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I just don’t understand why people take online IQ tests seriously, I mean if you really want to know your intelligence quotient go to a psychologist and get it professionally done. Just because an online test tells you you’re a moron or a genius doesn’t actually mean you are one. 

DAY 3295

Jalsa, Mumbai              Apr 5/6,  2017              Wed/Thu 3:34 am

Birthday - EF - Judith Magdalena Konopka        Thu, April 6 .. Magdalena wishing you the very best birthday for the 6th and praying for your happiness and love always from the entire Ef ..

Incidents never happen without an element of surprise .. surprises to some are pleasant and to some not so .. but the element invariably that has been noticed is that, they all end up well and happy .. or so I would like to believe …

Yes .. so the Ef with their extreme intelligence quotient would have drawn conclusions, as they almost always do, that there has been a surprise element in my day and that it has not been pleasant .. nothing surprising .. they all feel that I live on the brink of either an illness, a disaster or some uncalled for moment .. among the many other positive information that they keep reminding me of ..

Thank you ..

But .. I shall refrain from making your life easier and shall not divulge the surprise element .. if at all it deserves such stature ..

The look tests for ‘Thugs continue with even greater vehemence .. long hours of bench sitting in one place for hours .. and at the end of it an appraisal that concludes with uncertain finality .. but that is how it should be ..keep working till there is general consensus of opinion that, all is well that ends well .. and safe to say for the moment that all is well .. 

Depression from the previous Chelsea game gave rise to another which thankfully gave success .. beating a team that was much stronger than the previous loss .. which is why the temperature of the frustration was higher than today’s .. it was edge of the seat .. but it was a win in the end ..

I generally feel that the one that suffers the ailment is in a lesser degree of pain than the ones that show concern at times .. it happens all the time .. which kind of defeats the essence of one of Babuji’s very prominent poems :

“Kya karoon samvedana, lekar tumhari kya karoon”

What am I to do with the sympathy that you show me  .. it is a longer poem and one that brought my Mother and Father together instantly .. someday I shall narrate that sequence .. it is poetry at it best .. it is emotion at its best .. it is simply heavenly ..

Much of the other work that I do whenever I get the time is to compose music to those eternal poems and give it voice not just in its rendition, but because a great amount of his works reflect the state of his life in practical terms, it may just be a wonderful idea to narrate the prose of the autobiography , with reference to a particular work of his, composed and sung by me .. the tune not undergoing any change - that being the original tune that was given by my Father ..

I was wondering if something like this were to be put out in the public domain, what would the Ef and other lovers of poetry think about it .. of course the non Hindi speaking would have translations ..

It reminded me of the New York Lincoln Center  and more particularly the Theatre du Champs Elysée, in Paris, many years ago .. and that unforgettable evening with the Ef  ..

Do you ever think about it ..??

Write in if you do ..

Till then its good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

emeralb224  asked:

How would Sherlock react to meeting a 16 year old girl with an intelligence quotient of 500

After reading this incredible article, it has occurred to me that Sherlock would be both impressed and desperate. Her intelligence would be delightful, finally, someone to talk to! But the fact that she over-smarts him would frustrate him to the edge of almost hating her. “She is sixteen, John! What were you doing at that age? Nevermind, don’t tell me. She should not know such things! She should not be smarter than me!”

Mycroft would love to see her taking the piss off Sherlock unconsciously as his brother cringes to say something clever that not even she could come up with - although, of course, that doesn’t happen ever.

After a while, he would try to befriend her, understand her even, asking her to teach him, to share her knowledge with him; and she would. They would end up being inseparable, solving crimes within minutes and mocking everyone around them (although, she is a lot nicer than him because she is far too charming). 

I think the development of Sherlock from the minute of meeting her to the very high of whichever relationship they developed would be too interesting to watch.

terrorgheist  asked:

wenns dich interessiert: check mal die studie "Intelligence quotient in childhood and the risk of illegal drug use in middle-age: the 1958 National Child Development Survey.". da gehts darum, dass intelligente kinder, gerade frauen, im erwachsenenalter stark dazu neigen, illegale drogen zu nehmen (besonders stimulanzien wie pepp oder koks).

Das erklärt dann natürlich warum gerade ich mit Drogen angefangen habe :D


What is Intelligence?

  • Intelligence: mental quality consisting of the ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations
  • It’s a socially constructed concept that differs from culture to culture.
  • Controversies on intelligence: 1. Whether it is one overall ability or many, and 2. Whether neuroscientists can locate and measure intelligence within the brain.
  • To reify intelligence is to treat it as though it were a real object, not an abstract concept.
  • Most psychologists now define intelligence as the ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and adapt to new situations.

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Um, because you’re loopier than Flacky McPsycho, Mayor of Crazytown?“

"My databases show no record of this Crazytown of which you speak. A brain the size of an entire city burns inside me. My intelligence quotient is beyond the human scale. I would prefer if you did not refer to me in such a fashion.”

“Oh, poor baby. Did I hurt the mass-murdering psychopathic artificial intelligence’s feelings?” 
― Amie Kaufman, Illuminae

the signs as superpowers

aries: superhuman strength

taurus:  mind control

gemini:  duplication (of oneself)

cancer:   power weakening/enhancing

leo:  sonic scream

virgo:   teleportation

libra: superhuman mentality

scorpio:  merging

sagittarius: superhuman speed

capricorn:  time manipulation

aquarius:   freeze vision and water manipulation

pisces:   force field generation

You Drive Me Crazy - CLOSED

@smalltownidiots || Continued From Here

“Oh, so you do have a brain.” It was kind of nice to hear that he was around someone with an intelligent quotient that could beat a piece of toast. That wasn’t a Rick. “I don’t particularly trust you, either, though I suppose you could hardly do me any damage.”

Morty was a tough nut to crack, he didn’t just open up to people. Maybe all the other hims did, but… This particular Morty was the Rickest Morty. He hated the world only second to how much he hated himself. 

“However, if you failed to break out… How hard is it to get into the locked area where they keep our stuff? I’m positive I have something that would make breaking out a piece of cake.” And if he had to charm his way into getting it, so be it. He could be charming. Whether or not he’d have to charm Gregory or not, that was the quesiton.

MBTI Types With Superpowers

requested by mickey-loves-2-dream

INTJ: power mimicry - the ability to copy or absorb another’s powers or skills

ENTJ: innate capability - the ability to know or understand something without studying or previous experience

INTP: technopathy - the ability to manipulate technology. Allows physical interaction with machines, or even a psychic ability that allows for mental interface with computer data

ENTP: superhuman mentality - the ability to have intelligence quotient far above that of a genius level. This ability can be so evolved that its user can gain psychic abilities (psychokinesis, telepathy, etc.)

ISTP: psychometry - the ability to relate details about the past or future condition of an object or location, usually by being in close contact with it

ESTP: superhuman speed - the ability to move, run, fly, react, think, and sense at speeds much faster than a normal human

ISTJ: invisibility - the ability to render the user unseen to the naked eye and/or other forms of perception

ESTJ: time manipulation - the ability to affect the flow of time by slowing, accelerating, reversing, or stopping it

ISFJ: water manipulation - the ability to control, generate or absorb water

ESFJ: animal mimicry - the ability to take on the abilities of certain animals

ISFP: memory manipulation  - the ability to erase or enhance the memories of another

ESFP: metamorphosis - the ability to change one’s physical, biological form to mimic the appearance or characteristics of other individuals

INFP: healing - the ability to self-heal at an accelerated speed, as well as heal others who are wounded or impaired

ENFP: empathy - the ability to read or sense the emotions and/or control the emotions or feelings of others

INFJ: precognition - the ability to perceive the future

ENFJ: flight - the ability to fly self-propelled through the air

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anonymous asked:

Hey! So I'm kinda in the quincest closet but I browse the tag and you seem to kinda be a big part of the community? Seems like you know your way around. So, I was wondering if you could please help me out a little? 1) what's 'the site' that everyone mentions? And 2) in your opinion, do you think quincest is real? Thanks so much :)

Hello there, anon! :)

I dunno if I’d call myself a big part of the community. I don’t really interact much with the quindom other than updating my stories on the site. I may not be the best person to talk to, haha, but I can definitely answer your questions, that’s for sure! :)

1. The site is basically where you read quincest/quinlove/just-sisters fan fiction. It’s really well organized and works amazing on mobile devices. It’s also way safer than posting online or on because you have to have an account to enter the site and post reviews/update stories. If you want more information on it, I’d suggest you’d talk to the site’s admin. 

2. Do I think that quincest is real? That’s a tough question, but I’m gonna have to say yes and no. I may lose a few followers for this, but I don’t care. I’ve been meaning to do a post like this, so bear with me as I explain, haha.

Okay, sit down and buckle up, here we go.

If you think about it from a psychological and biological perspective (and taking their childhood into account), their relationship isn’t really like other twins that I’ve been around. They’re closer, they’re more touchy (only recently), and they have a bizarre number of twin moments. They’re very aware of each other and I feel like, even though they deny it, they must have some form of twin telepathy. Obviously not real telepathy, but the ability to look at one other and know/emphasize with what they’re feeling or thinking from a single glance or touch. This could also be because they’re on the road for 200 days/year, so closeness is something they have adjusted to very well. It’s all up to interpretation.

So, to go back to your question; I think that quincest might have happened in their younger days, which may have induced a fear that could have engendered Sara’s departure to Montreal. I feel like perhaps they got too close and it caused Sara to take a break from Tegan - to find her own life in a different city. If there was anymore quincest that ensued after their pubescent years, I’d say Sara’s leaving would be a major cause for it. I’d go as far as to say that their separation may have just made them more drawn to each other due to a lack of closure, especially with Tegan. I mean could you imagine your identical twin sister of nearly 20 years deciding that she no longer wants to live with you/be a significant part of your life, and then move across the country to another city to start fresh? I’d be devastated, but I think that it would only propel me to feel more towards that person because I want them back in my life. That’s just me, though. Everyone is different when it comes to relationships.

I also think that there’s a certain percentage (the number alludes me; I think it’s under 30% or 40%, but don’t quote me on it) of identical twins (regardless of their sexual orientation) that experiment with each other at a young age; it’s actually quite common for twin siblings to compare each other’s bodies at during adolescence (though it’s more common in males) - especially during puberty. Despite the hardships of Sara’s move and their (at the time) rocky career, I feel that as they grew older and started to develop proper relationships with their respective partners [as they were moving into the genital stage (Freud), meaning that they were beginning to understand what constitutes a healthy intimate and romantic relationship], they began to grow out of it. This allowed them to realize that whatever happened in their past was something of a phase (or maybe not, like I said, we don’t know) and that they had to move through it one way or another.

I know many people have their own theories, but I’d say that from my perspective, I think that the time era between 2001-2005 was probably when they were trying to get over the idea that they had a different relationship in their youth, which may have ensued more fighting and abuse; from 2005-2008, I think is when they began to realize that they needed to move out and have real lives in regards to “normal” relationships (not saying that incest isn’t normal, it is actually quite evident in the world, but it’s not socially normal, if that makes sense). Now, I think that after Get Along, they managed to work through their feelings (not gonna suggest how, but I’d like to think that they did therapy together or maybe just simply accepted that what happened, happened and that they love each other as sisters and that’s all that really matters) and come to move on.

I’d say that their distance at childhood, especially after having watched their mother go through a divorce, may have impacted them greatly. If quincest is/was real, it could have been because of the multiple separations the twins had to go through (ie Tegan being sent to camp, living with different parents on alternate weekends), could have created a stronger bond between the twins because they began to fear separation from their biological other. This also may have increased their intense protection and care for one another. It’s evident when we watch Tegan or Sara talking during interviews, that they often sit very close to each other (granted, in certain cases it’s required due to the microphone’s sound-recording capabilities), or often will brush knuckles, make serious eye-contact, adjust the other’s hair, etc…, which may (nonverbally) insinuate that they have innate and instinctive drives that encourage their proximity. Or maybe it’s just their sisterly relationship. Who knows?

I also strongly believe that when Sara (albeit jokingly) talks about liking the rougher end of intimacy, it could stem from earlier physical fights with Tegan during their adolescence. Granted, it could very much be a primal thing, but I sincerely think that it makes sense that she would prefer that end of the spectrum due to previous exposure during her adolescence. It’s the same thing with many other sexual kinks or fetishes. Most of them stem from previous stimulation in early childhood. Now, I’m not gonna say that Freud is right (he was a really fucked up guy - especially his theories on psychosexual development), but some of his research does make sense. Freud believes that childhood events affect our decisions in the future; by applying this to quincest, one could say that Sara and Tegan may base their intimate preferences from their own childhood interactions from each other. In this case, as disturbing as it may sound, it would make sense. This would mean that for Tegan, perhaps she is more dominant as she had typically been the one to win fights or carry more physical strength. But then flipping over to Sara, it could mean that she would also be quite dominant based on the instinctive need to assert her own power and strength, but would be more susceptible to submission than Tegan. Regardless, correlation does not often equate causation. Most of this is most definitely me thinking far too extensively. These are few of the many psychology-major related problems that I have.

We also have to take into account that they also were hopped on so many different drugs and really were experimenting with their sexualities at a young age. I know of specific case from personal experience; my friend once called me after having left a party and said to me that she had watched two twins kiss each other after snorting a line coke in a club bathroom. She was horrified and shocked, but for some reason I couldn’t help but ponder about the situation. It seemed outrageous to think that events like that happen in real life, but when the mind is under the influence of drugs, our inhibitions are altered significantly. Could that have happened to Tegan and Sara during their teenage years? I don’t know. I can only imagine that Sara may have coerced Tegan into attempting to come out, however, perhaps after Sara’s initial reaction by her parents, Tegan was scared and decided better than to do it. That could have been another thing that may have instigated their sexual relationship, if they had one; by having sex with Sara, the younger twin could have brought out the homosexual feelings in Tegan, allowing her to understand her sexuality better. When you think about it logistically, it may seem disturbing to the average person - the idea of two twin sisters copulating at a young age or at their current age, but from a psychodynamic perspective, it is possible. Just because it’s possible, however, doesn’t always mean that it’s true. 

Biologically, their DNA is 100% identical, meaning that they are bound to have interests and personality traits that are basically the same. Actually, the concordance for identical twins for “Big Five Traits” (extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness) is 0.63, or 63% - I think that’s the number in my textbook. This means that heredity does have a significant effect on personality. But that being said, the environmental factors play a key role, too; it depends how each twin was raised. Not to mention that IQ correlation is roughly 0.85 or 85% - which means that even though some people may assume Sara is the smarter one, Tegan actually holds the same kind of intelligence quotient as her twin. It may just be a fact of who is more articulate with their words/more expressionistic. Also, I think Sara has said it before, that Tegan is better with math, which may also mean that they have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to academic or intellectual subjects.

Linking this back to quincest, I often feel as though Tegan and Sara must have had something happen between them at least once in their life. It may not be something that lasted very long or anything, but I highly doubt that it never happened. Whether it be just a sloppy kiss or actual intercourse, I feel like something may have happened in their youth. If they have done something, this may explain why they constantly have the need to explain to people that “they’re not a couple” or that “our partnership is like a marriage”. Because really, their relationship is like a marriage; they share the same genes, they are in a band together; music is like their child. But, they can also be saying this because there’s that constant stigma that they are/look like a couple (my roommate thought they were dating when I first showed her a picture of them), which could also come from the constant sexualization they faced throughout their career. Like the majority of the theories that have been previously stated, it’s all up in the air at this point.

All this being said, I still don’t really believe that (at least currently) quincest exists. The idea of it is cute and they are insanely adorable together, but I think both women are quite happy with their partners. It maybe happened once, but that is not for us to know. But, if in the slight chance that they did come out and reveal their “more than sisterly” relationship, nothing about them would change for me. They still produce amazing music. They’re still inspirational. So what if they love each other more than society deems to be acceptable? Who cares? They’re not hurting anyone by doing so. In fact, they should be able to love freely. Love is beautiful and nobody has the right to say otherwise.

I think that the acceptance of quincest/incest has less to with biological standards (granted, in incestuous heterosexual relationships, inbreeding is a huge problem) but on societal views of normalcy. I mean, hell, homosexuality was considered (and in some places, still is) considered to be sick and perverted. Transsexuality has to be diagnosed and is actually listed as a sexual disorder in the DSM-V-TR; it’s actually ridiculous when you think about it. We, as people, develop so many stereotypes and schemas on based on our definitions of what “normal” is; we do this by grouping together similar things and labelling them; because heterosexuality is so prominent and visual on a day to day basis, we assume that it is normal. It’s not anyone’s fault, it’s just an innate sense that we have that prevents our brains from overloading itself.

Alas, back to quincest. I just want to say that no matter what their relationship is, sisterly or more, Tegan and Sara will always be my favourite band, my idols, and the two most inspirational people in my life. Nothing will ever change that. In fact, I’d go as far to say that quincest shippers actually would be more susceptible to continuing their love and support towards the twins should anything surface regarding a deeper, more intimate relationship between the two of them. That’s just me, however.

So sorry for the psychological jargon if it ever came up. I’m just really into the subject (I’m doing my major in the honours program with a combined minor of Behavioural Neuroscience and French) - that may be why I was so passionate about explaining the reasons behind my theories. If you can’t already tell, I’m super intrigued by the idea of ethical and humane twin studies; they are so important because they showcase the effects of environments and external factors and how they influence personality, intelligence, and attributes. Twin studies are important because they help us understand behavioural genetics by taking two identical individuals and comparing the similarities and differences as they are thrust into an environment. It’s also very helpful for medical research, too.

To anyone else reading this, remember that these are simply theories and have no real implication on either twins’ personal lives. What I have said comes from what I’ve noticed through interviews, videos, pictures, etc…, and I mean no harm by what I say, as they are all just my opinions and thoughts. I am open to discuss them further, but I’m not going to answer any hate or disrespectful messages. By posting this, I’m not looking for a fight or a challenge, because I’m not really taking a position other than saying that, despite the multiple theories I have, I don’t really think that it exists, at least right now. 

Anyways, I’m sorry if this was huge information dump, but I hope that it made sense. I should just write a goddamn dissertation paper on Tegan and Sara and quincest…, don’t worry, I’m kidding. I would never do that. But yeah, thanks for listening if you made it through this far, lol :P

Have a wonderful day, anon! :)

Username: Creator

Password: *************

Subject: BC.Infiltrator

Accessing BC.INFILTRATOR.v3.log2.25

Captured subject suspends itself in mid-air with no apparent wings or jet propulsion. Point lasers and other Void armaments show Battlecast potential. Subject demonstrates high levels of intelligence, but will be bent to my will.

Replacing the organic carapace of Void creatures is quotidian science for me, but the shift to gunmetal and red armor never fails to please my inner aesthete. The creature’s intelligence quotient has been retained, but restrained. The creature only interprets data in terms of how to destroy a target. Any other form of expression has been disabled. I reverse-engineered its armaments, significantly upgrading them to high-intensity lasers and advanced rocketry.

The Infiltrator’s first field test will be to recon a Resistance cell, collect information on the wider network of Resistance members and dispose of the camp’s troublesome leader. Upgraded, evolved and mine, Battlecast Vel’Koz will not fail me.

spectacled12-blog  asked:

How can you successfully and effectively combat racism with more racism? That is the very definition of inequality. Please don't reply with your standard response of "your understanding is low". It's worn out and cearly you either graduated from a subpar school or your intelligent quotient is on the left of the bell curve. It's evident that you don't aren't aware of the proper usage.

Combating racism with racism isn’t inequality. Those two things are equal. But that’s not what we’re doing. We’re combating racism with education. We’re more about change and justice than equality.



He’s aware of Yuka’s scrutiny as he moves about, wriggling into his clothes. He smells like the shower (and his favorite pink grapefruit soap and shampoo), and his curls still need to be brushed down to resemble some sort of order, before he goes to work for his shift tonight. 

Yuka, whose shift has ended, makes no move to rise from under the cocoon of blankets she’d made out of his blankets. Though there’s something in her mind; he knows her so well by now. That quirk of the eyebrow says it all.

“What?” he asks as he finishes zipping up his fly.

“You ever notice how Itachi seems to follow you with his eyes?” she inquires. Now the corners of her lips are twitching, and she’s onto something he hasn’t caught up on. Yet.

A puzzled look surfaces on Shisui’s face. “What do you mean, Yuka-chan?”

“How he watches you.”


She rolls her eyes as if he has the lowest intelligence quotient of anybody she has ever met, ever. She shifts under the comfortable cocoon of blankets, still in her KMPF uniform under it all. 

“He likes you.”
“Course he likes me, right, I’ve been his friend since–”
“He loves you,” she amends. The cat is out of the bag, and she’s now grinning impishly up at him.
“I’m his cousin,” he says, still stubbornly refusing to catch on.

“Yes, tell yourself that,” she says, shifting to sleep on her side of his bed for when he leaves the house they unofficially share.

His brain, finally, chooses to understand the implication.

“Whaddaya– what?”

Yuka chuckles quietly to herself. Props herself up with a hand, looking up at him. “I think it’s a good idea. You know…teach our cousin how to relax. He likes you. I don’t think he even understands how much yet, but I know. I can tell. He thinks nobody sees when he looks at you like some–”

“What the fuck, Yuka-chan?” Shisui exclaims. “He’s the clan leader’s son! And he’s not even fifteen! What the fuck?”

“So?” She says, obviously unperturbed, and for one wild second Shisui thinks his fiancee has used too much genjutsu out in the field and somehow managed to get genjutsu on herself. “I’m just saying it might be good. You know.”

“Are you freakin’ pimping me out?” Shisui says, aghast.
He gets a pillow to the face for his efforts.

“I’m saying that you have my permission on this one,” says Yuka. There’s mischief in her hazel eyes now. “Should be interesting to see play out, you know? Go for it.”

The world had freakin’ gone mad!