• <p> <b>Tolkien:</b> By the end of the Third Age, Sauron's physical power is so diminished that his presence is confined to the tower of Barad-Dur. However, he is still immensely powerful in his ability to watch and predict the movements of his enemies, and his understanding extends so far that he could metaphorically be referred to as a Great Eye, constantly watching and planning his next move. And because his gaze is so piercing, it is sometimes likened to fire.<p/><b>Peter Jackson:</b> Okay but...hear me out...what if Sauron was literally....a Great Eye.<p/><b>Tolkien:</b> What.<p/><b>Peter Jackson:</b> What if he was literally a giant eyeball on the top of Barad-Dur.<p/><b>Tolkien:</b> That's not quite what I inten-<p/><b>Peter Jackson:</b> Made of FIRE. A LITERAL GIANT FIERY EYEBALL.<p/></p>
Reflections of a Fantasy (M)

word count: 2.6k

genre: smut

pairing: jimin/everyone 

warning(s)/kink(s): masturbation, fantasizing, praise kink + gang-bang type situation + male/male relationships

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no need to turn it off anymore

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Just About Everything

Like a chinese menu, this blog is intened to by about anything I feel like. I don’t want to have to worry about being on topic for once in my life. So I can post about anything that I am thinking about whenever I feel like opening up tumblr.Cool huh?

ik leef te intens.

wanneer ik blij ben, ben ik overgelukkig. dan zweef ik, dan leef ik en lach ik tot de zon jaloers wordt.

wanneer ik verdrietig ben, ben ik doodongelukkig. dan val ik, stort ik in en breek ik. dan heeft alles nog weinig zin.

—  en daar zit mijn probleem.

Alright, listen up folks, I spend way to much time on this and its really silly but here you go anyways.

Imagine this: An overwatch au where the omnics won the “war” and slowly killing of most of the human race. Only years later do they realize their mistake and do their best to preserve and regain the trust of the now reduced part of the population.

There is now about 1 human to every 10 omnics, and a lot of the bots still see people as the cause of their suffering and have a strong dislike to them. the constant battles between the two races and more and more violence are bringing the world closer and closer to a second crisis.

In a last effort to save the world, a small group of omnic and humans have now banded together and taking inspiration from the now terminated group called overwatch, created a organisation by the name mecawatch!

more character stuff under the cut.

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Out Of Hand

Type: Smut

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Plot: Yoongi never knew how to control his temper in a fight. When he finally felt the last piece of string snap in his heart, his anger flooded him with such a strong desire to lash out that he knew he couldn’t prevent it. He was afraid of hurting his, in his eyes, fragile lover, so he instead transfuses it into one of a carnal sexual desire.

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