intense car chase

Big Hero 6 Appreciation Week: Day 6 - Favorite Scene

This was really hard to choose (because I love the whole darn movie!!) but I particularly enjoy the scene where the nerd gang hides and hangs out in Fred’s room. I don’t know, I enjoy the ambiance (the calm after an intense scene like the car chase) and their interactions (like how Gogo and Wasabi give a huge ‘WTF’ glance at Fred’s weird painting). I also love the part where they discuss about who the masked man could be and decided to be superheroes in Tadashi’s memory :)

Also we see how of a huge nerd Fred is I mean look at this room ha nerd

the best part of the queen’s gambit job is, objectively, the opening scene where you’ve got this intense car chase with this zippy little sports car chasing a very likely government issue dark suv with only partial shots of the sports car driver from behind, clearly trying to get the audience to be all “ooh who is this mysterious man with the flashy red car and wild driving skills who on earth could he be” as if you can’t immediately tell that it’s nate because he’s wearing one of his fucking hats


Since watching ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ last weekend, I’ve been talking about it to literally anyone who’ll listen, family, friends, coworkers, my boss, a gas attendant, the lady at the cash register in key food, etc. You get the picture. Now, although I am definitely a cinephile I’ve never particularly been a fan of most action movies that are jam packed with car chases, meticulously choreographed combat scenes, weapons and blood galore, and of course tits&ass… And sex, sex, sex. Even if there is no actual sex, the women always have to be sexual objects and exude sex at all times, especially when engaging in a good fight. The only thing that turns men on more than two men throwing up the fisticuffs, is probably including a woman or two in these fight scenes, scantily clad in tight leather, spandex, or something that looks like underwear. Enough about these other movies though, because Mad Max is in a league of it’s own. Before getting into details I just want to begin by writing, this movie made my heart ache and swell with woman love and pride. I wish I could walk through life feeling that same contentment being a woman in this world. This cast of women were no doubt sexy, edgy, and breath taking in their own right. But what makes this movie different from all the other action movies starring female warriors/heroines? For starters, although there are four gorgeous women who are essentially the wives and property of the vomit-inducing villain, Immortan Joe, they are all fierce and complex characters in their own ways. They grew up in a society where they were used and valued for their biggest commodity, the ability to have children. One of the most important things in a society where the world has basically ended, and the one common goal everyone has, is to survive. These women not only realized that they were not meant to be property despite what they’ve been told, they’ve actually taken matters into their own hands and begged the fierce and powerful, Imperator Furiosa, to take them away so that they can be free. We will get back to her and all her glory in a minute. The most important point I’m trying to make here is that these women were literally the only beautiful things in a world of shit, ugliness, death, torture, and destruction. Instead of being coveted for their beauty and used by these ghastly men for sexual pleasure, they were used in the same way everyone in this dystopia was used, for their most important basic functions to keep this society going. The writers and directors were able to breathe life into a society so foul, decrepit, and corrupt, that sexualization of women was not even on the radar. I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! They were tools just like everyone else, used in whatever way would benefit society in the eyes of the leader. For example, Max was used as a blood bank because he was captured and marked as a universal donor (something me and Max have in common ;D). They put a muzzle on him (insert Bane joke here), and literally used him to give blood to a more valued member of that society (one of Immortan’s brainwashed, faithful minions). Here we have a movie that successfully strips down our ideas and concepts of most of the basic things that we believe make us human, therefore, constructing a society with a leader that asks the question 'how can you be used?’ And begs each individual to ask the question 'how can I survive?’ In doing so, the audience is given permission to view each of these characters as objects to be used as means to a goal, survival. This somehow leads to an experience I’ve never had before, and never realized I was missing until now; gender is of no consequence in this movie. To drive these points home even more, we are given little to no background information about Max, Furiosa, any of the wives, or Immortan. We are sort of just flung into the desert with these characters, right in the middle of the story of their lives. It is like someone has seamlessly whispered in your ear, unapologetically, that this is the world now, you know this already. So subtle, so casual, like you are remembering instead of seeing something for the first time (which is another topic and reason to love this movie all on it’s own). This is certainly a first for this genre, if not, for all genres (at least as far as I know). Now back to Imperator Furiosa, the woman who has stolen my heart and become an instant favorite as far as my list of heroes goes. There are not enough good things to say about her character and the strong tribe of women that were her family before she was stolen as a child. Instead of escaping on her own (in a world where self preservation is everything because you can’t afford any more loss, mind you), she decides, like a badass, like a BOSS!, that she is going to steal and rescue Immortan’s wives using HIS truck, HIS weapons, (at first) HIS soldiers, right underneath HIS nose. Aghhhhh, and how completely and utterly satisfying this is. Throughout the film she is using her superb driving skills, her sharp aim (it is in fact a point in the movie to show she is a better shot than the infamous Max himself), her upper body strength, and unparalleled one on one combat skills to escape with the ladies, and take down as many of those drones as she can along the way. I would like to note that she has one prosthetic arm, and it is a non point in the movie (which is also great). She is such a wonderfully, powerfully crafted character. We experience her anger, sorrow, and hope right along with her. At some point Max tells her that to “hope is a mistake”, but in my humble opinion her hope made her stronger, it gave her something to fight more fiercely for. And I’ll be damned if anyone can convince me she’s not the reason Max found something to hope for as well. She’s just the best. Period. Furiosa and Max fight together and form an alliance and deep understanding built on a common foundation of loss and pain. Their relationship is one of the most refreshing relationships to graze the big screen because they never become romantically involved. I repeat, they NEVER become romantically involved. There is mutual respect, comradery, and maybe even love between them, but this never translated into a cheap, we-may-die-soon-and-you-have-done-so-much-for-me-let’s-have-sex-or-kiss-in-the-middle-of-this-really-intense-car-chase, romance. There is no surprise that Furiosa is the warrior she is, when you meet the tribe of women she comes from. They protect each other, fight with honor and dignity, and do this really cool grabbing the air thing when one of their own dies, almost as if they’re absorbing her spirit. Every last one of them does this, fights fiercely til’ the bitter end, even the 90 year olds. It’s pretty amazing. I would honestly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. Besides the characters and plot points, it is a stunning piece of cinematic genius. It made me feel better for having experienced it. Hope you enjoy!