In this bizarre case of the missing #Malaysian airliner #MH370, one plus one is starting to equal two. #AUSTIN (#INTELLIHUB) — New information, fact checked by Intellihub News, may shed some light on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight which was recently reported by Malaysian officials to have ended tragically in the Indian Ocean despite the lack of physical evidence. In fact it’s been reported that Peid Ong Wang, Suzhou, Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou and Li Ying, Suzhou, #Freescale employees from #China who were said to have been onboard flight 370, were each 20% holders of #USPatent #US008671381B1. Shockingly, the remaining 20% has been reported to be held by Freescale Semiconductor Ltd., which now after the disappearance of #flight370 becomes the sole patent holder. In laymen’s terms, Lord Jacob #Rothschild is now the #patentholder by virtue of #invested interest into #FreescaleSemiconductor Ltd. #4biddenknowledge

Public conditioning for military on the streets after the collapse on full display in #NewJersey.

(#INTELLIHUB) — As parents, teachers, and students looked on with joy, #Marines from the #SpecialPurpose #MarineAirGround #TaskForce landed helicopters on the baseball diamond of a New Jersey school.

Part of #FleetWeek #NewYork 2015, the simulated invasion and landing by #Marines was cheered by over 2,000 spectators in a move to further condition the public to accept the invasion of #American cities by elements of the #USmilitary.

“In a scene that could have been pulled from the movie #RedDawn, the Marines of Special-Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force-New York landed on the #baseball diamond of the #OrangeAvenue School in New Jersey. And with parents and teachers in tow smiling students adorned military hardware and toured the weapons of war,” reported Gary Franchi

According to, Lance Cpl. Brian Howell said, “We pretty much demonstrated an assault, and it came out well.”

“We got great dispersion, and the people really seemed to like the helicopters landing and us rushing out.”

“The kids just came out, they got look at the helicopters, look at our weapons, and talk to us about the stuff that we do,” explained Sgt. Sam Osborne, a squad leader with 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment.

“My favorite part was seeing all the people coming out, and getting excited about seeing the Marines in town. I was glad to see the people getting all hyped up, and being patriotic.”

The exercise was clearly part of a larger plan to fully condition the public into accepting troops on the streets and to equate being patriotic with supporting soldiers patrolling American neighborhoods.

2 Indy News Outlets seek Writers and Journalists

March 2, 2014. Alexandria, VA. When it comes to independent news outlets, they don’t come any more grassroots than IntelliHub News and Watchdog Wire. Both are on the cutting edge of online news reporting and now, each has just announced they are looking for writers, reporters and journalists. While extensive experience isn’t required to be a citizen reporter, like most things, the more experience you have the better your chances of getting published.


#OMAHA, #Nebraska (#INTELLIHUB) — If the upcoming military exercise #JADEHELM15 is no big deal as #military officials, authorities, and the mainstream media have previously said, then why did the #FBI show up to a man’s house and question him about his “concerns”?

The backstory as written by the man:

They caught me on a Friday afternoon which is a day I get home alone for a change, so it is a nap day for me. I had just woke up 10 min before this to my brothers phone call saying he was going to stop by. I have Crohn’s so I was smoking my ‘medicine’ before my straight lased brother showed up. He only lives 3 blocks away. So I opened my front door for him. Three minutes before they knocked. I totally thought my brother was knocking and messing with me. When I got to the door I seen their badges. They said, “Just here as a knock and talk about a concerning phone call.” So I used my dog as an excuse to grab my cell phone and pray for wisdom, insight, and courage. So I can’t take the credit for staying calm. I did call my state officials in Nebraska to see if they had gotten anything asking for my states participation. Never called the FBI or any Fed’s for that matter. — #JamesCasale, YouTube.

Here’s what happened:

Two FBI agents showed up at the Casale’s home and said that they were “following up with a phone call because there is a lot of news reporting about #JADEHELM.”

One of the agents admitted that “#DHS is involved” in the operations as well.

“If you have any concerns or if you have any information that we should know about it” feel free to tell us, the agent in charge said to Casale who was recording the event with his cellphone.

“I have concerns because now there is #UN trucks […] and missile-type batteries that are being moved in to those areas […] in #Texas that is labeled hostile on the map.” the Casale said nervously, referring to the military’s actual handout. And to Casale’s credit I have to say; who wouldn’t be nervous in that situation?

The FBI soon after admitted that they themselves have seen the ‘classified document’ on the “#DrudgeReport” and “#CNN”, trying to garner Casale’s trust.
How to Beat a Photo-Enforced Speeding Ticket (or Red Light Ticket)

Nate Cox | So PLEASE, NEVER EVER opt to pay these Photo Enforced Speeding AND Red Light tickets! You do NOT have to incriminate yourself OR implicate anyone else. It’s the government’s responsibility to provide evidence that YOU were the person driving, don’t help them in their “investigation”.

I agree with everything written here, although I am curious when the author says “I am always in the habit of fighting my tickets…” etc. This makes me wonder how many tickets this man has received.

SHADE the Motion Picture exposes Metallic Chemtrails

October 31, 2013. This new riveting 90-minute documentary repeats the long-heard warnings about groups like the Bilderbergs and others who are actively trying to overthrow the world. But this film delves into a new subject that has rarely been exposed. World leaders are literally changing the Earth’s atmosphere in a desperate attempt to stop global warming. It’s called geo-engineering and it’s secretly taking place over a town near you.

Howard Zinn: The power of civil disobedience (10:00)

Howard Zinn: The power of civil disobedience (10:00)

The power of civil disobedience – Intellihub. With permission of June 29, 2015 ZenGardner The footage contained in this film originally came from raw footage used in a 1986 documentary, The Trial of the AVCO Plowshares, directed by John Reilly and Julie Gustafson. In July of 1983, seven Americans entered AVCO Systems Division, a manufacturing plant for MX and Pershing…

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FEMA Forced Relocations Coming?

By The Daily Coin By Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline An ANP reader recently brought some very interesting information to our attention after watching the 1st video below recently highlighted on Intellihub in a story called “Ominous Shipping Containers Captured On Video, Tucked Away At Local Fairgrounds.” The video shows mysterious blue shipping containers that the videographer stated had the words “United States Department Of Relocation” on them, though we are unable to make out such words on the… Visit Site


Increased military movements continue in the lead up to #JadeHelm15

(#INTELLIHUB) — New footage showing a train full of hundreds of #military #Humvees has been released, further revealing the increased #militarybuildup across the country leading into Jade Helm 2015.

The train was heading towards #Cleveland for unknown reasons although a possible connection to planned upcoming protests has been mentioned.

Interestingly, additional footage uploaded by #DAHBOO777 showed that a #USArmyReserve center in the area was already full.

The footage comes at a time when military movements as well as #urban military training with a #domestic focus have increased to previously unseen levels.

From #SpecialForces training with local police for domestic military raids to training in #Arizona for the possible #internment of #American citizens, we are seeing an undeniable buildup and training for something.

Last week Intellihub News reporter Alex Thomas reported on the domestic military training.

“In yet another startling revelation in the lead up to Jade Helm 2015, Special Forces out of #FortBragg are currently training with #RichlandCounty, #SouthCarolina police officers to provide realistic military scenarios.

Alarming! Huge Military Equipment Buildup In Utah Ahead of Jade Helm | Politics

Alarming! Huge Military Equipment Buildup In Utah Ahead of Jade Helm | Politics

Buildup continues ahead of Jade Helm 2015 (INTELLIHUB) — In the last three months we have seen dozens upon dozens of suspicious military equipment movements throughout the country coupled with numerous urban military training drills with a strong domestic focus. Now, even more evidence of some sort of buildup ahead of Jade Helm 2015 has surfaced with video footage taken in Utah showing yet…

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Officials warn of possible terror attacks this July 4th in U.S.

Officials warn of possible terror attacks this July 4th in U.S.

DHS AND FBI WARN OF ‘ISIS-INSPIRED’ OR ‘DOMESTIC’ ATTACK(S) ON THE HOMELAND (INTELLIHUB) — The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a bulletin to U.S. law enforcement agencies and educational institutions Friday warning … Continue reading → The post Officials warn of possible terror attacks this July 4th in U.S. appeared first on . WAIT,…

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How JADE HELM 15 correlates with a potential, rumored, asteroid strike

THE RUMORS (INTELLIHUB) — Rumors on the Internet tell of an impending asteroid strike set to take place in late September between the 22nd and 28th,…

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How JADE HELM 15 correlates with a potential, rumored, asteroid strike

THE RUMORS (INTELLIHUB) — Rumors on the Internet tell of an impending asteroid strike set to take place in late September between the 22nd and 28th,…

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