the zodiac signs as demigods - the masterpost

finally - here it is.

note: this is my opinion and based on my experience with and knowledge about the zodiac signs, so if you don’t like the demigod choices for your zodiac signs please don’t take it personal and act like a prick by leaving rude comments. thanks ^-^


Child of Zeus: intense and energetic, strong willed, brave and strives to be heroic, wants to be the number one

Child of Hermes: talkative and sociable, gets along with most people, humorous, likes to go on adventures

Child of Athena: clever, ambitious, seeks out wisdom and success, likes it to be right


Child of Demeter: traditional, down to earth, loves family and nature, good at cooking

Child of Aphrodite: romantic, materialistic, has an excellent sense of aesthetic value

Child of Apollo: poetic, easygoing and forgiving, kind and caring


Child of Athena: witty, curious, has the ability to learn fast and exchange ideas with others

Child of Hecate: mysterious, versatile, has a strong interest for supernatural things

Child of Hermes: fun loving, communicative, cunning, flighty, indecisive


Child of Hades: pessimistic, insecure, sentimental, often has difficulties understanding and expressing their emotions

Child of Aphrodite: emotional, loves the beautiful and pleasant things in life, empathetic

Child of Poseidon: moody, tenacious, creative, loyal and sympathetic


Child of Dionysus: warm hearted and passionate, humorous, dramatic, a bit lazy

Child of Zeus: self confident, showy and very charming, dominant, often stubborn and refuses to take advice from others

Child of Poseidon: creative, generous, one of a kind, good-natured, has a great sense of humor


Child of Athena: critical and perfectionist, analytical, prefers things to be organized

Child of Apollo: kindhearted and gentle, poetic, very caring, excellent at giving advice

Child of Demeter: dependable, hard working, reasonable, nature loving


Child of Hermes: diplomatic and cooperative, has a good business sense, likes the outdoors and traveling

Child of Aphrodite: affectionate, sociable, has a great love for beautiful things

Child of Nemesis: is likely to hold grudges, mistrustful, righteous and cannot tolerate injustice, prefers harmony and balance


Child of Athena: resourceful and inventive, determined, decisive, truthful, intelligent

Child of Hades: mysterious, secretive, intense and emotional, unforgiving

Child of Dionysus: passionate and assertive, sensual and likes to indulge in pleasant things, a true friend


Child of Athena: Curious, idealistic, open minded, a bit blunt

Child of Apollo: Optimistic, generous towards loved ones, expressive, very honest

Child of Hermes: witty, freedom loving, playful, tends to speak before they think


Child of Nike: independent, progressive, good at managing things, determined, can be a know-it-all

Child of Hades: serious, disciplined, pessimistic, seems cold and emotionless

Child of Demeter: family oriented, follows traditional values, down to earth, dependable


Child of Poseidon: fun loving, friendly, a bit eccentric, open minded, temperamental

Child of Iris: original, unprejudiced and prefers not to take sides, optimistic, humanitarian

Child of Athena: good listener, is able to solve problems fast and efficiently, distanced, deep thinker, visionary


Child of Apollo: artistically and musically talented, careful, peaceful, fearful and may run away from problems

Child of Hecate: spiritual, loves the mysterious, intuitive, wise, makes a good medium

Child of Aphrodite: romantic, compassionate, emphatic, faithful, caring

Intent and Spell Writing

What is Intent in witchcraft?

Simply put intent is what result you wish to get from your spell or ritual. It is the energy you will be using to get results. Intent is extremely important for any spell. What do you wish to happen when you cast it? Do you wish to improve your studying or do you wish to banish something negative from your life? That is intent. It is the end goal. 

Examples of Intent:

  • Banishment: keeping away negativity and negative energies
  • Beauty: for looking, expressing and feeling lovely and attractive
  • Binding: prevent harm, avoid danger, stop someone from performing a particular act; restriction
  • Business/Career: for success in one’s career, job hunting
  • Calming: relieve stress
  • Catalyst: stimulating a spell
  • Charge: store energy into something
  • Chasity: celibacy, innocence
  • Confidence: courage, self assurance and empowerment
  • Creativity: expression, imagination and improving artistic skills
  • Communication: improving communications and understandings with friends, family, spouses, etc; communicating with other forces
  • Cleanse: removing unclean energies and presences from self, objects or areas
  • Curse: bring negative energy into something or into someone’s life
  • Desire: gaining what one has strong feelings of want for or seeking to be wanted by others
  • Divination: clairvoyance, gaining insight
  • Discourage: prevent something from occurring
  • Dreams: bring dreams, relates to the dream realm
  • Emotional: spells focused on certain emotions
  • Encouragement: supporting and influencing something to happen
  • Exorcism: expelling evil spirits
  • Fertility: for conception
  • Fidelity: loyalty and faithfulness
  • Friendship: bonding and connections
  • Fortune: good luck
  • Forgotten: leave memories behind
  • Frugality: saving money
  • Glamour: illusions and perception
  • Generosity: kindness and good will
  • Happiness: joy and merriment
  • Healing: recovery and repair
  • Inspiration: gaining ideas and drive
  • Invisibility: going unnoticed, stealth
  • Judgment: improving decision making and choices
  • Longevity: increasing length/duration of things
  • Love: Romance
  • Lust: Libido and sex drive
  • Memory: remembrance
  • Motivation: determination
  • Patience: tolerance
  • Peace: tranquility
  • Prosperity: well-being
  • Protection: guarding, safety and warding
  • Psychic: improving any psychic ability or connection
  • Purification: purifying an object or space
  • Guidance: spiritual, mental, supernatural guidance, advice and bonds
  • Severing: cutting ties from others
  • Spirituality: for belief
  • Strength: brawn, endurance; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Truth: honesty with self and others
  • Wealth: increasing money and physical possessions
  • Wisdom: decisions, intelligence, learning
  • Wish: gaining things and desires

I have my intent now what?

Well you have just taken your first step to spell writing. Now that you have your intent, your goal, you can can start researching. What relates and corresponds to your intent and what ingredients do you have available? Some things you could research:

  • Gemstones
  • Herbs and flowers
  • Types of Water (spring, rain, ocean, etc)
  • Colors
  • Candles
  • Oils
  • Incense
  • Animal Symbolism
  • Time of Day
  • Planets and Cosmic Bodies
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Metals
  • Emotional, Psychic and Physical Energies
  • Classic Witches Tools (besom, wands, etc)
  • Divination Tools (pendulums, tarot cards, scrying mirrors, etc)
  • Mythology and Mythical Creatures

Once you have researched and found the ingredients and objects you wish to use, even if you decide to only use your own energy and voice that is fine. You don’t absolutely need to use anything specific. It is your spell and your intent, choose what you feel will work best for you.

How are you going to use these things you have researched and obtained? This will require more research on your part, witchcraft requires a lot of research. Some ideas:

  • Bath mix/salts
  • Tea and infusions (if ingredients are safe to ingest)
  • Gem Elixir (research to ensure your gemstone(s) is safe to use in water or safe methods to make it without submerging the gemstone)
  • Jar or Bottle Spell
  • Sigil Spell
  • Burning
  • Shredding/Cutting
  • Burying
  • Spoken
  • Painted/drawn
  • Crafted or Molded

The possibilities are truly endless. All I can say you have just taken your first steps for writing a spell! Once you have decided your intent and the process you wish to use, it is time to begin trials. Everything takes practice. It may not work at first but that is alright. Take notes and observe results. Just be safe with what you are doing. Happy Spell Writing!

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Badass Tsuna? Maybe rescuing his captured guardians or coming to Reborn's 'rescue' (could be a test, could be reborn was enjoying his nap too much to escape himself, maybe he actually needed to be rescued) or anything with Tsuna just obliterating people. Or anything with Tsuna! Thanks :)

Thanks for giving me an excuse to write some R27.


The first - and only time - that Reborn gets himself captured, the mafia realizes just how far Tsuna is prepared to ensure his tutor’s survival.

They also realize just how very devastatingly not human Tsuna is.

Reborn would be amused, but given that he’s drugged to the gills right now and has a pretty bad concussion, the only thing he really is is tired.

But yes, pissing off a creature that devours whole galaxies and was born from the vacuum of space itself? Not in the range of what most would call ‘intelligent life decisions’.

There’s a period of about forty eight hours when everything’s fine. Sun rises, sun sets, moon rises, moon sets, and life goes on.

And then on the third day, everything just stops. 

When people wake up, its not to the sun or the moon hanging in the sky. It’s simply to the void above them. No stars - no, stars emit light, which Tsuna doesn’t want. He’s showing his power, showing the humans how very badly they’ve fucked up by taking the one man he loves above all others. The one man he’s trusted with his True Name. 

The void is silent, and empty, and so very terrible. There is no sound. There is no movement. The entire world seems to be asleep, because nobody moves. Nothing wakes up. Nothing except what Tsuna wants to wake up.

The men that have taken Reborn threaten to kill him. They put him on camera, drugged and beaten and half out of his mind, and put a knife to his throat, and threaten the most powerful thing in the galaxy with his survival. And Tsuna’s answer to the threat is incredibly simple.

The seas dry up.

The trees wither and die.

Animals and plants vanish. There are no bones left behind. There is nothing.

Houses and people vanish too. Again, nothing to indicate anything was ever there.

Vongola remains, and the people inside remain, and Reborn and his captors remain. But that is all.

For a very short time, that is all there is.

Someone mentions sacrificing Reborn to summon something bigger. Something that will eat Tsuna, and set things back to the way they were. Because surely there must be something bigger. There is always something bigger.

Except the first time they put the blade to his throat and draw his blood, black icor that looks like starlight pours out and slathers itself over his body. Blades, guns, nothing is able to pierce it. He still looks human - but he can’t be touched. This, Reborn thinks in a moment of lucidity, is Tsuna’s devotion in action. 

My kind love only once, he had told Reborn. And we burn ourselves out with the fury of that love.

So, Reborn thinks, hysterical laughter bubbling up in his chest. This is what he meant.

And then Tsuna himself shows up in his true form, and the people that took Reborn don’t die. Instead, they beg. They beg for forgiveness, they bow and apologize and crawl and kiss Tsuna’s feet and beg.

And Tsuna forgives.

It is a terrible fate to be forgiven by a galaxy eater.

The sun rises again the next day, and there are plants and animals and life. Reborn is in Tsuna’s arms as he walks them home, but behind them there is nothing but Void. The sky above is a multitude of colors, beautiful jewel tones and pastels that blend together to create an unearthly looking sky. The animals draw close to Tsuna - birds perch on him, deer come to nibble on his shoes as he rests. They nibble on Reborn too, when Tsuna twines their hands together.

He should be afraid, but he’s not. Tsuna has proven with actions and words that he won’t ever hurt Reborn. It’s the exact opposite in fact. 

“What’s going to happen to me?” he asks when Tsuna picks him back up and they continue on. It should be evening by the time they return, but the sky above is still bright, the sun glowing. “I have to die eventually.”

“You will die when you are ready. And I will follow you, wherever you choose to go.”

It’s painfully honest. Reborn lays his head on Tsuna’s shoulder and closes his eyes, breathing in the mixture of smells that only belong to him. 

But then again, isn’t that what Reborn asked for?

“Be honest with me, always.”

“As you wish.”

The importance of purification

This week through my weekly goddess tarot pull I’ve been learning on the importance of purification. For anyone who didn’t see my earlier post this week, I do a regular weekly tarot pull from my goddess oracle deck and spend a week reflecting on the lessons of that goddess, learning about who she is, and brain storming how her lessons relate to me. For anyone who has never done this before, it is a really great way to expand your knowledge of your tarot deck, learning deeper meanings to the cards outside of the guidebooks that usually come with the deck, and to challenge yourself to heal and make changes to yourself.

Anyway, so this week I pulled the card for the goddess Sulis, who is the goddess believed to rule over the Roman baths in England. I’ve never been really connected to Celtic deities at all before, despite having some English ancestry. However, I have visited the Roman baths a couple of years ago on a trip to Europe, and I had already met Sulis in the baths when I visited the museum there. Interestingly Sulis is quite localised as far as I am aware, there has been not much mention of her outside of these public baths at all.

Purification has always been a major part of my practice so when I pulled this I was a little like… “But I already do this and have been for years? Why are you bringing it back up?” The guide book wasn’t much help either, it suggests “taking a meditative bath, having a stroll near water, and cleansing the body.”
Somehow I feel that this is not really all that Sulis wants to tell me. I mean, if this card came up in a reading, do you really think the person you are doing a reading for would appreciate being told to take a bath? I already have like 5 baths a week (because relaxingggggg), shower everyday, wash my hands and mouth out before any kind of ritual work, obsessively clean the house and burn sage every where, yell at people for messing my house up and disturbing the spiritual vibes with their rubbish etc. I mean to be honest I really believe that this guidebook hasn’t captured the true healing message of purification.
So I was a bit stumped at first, considering ritual purification with water is already quite a significant part of my spiritual practice.

As someone who has practised Shintoism for 11 years, Shinto has had a huge impact on the concept of purity and my understanding of how important purification can be when connecting with deities. And this concept of purity is present in a lot of world religions as well- Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are just some examples. But physical purity represents much more than simply having a clean body. 

So how does ritual purification of the body relate to purification of the mind and heart? Each time we perform an act of ritual purification, we need to think about more than just being nice and clean. The act of ritual purification is also performed to remind us to purify our minds and hearts of the negativity that so often plagues many of us in this modern world. Have you reflected on how you have been thinking recently? Have you insulted yourself? Discouraged yourself? Hated your body and the things you say or do? Made fun of yourself in front of others or in your heart? Told yourself you were disgusting, degraded yourself or disrespected yourself mentally? These are all things we do on a daily basis even without realising. Some of us are so used to doing it that we barely question our own behaviour towards ourselves. Yet this kind of negative thinking is key to a lot of our internal suffering, especially if you suffer from a mental illness. We need to be on guard and watch the thoughts at all times to keep our minds ritually pure from what brings negativity and “evil spirits” into our lives even in the mind. We need to start questioning the truth behind our thoughts rather than blindly allowing ourselves to be absorbed into them.
Ritual purification also needs to extend to our heart. How do we treat others? Do we talk about others behind their back, discourage and pull them down with our words, or speak to them in a rude tone of voice? Do we belittle others or treat them as stupid just because we don’t particularly like them or their choices? Do you stand at a check out and abuse a helpless retail employee because you can’t have things your way? We need to guard our behaviour and see through the eyes in the heart.

Additionally, we need to look at outside sources of negativity that may be affecting us. Are you ignoring a family member or not getting involved with your family for selfish reasons?Are you avoiding a confrontation? Do you have a friend who pulls you down and discourages you? Do you have an abusive relationship with someone in your life? Do you have responsibilities you have ignored but are bringing you stress? Are you pretending the shit storm isn’t there and not facing reality? We need to cut off and remove these loose ties, or fix broken ties that are worth fixing. We need to make intelligent decisions and choices, and rectify these unfinished areas of our lives so we can stop carrying useless burdens around.

So next time you perform a purification ritual, remind yourself to think about how your can extend this ritual to cleanse you of the negativity that we build up in our own hearts and minds. As the water washes over you, your heart and mind are cleansed symbolically of all this negativity that you have gathered and been carrying with you. Think about where we make some changes and tidy up some loose ends in ourselves while you perform this ritual. Where can you change your behaviour so that you do not bring harm to yourself? Where can you change your behaviour so that you do not bring harm to others? 
This is the true beauty of the purification ritual, and this is how the purification ritual can be so much more than just a physical experience!
I am so thankful for Sulis bringing this into my life this week. I still have a four days of the week remaining to reflect on this learning, so I am looking forward to applying this to my life!

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Not a question. Just wanted to thank you for giving us such an amazing character in Felicity Smoak. She is brave, badass, intelligent & makes her own decisions. I love her as hero without a mask but it was fun seeing her on legends of tomorrow. Thank you for creating her!!! The show wouldnt be the same without her. Please tell Emily that :)

Will do!  Thank you!

Addewid (IV)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Kai (Jongin)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,703

Summary: You cannot appeal to my better nature, for I have none. I am not human, little one.”

You’ve always known you were different. You’re able to see them, after all, able to see the Others. You’ve also always ignored them. Until the day comes where you’re forced to make a choice - one that throws your world into chaos. And sends you down a path you might never return from.

Originally posted by kimjongkaissoo

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Why do people think Capricorns are so unemotional??

Because that’s how they express themselves. The moon is in detriment in capricorn – capricorn is also the opposing sign to cancer. The moon rules our emotions, feelings, how we cope and feel things. Cancer is highly emotional and intuitive, and relies on their emotional intelligence to make decisions. Capricorn, being the opposite sign of cancer, is the opposite of that. It’s the capricorn archetype to be concerned with building a foundation and acquiring security for themselves, using their ambition and determination to get things done. Not taking the time to process their feelings or letting them get in the way of getting what they ultimately want. Capricorns aren’t cold hearted or numb people though, when you crack one open they seem just like their opposite sign cancer, they only show that side when they put their guard down and lose their fear of rejection, which is something they’re faced with a lot. Another reason capricorns get a “colder” reputation is because usually capricorn & saturn placements were forced to grow up too early in life, their inner child was repressed, they can be unfamiliar of that side of themselves and can be repulsed of it. They developed a thick skin early in life, after being shown time and time again why they should never let their guard down or open up to people too fast, capricorn & saturn placements is were we feel rejected or lacking in.

[Miraculous Ladybug]: A Young Hero

the @meowraculouschatnoirzine is finally available for a free download (check it out here) which means that i can finally post my small piece in its entirely for you all. definitely head over to that link so you can get the entire thing in a PDF for free

not often i write gen fics, so i hope you enjoy! :)

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: A Young Hero
Pairing: Gen Fic, Gabriel Agreste & Chat Noir
Summary: A heart to heart between a young hero and his father

A Young Hero

Today’s akuma had a vendetta against Gabriel Agreste.

Apparently M. Agreste had seen it fit to fire a company executive this morning. His personal assistant, Nathalie Sancoeur, said the exchange had only lasted sixty seconds — just long enough for M. Agreste to tell the man why he was being fired, give him instructions to clean his office immediately, and hand him back the golden name plate that had already been stripped from his door. Not even ten minutes later, Gabriel’s company building was on complete lockdown while the akuma stalked the halls searching for Gabriel Agreste to get his revenge.

Chat Noir only knew about it because Nathalie had called him in the middle of class to update him on the situation. So he transformed, called Ladybug, and told her that unfortunately, Gabriel Agreste was going to need some hasty protection detail before this new villain seriously harmed him.

“We’ve instructed all employees to lock themselves in their offices and take cover,” Nathalie explained to the two superheroes as the elevator halted on the top floor. Ladybug and Chat Noir kept their weapons drawn and eyed the vents and windows while Nathalie led them to Gabriel’s office. “M. Agreste is also remaining in his office, but so far there’s been no sign of the akuma.”

“He’s probably hiding in the building somewhere,” Ladybug frowned. “One of us will go track him down while the other keeps an eye on M. Agreste. I’ll—”

“I’ll watch M. Agreste,” Chat Noir cut in. “You go find the akuma and call me when you find him.”

“Are you sure? He’s not the easiest person to deal with.”

“Trust me, I’m well aware,” Chat Noir chuckled humorlessly. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure he stays safe.”

Ladybug squeezed his hand before promising to call him as soon as she found something. Nathalie led Chat Noir into Gabriel’s office and locked the door behind him. It wasn’t often that Gabriel worked in his company office, but judging by the way he was still hunched over his desk without noticing Chat Noir’s entrance probably meant that today was a heavy work day. Chat Noir cleared his throat and waited for Gabriel to boredly look up from his desk and regard him as if he were nothing but an employee. “Ah. Chat Noir. I assumed you would be here soon.”

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Y'all hear me out……

Where’s the law that says we have to see everything that happens in a story…

Eliza has said that the season 4 finale is her favourite finale yet because of the big twist at the end… well we already know that one half of the characters are in the bunker and that one half of the characters are off into space… we can also tell pretty much from the promo that Clarke is going to stay behind so that isn’t a surprise.

No way is Clarke going to be playing it solo for 5 years of her life… who survives that mentally?

Now who’s to say that Roan didn’t secretly inject himself with nightblood too, as compensation, as a backup plan…. he’s an intelligent guy and never truly trusted anyone… he’s also had to learn in the past to rely on and defend for himself.. he was once banished from his clan and was alone.

Who’s to say he only pretended to die and faked his own death only to go rogue afterwards. He’s already faked his own death whilst being ‘drowned’ before, he did the exact same thing in the lake with Clarke at the beginning of season 3. If he’s a nightblood then being drowned in black rain wouldn’t of made any big difference. He made one intelligent decision making a pact with Octavia in the conclave to ensure that they would become the final two warriors. He didn’t have to risk his life against Luna because he was presumed dead…. he could of quite easily of gotten up and walked off into the shadows… he’s clever… he could of orchestrated the entire thing… he knew he would get out alive.

This big twist at the end of the finale… maybe Clarke runs into Roan… in the forest… the exact same place they first met…

Zach has reportedly said that he’s waiting on a season 5 script… maybe Clarke won’t be alone for 5 years… maybe, just maybe she’ll have a certain king Roan to keep her company!

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I'm an INTP and all my life I've kind of wanted to be an INTJ. Intelligent, decisive, cold (yup my inferior Fe has had huge outbursts). I just can't shake off this mindset that INTJs are so much better. So, what do you think are the perks of being an INTP?(Besides being an intelligent nerd.) :D

The perks of being an INTP?

I don’t really think about it all that often. I mean, you can be weird and everyone just sort of thinks of you as a harmless eccentric. There’s something nice about that, you know. 

You don’t run out of curiosity. Some people get jaded and cynical. INTPs do, too, at times. But we don’t let our cynicism get in the way of wanting to know more. And even when we are cynical, we still have enough idealism left in us to maybe change again.

We provide perspective. People get stuck in ruts, but sometimes our weird way of looking at things (not to mention our childish way of telling them) can be helpful in reminding people of the differences that exist around them.

We can appreciate the little things in life.

We can be the most loyal of friends.

We are witty and awkward at the same time. Don’t ask me how that works. But apparently other people like that, when they aren’t uncomfortable with it.

So, you see, being an INTP is very wonderful. And, like most wonderful things, it’s also confusing and complicated. But then, so is every personality. So, we’re not that weird, after all!

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Headcanon of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin at a waterpark? Btw I love this account you guys write and portray every character so well it's so satisfying c:

Aw, thank-you so much, anon! That really means a lot. c: I hope you don’t mind that I combined everyone since I’d imagine the trio would go together. (:


  • Eren is all about those t h r i l l rides. You know the ones where you have to climb the set of stairs to a slide that drops down straight? He’s all about those. Armin absolutely hates them and will watch as Mikasa fusses over Eren while they wait in line.

  • On the flip side, Armin enjoys the more relaxed attractions of a waterpark, like the lazy river and the wave pool. He doesn’t mind the more tame rides and even has fun going on them, but he refuses to do any of the more extreme/borderline dangerous ones. 

  • Mikasa doesn’t have a preference either way, but Eren and Armin have to stop every so often by their locker so she can reapply sunscreen or else she’s going to get torched by the sun. 

  • Armin suffers a rather similar fate, but made the intelligent decision to wear a white shirt to avoid getting incredibly sun-burned. Eren, on the other hand, tans well and doesn’t need to reapply, much to the jealously of Armin and Mikasa. 

  • The three of them stay inside of the park for as long as they possibly can to get their money’s worth. They’ll go on all the rides and eat lunch there just to get the full experience. By the time they are ready to go, they are all super tuckered out and probably crash at Eren’s place. 
Robb x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine getting drunk with Robb and trying to make a move on him but he respects you to much to go through with it.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Could you write a Robb x Reader? It’s Robb Nameday, so there’s a party at Winterfell and some noble families of the North are invited. After the happy but formal dinner, Robb, Jon, Theon, the reader and other few girls go outside to drink some stolen wine and play games for laugh. A little bit drunk, Robb and reader flirt with each other and end up being apart from the group. Even if Robb is very attracted to her, he decides not to do anything cause she’s dizzy and he respects her.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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The Other Woman (Part 5)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Jensen x Danneel

Word Count: 3028

Summary: You were a good girl. But how did you end up as the other woman?

A/N: This took longer to write than the few chapters back and honestly, I don’t think I can live up to what I wrote in the first few chapters. Anyhow thank you for waiting! 

Tags: @nanie5 @supernatural0826 @padackles2010 @holdyourselfinmyhands @remybosslika @jensen-gal @barricade-ghost @just-another-busy-fangirl @mrstheorossix3 @tas898 @darkx143 @emilypkuzu @sortaathief @anokhi07 @to-the-starss @relationshipyard @isabelaelisa @hibaabdo @artprincessbree @anxuanpham @trashytears@lalakawe@but-like-dean-tho​ @evelinakikoum @skathan-omaha@soobi89​ @mommatoni @son-of-a-horse@se-lestiles@jensen-jarpad


You were sitting bleary eyed at the kitchen island, a bowl of cereal sat in front you now soggy from the long soak. You were simply too tired to even eat. You eyed the coffee still steaming in your favorite black mug, the aroma almost making you sick. You were never a big fan of coffee but you figured you really needed it this morning to survive through the day.

More like the rest of your life.

It had been an entire week since Jensen had permanently taken his bed back; a week since you had a good rest. While you tried your hardest to ignore the way the linens captured his scent, you had to remain unmoved. The lack of decent sleep was showing on your face and it had been noticed by the usual neighbours you’d bump into at the supermarket, who’d asked if you were falling ill.

You were, but asking for help after denying it seemed pointless now. Stupid even. You too were avoiding looking like a sick little girl in front of Jensen, not that he in any how was interested in your whereabouts during the day. He was never around, only appeared on the other side of the bed at night. The conversations would end short. More often than not it was just to tell you to turn the lights off.

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Why is saying "low/high-functioning" offensive? I've just recently found out about opposition to it and don't know much on the topic and was hoping for some enlightenment. Thank you for your time!

No problem anon. There’s actually more than one reason why you shouldn’t use it.

1. it imposes a sense of hierarchy in the autism community, and implies that one autistic person is better or smarter than another

2. The concept of the whole term is situational. Autism is not a one size fits all type of thing, and autistic people’s skills and functioning levels can vary from day-to-day. To imply that a person is low functioning is to imply that they don’t have any skills or that they don’t have the intelligence needed to make decisions for themselves, even simple ones.

3. It gives abusers more leverage over the person if they’ve been deemed “low functioning”. for example: “You’re too low functioning to know what you’re talking about. You couldn’t possibly know what’s best for yourself.”

I hope this helped.

I know I was born to serve the black race.
When I only intend to have a beautiful black baby in my belly.
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some nerve you have, to break up my loneliness

this is the first fic I ever wrote! I found it in my drafts and revised it (there was a lot of cringing involved) but it turned out pretty okay, so I decided to share it with you guys. (in the original, there were a LOT of inaccuracies and some pretty bad dialogue… i mostly fixed it). yes, it’s a soulmate AU. yes, those are played out. give me a break. I was learning.

Baz doesn’t want a soulmate. Simon wants one desperately. They meet in a bathroom. (TW: swearing, mentions of homophobia)

Simon Snow wanted a soulmate desperately. His tattoo, written in neat, bold cursive scrawl, had begun to fade in when he was about twelve. And now he was seventeen, and he’d been waiting five years to hear those words (although, in truth, they weren’t very romantic words at all. His soulmate sounded like kind of a jerk).

Still, his life now didn’t hold much to look forward to other than the soulmate and his eighteenth birthday, when he could finally get the hell out of dodge. But that wasn’t for months, and his soulmate could come any day. It was far more exciting to wake up every day and think ’today could be it! ’ than to wait tirelessly for a day that seemed eons away.

It was on the inside of his wrist, so he always wore long sleeved shirts or bracelets to cover it up. It had always felt like his little secret. While the other children at school were eagerly pulling up their shirts to show tattoos half-formed on their ribcage and wearing shorts only to show the letters on the backs of their knees, Simon was hiding his. It showed up one letter at a time, and not in order. The first letter was a ‘W’, and he fantasized that it would be a gutsy girl, seeing him for the first time, falling in love with him immediately, and asking him in a rushed voice, “Will you go out with me?” But as more letters appeared, all jumbled (an F, then two Os on either side of it, then a C and so on) it became clear that his soulmate was… well… less than polite.

The whole tattoo spelled “Oh, fuck off, will you?”.

Simon didn’t care. He could not care one bit less that his soulmate was, apparently, an asshole. Whoever she was, she had the neatest, most old fashioned handwriting he’d ever seen, beautiful, calligraphy-like letters all looping together like a fine ribbon. He imagined her to look something like Agatha Wellbelove, the prettiest girl he’d seen to date, but it couldn’t have been her (first because her first words to him were, “You smell like cinnamon”, and second, because she didn’t have a tattoo. It happened sometimes, that people didn’t have soulmates. She cried about it often). Agatha had warm, brown doe eyes and long hair like corn silk. She and Simon were alright friends, but she was a grade above him and had just graduated, and it was getting difficult to stay in touch.

The alarm went off, and Simon sat up out of his bed, groaning. Simon knew he had the morning to himself- his father hadn’t heard the alarm, and he never got up to make sure Simon went to school anyway. He decided that he’d much rather walk around and feel the sunshine on his back than lounge around and suffer through math class. Running a brush through his hair and grabbing some money, he left, thinking he would head down to the bakery and grab some scones, maybe eat them in the park. Today was no different than any other day. He wondered if he’d meet his soulmate. He probably wouldn’t.


Baz Pitch dreaded the day he met his soulmate. One, because he sounded like a twat, (“Hey, you can’t smoke in here”), two, because his handwriting was shit, and three, because he really didn’t want one. He didn’t want to fall in love. He’d had enough of love. He loved his mother, and she died. He loved his father (in a twisted kind of way), and they hadn’t spoken in almost three months (“Dad, I’m gay.” “Get out of my house.”). He loved his sister, Mordelia, and he couldn’t do anything to help her when their father would go into fits of rage, smashing plates and windows (and sometimes Baz’s face) and she would hide under the bed, her small body racked with sobs for hours. Now that he’d moved out, he could do even less for her. But he’d given her a number, in case she ever needed his help. He’d kill Malcolm if he ever laid a finger on Mordi.

She hadn’t called.

As far as Baz was concerned, life could go so much better if you just didn’t care. About anything. People, yourself, whatever. Love ended in disaster of some sort, every time. And even though he’d never experienced romantic love, he figured that it’d be just as bad, if not worse, and he wanted to do everything in his power to avoid it.

It was just an innocent visit to the coffee shop. He wanted a cocoa (was that a crime?). The morning bright but chilly, and he figured a hot chocolate would warm him right up. He’d never been to this shop, but it looked approachable and friendly, with a cutesy sign on the door that said ’We’re open, come on in!“ He walked in. The scent of baked goods practically smacked him in the face, and he smiled a little.

But his smile quickly fell.



Malcolm. In the coffee shop. Two people in front of him. Ordering a coffee, and Baz knew exactly how he wanted it (black). Looking tall and mean and awful. Looking like Baz really shouldn’t have left Mordi with him, no matter how hard it would have been to take her away.

He was about to turn, and Baz was still contemplating what to do. Fight or flight.

Baz flew.


The smell of smoke assaulted Simon when he entered the bathroom. Who the hell was smoking in here? It was a public building, there was a no smoking sign two feet from the goddamned door. Christ, could people not read? He looked around for the culprit, but there didn’t seem to be anyone in the bathroom.

He heard a faint hum from one of the two stalls.

“Hey,” he said, a little irritated. “You can’t smoke in here.”

Baz took a sharp breath.

“I said, you can’t fucking smoke in here. Did you not see the sign? Hello?” Baz needed to find the quickest possible way to get rid of him. Jesus. Fuck. What a day. It wasn’t even nine yet and already he’d been inadvertently chased away by his dick father and (sort of) met his soulmate. His idiot soulmate, whose voice was just like his dumb handwriting- inviting, but rough around the edges.

“Oh, fuck off, will you?”

Simon froze. What? What the hell was his soulmate doing in a boys’ bathroom? And the voice… Not exactly deep, but throaty and smooth and impossibly not-belonging-to-a-female. He didn’t know what to say, and so he didn’t say anything.

Instead, he went into the stall next to the guy (it was a guy), clambered clumsily onto the back of the toilet, and peered over the side. Perhaps not the most intelligent decision, but Simon had never prided himself on common sense.

Gorgeous. That was the only word that registered in Simon’s mind for a whole thirty seconds. The boy (definitely, definitely a boy) had thick, shoulder length hair, pitch black, and reddish-gold skin. He was sitting on the back of the toilet, legs crossed, with a lit cigarette hanging casually from his lips. He was exotic. He was beautiful. He looked up. He was pissed.

“What the actual fuck are you doing?” He snapped. Simon could see he’d been crying. His eyes, a stunning grey-green, were rimmed with red and shining. “Get away from me, you prick.”

Simon found his voice. “No. I’m not going to get away from you. Not until I figure out a few things.”


“Let me see your tattoo.” Simon demanded.

"And why, exactly, would I want to do that?”

"Because… Because just do it, okay?” He looked at the boy pleadingly.

Baz didn’t want to. He wasn’t going to. He wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction, this boy who had the guts, who had the gall to just look over the fucking stall at him when this was a place for privacy-

"Please?” Desperation had crept it’s way into Simon’s voice. His eyes were big and blue and honest.

Baz pulled the hair away from the back of his neck and showed the beautiful boy his tattoo.

God damn you, Baz thought. He was so flawless. He was glowing, like the sun was trapped inside of him, shining out through his curly bronze hair and his lovely golden skin and his bright eyes and his honey-coated voice.

"Oh.” It was soft. He sounded defeated. “So I guess…”

"We’re soulmates,” Baz finished for him. “What’s that face for? You disappointed?” He wiped the tears from his cheeks.

"No, no-” Simon interrupted quickly. “It’s not that at all. No.”

"Then what is it? Because you look like you just found out that all your Christmas presents were underwear.” Baz studied him for a second. “And that none of them fit. And they may or may not be used.”

Simon suppressed a laugh. He spoke slowly, chose his words carefully. “I just… didn’t think… that I liked guys. And it’s surprising, to say the least.”

"Good. So go away.”

"No.” Simon had waited this long for his soulmate, and just because he was a he didn’t mean Simon was going to let him slip between his fingers. “We’re going out on a date. Right now. I need to figure this out.”

"That’s how you ask someone out? You didn’t even actually ask.” Baz shook his head, but dropped the cigarette, grinding it into the tile floor to put it out. He ignored Simon’s disparaging look, swinging the stall door open and following him out of the bathroom.

"This is some crazy shit,” Simon muttered, just loud enough for Baz to hear. Baz nodded in agreement. “Where do you want to go?”

"Anywhere. Anywhere but here.” Baz paused. “And don’t expect this to be like… a date. I’m not ready for a date. I don’t even…”

"Whatever, it doesn’t have to be a date. How does a walk in the park sound? I’m Simon, by the way. And you’re a git. Who introduces themselves with ‘Fuck off’? You do realize I have that permanently tattooed on my body, right?”

Simon. Simon who talked way too fast, all his words running together into one big long word, barely intelligible. “I-” Baz began, but Simon held up a finger.

"Shhhhhh. We’re going to the park.” They walked in silence for a while, Baz a step behind Simon, studying him. He was shining. He was even more beautiful in the summer sun. Clad in basketball-type shorts and a muscle shirt, Baz could see that he had dozens of moles scattered all over his body. Simon looked back, like he was checking if Baz was still there, and Baz saw that on his face was a sweep of freckles across the bridge of his nose and the apples of his cheeks. He was substantially shorter than Baz, probably by three or four inches, but then again, Baz was tall. The kind of tall that makes people stop you in the street and say “Wow, you’re tall.” Little kids looked at him and whispered to their mothers in awe, “Look, it’s a giant!”.

"How old are you?” Baz asked, a feeble attempt at conversation. He felt awkward in the quiet, with just the light breeze whispering in his ears. He wondered how Simon wasn’t cold, as scantily clad as he was.

"I’m a senior in high school,” Simon replied in a pleasant tone.

"Oh. Um, I just graduated.” Usually, Baz was fantastic with words. He could spin poems out of his head like woven silk and his wit was quick and sharp, throwing insults and jabs left and right, comebacks falling from his mouth with ease. He was a good conversationalist, too, but that was mostly because he couldn’t tolerate small talk. It bored the hell out of him. Life was short, he figured, so why waste it on discussion of the weather? But this boy… He was stealing everything. Baz’s words, his breath, and apparently his free will, because every step towards the park he knew he should turn around, wanted to- but didn’t.

"What’s your name?” Simon asked, glancing back for just a moment. Just long enough to catch Baz’s eyes and bring a soft blush to his cheeks.

"Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch,” Baz said, as casually as he could manage. “But you can call me Baz.”

"Baz.” He considered it for a moment. “I like it. It suits you. Dark. Mysterious. Straight out of a romance novel.”

They reached the park and suddenly neither of them knew what to do. It was awkward and the sun was too bright, so they were both sweaty and squinting and trying too hard not to look too long at the other one. Was this how it was supposed to be? Weren’t you supposed to fall right into your soulmate, and everything was supposed to feel right, like it had just clicked into place? Because it didn’t feel that way, not at all. It felt strange and a little bit empty and very, very stilted. Their conversation wasn’t going anywhere. There was no conversation, neither of them were even speaking.

"I play the violin,” Baz said, a little too loud. It was a stupid thing to say, a total non-sequitur, but he said it because he wanted to know if Simon played an instrument. He could picture him jamming out on a bass guitar or banging on a drum set.

"I always wanted to learn to play the violin.” He spoke in a wistful tone. “But we could never afford music lessons.”

"Oh.” Baz replied, his face bright red.

"Okay, this is getting ridiculous,” Simon sighed, leaning forward towards Baz. “I feel like I’m at a middle school dance. Just tell me something about yourself, something you wouldn’t tell anybody else.”

"Um…” Baz began, not sure what to say next. “I- I just met you. Why would I-”

"Because I’m your soulmate, you fuckwad.” Simon sounded exasperated now. He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. “Don’t you think I should know things about you?”

"Point taken,” Baz admitted. “It’s just that… I’ve never really wanted a soulmate.”

Simon looked hurt. “Well it’s not like you have a fucking choice,” he spat. “It’s not like I have one.”

The end of his sentence was so tender that Baz couldn’t help but give in. “Alright. I’ll tell you something, I suppose. Um… I guess… I like to watch Disney movies sometimes. When I’m alone.”

Simon brightened immediately. “Alright, good! Good. My turn.” He furrowed his eyebrows, bit his bottom lip. Baz swallowed hard. “Sorry, this is kind of a question- what the hell do you put in your hair to make it so smooth? It’s absolutely gorgeous. Mine is a rat’s nest, and I’ve tried everything on God’s green earth. Nothing tames it.” He grinned, sheepish.

Baz giggled and Simon’s insides were on fire. Here was this beautiful, regal boy, and he was making him laugh. Making him giggle, even.

"I don’t put anything in it, really. Conditioner. I grow it long to hide my tattoo.” He paused. Simon nodded and took off his rubber bracelets. Baz recognized them as the ones all the young girls wore nowadays, the ones in his sister’s class. They were shaped like animals and food and things. Simon had one that looked like a slice of pizza, a butterfly, and the state of Texas (at least, that’s what Baz thought it was.)

"My tattoo is on my wrist. I don’t like people to see it either.” Baz reached out, an instinctive move, and ran his fingers over the soft skin of Simon’s wrist. Sure enough, his meticulous handwriting was written on Simon’s wrist. He felt almost bad about what the words said.

"I apologize for swearing at you,” Baz started, unsure where he was going with this. “You know, my little sister’s tattoo says something similar. I think it’s "shut the hell up”, or something.“ He felt a blush come to his cheeks, and cursed himself. He hadn’t blushed this much in months. "I miss her very much.” It was almost a whisper.

"I miss my mother very much. She died when I was ten.”

"Oh, my sister isn’t dead. I just haven’t seen her in a long time.” It seemed an inadequate addition. A sad smile crossed Baz’s face, the smile of those remembering what they’ve lost. “My mother died, too. When I was seven. And as far as my father’s concerned, I died about three months ago, when I told him I was gay. He’s got Mordi- that’s my sister.”

And then Simon had his fingers intertwined with Baz’s, and Baz didn’t want to pull away. “I suppose this means I’ll have to tell my father about the whole ‘gay’ thing,” he fretted, his worried tone only half a joke.

"No offense, but how didn’t you know before? I’ve known since I was five.”

Simon frowned. “I just never thought about it, I guess. But I think you’re lovely, and funny, and I like you. So I guess that’s what matters, in the end.” Simon beamed, his dimpled cheeks overtaking his sky-blue eyes.

Feeling wanted wasn’t something Baz was used to. “Oh,” he replied. But then it hit. The complete, oh-wow-I’ve-been-waiting-my-whole-life-for-this-don’t-let-it-stop, heart warming, mind shaking feeling of finally finding your soulmate. How could he not have wanted this? Baz took Simon’s other hand and faced him.

"Oh.” Simon let his fingers slip into Baz’s.

For once, Baz didn’t need to be good with words. He didn’t need to say a thing. All he needed to do was lean over and press his lips ever-so-light against Simon’s temple. Then his nose. Then his lips. He was warm and he tasted like scones and cinnamon and everything good in the world, how could anything be this lovely, this good.


Hope you enjoyed! It’s about ten billion times better as a reboot than it was when I posted it on my ao3- to anyone who read that…. I’m so sorry. Originally titled "Oh.” (Creative, I know). current title taken from "I’m Yours” by Alessia Cara, which I listened to on repeat as I edited this. Check it out if you haven’t heard it! ^-^

AU Naruto Shippuden


1. Madara will be the first Hokage as the controller of the Kyuubi and the founder of the village
2. Sharingan will not transform into Rinnegan
3. As it wishes, Hashirama becomes the 2nd Hokage
4. Sarutobi is a genius and a proffesor who studied ninjutsu became the 3rd Hokage
4. Orochimaru who got the secret knowledge of the 3rd hokage became rival Tsunade the medical Ninja and was appointed Hokage to 4, who knows the secret of immortality
5. Obito who was wounded in the 3rd world, treated and in operation half his body part by Orochimaru and Tsunade
6. Obito who mastered the Mangekyou Sharingan with the strongest Ninjutsu Jikuukan became Hokage to 5 replaces Orochimaru
7. Under Kakashi’s guidance as Anbu’s senior Anbu is trained to be the elite Anbu
8. At the age of 13 years after 1 year with Kakashi’s team, Itachi was appointed chairman of Anbu
9. Thanks to the intelligence of decision-making and his wisdom in leading Anbu at the age of 23 years Itachi was appointed Hokage 6
10. while it is because Naruto and Sasuke are not involved in the intergenerational conflict because it has been settled Madara and Hashirama they live quietly with their respective families
11. Kushina is still a Jinchuriki Kyuubi until now
12. Nagato has never had the eyes of the Rinnegan, and Yahiko is not dead, the Akatsuki Organization became a large organization known to many people because of his kindness

13. Jiraiya became a famous novelist and did not become a nomad shinobi gathering information, and he was not killed by PAIN

Siren Song - 1

A/N: So I’m intending this to be a multiple chapter story. It’s geared towards Slytherin readers, cause <3. Here is part one.


     At the Gryffindor table, gossip was deftly being spread by the Weasley twins amid mouthfuls of smoked meat and some kind of beige, lumpy pudding.

     “Did you see her?” Fred asked nonchalantly after swallowing a bite of food. George nodded.

     “See who?” Ron curiously eyed his older brothers who were sitting diagonal from him.

     Now paying attention to the conversation, Harry looked up from his meal, his gaze moving left to Ron and then to the twins. “Who are you talking about?” He finished his sentence with a swig of pumpkin juice.

     Hermione, sitting directly across from Harry and Ron, tilted her head to the side and patiently waited for an explanation from the older boys.

     George leaned closer towards the group and paused. Attempting to create an air of mystery and milking his flair for the dramatic, he whispered in a hushed tone, “The new girl.”

     “What new girl?” Ron was growing impatient and wanted answers.

     Mimicking his twin, Fred also leaned forward and paused. “The new girl,” he replied coyly. Ron looked at his brothers with incredulity. Before Ron could open his mouth to make a smartass remark, Fred continued, “I saw her with McGonagall a few minutes ago in the hall. I was running extra late to dinner and she was standing with her.”

     “So who is she and why is she here?” the youngest brother wasn’t satisfied with the vague responses the twins were giving.

     “I’m guessing she’s a new student who has come here to learn magic, Ronald.” Hermione pointed out the obvious as a small grin escaped from her lips.

     Ron shot Hermione a glare as Harry and the twins laughed at the redhead’s expense.

     “In all seriousness though,” Fred continued, “she’s hot. Like really good-looking. I think she’s American too from what I could hear from her accent.”

     “Hmmm,” Hermione was thinking aloud. “I wonder if this is her first experience in a school for magic. Maybe she’s a late blooming muggle just realizing her talents. That would be so exciting to be in that position again, don’t you think? Just finding out about the existence and reality of magic for the first time is mind blowing on its own! Wouldn’t you agree, Harry?”

     George answered instead and snickered, “Didn’t you hear Fred say she’s hot? Super hot? I mean really attractive.”

     Hermione ignored the twins and spoke more directly to Ron and Harry. “If she’s American, she could also be a transfer student from Ilvermorny. That would be interesting too. I would love to speak to some one who studied there… Think of all the interesting things they might do in American schools. I would love to pick her brain!”

     “If she’s not a Slytherin,” Ron quipped. That response elicited smirks from the Gryffindors within earshot.

     Abruptly a door creaked, the Great Hall began to grow quiet, conversation grew hushed, and people began to nudge their friends as they pointed to the unfamiliar new girl, confidently walking in with Professor McGonagall.

     While she might have looked calm on the surface, inside, Y/N’s heartbeat raced to a dizzying pace and a thousand separate thoughts swirled through her mind, each one battling for her focus.  Walking across the hard stone floor and listening to the click clack of her shoes echo her every footstep, the thought that won her attention as hundreds of curious eyes —some friendly and some not so much— stared at her was this: don’t fall. Don’t fall. Don’t fall. She repeated this mantra in her head as she made her way to the mahogany stool that appeared directly in the front of the four house tables. As she sat down, Y/N exhaled a small sigh of relief at having accomplished this first task.

     Shifting in her seat, Y/N became more aware of all the eyes on her — student body and faculty alike.  While she wasn’t one to shy away from attention, hundreds of eyes staring at you and judging can be unnerving.

     Whispers died down as Dumbledore rose to speak, commanding attention from his audience. Y/N was relieved for a brief moment as she felt eyes and thoughts move to the elderly Headmaster; this gave her a moment to take in her surroundings and grown more comfortable in this new environment.

     Raising his hand to signal for silence from his students, Dumbledore began, “On this most peculiar Thursday night, I’d like to address a most interesting development.”

     “Developed is right, aye?” Seamus Finnegan stared at the soft curves of the new girl’s body, licked his lips, and elbowed a grinning Dean Thomas at the Gryffindor table. Harry, overhearing the comment, couldn’t help but be painfully aware of how pretty she actually was. She wore a small smile that suggested she knew the punchline of a joke you wanted to hear. Or she knew a secret that she promised she would tell you when the time was right. Whatever it was, Harry was bewitched by it and desperately wanted to know more about this mysterious girl.

     Sitting at the Slytherin table, Draco Malfoy was feeling very much the same way his rival was. He drank in the h/c girl’s every move; from her first step into the Great Hall to watching her scan the crowd in front of her, Draco felt compelled to know her. He wanted her to be in his house. He wanted her. And Draco Malfoy always got what he wanted. Staring intently, he caught her gaze and locked eyes for a brief momemnt as Dumbledore continued to speak.

     “As you all have noticed, we have a new student joining us this evening. A transfer student from the American wizarding school Ilvermorny, this is Y/N L/N.” He gestured to the smiling girl in the mahogany chair; she held up her right hand and made a small waving motion to her peers. “She attended Ilvermorny several years, but I know we will all do our part to welcome her into our Hogwarts family. And to begin, Y/N, we must sort you into your house! Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Dumbledore motioned towards Professor McGonagall and the latter took her cue to place the well-worn sorting hat upon Y/N’s head.

     Y/N was nervous about being sorted. Not because she knew what house she wanted or didn’t want to be in. In fact, she had really no prior knowledge about the houses until the sorting hat began to sing a song about their house qualities. At Ilvermorny, three different houses had chosen Y/N and she was allowed to pick the house that most appealed to her. This sorting, however, left Y/N lacking control and it made her feel slightly uncomfortable.

     “Interesting witch you are indeed,” the sorting hat whispered to Y/N. “You have many different, strong qualities that comprise your character. Where should I put you?” The sorting hat went silent while thinking. Everyone’s stare was trained on Y/N as the different houses waited with collective anticipation at the hat’s looming decision.

     “You’re intelligent, that’s for sure. You could find that Ravenclaw suites your intellectual endeavors and pushes your constant curiosity and desire to learn. I see you have an open mind and the thought of discovering something new excites you. Learning is easy for you. You’re also creative and you despise stupidity and ignorance.

     Or maybe I should place you in Gryffindor where dwell the brave at heart. You have heart, that’s for sure. And courage as well — I see you’re not afraid to speak your mind or stand up for your beliefs. You value doing the right thing and you believe in being just, but your fiery personality sometimes gets you into trouble.  

     But you have other qualities that also dominate your personality too. What a loyal and selfless friend you are. Kind and generous, loving and compassionate, you find value and beauty in every person. You care, maybe more than you should, but your warm nature just draws people in. Like a Hufflepuff, you radiate happiness and light.

    Do I sense a shadow in the light, though?

     Very loyal, yes, but I wouldn’t want to cross you. And you have a magnificent ability to adapt…quite resourceful. I see that you’re also driven by a need to do well, to succeed in whatever it is you’re doing. You’re ambitious, competitive, and were not made for mediocrity. Charismatic and unafraid to use your assets, you revel in yourself like a true Slytherin.”

     Y/N snorted to herself at the hat’s last suggestion. “I revel in myself? What the hell is that supposed to mean?” She wondered.

     “Pride. You can be proud,” the hat responded emphatically.

     “Oh,” she thought, “that makes sense. I do tend to like myself.”

     “So many factors when figuring out where you belong…” the ancient relic continued, “You are complex, complicated, not everything that you appear to be. You are surprising. But I know where you will flourish. Where you truly belong. I will put you in…”