• Tolkien: By the end of the Third Age, Sauron's physical power is so diminished that his presence is confined to the tower of Barad-Dur. However, he is still immensely powerful in his ability to watch and predict the movements of his enemies, and his understanding extends so far that he could metaphorically be referred to as a Great Eye, constantly watching and planning his next move. And because his gaze is so piercing, it is sometimes likened to fire.
  • Peter Jackson: Okay but...hear me out...what if Sauron was literally....a Great Eye.
  • Tolkien: What.
  • Peter Jackson: What if he was literally a giant eyeball on the top of Barad-Dur.
  • Tolkien: That's not quite what I inten-

In any other situation, having a character with these extreme traits makes them one-dimensional, but for Remus it works!

Remus being the calm one, contradicting James’ hyper moments, Sirius’ explosive moments, and Peter’s anxious moments

Remus never raising his voice, even when he’s furious

Remus being optimistic, even if the situation seems hopeless

Remus trying to be a pacifist

Remus trying to be the voice of reason

Remus getting really good grades at school

Remus volunteering whenever he can

Remus basically being this angelic ‘boy-scout’ character


Remus doing all of this because deep down, he is terrified that the monster in him is going to end up taking over because he has seen news articles in the Daily Prophet about werewolves joining Voldemort and killing people and he never wants that to happen and the thought of being even remotely loud/rash/mean/violent/etc. makes him think about it so he essentially tries to be the opposite.

Geez guys The last episode of Gravity Falls was so PERFECT! BEAUTIFUL! AND ALSO FUCKED UP I’m not suprised that Ford and Bill actually had ‘something’ And oh I feel like tears rolling down my face


Alright, listen up folks, I spend way to much time on this and its really silly but here you go anyways.

Imagine this: An overwatch au where the omnics won the “war” and slowly killing of most of the human race. Only years later do they realize their mistake and do their best to preserve and regain the trust of the now reduced part of the population.

There is now about 1 human to every 10 omnics, and a lot of the bots still see people as the cause of their suffering and have a strong dislike to them. the constant battles between the two races and more and more violence are bringing the world closer and closer to a second crisis.

In a last effort to save the world, a small group of omnic and humans have now banded together and taking inspiration from the now terminated group called overwatch, created a organisation by the name mecawatch!

more character stuff under the cut.

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