intelligent quotient

I just don’t understand why people take online IQ tests seriously, I mean if you really want to know your intelligence quotient go to a psychologist and get it professionally done. Just because an online test tells you you’re a moron or a genius doesn’t actually mean you are one. 


As an entrepreneur (or corporate slave), your emotional quotient (EQ) is far more important than your intelligence quotient (IQ) or technical ability.

As per a research study done by the Carnegie Institute of Technology, 85% of one’s financial success is attributable to skills in human engineering - one’s personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead; whereas, contribution of technical knowledge is only 15%. (Who the hell knows how they worked this out, but they did, and I’m inclined to agree).

Your technical skills and abilities “get you in the door” with investors, partners and associates; but emotional skills help you manage your relationships from that point onward.

If you feel that your EQ is lacking, it is time for immediate change. 

Try to monitor yourself, identify your problem areas, and master the complexities of this unique and often understated form of intelligence, and watch yourself improve as an entrepreneur and all-round business person.

Start today.

the signs as superpowers

aries: superhuman strength

taurus:  mind control

gemini:  duplication (of oneself)

cancer:   power weakening/enhancing

leo:  sonic scream

virgo:   teleportation

libra: superhuman mentality

scorpio:  merging

sagittarius: superhuman speed

capricorn:  time manipulation

aquarius:   freeze vision and water manipulation

pisces:   force field generation