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So You Want to Write About Witches and Magick: Some Advice

Hi everyone; hope today is going well for you! Today, I’m going to be talking about witchcraft and magick in fiction from the angle of writing it. I realize many witches (including myself) have a burning desire to see more realistic portrayals of magick and the Craft, and there’s no better way to go about it than for us to take pen to paper ourselves! 

This short series of tips is designed for those who want to write a story with characters who practice magick in a more realistic fashion than seen in novels like Harry Potter. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with Harry Potter, of course, but there’s room in the genre of magick for realism, too! Hence, why I’m writing this. I’ll be using examples both from my own writing and from novels I enjoyed that featured realistic magick.

Why write realistic magical fiction?

So, why a realistic portrayal of magick? Obviously, most novels and stories that feature magick are of the fireballs-and-glowing-spells variety, and not very realistic at all. That makes for good reading, too, but more realistic portrayals also have a place insofar as they’re incredibly unique and interesting! Why not stand out from the crowd a bit? 

It’s also worth noting that most witches, I think, if given the choice, would prefer to read something more realistic fiction-wise over an equally well-written fantastic portrayal. I know I would, and I feel like it’s important for magical practitioners as a community to write and create their own magical narratives, providing role models and other hallmarks of good media. 

There’s also the not-so-small matter of how magick actually operates in the real world. I don’t know about you, but my Craft is intensely personal, and exploring it (or a character’s equivalent) in fiction makes for strong characterization. Furthermore, real-life magick is more nuanced than just “she throws fireballs,” and is bound to entice your fellow witch readers who love subtlety and delight in detail.

So, those are some reasons I, as a witch, would like to read (and write!) more realistic portrayals of magick in fiction. How do we do it, though? What sorts of tips can be offered? Let’s begin by discussing the hallmark (I think, anyways) of excellent stories - characterization! How do you create compelling witch characters and interesting magicians? 


The first important thing to note is that, as you no doubt know, witches and magicians are an incredibly diverse lot. Witchcraft in and of itself is only one of many magical styles, and others exist, including things like conjure and ceremonial techniques. 

Within many broad categories, you find a wealth of smaller traditions. What kind of magick does your character practice? Sweep, by Cate Tiernan mixes real magick with fantasy, and in that series, most of the characters are Wiccan, but participate in a variety of different styles of magick, ranging from herbal casting to spirit work. Realize, too, that your character will probably work with a variety of techniques, so keep that in mind, as well!

Secondly, ask yourself what your characters believe. How do they conceptualize their magical experiences? Do they believe in a deity or worship a godform, such as the Wiccan goddess or an older pagan deity? Are they Christian? Jewish? Taoist? Views on how magick works and why are as diverse as practitioners themselves, so you need to consider what sort of paradigm your characters are working and living within, as well as why. 

I want to note that I’d be careful writing about practices that are foreign to you (the writer). If you know nothing about Christianity, don’t make your character a Christian, for example, unless you’re willing to do a lot of research to create a sensitive portrayal. As to myself, I’ve experimented with a lot of magical paradigms (such as chaos magick and Thelema) and I tend to draw from those when I write. 

I’ve had characters who were Wiccan, chaotes, and Thelemites in past works. It’s usually best to write what you know. Don’t feel as if your story needs to be full of characters from many different paths or religions to be realistic. Such a story would be realistic, but there’s nothing technically unrealistic about, for example, a story focused solely on chaos magick. Err on the side of caution here to avoid inaccurate or trite portrayals of actual practices. Again, write what you know.

One thing worth avoiding is stories where the main character or characters discover they’re the “chosen ones” and realize a great destiny. I suggest avoiding it because it has become relatively cliche in fiction as a whole, but also because it’s unrealistic in the world of realistic magick. It’s tacitly conceivable that someone might somehow find themselves in such a position, but very cliche in fiction. 

Mostly, it’s unrealistic because magick rarely works that way, and while that shows my own bias (I don’t believe in destiny as such), I’d avoid it just for the cliche factor. I’ll admit in one of my stories I did feature a character who was the reincarnation of a famous folk hero and had a certain “special destiny.” This was a very low-level thing and didn’t feature everyone treating them differently because of it. It was also balanced out with other characters having similar situations, thus making the “special” character relatively ordinary.

One of the benefits of writing more realistic magical fiction is that characters can literally be anyone. There’s no need for them to have been raised by arcane wizards in a windswept castle, because, in real life, witches and magicians come from all walks of life. We could be your neighbor, or a friend. The most important thing is that you work out what your character does magically, why, and what they believe about it. This is, of course, in addition to normal guidelines for good characterization.

Plots and Telling a Good Story

Now, let’s talk about plots? What makes a plot suitable for realistic magick? What plots don’t work within this genre? Which are cliche? Let’s dive in.

Since the keyword here is “realism,” plots can be taken easily from real world experiences and inspiration. Just like me and other real-life witches, witches or magicians in realistic stories will have normal, everyday hardships and joys, and you can explore this. That approach is, in my opinion, much more interesting than just focusing on the magick itself. A story where magick is the main driving force of the plot is rarely going to work well; something else must be there to drive the magick instead! 

As an example, I’m currently working on a short story called Curse Your Local Heroin Dealer. It’s gritty and very much a NSFW thing, but it features a coven of folk witches who find themselves at odds with local drug dealers who’re literally poisoning the community. The main conflict has no real magical aspect; rather, magick is a tool used to solve problems for the characters. It also draws a lot from my experiences living for a while in an area with a serious heroin epidemic, and I think it’s turning out to be a compelling and meaningful story.

As another example, look at the Circle of Three series by Isobel Bird. In those stories, the three main characters are burgeoning Wiccan witches. While magick is present, it isn’t a means to an end itself. The girls deal with all the normal struggles of high school students, but face them with a magical twists. Plots include relationship drama, dealing with the death of loved ones, and local mysteries. All of the stories could conceivably have been written without magick, but adding magick creates depth and shifts the story into interesting territory.

In particular, avoid situations where magick is the sole solution to the character’s problems. Just as, in real life, a witch can’t wave a wand and fix a problem, your characters shouldn’t be able to just do a spell and have their world set aright. Instead, the magick can be a vehicle for them moving forward, but also cause for introspection and character development. This is done particularly well in the Witches Chillers series, where the main character’s social awkwardness is underscored by her feeling less adept magically than her peers.

Building a World

A few notes on worldbuilding: you wouldn’t think it necessary when you’re going for realism, but it absolutely is. Anytime you have witches and magicians in a story, they’re going to interact with the wider society just as we do in the real world. Pay attention to the way society treats the occult as a source of inspiration. How will characters handle being feared (or laughed at) for their practices? How will they handle the increasing fascination of society? 

Another thing to consider is magical social structures in the story. Will your character belong to a magical Order, secret society, or coven? In most cases, it’s a bad idea to use real-life organizations in a story. Instead, you should invent your own fictional ones. This isn’t difficult, because you can crib a bit from real life, just not too much. In one of my stories, I created a secret society similar to (but distinct from) the Ordo Templi Orientis as a backdrop for a story about a character’s struggle with depression and how it affects their magick. In other stories, I’ve written about fictional covens and traditions of magick.

Finally, as a last tip, do not slander real paths or traditions for the sake of creating a villain. It won’t be believable if you do it, and will, furthermore, anger people. Why do that? It’s pointless to create a villain who’s a super-scary LaVeyan Satanist, because five minutes of research will tell your readers that LaVeyan Satanism isn’t all that frightening, let alone evil. 

I avoid this in my stories mostly by creating traditions and paths out of whole cloth for the antagonists. The villains in one story I’ve been working on, for example, worship an egregore that takes the form of rat, but doesn’t exist in real life. Another option is to just make the antagonist’s path or tradition irrelevant to their villainous activities, but that can be difficult to do well. In short, try not to play to stereotypes about occult traditions, and don’t slander large (or small) swathes of the community in the name of a villain.

I hope this was helpful and inspirational for budding magical writers out there! There is so much potential in this genre, and I would love to see more of it. If you’ve favorite stories that use this approach, do share them with me, so I can enjoy them, too. If you, yourself, have written any realistic magical fiction, why not share it? I know I look forward to reading more in this genre!

helenrenee  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you could recommend your favorite KHR fanfics? I've been wavering in my worship of the KHR fandom and I need more motivation.

Sorry for the wait, this was the kind of ask that is easier to write on a desktop

If you’re in a fandom where Metisket has written a fic you have probably already read Metisket but just in case you haven’t: read Metisket. Yes, even the first-person G fic. Do it

Izanyas just wrote an emotional gutpunch of a Fon/Mammon fic, Forty-Eight. Short, sweet, painful.

Kilewolf has pretty much mastered writing Yam POVs, all of them are intense and lovingly crafted. (Like The Edge Of A Knife is my fav but it’s only on AO3)

Venture Out Of Boredom is a REEEAAAAALLY good OC fic with STELLAR integration of the character and everything is constructed so tightly it is RIDICULOUS

Abraxas is a MTNN/KHR fic. It only works if you read the entire Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro manga to the end (not the anime; different tone, different ending). Works as a great incentive to read Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro to the end.

Esquitor is basically my bossom buddy in ridiculous, over-complicated AUs  and we do everything in pairs nowadays because our thought process is basically identical?? Even our exact techniques in making our doofy AUs that need wikis to fully parse and our decision to make webcomics on the side. We are presumably the same person at this point

This agonizing Yam Meta fic

Morcai’s stellar time travel character drama fic, Birthright, which is WONDERFUL and AN ICON and WORTH ALL THE ACCLAIM 

Esama’s stellar time travel psychological drama fic, Sidelines, which is WONDERFUL and AN ICON and WORTH ALL THE ACCLAIM. (I’ve had a bad experience with Esama’s fandom so I’m really prickly about recing or even acknowledging her works but like…they’re good shit and I love all of them and the author herself is pretty amicable)

Athanotosora’s stellar time travel fix-it adventure drama A Sky’s Charisma, which is WONDERFUL and AN ICON and definitely focuses a lot more on Tsuna proactively resolving issues from his timeline. I think these 3 fics describe the 3 most appealing aspects of time travel fics and that’s why nothing ever really rose up to match them

Yamamoto Takeshi as Uchiha Sasuke. Exactly as good as you think it might be, which is EXCELLENT

Robot Tsuna fic that updates never but there was a long pause since the last time it updated too (though it wasn’t a year and a half………..) so: recing anyway. Support that author

This INCREDIBLY SAPPY Tsuna&Gokudera relationship/friendship fic which KICKED SEVERAL LEVELS OF MY ENTIRE ASS

This post-canon Mochida fic

Nana/Reborn fic which is just about the most sappy, adorable, cheesy Iemitsu-bashing romance fic I have EVER seen and I am REVELLING

Irony is slow to update, but still updates at a base concept of ‘regularly’, and you should support it. It’s pretty much the Tsuna/Gokudera time travel fic but with Reborn and several shades more dramatic.

Full Circle is a GREAT Lambo meta codafic, working both as a prequel and a sequel to canon, as typical with Lambo.

It’s A Mafia Life is a bad fic but I unironically adore it so fuck off? As the title implies, Tsuna finds out what would have happened if he wasn’t there. Ending played my sappy-ass heartstrings

I feel I’m contractually obligated to rec The Flame Of Day, AKA the best KHR post-canon fic anyone has written ever, at this point

Really intense heartbreaking Tsuna can’t die fic which also hasn’t updated in forever; I’m pretty sure there was a brief fandom renaissance in 2015~2016 that died out quickly, leaving fic authors without the support to motivate them. I don’t know what happened but please review fics you like

Kyogre’s fics, another author known for being Really Goddamn Good at KHR

Aaaaaand that’s it. I haven’t been reading KHR fics in 2017, so if you folks want to rec me some right back to me, I’d love it!

I can articulate the issues pertinent to my asexuality (and aromanticism), but it’s an exhausting process to constantly have to relive experiences I have had and/or capture the myriad number of issues relevant to the entire community just so that we can validate our right to continue communicating about our identity without derision and backlash. 

There’s also no guarantee that the emotional labor I put into crafting a response will be taken into genuine and careful consideration from those who are demanding we provide them with “proof” to every single problem we experience. So, I refuse to put in the effort to articulate every problem I face to people who go asking questions. It’s not my job, and there are plenty of online resources.

That being said, I feel as though young asexuals (and aromantics) may feel pressured to constantly prove themselves and to explain why something that hurts them, hurts. I remember being that age, and finding it difficult to express myself especially when the community was much smaller and the resources we had were minimal compared to today. 

I think what is important for young people especially to realize is that not being able to articulate “why” doesn’t make your perception wrong. It doesn’t mean that you’re wrong or “making things up” when you’re very clearly hurt by something. As someone who has experienced a lot of emotional abuse, it’s common to feel like you are wrong for being hurt. 

You’re not wrong. You might not be able to express yourself the “right” way, and you might say things that are inaccurate because you don’t quite know how to articulate yourself. That doesn’t mean you’re wrong for being hurt by something, for needing help with something, or for recognizing that something can be a problem for you as an asexual or aromantic person, intentional or not. 

You do not have to waste your time and energy providing explanations to people who do not care about your identity or experiences in the first place. I encourage you to keep talking about issues important to you, without giving others a platform to keep questioning you about your existence. It’s just a manipulative means to shut you up, and preserve the status quo. 

You do not owe anyone anything. This is your space to discuss things that concern you. There is such a thing as healthy criticism, and engaging in important discussions that concern intersectionality. However, you don’t owe anyone an explanation for your existence and you don’t have to be an open book about the experiences that lead you to this point in your life. 

It is entirely okay to just walk away. You’re not a bad person for not crafting labor intensive explanations that people are just going to rip apart and devalue anyways. If they think your refusal to indulge them invalidates you, that’s on them. It’s not a reflection of your actual value. It’s a reflection of their own entitled attitudes and lack of concern for your well-being.

Dear Antis & Pablo Hidalgo: We're not stupid. We KNOW Kylo is the villain.

No one is saying (or should be saying) he’s not a villain. If they are saying that, they’re analyzing the information incorrectly. TFA makes his villainy ABUNDANTLY clear. They don’t sugarcoat anything, we are told outright that he destroyed his Parents’ and Uncle’s lives, they don’t brush Lor San Tekka or Han under the rug, they don’t downplay his torturing Poe or Rey or hurting Finn. JJ flat out calls him a coward, which he is. Kylo Ren is a persona, someone who WANTS to be like Vader and who WANTS to deny the light exists. He thinks Ben Solo was weak and foolish. This inner conflict is one of his key defining characteristics, the other is that he is NOT HAPPY with this path he chose–this path he supposedly wants so badly–whether he admits it or not.

Since Pablo likes to apparently mock men who show emotion or people who deal poorly with their “manpain” (which is another way of saying “LOL, this guy could be coded as mentally ill but really he’s just a pathetic pussy and a crappy whiny entitled anti-hero that I can’t stand and I want everyone to know that his parents were PERFECT and Snoke manipulating him was a JOKE we threw in at the last minute because Leia is just a hopeful mom who doesn’t really know anything about her own child–Ben Solo was BORN BAD and you should all hate him cuz I sure do, LULZ!”) Pablo is, to me, just another useless unhelpful derogatory petty black-and-white only! asshole fanboy I can’t ever take seriously. And if he wrote these movies and wrote Kylo like he apparently wanted then I know many people besides myself who would have been *sorely* disappointed. This writing team wrote three heroes AND A VILLAIN that I’m invested in now. Suck a dick, Pablo.

Since Kylo is NOT written like other Star Wars villains I can’t really bring myself to have a set standard of expectations for him as I do other Star Wars villains–which includes:

• death by the hero’s hands, or
• redemption by death

Perhaps another option is available now because Kylo makes me **gasp** question a lot of things, especially when it concerns Rey and their “interesting relationship going forward”!!! So, my dear Antis & Pablo, I guess I should apologize for… what exactly? For being interested in this unique villain’s fate? How his role as a villain might change later based on the multitude of conflict in his character? For the canon compassion he has strangely shown to a prisoner of war? For looking deeper into things–for speculating beyond what few details we are explicitly told? No, I can’t (and won’t) just overlook that Kylo has done horrible things but I also can’t (and won’t) overlook that he is ALSO written in the script, the film, and both novels (and blatantly I might add) as a character with Byronic traits and sympathetic qualities:

• He has a “Bottomless well of pain”
• He has been taught by Snoke to think that Vader only “failed” because of sentiment. Vader *choosing* to return to the light was not discussed, rather it was Luke’s sole desire to “tempt” his father into death from compassion
• He is pleased when his own people fear him, which feeds into his obsession with Darth Vader, who he wants so badly to emulate because he fears that he himself will never be strong enough
• Is told “you are my favorite, you are so special” by his father figure only to be told the next minute “I don’t think you’re strong enough to do this one thing I need you to do though.” I mean… they can’t make it any clearer. That is textbook abuser/groomer lingo.
• Is shown to be very passionate and emotional (of all shades) and openly forthcoming with those emotions. Still very capable of attachment though he stubbornly denies it.
• So isolated that the only support system he has to console him in any time of need is the charred mask of his dead grandfather
• A man who has “shirked the sun”
• “A student who took no joy in his studies. One who perceived only the great problems of the galaxy and not its simple pleasures.”
• “His mind was a turbulent ocean of fear”
• Han did not understand nor have faith in his son, in his eyes Ben “was always drawn to the dark side… he had too much Vader in him” and Han “would’ve given anything for his son to be ordinary–like him.” Daddy issues are very much a thing for Kylo Ren
• Is directly berated by Snoke for being weak (“You have compassion for her.”)
• “Starved himself of nourishment”
• “His eyes were dim and dark and terribly sad.”
• At the mere mention of Leia both by Snoke and by Han, Kylo Ren shows intense emotion. There is still a strong link there.
• “In his last few seconds of life Han saw only his son. The darkness in his eyes. And the sadness. Han forgave his son for what he had done and prayed that his son could forgive him in return.”

With defining characteristics like that, Kylo’s character has choices in his story arc if only for the simple fact *because* he is written as multi-dimensional and occasionally sympathetic. This all points to what I said before–Kylo Ren is unlike the usual Star Wars villain… he is actually suffering intensely for his craft and letting himself be Snoke’s puppet because he has so little self worth besides his Force abilities. He doesn’t know anything else. I went into TFA fully expecting to hate Kylo with my entire soul but, like Han, I saw sadness there and a huge absence of joy in being the villain. Now, I personally enjoy Kylo’s villainy, I love his Skywalker sass and his melodrama, I love that he can be completely calm or completely unhinged, I love that he’s not completely consumed by the dark yet but he WANTS to be so badly, I love that the light in him refuses to go away, and I love that he’s not pure evil incarnate for the sake of evil such as Tarkin, Palpatine, Vader, Boba Fett, Jabba, etc. He is a *really* interesting villain and I don’t understand why Pablo despises him so much except that he resents the fact that so many fans have taken to Kylo Ren. Maybe don’t make such a relatable human villain next time, kay?

I also want to add that I don’t think Kylo was brainwashed at all. I don’t get that vibe. Kylo isn’t stupid by any means… but he has definitely been coaxed from a very young age by a predator to think in a way he wouldn’t normally think. Pablo is so confusing because he doesn’t always correlate to what the film and the novels tell us. He makes it sound like he was “born bad” but that’s not what the story is saying to me at all. A powerful Force-sensitive being took advantage of this child’s innocence and twisted it into fear, obedience, and insecurity. I’m not sorry for having sympathy for Kylo, at least for that much. Pablo also says that Kylo blames everyone else? I’m sure he blames his parents for not being there and blames Luke for something as well. But as far as we can see he *wanted* to be with Snoke and wouldn’t blame his fall–something he wanted–on anyone else. He doesn’t blame Snoke for a DAMN THING and even defends him to Han.

What happens to Kylo from now on lingers on Kylo NOT being the coward anymore. He is so powerful but so afraid, and so alone. The dark doesn’t have to be his destiny, and I hope it isn’t. Some people can’t seem to accept that we’re not excusing actions or making him blameless. We’re saying he can change, the way he has been written thus far supports that. Also… this is Star Wars. Darth Vader became a freaking light side Force ghost after killing perhaps millions of innocent people. I’m not saying Kylo will get a redemption, I’m not saying he *deserves* a redemption, I’m saying he is the type of character who could make a redemption arc work in a really powerful way. You don’t know what’s going to happen… don’t knock us for something you don’t know about either.

I expect him to be very villainous in Episode VIII… but as a character I also expect growth because he is a focus of this trilogy just like Finn and Rey. Killing Han weakened him, being defeated (and turned down) by Rey appalled him, he’s going to have to prove himself even more to Snoke now because he did a huge chain of fuck-ups during TFA, including the huge one that Snoke blatantly warned him about: that nasty ol’ compassion. I’m really excited for Episode VIII and I won’t let antis or Pablo bring me down. I’m giving Rian Johnson my full attention.

A new pokemon lady? after so long? yes indeed!!

This is Venus. She’s an interior decorator, museum curator, hairstylist, scuptor, model, photographer, musician, and most notably, Elite Four member. Her grass type pokemon are all able to suit her aesthetic, while also being fierce competitors. An intense perfectionist, she painstakingly crafts hers and her pokemon’s appearances to mesh well with her equally toiled-over battlefield. Once the battle starts, she might just wreck it while crushing you, which then allows her to spend time fixing it up again. It’s a vicious cycle.

Adam and flower crowns headcanons

this is really niche but i had a thought and now i really need this so… I’m sorry

  • it starts when cabeswater starts sending them to say thank you for being its magician, the morning after he’s been forced to wake-up at 2am to go and move a stray branch he wakes up and there is a flower crown of roses under his pillow, he thinks this is ridiculous and just leaves it there
  • Cabeswater is not up for that and persists, everyday he wakes up with gradually increasing amounts of flower crowns all over his bed until he gives in and wears one to go to Ninos
  • cue stunned silence from the others when he arrives, Noah and Blue are the first to recover and obsess over how insanely cute their friend is and insist that they need some too, Adam is more than happy to oblige (at this point there are almost 40 of the things all over his room and they aren’t even going bad, just multiplying!) Gansey is also blown away by this new look and says that is suits him
  • RONAN LYNCH HAS NO CHILL, is Parrish really trying to kill him? Is he doing this on purpose? why does the stupid idiot look so fucking cute? this is not fair. he remains uncharacteristically silent for the remainder of the meal
  • Blue comes over to his apartment one day because he needs to find something to do with the stupid things, they are EVERYWHERE. Subsequently they spend the day doing some intense floral arts and crafts, by the end of the day they have: covered the tree in Blue’s room with petals, added copious amounts of roses to nearly all of the clothes Blue owns and attempted to make perfume (the perfume is by far the least successful of their ventures, Noah suggested adding cinnamon and poured in the whole jar, it smells like the place cookies go to die)
  • But people at Blue’s school notice that she has the nicest flowers in her hair and ask about it, all of the sudden Blue and Adam are running a blackmarket in flower crowns 
  • At this point the flower crowns have become Adam’s signature look (there is a petition circulating 300 fox way to change his nickname from coca-cola shirt to flower boy)
  • Ronan and Gansey aren’t even sure how it happened but now even monmouth had fallen victim to the flower crowns, they are EVERYWHERE, Gansey tries one on and decides to try and make a literal ‘crown’ out of flowers and spends a weeks worth of nights neglecting the henrietta model in favour of making an entirely historically accurate copy of Glendower’s crown out of daisies
  • When Adam and Ronan eventually start dating Ronan finds himself also losing against the flower crown war, he keeps dreaming them and having to hide them, there are drawers overflowing with flowers in his room, Adam eventually finds them and thinks that it is cute, Ronan insists that its not
  • One day Aglionby has a non-uniform day and Adam wears a flower crown because at this point it’s second nature, the other boys in his classes have only slightly more chill than Ronan, the entire day is filled with whispers of “no homo dude, but Adam Parrish looks fucking adorable”, no one can concentrate, entire academic careers are  ruined, anarchy reigns supreme 
After Party Imagine

The Party Is underway and after all the guests have arrived, The boys both feel a big weight lift off their shoulders. Their friends really showed up! Feeling a little stressed, Dan pulled Phil over to the bar to get a few shots in them when as they read the menu change their minds are go for ‘The Dan’ and ‘The Phil’ they quickly try each others signature drinks and of course love them! Phil couldn’t tell if Dans actually had alcohol in it but didn’t care as he was enjoying it too much. After a final swig, The two look at each other and burst into a laughing fit for no reason. Finally they were beginning to lighten up and greet their guests with confidence.

Their friends all congratulated them holding their drinks high in the air as they did so. Hours went by and every now and then, Phil could catch Dan just staring into his eyes. Ignoring it, Phil carried on with his conversations with his fellow Youtuber’s. 

Suddenly, a hip and cringe song came on sending a shout of excitement through the room from the guests. Dan’s, face instantly tweaked into a ginormous smile, watching his friends dance. 

“This is Gold!” Dan giggled, not taking his eyes off the crowd. But Phil wasn’t looking at the crowd, he was looking at Dan, his true best friend. The boy who had changed his world after a single comment on one of a video. The endless Skype calls and long train journeys brought them even closer and made them the duo they are today. Phil knew Dan had changed over the years. He was always questioning himself as to who he really was and if he fitted in with the world at all. Phil just wanted to tell his chocolate brown haired friend that he didn’t need to fit in with anyone, He was already perfect the way he was. But he couldn’t. After everything they had achieved together, a little crush wasn’t going to change anything.. But it wasn’t just a little crush. Phil was in love. He had been in love since the moment he first lay eyes on Dan at the train station. This made things hard, but still he was content with the way things were already! DREAMS WERE COMING TRUE! And Phil had dan there right next to him all the way.

A hand suddenly pricked Phils back, sending him flying our of his chair and straight into Peej who was dancing with Sophie and Chris. 

“Come and dance with us, Guys!” Chris shouted. Phil turned to Dan who was shrugging his shoulders. Phil rolled my eyes, and grabbed Dan’s hand and dragged him to a free area where they had room to do their awkward dance moves. 

The two started of just shuffling around, making eye contact every now and then but soon the music got louder and faster sending Phil’s instincts into motion. Soon enough, they were dancing like none was watching, which was the exact opposite of what the guests were doing. a circle had formed around the boys and clapping had began. Randomly, Dan grabbed phil’s hand and threw him into a spin, hysterically laughing as he did so. Phil took advantage of this moment and did the same to Dan. They began swing dancing which made the crowd roar with excitement! Cameras flashing, Chanting of names. But they didn’t matter, spending this moment with Dan was all that did. Seeing such happiness on his face and no sign of sadness. Maybe this year has been the best for the two. The beauty in front of Phil was so temping and as he expected he would, Phil placed his free hand on Dans cheek and as is like lightning, pulled him into a kiss. It felt so passionate and right. Dan tried to pull away at first but soon lost himself and fell for it. Although the music was still playing and the screams were growing around them, Phil heard nothing. It was as if everything had disappeared from the universe and Dan was the only other human that remained. The kiss didn’t last long but it was long enough as when Dan finally pulled away to catch his breath, Phil found himself falling back into reality Only to find Dan smiling that adorable smile. They embraced each other and just as the song switched to something more slow and steady. People had began to leave the circle and join their partners to slow dance. 

Still in his Embrace, Phil felt Dans jaw move as if he was about to speak and whispered something so unexacting, it nearly made Phil fall to his knees with weakness..

“I’ve been waiting for that since 2009.” 

OKAY BYEEEEEEEEE (Sorry if i have sent any of you into an intense crafting session after this.. <3)

10 reasons you must buy fallout 4

1. It’s fallout 4

2.its fucking fallout 4

3. The new character creator looks amazing and the level of detail you can go into creating your perfect character is intense.

4. The crafting and building system. The new weapon crafting and customisation in the game is huge. There are over 50 base guns in the game with over 600 different attachments, you can really make you gun unique. Also there is the house and settlement building, which if done correctly will be a great feature and add hours to the game.

5. The brotherhood of fucking steel is back in action. For me I love the BOS and I really hope you can join them
And do quests for them.

6. Boston and the institution. Boston is a great place for a fallout game with the historical elements it brings but I can’t wait to find out more about the androids and the institution.

7. The graphics. The graphics in this game look superb and can wait to play with the new physics.

8. Diving into another 100+ hours of fallout. I don’t know about you but I have clocked 100s of hours playing fallout and being emersed by the wasteland and I can’t wait to do it again.

9. A talking protagonists. I can’t wait to hear all the funny shit that the voice actor has to say, I mean you know that the dialog was like in fallout 3 I can’t wait to hear that voiced.

10. Exploring the vast wasteland and discovering the secrets that it hold. I can’t wait to just explore and find all the hidden gems and Easter eggs

anonymous asked:

Based on what we know, option 2 seems likely. At the same time, after all the work they have put into Clexa, do you really think they would have fans "fill in the blank"? To me they have to show the sex scene. 1) They showed a good portion of Clarke and Niyhal's scene, and that was just "purely physical". Why wouldn't you show your main canon ship's first time? Clexa sex would be deeper and have more meaning behind it then Clarke's Ep. 1 sex scene that was- again- "purely physical' (1/2)

(2/2) 2) it is important to show them coming-no pun intended- together physically and emotionally. It shows the evolution of relationship. 3) This has been a slow burn. The buildup has been intense and carefully crafted. Why write so much into this dynamic to leave such a pivotal scene up to the audience’s imagination? Outside of that I really hope they show the sex scene, not just because I am some thirsty hoe (kind of am tho), but because I think it is actually IMPORTANT that we see it.

Option 2 does seem likely…but episode 6 doesn’t have a ‘S’ rating. So, that is why I was going with the falls into bed after having a make out sesh then it fades to black scenario IF we are going with option 2. 

See, this is why I am torn…I think that they would give us more that what a non-S episode rating could give us if we are going with option 2. That is one of the things that makes me question the possibility of option 2 happening. I think that they would show the sex scene or at least them undressing or being in bed and kissing before it fades to black. But, I think that that would need a S rating – a rating that episode 6 does not have. 

Maybe that are planning on showing a lot in the ‘morning after’. This moment could be paralleled with Clarke staying the night and waking up to Lexa, when she left in the middle of the night with Niylah. Maybe Clarke wakes up from a nightmare and Lexa is there to comfort her…this would be paralleled with Niylah still sleeping. Maybe the writers could only allot time for either the sex scene and the build up OR this morning after where we would get them being super smitten with each other and having ‘fun’. This moment might actually be more ‘powerful’ then them having sex the first time. The morning after will show them being happy and waking up next to someone and not feeling alone. This scene of them ‘having fun’ would account for Jason’s tweet:

Thinking about this now… it actually makes sense to have the ‘make out then falls into bed’ at the end of episode 6, then it picks up with the morning after with them naked in bed and making out and ‘having lighthearted fun’. The morning after will have so much more meaning behind it, as you see how happy they are. Additionally, Clarke might ask Lexa about her tattoos and that would lead to a progression in the story telling. The sex scene of them taking their clothes off and seeing their reactions is what we want to see, but it might not make sense with the time restrictions and moving the story along. Does this make sense? It would be amazing to have both…but I think that I would be happy with this scenario. 

Dressing the Part

Aurora Lives Modern AU: Clarke meets Mrs. Blake for the first time under less-than-desirable circumstances.


I want to write more in this AU but idk what so if you have any requests?

Clarke lets out a mumbled curse when she faces the mirror in Bellamy’s room. She’s missing out on showering with him to try on the disaster of a bridesmaids dress. Maybe jumping in with him wearing the thing might actually improve it (it would sure as hell make her feel better).

“Shit,” she mutters and turns to look at the back. There’s at least a spare two inches of room that have the dress hanging limply around her shoulder blades, the thick straps  too long in the front, meaning her boobs are spilling out of the V neck and maybe if she could pull off one of those really loose, shapeless dresses, it might have worked.

But she can’t, and she thinks she kind of looks like someone just draped silk chiffon over her, slapped a bow on the back and called it a day.

A minute after the water in the bathroom shuts off and Bellamy’s emerging with a towel tied low on his hips, she’s still studying herself.

“Oh,” he just says.

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Winds of Fate II - Marchutan/Kaisinel Protector Set Quest (Summarized Version)

I mentioned previously that I wasn’t going to attempt translation on this yet because Korea kept altering the quest lines (bug fixing and nerfs). The changes are stabilized now; so while I work on the actual quest line, you can use the summarized version to at least get an idea of what you might be in for.

Pre-Requisite Campaign

You will have to clear the NEW Enshar/Cygnea campaign before the quest line opens up to you. And even before that, you will have to clear ALL your Enshar and Cygnea campaigns before the new campaign can be accessed. 

So get started now if you haven’t, they’re relatively easy and can be done within a day.

The quest line is repeatable, however, when you’re doing them for the first time, you will have to follow them in a strict order.

Shoes > Gloves > Shoulders > Pants > Chest > Weapon > Title

*Title quest is a one-time clear quest

1. Shoes Quest Line

If you haven’t began familiarizing yourself with the hidden transports and rifts entrances/exits within Enshar and Cygnea, now would be the best time to do so. 

There will be NPCs scattered in a variety of locations in Enshar, Cygnea, Kaldor, Levinshor and Upper Abyss. You will have to find them and engage in hunting quests, some of which requiring you to cross over to the opposing faction zone.

The NPCs themselves may also prove a challenge to reach as some of them are not in a direct accessible area (eg. you’ll need to jump off a high rock to glide to where they are).

2. Gloves Quest Line

I hope you have lots of friends, and of the blender variety. 

You will be tasked a mindless hunting quest in Kaldor, Levinshor and Gelkmaros or Inggison. It’s not impossible to solo, but it will be faster and safer as a group, especially because the mobs you’re required to kill in Gelkmaros/Inggison are elite mobs.

3. Shoulders Quest Line

A relatively relaxed portion out of the rest as it requires your toon to stay in Pernon or Oriel to do gathering and hunting. You will need at least 400p and higher in your Essencetapping for the gathering part.

The hunting part requires you to hunt down Agrints that spawn at a certain timing (these agrints are DIFFERENT from the seasonal ones in-game).

4. Pants Quest Line 

Intense crafting and RNG for this part, while you’re given the freedom of doing this on any craft, you will need at least 400p and higher in said craft. Some minor hunting quest at the Upper Abyss inner area to end this quest line.

5. Chest Quest Line

A mixture of gathering and hunting quests, you will need at least 400p and higher in your Essencetapping for the gathering part; you will need to purchase a special item from the NPC to gather from these quest nodes (they cost about 1,100 kinah). The quest item spawns in certain end game instances, and the hunting quests require you to kill mobs in a specified area around Kaldor for quest drops.

6. Weapon Quest Line

This is a also mixture of gathering and hunting quests. You will need at least 200p and higher in your Aethertapping for the gathering part. Lots of final boss slaying required for the hunting part, I hope you have great friends or a decent static. 

7. Title Quest Line

Thankfully, this one is just a walk in the park. Spend between 9,000,000 to 11,000,000 kinah (prices fluctuate based on Influence Ratio) on a quest item from Pandemonium/Sanctum and a simple turn-in.

The title awards the following stats:

HP +200
Movement Speed +4%
Attack/Cast Speed +2%

The shoes portion of the quest is slightly different (in regards to NPC/mob hunting locations) for Asmos and Elyos, so I will be covering them twice at a later date.

anonymous asked:

Your opinion on Homestuck?

Homestuck is a really fantastic story and I can’t get enough of the clever writing tricks that have gone into making it. I came in late to the party so I got to read a huge chunk of it all at once (my friend ann came in even later, coming in at [GAME OVER], and said much the same)

reading the whole thing back-to-back really puts to light how intense and cleverly crafted the storytelling is, and its success impacted me quite a bit as someone who was very frustrated with the current state of the studio system vs. independent works.

I have much more in depth thoughts on it, but my brain is too wanting food to let me concentrate ;m;

30 Days of WoW: Day 07 — Your favorite piece of lore?




Precious space goat children who live tens of thousands of years and really don’t want to hurt anyone but they’re just too good for this cruel, war-filled, craft-intensive universe.

Fortunately, they’re built like refrigerators, so that whenever they do get enough gumption to go wrecking some shit, everyone notices.

They are refugees from the ultimate worst political rally ever, becoming the victims of an entire world’s wrath and the target of the Burning Legion. So much of Warcraft’s lore falls on the shoulders of the Draenei, and yet at the same time we are often offered only the slightest glimpses of what their lives were like before and after the conga-line of tragedies that befell them.

What we do know is that of all the races we see in Warcraft, they probably have the most unique and cosmic scale to their story. The Draenei aren’t just a repackaging of some classic fantasy creature from modern mythology - the closest comparisons you might be able to make are tieflings/aasimar from D&D (half-demon/half-celestial creatures, though Draenei are their own, full-blooded race that is - apart from appearance - neither more or less demonic/angelic than any other), or maybe the Tau from Warhammer (except completely without the obligatory imperialism/jingoism/caste bullshit that comes with existing in the Warhammer universe).

However, I think the closest comparison might actually be the Vulcans from Star Trek, though instead of forfeiting emotion for the sake of logic, the Draenei gain a sense of righteousness, benevolence, and piety - often, at the expense of their own safety. While they are depicted as being victims more often than not, they are also depicted as being cultured, enlightened, and most especially compassionate toward others.

At the same time, there are limits to their compassion. They are frequent targets by the forces of darkness. Many Draenei have grown cold and angry in their time in exile. It’s not hard to learn the history of the Draenei and not build a sense of righteous anger at their predicament. Their only crime was resisting the corruption of the Burning Legion - and for that, they have been forced to endure thousands of years in exile, repeated attempts at total annihilation, and forced de-evolution, with some Draenei becoming the Broken.

One thing that I love, especially, is the sheer scale of their experiences and possibilities with the Draenei. The Draenei are, after all, aliens to Azeroth and Draenor.  They aren’t alike to anything else on either world - some Draenei have lived longer than the entirety of known human civilization, or were fully-grown adults during the rise and fall of the Troll empires.

It would be easy for them to view the other races of Azeroth as mere children, but clearly, not all of them do. Instead, they are ready, willing, and valuable allies to the cause.

The Draenei are good friends to have, and a wonderful part of the game’s lore!