriend. But no, It couldn’t be that simple, nothing was ever simple when it came to Jimin.

“Fucking Park Jimin.” You grumbled shoving your phone into your pocket, directing your destination to his house. You hoped he had a good reason for brushing you off.
You arrived at Jimin’s house. His car was in the driveway meaning he was home, and there seemed to be no other vehicles around; strange or familiar, so you guessed he was alone. But the same question was on constant replay. Why wasn’t he taking your calls? You didn’t even try to knock, thinking that if he wasn’t going to answer your calls. He wasn’t going to answer the door.

By the front door, there was a small fern tree that held his spare house key. You carelessly dug around in the potting soil of the plant with your car keys, not wanting to get the dirt under your clean fingernails, or all over your hands. Once you were able to gain access to the house, you slipped in quietly, not wanting to alert Jimin. The central part of the house was dark and with no signs of Jimin, but a single light appearing from down hallway, the source of it being Jimin’s bedroom caught your attention. You tipped-toed closer to the room, muffled noises which sounded similar to moaning, and the smell of his cologne and something musky becoming apparent the nearer you grew. Curiosity had now peaked your interest, on what was on behind the door.

“Jimin?” You whispered out opening the door to his bedroom; your eyes were blown wide at the view before you. There laid Jimin splayed on his bed, his hand firmly wrapped around his cock, pumping the hard member to the tune of the harsh puffs of breath that escaped past his chapped wet lips. The light breathless whines of your name reaching your ears, the delicate noises mimicking a sweet caress on your ears. It was enthralling yet, almost taboo to stand there and watch your boyfriend jack-off. However, you couldn’t peel your eyes away from his beautiful member, maybe because it was your first time seeing a dick in person; seeing Jimin’s dick in person.

Most of the time You and Jimin engaged in some heavy petting, intense make-out session, and the occasional light grinding, but never any further. Not that you didn’t want to go to the next step with Jimin. Of course, you did. But Jimin was always the one to retreat; his cheeks and ear tinted rouge with embarrassment, and his full lips even fuller from the shared lip-lock. The same phrase of how you weren’t “ready” yet, or how he wanted to keep your “innocence.” Some type of bullshit that didn’t make sense to you, how was he going to tell if you were ready or not. You knew your body.

A low groan from Jimin brought you back to present time, focusing again on him. Jimin seemed to be close if the way his hips began to thrust faster into the tight fist of his hand, or the copious amount of pre-cum that dribbled from the head of his cock was any indication. But from the way his brows furrowed in frustration or the increasing repeating mantra of your name ghosting of his lips, you could tell he was having a hard time of pushing himself over the edge of completion.

You continued to watch Jimin, and listen to his aggravated whines, before coming to the decision that you would help him out. It was self-evident he was “stuck” for lack of a better term and required your assistance, and what kind of girlfriend would you be if you neglected your Jimin. With your resolve firmly made you closed the distance between you and the bed Jimin was currently residing.

“You need help there Jiminie?” You inquired feigning innocence, your orbs bright and flowing; curiosity and mirth the commanding emotions. Jimin’s eyes popped open at the acknowledgment the saccharine tone that was your voice.

“Yah! Y\n! What the hell?!” Came from a startled, and confused Jimin. You watch with amusement at his weak attempt at covering up his immaculate erection with his bed sheets. The turgid member standing tall, and proud under the white sheets saluting at you. A small laugh left you when Jimin placed his hands on his covered dick, a hiss omitting from his orifice at the feeling of the silk fabric over the receptive tip of his cock head.

“This is the reason why you weren’t answering my calls?” You asked mildly offended, pointing to his dick. You perched yourself on top of the bed straddling the covered shins of Jimin, placing your palms on the stiff muscles of Jimin’s thighs.

“I-I  can handle this by myself. Y-Y/n I don’t require your help.” Jimin mumbled his words out, most of them muff from the hand that acted as his makeshift shield against your accusatory gaze, and hid the distress that was predominant in his.

“I call bullshit. I can tell your struggling. You need a little push, more motivation. Let me do that for you Jiminie. I bet I can make you feel so much better than your hand.” You challenged. At this point, you were teetering the line of desperation, you really wanted to show Jimin, that you were ready to break out of your shell. Jimin peeked at you through the slits of his fingers, a battle raging in the single visible eye.

You took the pointer fingers on each hand and traced them up and down his thighs, stopping just short of its actual destination. You watched Jimin Jr. twitch under from your ministrations, just as eager as you were.

“Jimin, please. Just let me get you off, and that’s it. I promise.” You pouted, looking at Jimin through your eyelashes, once again feigning innocence. Your ears perked up at the sigh of resignation, signaling your victory.

“Alright, you can help me out, and that’s it.” Jimin sighed moving his appendage away from his face, his cheeks desaturating with their previous rouge color to a soft pink. You squealed with excitement, wasting no time in yanking the offending sheet down his body, blocked by your form resting on his legs.

“Shit Y/n! Calm Down!” Jimin yelled flinching at your roughness. You looked at him your face briefly mimicking guilt, but was quickly overshadowed by desire at the sight of Jimin’s unveiled cock. You wrapped your slender fingers tentatively around his cock, ignoring his harsh groan, or the way he bucked in your warm palms. Instead, you reveled in the feeling that was him. Jimin’s cock was hot and hard, yet the skin was soft, and tinged with a slightly darker color, from his original skin tone, he was thick and generous in length, positively more than a mouth full.

You slid your hands down to the base of his cock, back up to the head grippingly him firmly like you’ve seen if the many porn movies that you’ve watched. You continued that motion occasionally rotating your wrist to add on to the sensations of your palms. You watched in awe at Jimin coming undone underneath; a true masterpiece. The way his head shuffled against the pillow, ruffling up his unruly hair, how his mouth was parted in a small “o” shape, little gasps of encouragement filling the air around him.  The way his breathing hitch in his throat at a particularly sensitive area, the sweat forming on his smooth chest, or the fast circular movements of his hips keeping pace with your stroking; it was art in it’s purest form.

“Fuck Y/n. You’re doing so good.” Jimin couldn’t help but puff out, the praising sentence filling you with pride and confidence, that you were succeeding in pleasing him. But you wanted more, you wanted to taste him, at least once before you were finished with him. You focused on him with narrow eyes, your face inching closer to his cock, the heady smell of his pre-cum wafting up to your nose, your tongue darting out to lick at his tip, gathering the beads of fluid in your mouth.

“God! Yes!” Jimin moaned out at the wet muscle on his cock, you continued laving his cock head with kitten licks, your fist lazily pumping around the swollen member.

“My tongue feels so much better than your hands doesn’t it Jiminie.” You questioned Jimin, a short grunt of agreement was all he could manage. You wrapped your lips entirely around his shaft, your teeth grazing his cock. Jimin jumped at the feeling of your teeth, giving you a quick warning, and advising you to cover your teeth with your lips.

Following his advise you ascended on his cock, swirling your tongue around him as you took him in deeper, his thick length chocking your inexperienced esophagus. But that didn’t deter you. You eased up from him, taking a breather before descending back down on his cock, bobbing your head as you went. Jimin’s salty fluid and your spit collected in your mouth, acting as the perfect lubricate to aide your sucking. Jimin sat his hands on top of your, gripping a few of the tendrils, using them to guide you to his preferred speed. You let him take control, removing your hands from his cock to his balls, massaging the tense sacks.

“I’m so close. Oh yes.” Jimin panted out increasing the speed of your mouth with his hands, his hips thrusting upwards to meet your downward movements. He was a bit rough, but you loved every minute of it; the closing of your throat when he made you gag, the bubble of spit that collected at the corners of your mouth, the tears that threatened to escape. You hummed around him, the vibration stimulating his cock, throwing him head first into his orgasm. Jimin thrust his cock as far into your waiting mouth as he could holding himself there, shooting rivulets of his seed down your throat, your tongue swirling around his twitching member as best as you could.

“Ahh Fuck.” Jimin breathed pulling his softening member from you, releasing the death grip on your hair. You sat up, licking your lips savoring the flavor of him on them.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you. I might have gotten a little carried away.” Jimin said looking at you sheepishly wiping the stray droplets of sweat of his forehead.

“It’s okay. I liked it.” You answered back just as shy, crawling up the bed to cuddle up next to Jimin.

“So now that you know I can handle it. Can I help you out more often?” You offered to Jimin, flashing him your best smile hoping he would take the bait.

“We will see Y/n. We will see.”

Request are open :)

Stop It (Connor Murphy x Reader)

TW: Bullying, fighting, swearing, intense make out scene, unedited writing

WC: 1,109

a/n: It’s late and I may have rushed towards the end, but I was eager to get this out tonight. Love y’all! <3

You walked silently through the hallways with your head down. You occasionally glanced at the hand swaying next to yours, the words written on Evan’s cast haunting you. You glance up for just a moment and notice your slightly younger brother looking at you with sad eyes.

“Go.” You mumble, smiling at him.

“I’ll only be gone for a minute, I swear.” Evan anxiously kissed your cheek and stumbled off to catch up with his girlfriend Zoe Murphy. You watched him leave, sighing and turning and walking towards your locker. You were really close when somebody shoved you face first against the lockers.

“Freak,” A boy named Dylan shoved you again. “Do you even talk to anybody other than your brother?”

Before you could answer Dylan spun you around and gripped your jaw line. “I’m not afraid to hit a girl.” He threatened and smirked.

A crowd had formed around the two of you, and most people were whooping and cheering for Dylan. After all, they all thought you were just another freak. You glanced into the crowd and saw Evan trembling with wide eyes, staring at the two of you. Jared and Zoe were by his side, prepared to hold him back. Your eyes shifted back to Dylan’s and you squinted at him.

“Well I’m not afraid of you either.” You growled, gathering spit in your mouth and spitting in his eyes.

Dylan released his grip on you and stood back, wiping the saliva from his eyes. “You fucking punk.” Dylan charged towards you and swung a fist at you.

He hit you directly on the jaw, and once he hit you once he didn’t stop. Yells erupted from the crowd and Evan was screaming. Zoe and Jared held him back, knowing he would get beat up even worse than you would. Plus, you were the older protective sister.

“Stop,” A voice shouted. “Stop it!”

Connor Murphy emerged from the crowd and shoved Dylan onto the floor, the principle right behind him. The principle grabbed onto Dylan’s arm and helped him up while Connor grabbed your hand and pulled you away before anyone else could. Connor pulled you into the nearest janitors closet and turned to face you. He took a deep breath and shook his head.

“I thought I told you to stop getting in fights.” Connor frowned angrily, crossing his arms.

“Well,” You wiped the blood from your nose. “I could say the same to you.”

Connor grumbled and yanked some paper towels off a roll on a shelf. He stepped towards you and gently held you by the side of your head, his hand in your hair and his thumb on your cheek.

“Ow,” You mumbled, pouting and looking him in the eyes.

“Shut up, (y/n).” Connor wiped the blood from your nose gently. Connor was squinting his eyes slightly, obviously trying to hide the fact his eyes were watering. You gently reached up and put your hand on top of his.

Connor halted and looked at you with slightly wide eyes, his face turning pink.

“What?” He asked, stepping forward without thinking about it.

“Why do you care about me, Connor? You’re the only person other than Evan who even notices me.” You frowned, blinking and shuffling a bit closer.

“W-Well, you like- you, you notice me, and you care about me. So I could ask you the same thing.” Connor slowly leaned in, his eyes flickering to your lips.

You closed the gap between you two, gently pressing your swollen lips to his slightly chapped lips. Connor moved his lips against yours and gently backed you up against the door, wrapping his arms around your body. You slid your hands into his hair and pulled it gently, getting Connor to let out a raspy moan and press himself into you. You pulled back for a breath for just a moment, and Connor took it as an opportunity to latch onto your neck and start giving you a hickey. You moaned and tilted your neck, closing your eyes.

Suddenly, the wall you were pushed up against seemed to disappear, when really it was just a door opening. You and Connor fell back into the empty hallway, right in front of Evan, Jared, and Zoe.

“Uhaha! Gross, Connor was about to get laid!” Jared laughed loudly, earning a glare from Connor. Evan pulled you up and hugged you, tears wetting your shirt. He clearly didn’t hear Jared or understand what was happening in the closet beforehand. His head was in your neck, and you visibly winced.

“I was so worried, (y/n)!” Evan lifted his head from your neck and immediately squinted at the bruise on your neck. He lifted his head and stared at you with wide eyes.

“Is that a hickey?!” Evan shouted in the now empty hall. Zoe giggled and pulled Evan away from you.

“Yes, Evan, that’s a hickey. From Connor.” Zoe added, smiling evilly at you and her brother.

Evan’s eyes widened and he glanced between you and Connor. Connor was looking off in the distance and trying to hold his laughter while your face was red. Jared was laughing so hard and squealing.

“C-C-Connor? You like-like Connor?” Evan said in a really high voice, blinking a few times.

Your face turned red and you turned to Connor, who looked slightly mad and ready to leave if you said the wrong thing. You spun back around to Evan.

“Yes, Evan, I love Connor.” You couldn’t bare to turn around to look at Connor as Zoe grabbed the wide-eyed Evan and giggling Jared to pull them away. You sighed loudly and stared at your feet.

“I’m glad you love me back, then. Or, y’know, making out with you and protecting you for the last four years would’ve been a waste.” Connor mumbled.

You spun around with wide eyes and stared at Connor for a minute.

“Seriously? You, Connor Murphy, actually lik- love me, (Y/n) Hansen back?” Your jaw was slack and you kept blinking.

Connor chuckled quietly and stepped forward, pressing a kiss to your lips. You slid your hand into Connor’s and pulled your lips apart gently. Connor smiled as your foreheads pressed together gently.

“You have a really pretty smile, Connor.” You mumbled, pulling your foreheads apart slowly.

Connor turned pink and grumbled, pulling you towards your next class. “Let’s go, dork.”

mingyu in bed

Originally posted by gyushua

  • omfg
  • fun fact
  • i, azazel from guccisvt
  • love mingyu with every bit of my heart
  • playful make outs
  • where he laughs against your lips
  • and his hand is running up your side
  • or
  • intense make outs
  • where he lifts you up
  • gets you against the wall
  • or on the table
  • deep kisses all over your body
  • no in between
  • loves to leave hickeys on your collarbones
  • so intense when he’s desperate i’m sweating
  • will pin your hands up
  • kiss from you jaw to your neck
  • and his torso is pressed against yours
  • his hips are against yours
  • and he grinds
  • bye
  • now he’s a switch
  • let’s say he’s the bottom that new
  • so whiny
  • goddamn
  • would whine loudly when you suck a hickey on his neck
  • sucks on a breath when you drop to your knees
  • his forearm is leaning on the wall as you take his pants off
  • and he leans his forehead on the wall
  • just really loves blowjobs
  • loud moans
  • hand in your hair
  • tries not to move his hips too much
  • ride him and his moans get so loud you’ll probably annoy the neighbours
  • such a good boy like
  • won’t misbehave
  • or really rarely
  • now dom side
  • my fav oops
  • let’s get back to the blowjob part
  • probably asked you to suck him off tbh
  • holds ! your ! jaw !
  • groans a lot
  • “hold still baby”

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The end scene of the movie shows the Bellas on the stage having a group hug and the camera pans to the crowd all on their feet and cheering and then it fades out.

Roll on credits.

After the credits, a scene of a door fades in.

There are thumping sounds in the background

The door suddenly bursts open with Chloe and Beca wildly making out still in their last shot clothes

Chloe stops mid-kiss

Chloe: *panting* “I think we should stop. That’s probably enough for them, right??”

Beca: *panting* “Yeah… totes”

And they just stare at each other intensely and then makes out again and then they fall to the floor

We hear Trish shout “CUT!” And we hear everyone laughing and Kendrick shouting

Then Kendrick stands in front of the camera looking wild and shouts “THAT’S FOR YOU WORLD!! YOU’RE FUCKING WELCOME!!”