HomePlug chip production of Intellon reaches 3 million slices

HomePlug chip supplier Intellon Company announced recently, this company had already handed over the 3 millionth HomePlug power-line communication integrated circuit. Meanwhile, this company is setting about producing its newest HomePlug AV chip set, namely family’s multimedia of new generation connects the solution. Intellon has already handed over more than 8 million power-line communication integrated circuits, has covered on its whole product series.

Intellon introduces, the main service supplier utilizes HomePlug to cut down the cost, raise the satisfaction that the customer employs the products to broadband installing, Home Networking and IPTV; The network offers the intact electrical home appliances for realizing the broadband sharing, family’s networking and amusement to connect with consuming the electronics corporation; Electric undertaking and BPL supplier use the integrated circuit to manage the electric wire netting and electric wire through the neighbour in order to offer broadband service by oneself; Other companies and meet an urgent need for the hotel, apartment, recreation place, office building, military apparatus the service facility offers broadband service.