I just overheard some dude on campus say that hard work doesn’t teach you quantum mechanics. The only proper response to that is to find someone to punch me in the face hard enough to forget that I ever actually heard someone say that.

I always feel like an intellectual discussion should resemble an episode of Oprah...

“You want sources! You get sources! EVERYONE GETS SOURCES! You get a source, and you get a source! EVERYONE GETS A SOURCE!”

What I’m trying to say, is source your important claims if you’re opening a dialogue that references historical, political, social or cultural movements/changes/occurrences.

So Tumblr doesn’t seem to realize the difference between institutionalized racism/sexism and personally meditated racism/sexism. The difference was defined in the 90’s–yeah, the whole race/power thing isn’t as old as everyone wants you to believe–by a sociologist named James M. Jones. However, most people on Tumblr probably heard about his studies second hand, since most of his analysis is taken out of context. Let me break it down for you so you understand a little better.

Institutionalized racism/sexism is defined by power structure. It’s in the very definition of it all. That’s the patriarchal government, how certain groups are oppressed, etc. That’s what we should be fighting, regardless of your gender, race, sexuality, etc. 

Personally mediated racism/sexism is when you are a dick to someone based on their race, sex, and gender. While institution can and does influence this, it is NOT exclusively based on the institution. It is interpersonal. The two elements do influence each other, and you’d be stupid not to realize that.

There is also internalized racism, but I don’t feel the need to explain that. It basically is pretty straightforward, and doesn’t affect my argument.

However, what is important is that, when someone tells you that a black person can’t be racist or a woman can’t be sexist, they are only a third right. They cannot be racist in an institutional sense in countries led by a white male cishet majority. If these people moved to another country, such as, say, China or Nigeria, then it would be a very different story. However, if someone harasses you based on your sexuality, race,  gender, etc, then that is a personal attack.

Oh, and food for thought: Tumblr is not America, Britain, or any established nation. It is it’s own nation, created in a cybernetic mainframe. Power lies in the loudest voice, not in any external political parties. Just going by what I see on my dash, it would appear that the majority of people are bisexual on this site. So that would mean that any homophobia and heterophobia IS institutionalized. Just food for thought.

Again, I don’t want to offend anyone, but it is important to educate people who ignore parts of established theories they don’t agree with, and people who just aren’t aware of the history of the terms.
Healthy People Pose Risk to Public Health | Running The Country

“One of the many problems with banning unvaccinated children from public schools is that it perpetuates the myth that unvaccinated children are dangerous and because they’re dangerous they deserve to lose their legal right to a free and public education. It further perpetuates the myth that vaccination and immunization are synonymous terms. They aren’t. Vaccination is the physical act of receiving a vaccine. Immunization is clinically defined as producing a measureable physical response from the vaccine that in theory immunizes one from a particular disease.”

On a trip to the Post Office

Gaerik: Mommy, do you think the world is gonna end this year?

Me: No, I don’t.

Gaerik: Me either. The Mayans were wrong.

We then had an in depth discussion about the Mayans and their calendar. How awesome is it that my 7 year old can intelligently discuss the Mayans, for goodness sake? I know adults that can’t intelligently discuss ANYTHING. I am so fortunate to have my son exactly as he is. I have a sneaking suspicion that a neurotypical child would bore me to tears!

  • Sakura "The Ogre" Oogami says:two should be enough though I juse need to plan one out when I get a bigger house
  • Sakura "The Ogre" Oogami says:BUT ANYWAY
  • Sakura "The Ogre" Oogami says:I guess I can message them
  • Crateshya says:no you need 3
  • Crateshya says:cause TRI force
  • Sakura "The Ogre" Oogami says:THEY EACH HAVE THREE TRIANGLES. The point is symmetry
  • Sakura "The Ogre" Oogami says:for a ROOM
  • Crateshya says:>:P
  • Crateshya says:no
  • Sakura "The Ogre" Oogami says:I know what I'm doing
  • Sakura "The Ogre" Oogami says:you can't tell me what to do
  • Crateshya says:yes I can I'm the mayor

Diversity in videogames - Rhianna Pratchett on female characters and video game diversity

anonymous asked:

I see what you're saying, and respect you as well! I guess we just have different opinions. I don't know, I just tend to stay away from controversy myself because it always makes people angry, and this whole "men vs women" debacle is quite grating. I just feel like there shouldn't even be a competition, you know? Like, men shouldn't have to say they're good guys, and women shouldn't have to hate on men when they DO say it. I get why it angers some women, but I think we all just need to calm down

This anon has the right idea.

I personally try to avoid Tumblr’s types of mental gymnastics, but the sheer stupidity that hits me just overwhelms me at times and I just have to confront it.

The gender olympics Tumblr tries to push is so stupid. We’ve both got bullshit to deal with, and we should figure it out together instead of playing sides. But if it was easy, it would’ve been done long ago.

It was good to engage in intelligent conversation with you, anon. You were pretty chill.

avodkabottle replied to your post: I don’t understand why animal mating videos are always so popular on Youtube

I think it’s pretty fascinating the different ways animals mate; not necessarily something one would ever see in life without vids, anyway. Also it’s just plain funny sometimes. xD But that’s kind of creepy if the viewership was related with porn…

I’ll gladly admit I find tortoise sex absolutely hilarious :’D

Funny how tumblr sometimes seems like a competition on who’s the most open minded/who has less prejudices but you can’t even try to discuss any issue without other people responding in a rude manner. Everyone criticizes other people for being completely brainwashed by society but they can’t even consider different opinions. So much for intelligent discussion.

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lupe fiasco having an intelligent discussion with professor bun b about rappers as role models. i don’t really support what lupe is saying, but I see where he is coming from. the real question is, should I have gone to rice?