intense amount of feels

the combination of feeling intensely guilty over any amount of money you spend but also relying on physical possessions to make you feel happy and in control

How to Attract the signs (refer to sun, moon, mars, and venus signs)
  • Aries: This sign likes to be in control, so they often look for a submissive partner. However they treasure knowledge, so high intelligence and maturity in a partner is a major turn on. They also enjoy the arts and having fun, so show them you know how to have a good time and they'll be attached at your hip.
  • Taurus: Being ruled by venus, this sign enjoys a romantic relationship, and is very receptive to playful/appreciative flirting. They like to be admired, and look for either a stable partner or someone who needs healing, for Taureans love to nurture. As the sign of possessions, they may be more attracted to someone who can offer them the possessions (physical or mental) they dream of.
  • Gemini: Geminis are quite restless and crave adventure, so anyone who can show them a haphazardly wonderful time will win their affection. They also love being able to have endless conversations about infinite topics with a partner, as the sign is ruled by Mercury (planet of communication). Overall, they dream of a mate who will travel to great lengths with them and laugh with them the whole way.
  • Cancer: Ruled by the Moon, Cancers have strong and passionate emotions, and they can be afraid to admit them, so to attract a cancer be direct and tell them how you truly feel about them. Their ideal mate is comfortable at home and sometimes traditional, unafraid of their soft side, and very nurturing and loving.
  • Leo: Leos love to be complimented, for it validates their feelings of insecurity, so if you are attracted to a Leo, don't be afraid to give them compliments every other sentence. Leos love luxury, and therefore they dream of a mate who can keep them entertained while maintaining a stable, comfortable lifestyle. Leos also love humor, so put on your best comedic face in their presence.
  • Virgo: To attract a Virgo, a good starting point is to not be overbearing. Virgos do, however, being ruled by Mercury, find themselves attracted to one with superior intelligence to their own. Always know that Virgos need their space, as they are very private people. Let them come to you when getting to know them; make them feel comfortable and welcome to share. Their high standards also account for manners and appearance, so be you best self when around a Virgo that you are attracted to.
  • Libra: Many people believe Libras are vain for having such high standards and always wanting compliments, but the truth is: they most often doubt themselves heavily, so to attract a Libra shower on the compliments. Libras simply wish to find a mate that understands their minds and needs, and is able to fulfill them. Libras are huge fans of aesthetic matters, and so they gravitate towards beautiful people, but they shut off immediately if said people are ignorant, rude, or unintelligent. They are very artistic creatures and always appreciate people who are involved in or share their views in artistic areas.
  • Scorpio: Scorpios like it when you pay deep attention to them, but it must be genuine because they can see through lies and will completely drop everything related to the situation. Their passionate nature requires an equal amount of intensity to get their attention. They often feel like a lone wolf walking an unpredictable path which causes them to feel unstable and unfulfilled, so they want a partner who can ground and fulfill them.
  • Sagittarius: Outgoing people by nature, a Sagittarian loves to talk about EVERYTHING. They love a person who can keep up with their never-ending stories of adventures or even mundane things that they make out to be adventurous. They like to be asked questions, but not questions that pry too much into their private life or deep feelings. They also love people who are willing to let them have their own freedom to do as they please, which could be anything!
  • Capricorn: Capricorns are cautious around strangers, so be friendly and amusing to open them up a bit. They often feel melancholy and need an emotional lift. They are drawn to people who are intellectually stimulating, for they usually speak about serious subjects. They hate when people disagree with them, so if you want to attract a Capricorn, you must care deeply for and agree with their opinions.
  • Aquarius: Aquarians are very unique, independent, and interesting people, but they can be elusive about this so it may take some time to truly get to know them. They are self-reliant and it takes time for them to trust someone enough to take care of them, so with an Aquarius, be friendly, caring, amusing, and open to their radical ideas. Let them be themselves and support every decision they make (obviously as long as it is a genuinely awful decision). Don't make them dwell on their mistakes.
  • Pisces: Pisceans are very interested in the arts, books, entertainment, and many other unique topics. They are interested in conversations about spirituality as well. Pisces like strong, optimistic people, so try not to mope too much; they will listen to you vent, but they get dragged down by extreme sadness and pity parties. They are impressed by people who can laugh away their troubles. They are romantics who take a while to show their true selves, but once they do they are very loving.
Tomorrow never cums

As you might know, I’ve been busy as hell these last few weeks. That has made denial for me a bit easier as I tend to forget my horniness when I have things to concentrate on. But what it also means is that I haven’t found time to edge quite every day. Four days, to be exact, since I tied my release date with @redglowing. It also turns out that I like cuming much less than I like fucking myself over, so I decided to throw four dice to match the days I haven’t edged, and the result of that throw was 16. So I won’t be cuming for 16 days from the 23rd, which makes my new orgasm date May 9. I will also keep the same rule, so if I don’t have time to edge every day until May 9, I will do the dice thing again.

I do not know why this turns me on immensely. Sometimes I wish it wouldn’t.

But I have been having fun with edging lately. All oversensitivity I had at some point is long gone and I’ve been able to enjoy myself a lot. I even got to this point a few times where I can just stroke myself endlessly without getting to an edge, and it does feel heavenly, and the feeling doesn’t go away for a couple hours after I’ve stopped. Never had that happen before, but apparently that’s what some people call ‘an edging high’.

I also discovered a way to keep myself on an edge for as long as I can stand it. I just masturbate ever so slowly to an edge, taking about half an hour, and then I just rub my frenulum, adjusting the pressure on it, keeping myself right there. An intense feeling if there ever was one, and the amount of precum flowing out is in a word extensive.

I congratulate @redglowing on holding to her word and hope she has an orgasm of her life tomorrow, but for me it’s two and a half more weeks. I must admit that seems like a distant future, but I’m hoping that’ll finally be the day for me to cum.

i feel such intense dread and powerlessness and no amount of knowledge or understanding of why and how this is manifesting or to be solved is helping

like knowing that i need to allow myself patience and time and maturity and hope just makes me want to roll my eyes and throw up lmfao

Happy introduces you to the club for anon!


Coming from a small town such as Charming, you feel as though things can’t go wrong. And they haven’t as of yet. You’ve met someone who you think is the love of your life, Happy Lowman, and you’ve managed the much anticipated introduction of Samcro. It’s not like you haven’t heard of any of the boys, their names are whispered all over town, you’ve just never met them face to face.

It’s not a rare occurrence to be walking down the street and see them riding their bikes in their formed lines, watching with a slight anxiety. But Happy seems to think you’ll be adored by all of his brothers.

You come from the south, a little old town that no ones never heard of unless you lived there. Somehow you ended up in Charming for a change, just a little vacation. Ad that vacation turned into a one way ticket to live with Happy. Things have been amazing for the two of you.

Stepping off the back of Happy’s bike a little nervously, you I claps your helmet and lay it with his, tugging your jacket a little closer to your body in a nervous manner. It’s the middle of December and absolutely freezing, you sticking to jeans and a long sleeved shirt with one of Happy’s Samcro hoodies on.

The line of the other boys’ bikes has you nervous all over again, following at Happy’s side into the clubhouse where everyone is sitting, waiting for the two of you to show up. It’s not an immediate reaction, no joyous cheers or hugs like Happy had said their would be. Happy’s acknowledged with a nod and a few murmurs, but you, you’re acknowledged with stares and raised brows.

“Guys, this is Y/N.” Happy states slowly and Jax nods, Tig raising a brow. “What, she can’t speak for herself?” Tig asks and all of the color from your face drains as you feel an intense amount of anxiousness in your chest, hands starting to shake. When Chibs sees just how nervous you are, he cracks a grin and stands, pulling you into a hug. “’S nice to meet you, love. Filip, or Chibs.” He says softly, pressing a kiss to your temple.

You let out an irritated breath as all of the others start to laugh loudly, Happy grinning widely as they all stand to hug you. Embracing each of them, you laugh it off as well, feeling much better now. “You looked so scared, doll!” Tig laughs as he hugs you and you nod. “I was! I’ve been so fucking scared to meet you guys! All of you are Happy’s brothers and I didn’t want to chance all of you hating me.” You huff.

Happy shakes his head at you once everyone’s introduced themselves, his lips pressing to your cheek. “They could never hate someone that brings light into my life.” He murmurs to you, everyone hearing it and cooing as your cheeks heat up with a blush.

“It’s so cute!” Tig yells and Chibs nods in agreement, a large smile on your face as you lean into Happy’s side. “Just wait until you meet Gemma. She’s the hardest to win over.” Jax says and you swallow thickly.

Everyone laughs at your expression and though you’re obviously scared when you meet her, Gemma pulls you into welcoming arms and a warm hug. You’re a part of the family now.

Zevran and His Feels. Yes.

Would Zevran have a lingering issue with sharing feelings? We get that he does in the beginning of DA, but it is an acquired skill, and saying he has difficulty sharing things forever discredits his emotional intelligence and capacity for personal development. Let’s examine some possibilities around why he may have difficulty sharing feelings to begin with.

  • Lack of skill in identifying feelings. He grew up in an environment where it was consistently unsafe to build close relationships in a traditional way. Crows were people and I am fairly certain they did become close, just had their own criteria. Close could mean having a strong preference for a particular person to keep living. Any more than that would be too much because they would suffer, for example, ‘I liked them, now they’re dead, now I am hurting’. That would be a difficult balance, trying to not get attached, and also remain minimally impacted in the event that you do. God that sounds awful. I digress. Identifying feelings is essential in order  to embrace them in the first place is the point I was trying to support with all this.

  • Resistant or unable to acknowledge what it is he is actually feeling. I imagine there would be an intense amount of grief associated with Zevran’s acknowledgement of any given experience revolving around feelings. For example, when he offers you the earring and you refuse it he get’s just fuckin downright salty. Why? Because he fuckin loves you and speaking it is so loaded for him. He would have to acknowledge he has the feeling, the feeling is real, it’s safe to have the feeling, and safe to let it be known.

    That’s the opposite of what he learned in his lifetime! So many years of avoiding something so beautiful because of just how shit worked out for him. The life lottery gave him Crows, and it wasn’t his fault his life had been actually unfair. Admitting he loves you is not just admitting that he loves you… he’s admitting how fucking wrong his whole life had been, and he actually has nuanced feelings about that too. Unpacking this paragraph: He loves you, it’s scary. He can’t deny it, that’s scary. He doesn’t have to deny it, also scary. He has had a history of people affirming the message that he should deny it, totally scary.  Given how scared and filled with grief he probably was, it made sense that he needed space, and it made sense that he pushed so hard for it. Like please, fuck off, I can’t handle all this and face you at the same time for fuck’s sake you’re the one causing this.

  • Who is it safe to actually talk about feelings with? After identifying a feeling, there may be some stuff around the person they have an impulse to share with. Does this person want to hear such a thing? It is the worst feeling to take the leap and share something personal just to have someone not give a shit or even just look at you funny (shaming). He does take the leap, he is very fucking brave. It took me so much therapy to even assimilate that my feelings mattered to any degree, and after I figured it out I started noticing them everywhere. I was an outright goddamn mess it was wonderful and I had so much grief for spending so many years of my life ‘knowing’ I had no value. Zevran, on the other hand, seemed to have picked up on it in a matter of months. That’s pretty fucking profound personal development.

  • What happens after his system finally gets the message that it is safe to feel/share? He would likely never shut up, much like a child who has made a fascinating discovery. He might have difficulty with the actual words like, “I feel the thing I feel when I want to punch something but it’s not exactly anger.” I imagine playfulness would increase, openness, permeability, compassion, more of a conscience when it comes to his assassin career, to name a few. And he may also remember how easy it used to be to lie and hide things, which becomes harder because he fucking matters and he believes it. What if they don’t believe him when he tries to share what’s true for him? It is the worst feeling to take the leap and share something personal just to have someone not take you seriously!

    When it’s all said and done, he does devote himself to the romanced Warden. If he could go so far as to love, why would that extra step to be like ‘I love you’ be too hard for someone who had already overcome so much? Saying he has difficulty sharing feelings forever discredits how hard he worked and how brave he had been to get as far as letting himself love.

    As always, I welcome any thoughts anyone might have on this topic.

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Hi daddy! How are you? I'm sorry to bother you but I don't know anyone with tattoos and I wanted to asknyou how it feels like to get a tattoo. I'd like to get one on my left collarbone in memory of my grandfather and I'm SO afraid. I might cry.

Hi there. No worries you’re not bothering anyone. It’s different for everyone. Some people are kind of resistent to a certain amount of pain and some feel pain very intense. You have to answer that yourself. Also it depends on where you want to get a tattoo and the size of it. Don’t fear though. If you have many doubts you can always ask the Artist!

♒ Aquarius New Moon, January 27-28th ♒

The first new moon of the new year is a significant one. The Aquarian moon is going to bring about lots of revolution and new changes to get rid of 2016 which is still close behind us.

Don’t be surprised if you feel an intense amount of energy leading up to this new moon, especially if its along the lines of Humanity and the World. We are meant to feel these things in order to want change to happen. A certain rebirth within us is occurring. Aquarius is one of the signs most focused with freedom (along with Sagittarius), so now is not the time to suppress anything, but instead to let go and move forward. 

The energy from this new moon is actually going to stick around right up until the new Astrology year (Sun in Aries, March 21st) when we will feel renewed all over and ready for what’s to come. 

Let yourself grow- emotionally, intellectually, spiritually. Pay attention to thoughts, but allow room for new ones to enter. Let things come and go, and see how you feel once you’re not holding back. 

Peter Maximoff x Reader - ‘Studying’

Requested by: anon
Word count:
Rating: M
Warnings: SMUT!!! DON’T CLICK ‘keep reading’ IF YOU DONT WANT TO READ SMUT

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Almost Pure (Camilla x M!Corrin)

A submission by @thefamousegg

“Camilla! I’m back!”

Ah, finally, she thought with a smirk. Corrin had spent the afternoon in town with Charlotte, Niles, and Laslow gathering supplies and socializing.  While she detested the blonde woman and the degenerate outlaw for their previous attempts to steal her precious Corrin’s love away from her before they wed, she would allow him to run free with them, occasionally, without her. As much as she hated being separated from him for even the smallest amount of time, and the intense burning jealousy she would feel when he was away, she wouldn’t deny him the freedom he had been denied his whole life. Next time, and every time after that, however, she would be there with him.

“I’m glad you’re back darling.” She said with a smile, looking up from the novel she was currently reading on their bed as he entered their quarters. As she marked the page and set the book aside she looked up at him as he finished quickly changing into his usual black night clothes. “How was your little trip?”

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OH MY GOD!!!!! I just read the best fanfiction last night!!! And I kid you not when I say I actually cried myself to sleep because of it!!! There’s this certain writer I found on, which happens to write the stories I am looking for all these time. The story is well-written, her plots are so believable.. I honestly think they can be squeezed in between the chapters of the manga, or could be made as a really good filler episode!!! Really!!!! The story was well balanced with the right amount of drama and fluff!!! I can intensely feel the emotions of both Inuyasha and Kagome, The raw pain. The unconditional love. The fear of the thought of losing each other. The joy of finding their way back and realizing they belong to one another all along.

It was just simply perfect. 

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Prompt: So, what if Bucky is brought in months before the Accords, without the government knowing, and Tony get's him evaluated and he's starting to get the help he needs. During one of his sessions, Steve pulls Tony to the side and tells him what really happened to his parents. Tony is shocked, angry at Steve, and closes himself, but he doesn't take Bucky out of treatment. BUCKY is the one to go find Tony one evening and they, idk, talk about it and it ends with a cuddle session or somethign ty

Ohhh, I love this!! 

This is a prompt I can get behind.


Tony remembers the day Steve brings Bucky to the tower. He remembers clearly how distressed Steve is and how uncomfortable Bucky was with being in such an open space. 

“Tony,” Steve breathes. “Can you…can you help, please? He needs a place to stay and it can’t be the Training Facility. Too many people.”

Tony and Steve haven’t talked in a while. Their communication has been limited to emails and the occasional phone call, but nothing more. 

“And is Barnes okay with being here?” Tony asks. “He doesn’t exactly look comfortable.”

Bucky looks at Tony when he hears his last name and, just like that, Tony is taken back to the first few weeks after Rhodey brings him home from Afganistan. The look in Bucky’s eyes is one he recognizes. He sees it when he looks in a mirror sometimes. The uncertainty. The nervousness. 

Steve turns to Bucky and they communicate in such quiet voices that Tony can’t make out what they are saying, but he waits. 

“He’s okay,” Steve confirms. “With being here, I mean. He just needs to lay low and…relax.” 

“He needs help,” Tony states not unkindly.

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Maggie is that girl that falls hard and fast for people, and feels intensely for them in a short amount of time, works really hard to keep them in her life, but it never works out and they always leave her.

Alex is the girl that almost never gets close to people, is prickly and snappy and she’s incredibly picky about people she likes. But once you’re in her heart, she’s never letting go, she’ll move heaven and earth to be with you.

’S why sanvers works for me.

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How would the GoM + Nijimura + Kagami react to their gf casually giving a peck on the lips of her gay (and attractive) male best friend as a greeting?

Akashi: Your boyfriend would watch with an intensive stare as you pecked your best friend on the lips. Although he was fully aware of your friend’s sexuality, the red-head could not help but be somewhat jealous. Akashi was typically possessive over you, however you were more than surprised when the red-head waltzed over to your friend and demanded proof that he was in fact a homosexual, and not just trying to “Attempt fornification” with his girlfriend.

Aomine: Although it was clear that he was showing slight signs of alarm when you pecked your friend on the lips, Aomine knew that he could trust you. Your boyfriend had pretty much witnessed every aspect of homo through Middle School, so he knew that your friend wouldn’t be taking advantage of you any time soon. Even if he was wrong, as long as Aomine continues to remain ripped and athletic, he knew that no one would be touching you any time soon.

Kise: Your boyfriend really wasn’t at all phased by when you pecked the lips of your best friend. Working in the model industry meant meeting a lot of people from different areas of the world, so being greeted with a peck on the lips was something which Kise had seen and experienced frequently. In fact, it was your friend who was surprised when your boyfriend leant in and gave him a peck on the lips. 

“Hi, I’m ____-icchi’s boyfriend, it’s great to meet you!”

Murasakibara: No matter how many times you tried to explain your friend’s sexuality to Murasakibara, your boyfriend would never quite understand. Due to this, the giant was constantly left confused whenever you greeted your friend with a peck on the lips, resulting in you having to somehow retrain Atsushi from flattening your friend.

“You’re only allowed to kiss me, ___-chin!”

Midorima: Not wanting to come of as jealous, Midorima would simply blush with embarrassment as you greeted your friend with a kiss. As if he wasn’t romantically awkward enough, your boyfriend found it hard to talk normally to you after seeing you show such signs of affection to a male friend. In fact, you had to remind Midorima constantly that your friend wasn’t going to try anything. 

Kuroko: Always being the mature and accepting one, your boyfriend quickly grew used to the fact that you had the habit of greeting your friend with a kiss. It was something that many people did, so why would it be unnecessary in this kind of situation? You were constantly thankful that you had such an understanding boyfriend such as Tetsuya.

Nijimura: Your boyfriend just scowled in jealousy as you greeted your friend with a peck on the lips. Although Nijimura knew fully well that your friend was gay, he couldn’t help but feel an intense amount of jealousy build up. 

“Shuuzou, ____-kun is about as straight as a rainbow, you know that.”
“…Is that supposed to be some kind of pun, ___?”

Kagami: Your boyfriend was more concerned by the fact that your friend was extremely attractive than the fact that he was gay. No matter how much you told the red-head this, it never seemed to process through the male’s skull. Due to this, Kagami was always convinced that your friend was trying to steal you away, especially when you greeted him with a peck on the lips.

“Taiga, if anything, ____-kun probably wants to steal you away from me, than me away from you.”