The Worst Nightmare of Each Type

INFJ - Realizing that the cause they have been supporting is run by treacherous and immoral people. Any good they’ve ever done in the world is instantly erased and turned into something harmful. Everyone they care for believes they are cruel and heartless.

ENFJ - Everything they do continuously comes out wrong, and the more they try to fix it the worse it becomes. Every person they try to help somehow ends up worse off than before, and they are seen as the reason why everything is going wrong.

INFP - Being trapped in a crowded room with morally bankrupt people, and having to coexist with them. Not being allowed to express their emotions, or process anything alone. Being forced to watch injustices and not being able to stop them or express how wrong they are.

ENFP - They no longer can speak to other people, and are forced to be silent at all times. Their ability to express themselves and be creative has been taken from them. Because of this the world sees them are uncaring and unfriendly. They aren’t allowed to explore new possibilities and must maintain a strict schedule.

INTJ - Being forced to listen to people spread incorrect information, and those people are revered as geniuses. They are unable to speak out against anyone who is wrong, and are actually made to agree with them. Every emotion they have ever felt is transmitted in public and everyone sees them as emotional and incapable of intelligent thought.

ENTJ - Being forced to comply with someone else’s poorly developed plan. They have no ability to stand out or add insight to the plan, and when all is said and done everyone believes they are the reason things are going wrong. They constantly have to listen to others emotional problems, and have to sympathize with them.

INTP - They are forced to follow the lead of an ignoramus, whose only goal is to feed lies to the masses. They aren’t allowed to explore new possibilities, and everyone around them is incapable of accuracy. Because of this, they have to watch the people they care about fall victim to these falsities. They are mocked for their thoughts and emotions.

ENTP - Is forced into solitary confinement, where they are never allowed to debate anything ever again. They have to constantly listen to people discussing vapid topics with no intelligent discussion involved. Creative thought is banned.

ISTJ - They have to wake up each morning not knowing what will happen that day. They aren’t allowed to plan and have to live in a constantly messy and cluttered environment. Each day is filled with unknowns, and they aren’t given instructions until moments before they have to do something.

ESTJ - They are forced to follow the orders of a messy and unorganized fool. No one around them is allowed to listen to their commands, and they are forced to keep them to themselves. They are seen by everyone as incapable and weak.

ISFJ - Everywhere they go it seems like everyone is unhappy and fighting. Every time they try to stop the arguing, they are verbally attacked and everything wrong they have ever done is brought to light. Everything around them is a mess and every-time they try to organize they are yelled at and forced to stop.

ESFJ - They aren’t allowed to express caring towards others, and are seen as cold and inconsiderate. They know that their loved ones are in danger, but they are completely powerless to stop it. Every-time they do try to fix the problem or make things better, it just keeps getting worse. Because of this they are left forever alone and are abandoned by their loved ones.

ISTP - They are forced to sit in a room and listen to intellectually moribund people try to solve a problem. As they watch these people attempt to put something together, they are unable to help or say a word.

ESTP - They are incapable of feeling excitement, and must sit alone in a room all day long. There are no reading materials or things to keep them busy, just their own thoughts.

ISFP - They are forced to live with people who are rude, and make them live each day based on a strict schedule. They are constantly criticized and there is no one around that cares enough to step in and stop it.

ESFP - The world breaks out with a terrible sickness, and the only way to survive is by staying inside and avoid all social engagements until the end of time.

If someone doesn't understand something you're explaining to them, treat it as your fault for failing to explain effectively, not their fault for not understanding.

I’ve recently realized this is the root of most of the communication issues with my friends and family. I would try to explain something, for example: how to run the new dishwasher. If they failed to understand the process, I would get angry (not at them, just in general) and they would see it as a critique of their intelligence. The discussion would quickly turn into an argument and in the end everyone would just hate the new dishwasher.

So I started acting like it was my failure to explain the situation…even if it wasn’t. It totally changed the tone of my voice and made the person I was talking to more receptive to my instructions. Instead of turning into an argument or debate, it turns into a constructive teaching opportunity.

The problem with some young goths and the unintentional erasure of the goth subculture

I’ve complained enough about elitists over the years and to be perfectly honest, elitists arent the only problematic members of the goth subculture. If you were to put goth on a scale it would be be broken up into three major groups.

On one end you would find the elitist group. A group of goths who believe that there is absolutely only one way of being goth and in order to be it you must abide by their strict rules. These are the people who prefer to bully other goths than keep their opinions to themselves. This group is usually on the smaller side because most goths dont like engaging with them because of the drama that they bring. But i’ve already discussed this group many times before.

In the middle of the scale we have a very balanced group of goths. This is also the largest group. This group encompasses thousands of goths around the world of different styles and ages. These goths believe that goth is a subculture and is something that should be respected. These goths are also very aware of where and when goth started and how. This group respects the music and though not everyone in this group listens to goth music, they are still very aware of its importance to the goth subculture. This is the best place to sit on the scale. These goths often feel that goth should not dictate who they are as a person but at the same time these goths feel that the history and the music should be respected.

Now we get to the last group that unfortunately has been growing in numbers over the past few years. This is the group that poses a threat to the preservation of goth as a subculture.

First, i’m going to start with a definition for the word “subculture”

A cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture

This means that a subculture is a smaller culture within a larger one and that there are specific values, beliefs and interests that divide this culture from the larger. So in order to be a part of a subculture you must have these same beliefs, interests, and values. Of course there is a ton of wiggle room when it comes to the goth subculture. Goth does not restrict you to these interests and values, but instead allows you to include your own. You can be goth and have non goth interests. You can be goth and listen to non goth music. Also the values that are often considered more mandatory are simply based on respect. Many will say that you dont have to limit yourself to listening to only goth music but, it is important to respect the music because the subculture, fashion, etc. wouldnt exist without it.

This is where problems arise. In the modern goth subculture, we are seeing more and more goths throwing these values out the window and ditching all respect for the subculture. These people are treating goth as more of a fashion statement than a culture. Goth was never meant to be a superficial concept lacking any depth or substance. Like punk, goth was a strange and amazing phenomenon that occurred at just the right moment in time. Goth was this thing that connected people through a love of dark music and a taste for the darker, stranger side of life. The fashion sort of came after and was mostly influenced by the artists producing these dark genres of music. So no matter how you look at it, goth music is really what kick started the whole thing

But many of these young, new goths dont care about that. They believe that goth is anything they say it is. When this is just not true. You cant walk up to a member of  X subculture and tell him that his values and beliefs dont need to be respected and that X culture is completely subjective. Thats just not how subcultures work. Subcultures are not subjective. Goth as a subculture is not subjective. You can be a goth have your own views on the world. You can have your own interests and beliefs but goth is still a subculture and certain values NEED to be respected. If we dont respect these certain values than we risk losing our subculture.

By ignoring the history and beliefs of a subculture you are leading to its erasure. And if you know anything about today’s social issues, this should sound very familiar. We live in a time where all cultures, not just subcultures, run the risk of being erased due to racism, appropriation, the domination of mainstream cultures as well as other factors. So its important that we keep some of these values and continue to respect the history of goth as a subculture.

Unfortunately this is becoming harder and harder to do, with the rise in popularity of blogging and social media as an outlet for expressing one’s personal views and opinions. Many goth blogs on tumblr are getting popular for very superficial reasons such as fashion and aesthetic purposes. Its very easy for a blog that only posts goth fashion to become popular and though this isnt negative on its own when the person behind the blog starts divulging their opinions about the subculture, they already have a large follower base to listen to them.

So if this blogger who only cares about goth fashion, who doesnt respect the subculture starts pontificating on topics they know nothing about or respect, this will subsequently lead to a large number of less educated people to believe in misinformation about the subculture. If a popular blogger starts saying things like, “you dont need to respect or like goth music to be goth,” or, “you dont need to know anything about the history of goth to be goth” their followers will start to believe this, when its just not true.

If this keeps up like it is, eventually we are going to see a lot of young goths who dont care about the subculture. Who only want to be goth because “it looks cool” or “it scares my parents.” Goth will eventually become nothing more than a trend. Something a kid does for attention. This will also divide goths even more. You will start seeing a lot of older goths stop wanting anything to do with the younger generations and their lack of respect for the culture.

Yes goth should be something a person can have fun with but there is more that divides goths from the mainstream than just our look and many of us would like to keep it that way. Goth used to be about music, literature, art, philosophy and more. Goths were mature, refined and intelligent people who liked discussing topics such as philosophy and psychology.  We were a cultured breed who enjoyed history and arts. Goth is not a gimmick. Its not a trend. Its a way of life and its a culture. And many of us are tired of seeing younger people try and ruin that.

And another thing. This is something that is not said enough and its so damn important. You do not need to be goth to like goth things. You dont have to restrict yourself to a label. Its okay to like goth things and not consider yourself goth, in fact i encourage it. If goth really is right for you, you will want to know everything about it naturally. You will feel a passion for learning about its music and history and above all, you will respect it. If not, maybe goth just isnt for you and thats okay. Even if you dont fit the label, you can still follow goth blogs and have goth friends and go to goth events but if you really want to preserve goth, you need to respect it as more than just an image. You need to respect it as a subculture that is rich with history, art and very importantly, music. 

This week’s spectacle over the leadership of the FBI got all the headlines, but there’s always a lot more taking place beneath the surface in the shadowy world of the intelligence community, or “IC.”

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe was only one of a full slate of witnesses who appeared Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee to discuss the range of worldwide threats arrayed against the United States.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats listed item after item in page after page of his opening statement, ranging from the threat of artificially intelligent technologies being compromised by cyberattacks to the danger from counter-space weapons launched against American satellites to the risks involved with the spread of Zika.

“The complexity of the threat environment is ever expanding,” Coats said. “This has challenged the IC to stay ahead of the adversary and it has not been an easy task.”

And there’s more going on in America’s spy agencies beyond the tracking of “threats” or their other tasks overseas. There are important storylines about the way they work inside Washington and even inside the Capitol itself. Here’s a look at some of the biggest.

4 Big Intelligence Stories You Missed Amid The Comey Headlines This Week

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

You pieces of shit are insufferable.

tumblr:“hey khonjin don’t reblog this person because (accusation)”

me: *reblogs picture with accusation and one i very fucking clearly made up*

joke over

but nope of course this spirals into some Really Cool and Interesting discourse. That may be what offends me the most. The term discourse being used. It implies some sort of intelligent discussion. For those of you fooled by the terminology, that is not what’s going on. Some randos decided I would go against someone I don’t know the first thing about because of some squabble they all had a long time ago that I don’t know anything about, and absolutely refuse to read a fucking 103 page document about it. And when I explain my intentions, there is this same self defeating apologetic but somehow slightly self centered attitude everyfuckingwhere. just imagine the phrase “I’m sorry it was me” except extended to 10 minutes somehow. If you’re sorry you will shut the hell up and talk about this bullshit where I cannot see it. It should not be possible for anyone to search the khonjin tag and see anything related to this, but of course. 

You idiots would do great to learn how to meet someone in person, point a finger in their face and tell them they are wrong, and then fucking brawl it out, because you cant seem to directly confront anything in an ONLINE FUCKING SETTING OF ALL THINGS. This is mind boggling.

I know Tumblr Simply Isn’t The Same Without Drama but there are other things life has to offer you so please um uh die


Comment left on a FB post. Worth the share:

This is an FYI. A friend infiltrated a support DT meeting. They are serious and committed. Here are her notes.

Last night I attended a Pro-President “little d” meeting. My summary will be a bit long, however, I want to pass on what we learned, In the art of war it is always advised to know what your enemy is doing, that is why there are spies. Two of the groups I’m involved with have a committee that is subscribed to little d’s supporters newsletters, are members of various FB groups (with specially created profiles) and are on his mailing list for updates.

Last night 3 of us went to a group meeting. What we saw and heard was both scary and informative.

The meeting was led by 5 men and we counted approximately 70 people in the room including us. We counted 13 women.

They started the meeting with a pledge of allegiance to the flag. Then they jumped into discussions, the first being the Marches. It was a lot of WTF and why don’t they just shut up. They discussed the report that there were no arrests so that meant that the police and the media were lying. The leader(s) then gave them an “action item” to find anything to dispute the no arrests report and to put pressure on the police to arrest protestors. Several people in the group admitted to being at the March to try to interfere, but felt they were bullied by the Marchers and had to stop “for their own safety” (actual quote). They questioned why so many people “got away with it” (Marching). It seemed to be a hot point with them.

They moved on to reports from the teams. They have teams and committees with specific tasks, ie: daily phone calls and collect tallies of who makes phone calls to their Reps. It appears they call throughout the day, and each call is either a different issue or their personal favorite.

They have a team who monitor the public blogs and event postings of the Liberal groups (specifically mentioned Indivisible and MoveOn.) They laughed at the Indivisible Guide when one leader said “the Liberals will never get organized and carry any of this out, the snowflakes give up too easily, a little heat and they melt”. They talked about the “visit your representatives office event” that was planned for earlier in the day which was posted on MoveOn and all over FB. They also were at their reps offices, and a handful admitted to going to the Democratic representatives office in their own district to have their voice counted.

They have a team who spies on FB posts. When the man who was with us asked how to do it, he was told that if he was a member of Pantsuit Nation it’s almost an automatic in into most closed groups, and then once you are in one, you can get invited to others. Someone on their team joins all the public and open groups. Their report included reading a few actual posts, in a mimic whining voice, where the members were posting their concerns and frustrations and why bother. They actually cheered this. One leader applauded the report and said, “We don’t care if they like what we have to say, we don’t need them to agree with us. We just need them to give up, shut up and stay out of our way.”
They discussed some of the issues and the recent signed orders from the WH. Some of this discussion sounded intelligent, as if they had researched not only the issue, but how to present it to get the buy-in from the group. It felt to us like a persuasion/programming tactic.

They broke into their teams and anyone not on a team was asked to choose one to sit in on. We each went to a different team. Each team talked about their mission and their strategy. The phone team assigned times for each phone call and a number to text after you called. They practiced scripts. The Anti-Abortion team talked about how to plan protests at PP and other clinics, to find the names of Doctors who perform abortions and out them by protesting at their offices and clinics. The communications team discussed the content of their newsletter, the content they were borrowing from other newsletters and articles from Briebart that they wanted to circulate. We didn’t get the names of the other teams that we didn’t sit in on but there were 4 others.

We found out that this group used to be a young republican group and after the election and seeing the actions of the Liberals, they changed to a support little d group to stand up for him and against Liberals.

I don’t believe all groups are this scary, however, they appear to be organized. One of the members in one of my groups, changed her registration to Republican so she could see what they do from the inside. She gets phone calls from a phone bank, sometimes several times a week, about issues and actions she should take, she gets their weekly newsletter and she attended a local Rep meeting. Her report is similar only in that they are very organized, take daily actions and communicate often.

So knowing this, what do we do? Our recommendations:
1.) Don’t give up.
2.) If you Marched, email your local police to write a thank you for their part in keeping the peace.
3.) Get organized. Even if you are not with an organized local group, you can organize yourself. Set aside certain times for certain actions based on what you CAN do. We are all under time constraints and work/family/life commitments, however, find what time you CAN give. **We have found that being with an organized local group that you can see and touch helps us to stay focused and feeling our strength.
4.) Determine what actions you CAN take – when and how many phone calls, emails, visits, protests CAN you do. Focus on that.
5.) Limit your time reading all the comments on FB. Too many can become overwhelming and can end up feeling like you are carrying a larger burden.
6.) Find and cross post the good results that are happening, so we can all see the progress. It may be small steps like the postponement of a cabinet position approval/rejection, however, every step counts. If you have ever attempted to lose weight, you remember how some days feel like nothing is happening, and then little by little the results start to appear. Whatever goal you have reached in little steps, remember the little steps got the momentum started. Stay strong.
7.) Find support when you need it. It’s been shown that if you vent to someone who is also venting, you both stay in the same spot. If you can vent to someone who will HEAR you without judgement and without chiming in, you can both get through it faster and back to feeling stronger. If you both need to vent, take turns; 2 minutes each venting and really HEAR each other, then switch places. When the venting is done, take a positive action.
8.) Take a break. Do something positive for yourself every day (more a few times during the day if you need it) that doesn’t include thinking about politics – exercise, spas, reading a good book, writing a love letter. Find something that bring you joy and shifts your energy.
9.) Don’t give up. We are Stronger Together.

The opposition may believe that a snowflake is fragile when the heat is on, however, although the snowflakes may melt, enough heat can also cause a boil. Together, we can be an avalanche, and if we can focus our boiling angry energy we can be the heat that they fear. I refer to him as “little d”. He has not earned my respect of capitalization nor use of his full name. Plus, on social media I don’t want to add to the algorithm that counts how many people are talking about him.

prophecy-of-thieves  asked:

Siths on Tumblr? I mean, what would their url be, what would they post about & how often, etc. :D

trashlords for the trash website

vader:talldarkandhandsome” reblogs anything and everything to do with starships and engineering, talking at length with other technology nerds. sends anonymous pictures of lava to “obi-juan

sidious:not-palpatine” 80% selfies, 10% Empire propaganda, and 10% outdated memes.

maul:justmaul” reblogs every now and then, usually from “justzabrakthings”. also reblogs Sith stuff, cool weapons, and cats. sometimes writes about his thoughts or events of the day.

savage:dathomirrulez” posts updates of what he and his brother are up to and pictures of strange things he has found. he especially likes to post selfies in response to other bodybuilders in order to prove his superiority. 

asajj: witch-please” aesthetic and magic blog, with some selfies sprinkled here and there. has a very nice blog theme. posts embarrassing photos of the other sith with snarky comments.

dooku:the-count” a jedi hate blog, and gets into heated (but intelligent) discussions with people easily. reblogs a lot of interior design stuff. 

kylo:crawling-in-my-skinweLCOME TO MY TWISTED MIND rants a lot. tags hux in everything. has a playlist on his blog. loves to reblog vine compilations and fresh memes. 

nihilus: “hyaaaal” usually only types with emojis or symbols, but is delighted to have found some ancient Sith speakers! reblogs weird ~dark aesthetic~ posts and food porn

bonus!grievous:not-a-droid” posts pictures of him flipping off various droids. reblogs lots of lightsaber training videos, some of which he makes. sends anon hate to “obi-juan

Okay this is really fucked up.

trump congratulated Philippines President on killing people and then told him were two of the U.S nuclear subs are  

Most American presidents wouldn’t heap praise on a foreign leader for spearheading an anti-drug campaign that has killed more than 7,000 people, including children as young as 4. Donald Trump, as we learn again and again, isn’t like most US presidents.

“I just wanted to congratulate you because I am hearing of the unbelievable job on the drug problem,” Trump told Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in a chummy phone call, according to a transcript obtained by the Washington Post and other media outlets. “Many countries have the problem, we have a problem, but what a great job you are doing and I just wanted to call and tell you that.”

There’s a lot to unpack there. In September, Duterte likened his quest to rid the Philippines of drug addicts to Hitler’s purge of European Jews, saying he’d be “happy to slaughter” millions of drug addicts

That is just disgusting on so many levels.

U.S. President Donald Trump told his Philippine counterpart that Washington has sent two nuclear submarines to waters off the Korean peninsula, the New York Times said, comments likely to raise questions about his handling of sensitive information.

“We have two submarines — the best in the world. We have two nuclear submarines, not that we want to use them at all,” the newspaper quoted Trump as telling Duterte, based on the transcript.

U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, have said Trump discussed intelligence about Islamic State with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak at talks in the Oval Office this month, raising questions about Trump’s handling of secrets.

This is just dangerous information to be sharing willy nilly and it puts those on the subs lives at risk for no reason at all.

  • my mutuals: intelligent, thoughtful. post reasonable discussions about systemic injustices and what steps we can take to adress them.
  • me: "i wonder if i eat enough taco bell if it'll preserve my organs and i'll live forever"
Stranger at the Window

AN: A little Sherlolly uni!lock meet cute.

It was the last night of finals before graduation. And two weeks from Monday, Molly would begin her residency at St Bart’s. She wasn’t particularly worried about not passing; she was top of all her classes and a bad grade on a final exam would hardly make a difference. But she was a studious woman and she refused to do anything less than her best.

Which is why she was poring over three years’ worth of notes on a Friday night, alone in her flat. All her peers and friends were out celebrating and would no doubt be hungover the following day. 

She was in the middle of marking a rather important finding when there was a thump outside her window, followed by a muffled shout.

Molly’s head whipped up and her heart jumped into her throat.

‘John!’ A man’s voice whispered loudly. ‘Damn it, John!’

Drunks. Molly groused. 

Her heart slowing, she dropped her pen and stood, making her way over to the window. She grabbed the top of the frame and was about to slam it shut when she happened to look down and saw a pair of hands gripping onto the ledge. 

Two very real hands attached to the very real body of a curly-haired man. Who happened to be dangling right outside her window, three floors up.

With a stifled shriek, she jumped and smacked the back of her head against the bottom of the open window. 

‘Ow ow ow ow!’ She grimaced and rubbed her head.

The man looked up in surprise. ‘Ah. Hello.’

Molly was caught off-guard by his piercing blue eyes… or were they hazel? And for a burglar, he was rather overdressed in that expensive-looking coat. His curly hair was thick and lush, begging to be touched, and a girl could cut herself on those cheekbones!

‘Might I ask for some assistance?’ His dry tone belied his amusement. 

Molly flushed dark red at being caught admiring the would-be burglar. ‘O-oh, erm…’ She bit her lip. On one hand, she should help this man before he fell to his death… or severe injury. On the other hand, she was a young woman alone with a strange man-burglar hanging from her window ledge.

‘I am not a burglar,’ he said and grunted, his fingers starting to slip. ‘And I promise not to impugn your virtue, if you will just help me up!’

Deciding to deal with the potential consequences later (and with the can of pepper spray in her handbag on her bed), Molly grasped his forearms and tugged on the thick wool material. How her tiny frame could have been any assistance to him, she didn’t know, but eventually the upper half of his body made it past the windowsill. Molly gave one last mighty tug and he came tumbling inside right on top of her.

‘Oh!’ She exclaimed, suddenly finding herself beneath a very solid man, his face right over hers, their noses touching. 

‘Thank you for your assistance,’ he said, his breath brushing her mouth. 

‘Any time,’ Molly replied breathlessly. 

He smirked, an action that Molly had never found attractive on a man… until now. He got off her and stood, extending a hand down to her. ‘The name’s Sherlock Holmes.’

She struck down the ridiculous disappointment that welled up when he moved off her and accepted his hand, letting him pull her to her feet. ‘Molly… Molly Hooper.’

If it was possible, she blushed darker when he didn’t release her hand, but grinned widely and said, ‘I’m in your debt, Molly Hooper.’

‘Oh, no, I-I’m happy I could help, don’t worry about it,’ she stammered and pulled her hand back to tuck her hair behind her ear.  

‘Sherlock, you twit, where are you?’ A hushed, angry call came from outside. 

Sherlock rolled his eyes. ‘I’d best be off then. My keeper calls.’

Molly tried to keep the disappointment from her face as he walked around her toward the door. ‘Right, of course. Erm, be safe. And try not to hang from any more buildings. I don’t want to see you on my slab any time soon!’ She giggled, but then her eyes widened in horror as she realised what she had said. ‘Oh, sorry, no! I-I just, I’m a specialist registrar, or I will be once I pass my finals tomorrow morning, and bodies that come in, dead ones, they’ll need to be autopsied on the slab, obviously, a-and god, I’m just going to stop talking now.’ She winced and covered her face, wishing for the ground to just swallow her up whole. 

‘Coffee. Black, two sugars.’

Molly froze in surprise, then slowly lowered her hand. Sherlock was watching her intently, a slight smile on his face. ‘Sorry?’

‘It will be most efficient for you to bring coffee with you tomorrow, bypassing the need to meet in a public place and deal with the ambient noise of the average stupid masses while discussing intelligent topics.’

Utterly at sea, Molly asked the only question her jumbled thoughts could put together. ‘Erm, where then are we meeting?’

‘221B Baker Street. 4pm.’ He flipped up his collar and winked. ‘And obviously if you’re buying coffee, it’s only fair that I pay for dinner.’

With a flourish of his coat, he spun on his heel and disappeared, her front door opening and slamming shut.

‘Wait a minute! I don’t even know you!’ Molly sprinted after him. She threw open the door and rushed out into the hall, only to find it completely empty. 

With a frown, she went back inside and shut the door, leaning against it. 

A mad man hanging from her window had just asked her out on a… date? Yes, it was definitely a date, she decided. And she would be just as mad to accept it! She didn’t know him or anything about him, except that he was running about at all hours of the night hanging from window ledges.

She would be crazy to go out with him… Wouldn’t she?

Only one way to find out.

A slow smile spread across her face.

To Baker Street it is then

She is my Lady/Oswald Cobblepot

Name: She is my Lady.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Oswald Cobblepot x Reader

Theme: Smut and everything that goes with it.

Requested by sweet Anonymous (oswald x reader where he’s always busy and kinda neglects the reader, and when she acts all moody, he understands what he’s been doing. at night, he makes it up to her by going down on her and then fluffy smut? love your writing xx)

Sorry it took so long <3

I also wanna thank my dearest @gotham-city-tales, without whose support i won’t be able to do it, @queencobblefreezestuff@myregardstothereader@jokesterwrites@under-oswalds-umbrella@minpov @luciebell-writes@just-a-little-crazy@rawrcoptergaming@taintedmarker@emberandshadow@cobblehearts@mistressofcobblepot@thequeenofgothamxo@elvirateaqueen13

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BREAKING: Trump Revealed Highly Classified Information To Russians During White House Visit (Corroborated By Four Different News Sources)
The president disclosed classified intelligence with the Russian ambassador and foreign minister last week, two US officials confirmed to BuzzFeed News.
By Jim Dalrymple II, Jason Leopold

President Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian officials during a meeting last week at the White House, two US officials confirmed Monday to BuzzFeed News.

The meeting included Russia’s ambassador, Sergei Kislyak, and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The disclosures were first reported by the Washington Post, which cited current and former US officials who said the information was considered so sensitive that some details had been withheld from American allies and was restricted within the US government.

Two US officials who were briefed on Trump’s disclosures last week confirmed to BuzzFeed News the veracity of the Washington Post report, with one noting that “it’s far worse than what has already been reported.” The official was referring to the extent of the classified intelligence information Trump disclosed to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister.

The information Trump shared included intelligence on an ISIS plot that had been passed to the US by a partner, which was not identified. But Trump’s disclosure was considered a potential blow to the intelligence-sharing arrangement, and White House officials reportedly moved quickly to contain the fallout.

At least one member of the Senate Intelligence Committee was briefed on Trump’s disclosures, an intelligence committee staffer said. Sen. Mark Warner, the ranking Democrat on the committee, was not briefed, according to his office. Other members of the committee also said they did not receive a briefing.

A CIA spokesman declined to comment on the record when reached by BuzzFeed News. The official referred requests for comment to the National Security Council, which did not respond to requests for comment.

Following last week’s meeting, the White House said that Trump spoke to the Russians about ending the conflict in Syria and reigning in the Assad regime there, as well as controlling Iran. The White House also said Ukraine and the Middle East came up at the meeting.

After news of Trump’s revelations broke Monday, Sen. Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican and chairman of the Foreign Relations committee, said “obviously they’re in a downward spiral right now and they’ve got to figure out a way to come to grips with all that’s happening.”

“And the shame of it is, there’s a really good national security team in place…but the chaos that is being created by the lack of discipline is creating an environment that I think makes — it creates a worrisome environment,” Corker told reporters in Washington.

A spokesman for House Speaker Paul Ryan said that “we have no way to know what was said, but protecting our nation’s secrets is paramount.”

“The speaker hopes for a full explanation of the facts from the administration,” said Doug Andres, Ryan’s spokesman.

In a statement Monday evening, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that Trump and Russian officials discussed “a broad range of subjects at their meeting,” including “common efforts and threats regarding counter-terrorism.”

“During that exchange the nature of specific threats were discussed, but they did not discuss sources, methods, or military operations,” Tillerson continued.

H.R. McMaster, Trump’s national security adviser who participated in the meeting, said in a statement that “the president and the foreign minister reviewed common threats from terrorist organizations to include threats to aviation.”

“At no time were any intelligence sources or methods discussed and no military operations were disclosed that were not already known publicly,“ he added.

McMaster reiterated that point during a brief news conference outside the White House Monday night, saying that at no time during the meeting "were intelligence sources or methods discussed.”

“I was in the room, it didn’t happen,” McMaster said.

The Washington Post, however, did not report Trump shared intelligence sources or methods, but rather the contents of the information gathered.

“This story is false,” Dina Powell, the deputy national security adviser, said Monday night. “The president only discussed the common threats that both countries faced,” she said.”

The meeting between Trump, Lavrov, and Kislyak happened the day after the firing of FBI Director James Comey, who had been leading an investigation into Russian interference with the US election, as well as potential ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Initially, the stated reason for Comey’s firing was his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. However, in an interview with Lester Holt, Trump later said he was thinking of the Russia investigation when he fired Comey.

Comey’s firing led to speculation that Trump had obstructed justice, as well as numerous calls for the appointment of a special prosecutor to oversee the Russia investigation.

“I don’t know when it will be enough for Republicans to understand that we need to get to the bottom of the connection between the president of the United States and the Russian government,” said Sen. Chris Murphy, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Monday afternoon that if the reports about Trump revealing information were true “it’d be troubling.” Warner called the revelations “a slap in the face to the intel community.”

Though Trump’s alleged revelations to the Russians last week prompted widespread condemnation Monday, they were probably not illegal, according to Steven Aftergood, director of the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists.

“This story is more about the president’s competence than his compliance with the law,” Aftergood told BuzzFeed News. “There is probably no legal issue here, since the President controls the classification system and has essentially unlimited authority to declassify or disclose classified information. The reported fact that Trump disclosed intelligence information to the Russians does not necessarily mean that it was declassified.”

BuzzFeed News reporter Emma Loop contributed to this report from Washington.

UPDATE: May 15, 2017, at 7:21 p.m.

A staffer on the Senate Intelligence Committee said the committee had been briefed on Trump’s disclosure. Several members of the committee have since said they were not briefed and this story has been updated with additional information.

UPDATE: May 15, 2017 at 8:49 p.m. 

“Obviously they’re in a downward spiral right now,” @SenBobCorker on Trump’s Russia revelations


anonymous asked:

I need help writing some romance please! The biggest problem is their age difference, about 15 years apart. The younger one starts pining after the older one at age 16 and they get together in 3 years. I want to develope chemistry between them but i only have moments specifically dedicated to the younger one. How do i build feelings in the older one without it seeming creepy or unethical? They're both good people and wait until the younger one's eighteen before starting their relationship

Ah, the creep factor.

For simplicity’s sake, I’ll be referring to the younger one as ‘Y’ and the older one as ‘O’.

Since your couple is waiting until Y is 18, I’m assuming that O develops feelings for Y before Y is 18. For the average person, that kind of situation in real life would set off alarm bells. You can’t really avoid the stigma that comes with an adult loving someone underaged, but that isn’t to say you can’t write for a couple with a large age gap. If that’s what you want to write, go for it!

That being said, consider:

  1. The age of Y. 

    Is it absolutely necessary for Y to be so young in your story? Would the story be so drastically affected if Y is 18 when O starts to develop feelings and they get together when Y is 21? Conversely, is it absolutely necessary for O to be so old?

  2. How your characters know each other

    The level of creepiness can be affected by your characters’ initial relation to each other and how they meet when the story begins. For example, if they’re in a teacher-student relationship, that’ll have a different connotation and reaction than say, a Five Night’s at Freddie’s forum online.
    In the teacher-student situation, which is an already familiar trope, there’s the connotation of predatory behavior in the teacher. In the gaming forum situation, the age of the characters are masked until they share personal information with each other. An adult becoming interested and enamored with someone they’ve met online, only to realize that they’re talking to a very mature 16-year-old, is something a little easier to swallow than a teacher-student relationship.

    TLDR: If there is a large gap in age between characters, a relation where O has some kind of authority over Y comes off as O taking advantage of Y.

  3. How fast your characters get to know each other

    Think about the moment in the storyline where O starts to develop feelings for Y. Does this have to happen while Y is underaged? Could you have a situation where O and Y get to know each other over the course of 3 years and O starts to develop feelings on year 3.


    Who likes whom first?
    If O is making all the advances, it’ll seem a lot creepier than is Y initiates the bulk of the romance.

  4. Why your characters like each other

    This is something you think about in all romance, but it’s especially important for this post.

    The more O is described as having sexual attraction to Y–especially early on in the romance– the creepier it is. Definitely try to focus on the little moments where the characters connect through intelligent discussion, maybe where Y views a subject in a way O would have never thought themselves. Demonstrate the aspects of Y’s personality that are attractive –their intelligence, their thoughtfulness, their kindness, etc. 

  5. Their dynamic

    Think about your character’s personalities. What type of dynamic would they have together? Is their chemistry cutesy in interaction? Are they snarky with each other? Or do they have a calmer dynamic where much of their communication is through eye contact or other nonverbals?

    If the dialogue between your characters is sexually charged, it’ll come off as creepy. This is particularly true if Y and O don’t know each other very well. This doesn’t mean you can’t write sexual dialogue, just keep in mind the factors I’ve described above.

    Also, does this dynamic change with the subject matter of the conversation they’re having? Is it different in private than it is in public?

    Once you’ve determined their dynamic, consider how the characters interact with other people. Is O cutesy and innocent with Y but constantly making dirty jokes with their friends at work? Does O generally flirt with people Y’s age, or is Y a special case? Y and O don’t have to interact the same way with every other character, but think about how Y and O present themselves to other people.

I hope this helps!


Its interesting the sort of leaps of logic aphobes will come up with. My post instructing people to block aphobes on sight was commented on by an exclusionist (who was immediately blocked) saying in similar phrasing to ‘kill gay people on sight’. That sort of assertion is not appreciated nor is it a relevant argument. Furthermore it proved my point that aphobes should be blocked instantly upon their discovery. That sort of commentary is all you can really expect from people who are bigoted toward asexual and aromantic people. They will not have open discussion or intelligent conversation. They will merely insult you, try to degrade you, accuse you of unfounded and horrendous assumptions, and ultimately waste your time. 

So again, block aphobes on sight. They have no useful input on any matter of asexuality, its validity, or its place in LGBTQIA spaces. Speaking with them is ultimately an exercise in futility. Protect your mind, emotions, and time. Because aphobes are worth none of the above. 

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how are Venus virgos with love and how are Venus capricorns with love

Virgo Venuses are reliable and dependable, and are extremely supportive of their partner, they like to be of service to their partner and help them in any way that they can. They could be rather selfless. Virgo Venuses are not the most romantic or the most affectionate, but they do care a lot and will show it by making their partner feel special, they like to do the little things. The little things are important to them, it’s all about the details. They like to have intelligent discussions with their partner. But on the downside, Virgo Venuses can be pretty critical and naggy sometimes, and overly worrisome.

Capricorn Venuses are hard to get to know at first, because they build up a wall and can seem inaccessible. Capricorn Venuses could often get lost in their work and their goals, but it’s because they want to be secure for the future and they want to make sure that they are doing what’s needed to lead a stable life, which includes their romantic life. They are traditional and conventional, and like to pamper their partner and display their wealth and/or extravagance. They like to go on high-class dates. Capricorn Venuses are devoted to their partner though. On the downside, if you’re an individual who doesn’t prefer routine, then boredom may ensue with a Capricorn Venus native.

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I posted anti Mia things on the muisic video on Youtube just as an experiment and within hours got at least two death threats from Mia stans.

Seriously? That is not ok. No matter who you are or what you believe. Intelligent discussion is one thing. Death threats are just sick.

I’d be curious to know the source of these threats.

My First Fic Ever!

Well guys, here it is! My first foray into the fanfiction world, in response to a prompt by the lovely @marilita , who requested Rosvolio talking about books in some capacity. I hope that this is what you were looking for my friend!

        With all of the madness about in Verona as of late, it occurred to Rosaline, newly lady of House Capulet, that there was nothing better to escape the rabble than the pages of her favorite books.  Rosaline had been an avid reader since she was a child, as her parents had raised her to be a lady of Verona and thus educated her as such.  Even after her father had been killed and her mother dead of grief shortly afterward, Rosaline kept on reading.  She was the first to admit that books had a world of their own in order to escape the worst times in her life.  This week was no exception.  Therefore while the rest of House Capulet seemed to be in utter chaos, Rosaline slipped away from her (Juliet’s actually, and didn’t that just shake her to the core) room and found a quiet garden fountain just away from the city center to settle down and continue reading.

        Today she had chosen an epic Greek tale to take on her respite.  Homer’s Odyssey drew Rosaline in with its mythical creatures and gods and goddesses.  Yet the thing that intrigued Rosaline the most was Odysseus’ determination to get back to his wife, even after many years of delayed travel.  She was nearly done with this epic tale, but was waiting on tenterhooks to see if fair Penelope would recognize Odysseus as her husband after he slayed all of the greedy suitors around his wife. She could not help but to compare the couple’s situation to her own, even if they were nothing alike.  She wished for a love as strong as Odysseus’ and Penelope’s, and silently scoffed at herself for ever thinking that this would happen in her present situation.

        Maybe if Escalus- I mean the Prince-had declared his love before a week ago, I could have a love that strong. Rosaline thought in vain. Yet, after Escalus had showed his true intentions and motivations toward her the morning after the royal dinner, she had very little faith left in him.  Which left her to think of the other man that had come bursting into her life, Benvolio Montague.

       Benvolio was harder to sort out.  Rosaline hated the man, of course, as he was a Montague and the Montagues were unforgivable after what they had done to tear their family apart after her parents died. Although she supposed she really only had Lady Capulet to blame for her and Livia’s fallen status.  Animosity of the Montagues still ran strong however, making her less than benevolent toward Benvolio at best.  He was not as notoriously rash as Mercutio and Romeo had been, yet he still had a reputation for being a noble Montague cad. Yet he seemed much more open to their proposed union than she had ever been.  Just a couple of nights before at the royal dinner, he had approached her and seemed to be almost resigned to the task of a life together, while she had blatantly denied any agreement on her part before Escalus had betrayed her.

     “I know some things about you,” Benvolio had said to her. “Not enough to build a life together, but we’ll get there.” 

     From this alone, Rosaline felt a bit ashamed that she was not as willing as he to compromise and save Verona from bloodshed. He had lost nearly everyone he had ever loved, and yet was still willing to be loyal to their betrothal.  Could he be the Odysseus in her life, always fighting for her protection? And if so, could she be his Penelope, willing to wait while he gave himself in service of House Montague and Verona?

      She was pulled quite suddenly out of her musings about the current state of her life and the Odyssey by the man she had been contemplating so diligently for the past hour.

     "Well look who it is! I cannot imagine anyone I would be less likely to find around here than you, Lady Rosaline, yet here we are,” Benvolio smiled, that twinkle in his eye irritating her as he seemed to know something that she did not. 


why, pray tell my lord, should I not be here?” she answered, wanting to take back everything she had said in her mind about his maturity, for he could not even start a conversation with her without making some sort of stab at banter.

     "My lady, the fountain you are sitting at is on the outskirts of Montague property.  Mind you, you probably won’t be faulted for it, but it is rather odd to see anyone remotely near Capulet blood here. Actually, you would probably not find any Montague here either. Except for me.”

     "Is that so?” she retaliated. “Do you often find yourself lost on your own family’s property?”

     "No, my lady. This is where I came to think after the sickness took my mother and father both,” he said, growing more somber and open by the second.

     "Oh. Oh my. I am sorry, my lord, I should have never-…”

     "It is alright, Rosaline, really. As my betrothed, you are more than welcome to do anything you wish here.  If anyone attempts to bother you about it, have them take it up with me.  Although like I said before, you really should not encounter anyone else here disturbing you with your books, your- what are you reading, anyway?”

     Rosaline was touched that he would share his most private corner of his family’s property with her.  It was obvious that he still greatly disliked her, but he was giving her the benefit his betrothal and allowing her the status of a Montague bride-to-be.  She was so overwhelmed that she forgot to answer Benvolio’s query, only answering when she was startled out of her thoughts by his questioning gaze, one that had been on her face far too long.


It is the Odyssey. I know men such as you most likely prefer the Iliad, with its account of the war and all that, but I quite like the adventure that Odysseus and his crew brings.” She smiled thinking of all the travels the poem had taken her on in her imagination.


looked back up from her contemplation to see him smiling. “Actually, my dear beloved, the Odyssey is quite my preferred choice when it comes to Homer’s epic poems.  As silly as it sounds, I quite like the idea of Odysseus’ strength coming from a place to call home.”

     "You mean in Penelope? Oh yes, I completely agree! The way that they are devoted to each other even throughout the hardest of separations, fully even gaining the gods’ favor to be reunited, why it is absolutely incredible! I can only wish-!” Here she broke off, for he was truly smiling now, and it was radiant. She flushed with embarrassment.  She always became too giddy when speaking about her favorite literature, and now she had gone off about one of her favorite stories, tearing down her walls to her loathed fiancé himself. Yet he did not seem to belittle her for her strong opinions on the literature, but was rather encouraging and open himself. He was the one who shared a deeper opinion of the story first, after all.

     "Perhaps, if you are agreeable to these types of stories, my lady, I could lend you some of my own? I know not of the stock the Capulet library has, but I do know the Montague library like the back of my hand, and I could find some epic adventures for us to discuss further. A starting point for our life together, if you will? Literature is the cornerstone of all intelligent discussion, after all. What say you, Rosaline?” he grinned.

     Rosaline was fully cheery herself once again, something that she never thought would happen in this man’s presence. “Yes, Benvolio. I would like that very much. Thank you, truly, for thinking of me. I know this is difficult for the both of us. But perhaps literature really can be our starting point, as you say? At least we know it is something you can be civil about,” she bit at the end.

     "Just as I thought we were getting somewhere!” Benvolio joked. “But yes, my lady, I shall see what books I can find for us. Shall we meet here again in two days’ time to read together? I am sure your family would not object to you spending time with your betrothed, even though we do not intend for this to be a courtship.  Call it a reprieve from the madness together, if you will.”

     "I think we can both agree we need that, my lord,” Rosaline said.  This was not the end of their dislike for each other that was for certain.  But it was a good start on what would hopefully lead to a successful society marriage. And if Rosaline was lucky, perhaps even a friendship. 

     Although, life plans certainly never did pan out the way Rosaline wanted them to.