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it was a game that had a good idea, but then started doing the negative indie game things. like RANDOMLY GENERATED, SURVIVAL, CRAFTING, AND INTENSE BUGS!!

what was

10 reasons you must buy fallout 4

1. It’s fallout 4

2.its fucking fallout 4

3. The new character creator looks amazing and the level of detail you can go into creating your perfect character is intense.

4. The crafting and building system. The new weapon crafting and customisation in the game is huge. There are over 50 base guns in the game with over 600 different attachments, you can really make you gun unique. Also there is the house and settlement building, which if done correctly will be a great feature and add hours to the game.

5. The brotherhood of fucking steel is back in action. For me I love the BOS and I really hope you can join them
And do quests for them.

6. Boston and the institution. Boston is a great place for a fallout game with the historical elements it brings but I can’t wait to find out more about the androids and the institution.

7. The graphics. The graphics in this game look superb and can wait to play with the new physics.

8. Diving into another 100+ hours of fallout. I don’t know about you but I have clocked 100s of hours playing fallout and being emersed by the wasteland and I can’t wait to do it again.

9. A talking protagonists. I can’t wait to hear all the funny shit that the voice actor has to say, I mean you know that the dialog was like in fallout 3 I can’t wait to hear that voiced.

10. Exploring the vast wasteland and discovering the secrets that it hold. I can’t wait to just explore and find all the hidden gems and Easter eggs

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Based on what we know, option 2 seems likely. At the same time, after all the work they have put into Clexa, do you really think they would have fans "fill in the blank"? To me they have to show the sex scene. 1) They showed a good portion of Clarke and Niyhal's scene, and that was just "purely physical". Why wouldn't you show your main canon ship's first time? Clexa sex would be deeper and have more meaning behind it then Clarke's Ep. 1 sex scene that was- again- "purely physical' (1/2)

(2/2) 2) it is important to show them coming-no pun intended- together physically and emotionally. It shows the evolution of relationship. 3) This has been a slow burn. The buildup has been intense and carefully crafted. Why write so much into this dynamic to leave such a pivotal scene up to the audience’s imagination? Outside of that I really hope they show the sex scene, not just because I am some thirsty hoe (kind of am tho), but because I think it is actually IMPORTANT that we see it.

Option 2 does seem likely…but episode 6 doesn’t have a ‘S’ rating. So, that is why I was going with the falls into bed after having a make out sesh then it fades to black scenario IF we are going with option 2. 

See, this is why I am torn…I think that they would give us more that what a non-S episode rating could give us if we are going with option 2. That is one of the things that makes me question the possibility of option 2 happening. I think that they would show the sex scene or at least them undressing or being in bed and kissing before it fades to black. But, I think that that would need a S rating – a rating that episode 6 does not have. 

Maybe that are planning on showing a lot in the ‘morning after’. This moment could be paralleled with Clarke staying the night and waking up to Lexa, when she left in the middle of the night with Niylah. Maybe Clarke wakes up from a nightmare and Lexa is there to comfort her…this would be paralleled with Niylah still sleeping. Maybe the writers could only allot time for either the sex scene and the build up OR this morning after where we would get them being super smitten with each other and having ‘fun’. This moment might actually be more ‘powerful’ then them having sex the first time. The morning after will show them being happy and waking up next to someone and not feeling alone. This scene of them ‘having fun’ would account for Jason’s tweet:

Thinking about this now… it actually makes sense to have the ‘make out then falls into bed’ at the end of episode 6, then it picks up with the morning after with them naked in bed and making out and ‘having lighthearted fun’. The morning after will have so much more meaning behind it, as you see how happy they are. Additionally, Clarke might ask Lexa about her tattoos and that would lead to a progression in the story telling. The sex scene of them taking their clothes off and seeing their reactions is what we want to see, but it might not make sense with the time restrictions and moving the story along. Does this make sense? It would be amazing to have both…but I think that I would be happy with this scenario.