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Locusta the Poisoner—Ancient Rome’s Deadliest Assassin,

Perhaps the most feared woman in the ancient world, Locusta was a first century AD assassin who offered her services to wealthy and powerful Roman patricians, politicians, and military leaders.  So infamous were her deeds that her career was detailed by Juvenal, Seutonius, Cassius Dio, and Tacitus.  Born in Gaul (modern day France) Locusta was raised by her mother to be an herbalist, a healer who specialized in using medicinal plants and herbs. However, her career abruptly changed when she moved to Rome in search for greater opportunities, she found that her skills could put to much more lucrative uses killing people rather than healing.  Rome was rife with political intrigue, and skilled assassins were in high demand.

Locusta intensely studied poisonous plants, becoming a “master poisoner” in short time.  She knew of scores of different poisons; poisons that could bring about a heart attack, poisons that could cause a stroke, poisons that affected the nervous system, even poisons that would make it seem like the victim had died of something completely natural, such as the flu or plague.  For several years, Locusta hired out her services to wealthy patrician families and powerful politicians, or whoever was the highest bidder. In 54 AD Locusta was approached by Agrippina, wife of Emperor Claudius, with perhaps the biggest and most important job of her career; to assassinate the Emperor himself.  Agrippina wanted her son from another marriage to be Emperor, and thus Claudius had to go.  On October 13th, Locusta infiltrated Claudius’ palace, distracting a guard by placing a laxative in his drink.  She then tainted a dish of mushrooms, Claudius’ favorite dish, with strychnine.  Claudius consumed the poisoned mushrooms.  A few hours later, he began suffering strong stomach cramps, then he began foaming at the mouth and convulsing. Agrippina appeared to attempt to force Claudius to vomit the poison by sticking a feather down his throat.  Of course, the feather was also poisoned by Locusta with a potent toxin.  Emperor Claudius died a short time later.

When Nero came to throne, he made Locusta his personal assassin.  Among another of her famous hits was the poisoning of his brother, Britannicus, whom he felt threatened his rule.  Between 55 and 68 AD, Locusta was responsible for removing a number of Nero’s rivals and enemies.  Of course, Nero was not a popular Emperor, and after the burning of Rome he was stripped of his titles and declared an enemy of the state by the senate.  After Nero’s suicide Rome fell into a chaotic civil war as Roman generals and warlords fought for control over the empire.  One of these generals, a short reigning Emperor named Galba, despised Locusta because of her former status as Nero’s chief assassin.  On January 15th, 69 AD, Locusta was dragged from her home into the streets of Rome, and was publicly executed.

  • Me @ pluto: like I love you, I really do but can you chill and stop making everything so damn intense and deep. Stop demanding transformation, it's exhausting.
  • Pluto: No! *keeps fucking shit up*
  • Me: this fucking bitch!
  • Saturn signs assist us in maturing and discipline.
  • Saturn in Aries: Delayed development and maturity levels are generally low. Downfall will be anger issues.
  • Saturn in Taurus: Patient, disciplined, and hardworking. Downfall will be stubbornness.
  • Saturn in Gemini: Adaptable, cool, and rational. Downfall will be them trusting too much.
  • Saturn in Cancer: Clingy and fearful. Downfall will be insecurity.
  • Saturn in Leo: Strong-willed. Downfall will be undervaluing themselves.
  • Saturn in Virgo: Serious and strategic. Downfall will be their controlling nature.
  • Saturn in Libra: Just and fair. Downfall will be isolation.
  • Saturn in Scorpio: Impatient, demanding, and intense. Downfall will be authority.
  • Saturn in Sagittarius: Have set principles, can be serious. Downfall will be lack of trust.
  • Saturn in Capricorn: Ambitious and power-hungry. Downfall will be greed.
  • Saturn in Aquarius: Scientific, logical mind. Downfall will be curiosity.
  • Saturn in Pisces: Vulnerable and paranoid. Downfall will be manipulation.
  • To calculate your Saturn sign, click the link and follow the instructions. http: //
the signs as once upon a time characters
  • Aries: Henry Mills
  • Taurus: Regina Mills
  • Gemini: Ruby Lucas
  • Cancer: Victor Whale
  • Leo: Killian Jones
  • Virgo: Will Scarlet
  • Libra: David Nolan
  • Scorpio: Emma Swan
  • Sagittarius: Robin Hood
  • Capricorn: Snow White
  • Aquarius: Graham Humbert
  • Pisces: Belle French
Scene Meta- 5.14: Milah Meets Hook

For my Follower Appreciation: Meta On Demand @gusenitsaa asked for me to analyze the Millian meet cute and I was only too happy to oblige as it meant I had to watch the scene over and over and over! Thanks so much for following and for sending in a prompt! Hope you like what I came up with!

The scene opens with Rumple and Milah discussing what needs to be done in order to save Baelfire. Milah urges an unenthusiastic Rumple toward bravery and after some talking he gets up and leaves. Placing this scene right next to Killian’s introduction into Milah’s life is very deliberate. Rumple and Killian have always been foils and a study in contrasts and this scene works overtime to show this to Milah (and the audience).

As Rumple walks out of frame Milah’s pained face fills the screen. She is worried, near tears, and she takes a drink. She is emotionally spent and she has to know that what Rumple is attempting may result in her losing both her husband and her son. Having her drink spilled on her and fending off the paws of a drunk oaf seems to bring her near hysterics; her voice rising in pitch. And that’s when Killian Jones, a man that doesn’t even know her, steps into help.

Think about what this means to Milah, a woman who is shunned in her own village because of her husband, a woman whose husband never stands up against bullies, a woman who has been carrying her own burdens for so long. It’s not a big thing but in that moment it as important as a knight slaying a dragon.

(source @onceland) (PS I love the way his necklace moves)

Now up until this moment the ambient noise of the tavern has been pretty loud. Men laughing, people talking, and the strains of some tavern performer played over Milah’s conversation with Rumple. But the moment Killian enters the background noise is replaced by a low hum of strings. The contrast further emphasizes the impact of this meeting on Milah.

Unlike Rumple, Killian is both decisive and unafraid of a bully. He ends the fight before it can really begin and the little to no reaction of the people in the tavern gives you an idea about what kind of place it is. Killian sits, smiles, and offers her a drink–an expensive shot to replace the lost little bit of cheap ale. It’s a very smooth move but I don’t think Milah really appreciates it because she looks like she is still in shock. Again when was the last time someone helped her fight a battle or offered her a drink?

source @thekillianjones

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VIXX: How They Kiss You

No one request this but im in love with VIXX and hope you guys like it <3

Ask anything

N:  HakYeon likes something delicate, touching and warm, anything to get you confy and make you feel secure and loved just for beeing close to him. His hands would be on yours cheeks and a perfect place would be in his room, were nobody will disturb yours. 

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Leo: Leo’s wet, intense and demanding  kiss is just a small part of his seduction repertoire if he hyde very well. Enjoy him, very good. Leo’s kiss of pleasure is not for everyone. And if you survive this kiss unmoved, search for a therapist, you aren’t well. 

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HongBin: Just imagine the most perfect and calculated kiss, his warm hands on your neck or your hair, his wet lips pressing against yours while his tongue can’t wait to be inside your mouth and fell your sweet flavor. And you, oh, yours legs would be trembling so bad. Now, imagine your arms over his broad shoulders, fingers gently pulling the soft strands next to his neck … It seems too much for a mere human, right?

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Hyuk: Hyuk would kiss you with a small smile on his lips, his fingertips playing with the skin if your arms or even your waist, feeling every second like it was the last, savoring and embracing you when you feel in the mood. This kiss will be the best you’ve ever had, with smiles and small pecks later.

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Ken: Kiss Ken is a bit like being in the middle of an earthquake: you do not know well how it started, and why your body is so tense when he put his knee between your legs and hold you by the hips. Don’t be surprised if it is attacked by a greedy mouth, and how much heat has to be deleted, do not be surprised also if the kiss finished next after the kiss in the movies.

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Ravi: It is recommended great care and concentration: the kiss of someone who speaks with his hands and drop objects like Wonsik can end with you two berth, rolling across the floor. So far so good, if it even if that crazy kid wants, but the problem is that if all flurry, he curled up on his legs and fell on top of you, after knock down a shelf and some chairs together.

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45. Mixtape

members: Min Yoongi

content: Valentines Day. A helpless romantic. A busy schedule and a lovingly crafted mixtape.

length: 2147 words

rating: SO MUCH fluff like you have no idea

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In the five years you had dated Min Yoongi you had come to realise that he didn’t see romance in the generic things. Flowers that were blood red neatly presented with a single pink lace bow, spontaneous trips to the middle of nowhere where the two of you could lie back and watch clouds drift across skies or date nights that were religiously undertaken twice a week when the two of you would get dolled up and the night would end with ripped clothing strewn on the bedroom floor. Yoongi couldn’t couldn’t find romance in those things; his work schedule was too intense, too demanding for any real effort to be spent on.

However Yoongi saw romance in the smallest of things, moments of pure bliss that could not be replicated by an expensive meal at a fancy restaurant. Romance was when he returned home from long, exhausting practices and climbed into bed where he would pull you along the expanse of the crisp white sheets and wrap his arms around your cold body, fluttering a kiss on your temple before mumbling an I love you. It was the way when he was proud of a track he had created, his chest swelling with nerves and apprehension when he made you sit as his desk and tell him what you truly thought, no sugar-coating, I will know. It was days when he didn’t need to be at practice and he would scoop your exhausted body off the thick mattress of your bed and place you delicately on the sofa, where he would mumble no moving, you promise, before spending the day eating junk food, watching crappy movies and making love on the soft carpet of your living room floor.

So when you walked in from a particularly hectic day at the restaurant, sweat settling on your skin and clothes rumpled, on the 14th February you were surprised to see Min Yoongi holding a bunch of bright red roses and a wearing a sheepish smile. A soft grin pulled on your lips as you dropped your bag, taking a step closer to your boyfriend.

“What’s this?” You muttered, eyes scanning his attire, knowing he would have gotten back from practice and was most likely exhausted. He didn’t wear anything fancy, simply a t-shirt with a pair of basketball shorts but from the soft aroma of tea tree and mint drifting from his body you could tell he had showered and changed especially for you.

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"Do you need any help planning the wedding?" With LeJan

[Hey lookit that, @spyoflove shows up in this. Indirectly but still.]

Leah looked up from the book of Essential Dres Van Wedding Customs she was reading in the Manor’s library, blinking as she saw Prince Joshua standing before her.

“Uh,” she said.

It wasn’t often that the prince spoke to her when it was just the two of them. In fact, it wasn’t often that it was just the two of them, period. Usually there was either Jan or Princess Amy around to ease the awkward atmosphere that always seemed to come up between the prince and the Altarian commoner. Joshua’s posture seemed to be stiffer than ever now (if that was even possible), but he was looking right at her, his intense stare demanding an answer.

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What are your thoughts on a cancer venus libra mars? I never see any posts about those placements so I'm super curious to how you think they interact!! :)

-intense and demanding. your insecurity makes u desire to surrender yourself to another who can protect you.

with neptune in the 10th it is possible that the mother
or the father suffers addiction or mental disturbance of some sort. maybe the mother is a martyr, and demands intense support from her own
offspring. the father could have a problem with drugs and alcohol, but also be quite a gentle or withdrawn type. either way the individual may consciously
or unconsciously be a ‘savior’. when the individual cannot
repair the cracks in the family life, they attempt to heal the world, and often
lean toward remedies that can suture the scars of mass humanity.
but neptune is also filled with vision and inspiration. the parents may be a tremendous cascade of divine light and artistic talent. the parent may be seen as ‘god’ through the eye of the child, as if the parent is an umbilical
cord that feeds straight through to heaven
#neptune in the 10th house

workfornow  asked:

Funny how we think of routine as something rigid - or commitments made to outside things. I bet if you tracked it you have a very clear routine - therapy, exercise, recovery time (napping, thinking, etc.), research, paperwork, or chores, some organizing to make sure there's food, especially Sherlock-appropriate food, available. Checking the blogs, texting or calling whomever you keep up with. The timing changes day-to-day given your commitments & Sherlock's schedule, but it's a routine! 1/2

Medicine & the army are intense, high-demand environments, and you excelled there, and you needed them, I think you’ve said, directly or indirectly. You needed an environment that kept you out of your own head in some ways. (The therapy might change that, a little.) But therapy IS intense and high demand in different ways, though I understand why it feels like you don’t do much. When you don’t need the rest & recovery time you’ll fill that time with activity, I’m sure. (2/2)

speaking of, I just woke up from a nap.  um.

yeah.  I guess it’s hard for me because i’m so used to being busy, and having my schedule essentially laid out for me… lot of structure in the military, yeah? that was good for me.  hard to feel anxious or restless about anything when you know exactly what you’ve got to do and when, for the most part.

just not used to hours and hours of what feels like down time to try and fill up every day.  it’s new for me.

jesterbing replied to your post: Two professors have lectured us this week about…

Ahhh lmao. Sounds like my old job. No really, I’m sorry to hear that. :-(

It’s driving me INSANE.  They keep making these intense time demands but then nothing gets done in those meetings because no one has had time to do anything in between meetings because there are so many.  I’m just toast and can’t keep up anymore.  

The Signs as OUaT Characters

Aries : Emma - Aries and impulsive and compassionate, something that Emma is, along with being stubborn.

Taurus : Charming - Taurus can be charming but also stubborn, like Charming when chasing Snow :)

Gemini : Ruby - Geminis tend to have two distinct personalities within, much like Ruby, who is also a werewolf.

Cancer : Snow - Cancers tend to be big on family and connections. They are very kind and caring people.

Leo : Rumplestiltskin - Leo are ambitious and can have a big ego. They usually make big impressions.

Virgo : Belle - Virgos pay vast attention to detail and love helping others (which happens a lot in Storybrooke)

Libra : Jiminy Cricket - Cricket, much like a Libra, is the “scales of justice” in Storybrooke. They don’t pass judgement easily

Scorpio : Cora - Like Cora, Scorpios are intense, demanding and generally will do whatever it takes to achieve anything.

Sagittarius : Robin Hood - Sagittarians seek truth and a greater understanding of life. They are natural wanders and can be ambitious.

Capricorn : Peter Pan - Capricorns and hard workers and ambitious, doing whatever it take to achieve their goals, even if it’s something outrageous.

Aquarius : Henry - Aquarians are concerned with making the world a better place, just like Henry.

Pisces : Hook - He is often conflicted inside, representing the fish swimming opposite ways. He’s an understanding, gentle character beneath though.

These are just my interpretations :))

with neptune in the 10th it is possible that the mother
or the father suffers addiction or mental disturbance of some sort. maybe the mother is a martyr, and demands intense support from her own
offspring. the father could have a problem with drugs and alcohol, but also be quite a gentle or withdrawn type. either way the individual may consciously
or unconsciously be a ‘savior’. when the individual cannot
repair the cracks in the family life, they attempt to heal the world, and often
lean toward remedies that can suture the scars of mass humanity.
but neptune is also filled with vision and inspiration. the parents may be a tremendous cascade of divine light and artistic talent. the parent may be seen as ‘god’ through the eye of the child, as if the parent is an umbilical
cord that feeds straight through to heaven
#neptune in the 10th house

Cowboys and Costume Parties

Okay, so I really really don’t like this one and I’m in the middle of working on my Haunted Septiween stuff and I’m trying to only write cute, adorable things I like.  Idk. I don’t like it.  If someone else wants to turn this into something, please do.  

I got dragged to a costume party and you’re the hot cowboy I’ve been crushing on forever and I’m just going to leave where is my ride? Oh, you want to drive me home? Okay.

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