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My Jared Houscon 2017 auto story: 

I was really nervous about holding up the auto line, but it was important to me that I show Jared my Always Keep Fighting tattoo & give him a message. I know that Jared has struggled with not believing that he deserves good things and learning to love himself. I wanted to say something briefly to remind him that he is as worthy as the next person to be happy. After he signed my op, I showed him the tat on my arm and thanked him for AKF. Then, after taking a breath, I looked him in the eye and I told him that every ounce of love he receives he deserves because he is amazing. I saw the change in his face immediately and could tell he was genuinely touched by what I had said. He put his hand up and interlaced his fingers with mine. He kept repeating, “As do you, as do you” and we held eye contact until I finally (I think) said thank you. I may have nodded or smiled, but I don’t remember what my face was doing, mostly just the eye contact and the emotions passing over his face. As I was walking away he said “Thank you, darling” with the same sincere expression. I think he also pressed his fingers against his lips in a quick kiss, but I had partly turned away at that point to walk out of the room. I didn’t realize until later that he probably kept repeating “as do you” because I wasn’t responding. He only let go when I acknowledged in some way what he was saying, that I deserve every ounce of love I receive, too. Maybe something in my face revealed that I don’t always believe that about myself, because he was saying those words while gripping my hand tightly, never looking away, and was very sincere. I walked out of the op shaking (which was an entirely new experience because I’ve never responded like that after meeting someone) because knowing I made some kind of impact on someone I look up to, this amazing man that I have so much love for and feel I can, in some ways, relate to, was such an emotional moment. Forever grateful I was able to get the words out, and for Jared being as incredible as he is.


So Kaz and I decided we wanted to hold hands for the Mishalecki op. I explained to the guys what we were doing and was in bliss just knowing I got to holds hands with them!! Then, right before the pic Jared laid his head on top of mine and I was in heaven, he’s so sweet <3 As we went to walk away, Chris gave me a smile and a wink (long story short - which I will explain in detail on a different post lol - I met Chris in the hotel lobby on Thursday and had a whole fun experience with him so he recognized me the rest of the weekend and after every single op he either high-fived me, waved, winked, or smiled at me - so when he did it this time I didn’t think anything of it). Next thing I know, Kaz and I are being ushered back around to the front of the op line saying that we needed to do a retake. The first pic looks great to me, but if Chris was letting us do another for whatever reason, I was not going to complain lol! I told Jared and Misha we were doing a retake and Misha remembered we were supposed to be holding hands for the pic. Jared either didn’t remember or just wanted to hug and again, I was not about to complain <3 

Before the second pic, Chris had us scooch over a bit and Jared, while hugging me, pulled me into him and slid us over and I just was amazed that all of this was happening :P thanks Jared, Misha, Chris, and of course, my girl Kaz for such a great memory ;) 

In response to some comments I’ve seen about how Sam and Cas had no meaningful interactions this season and don’t deserve the TCA nomination and/or those who think it actually went to Sam and Lucifer.

Friendly reminder that

  • Sure, this isn’t huge, but Sam attentively cared for Cas in 11.03. Attack-Dog Spell Cas and Sam sassed each other when Sam poked fun at Castiel’s car, and Sam was the first concerned face Cas saw when he regained consciousness to Sam saying, “Cas, are you okay?” Later, when Castiel felt the need to define “perp” to the Winchesters, Sam thanked Cas for it even though he and Dean both knew the word.
  • In 11.04, Sam showed that he had faith in Cas when he acknowledged that, yes, he knew Castiel could be of help to them, but it was important for him to focus on himself, too. To that end, he told Cas to go into his room and watch Netflix.
  • Cas spent the next several episodes (possibly weeks in-universe) recuperating in Sam’s room, sometimes on Sam’s bed.
  • Also in 11.04, (not terribly relevant but because it was kinda cute) we had Cas and Sam geeking out about lore–how to kill a Nachzehrer and the dates after which pennies were only copper-plated zinc. Shhh, I thought it was cute.
  • 11.06 offered a beautiful and poignant parallel. Switching back and forth between Sam and Cas and their respective battles, the episode showed us two men who were being derided and overpowered–two men who chose mercy when they were able. Sam handcuffed the demon rather than killing him, thus affirming his conviction to save people when he could instead of focusing only on ‘hunting things.’ Castiel chose not to kill Metatron.
  • Sam mentioned his concern for Cas right after they left Hell in 11.10 (despite the fact that he was the most severely injured and had been subjected to Lucifer’s attempts at manipulating and degrading him during his entire stay in the Cage) and gave ‘Cas’ that adorable salute at the end of the episode.
  • Fun fact: Sam was the first person to mention his worry about not hearing from Cas in 11.11.
  • Castiel overcame Lucifer himself in order to keep him from further hurting Sam in 11.14, when he subdued the archangel with all his power not as the temporary effect of a spell, as in 11.18, but by choice. No big deal.
  • In 11.18, Sam defended Castiel’s autonomy, saying his choices deserved respect. Again: Sam respects his friend’s autonomy and choices and will defend him to others.
  • Castiel himself did not appear again until 11.23, when Amara removed Lucifer from his vessel. The finale ended with Cas walking into the bunker beside Sam, offering his support and saying he was “here if [Sam needed] anything.” When Toni Bevell greeted Sam before banishing Cas, Sam’s first instinct was not to face the threat, but to turn toward where Cas had been and call out for his friend. Only after that did he actually turn to face Toni.
  • But I mean yeah. Sam and Cas didn’t have any meaningful interactions at all this season.

i’ve never really understood how a celebrity could save a fan’s life.

until now.

until jared padalecki.

*screams into the night* I even managed to pull my shit together enough to congratulate Jensen on the twins as I left! He said awww thank you, looked suitable bashful and happy over it, both are very sweet guys! Jared said hi then did a double take I think cus he noticed I was supposed to be Sam (or my height; I’m 6'1 in my hiking boots) and cracked a bigger smile and said hi darling again and asked how I was.

Wont have the proper jpeg of the photo op for a few days so will squee over this for now *__*