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‘the last jedi’ rampage

y’all wanna act like ‘the last jedi’ was a bad movie? like it was a “disgrace to the star wars franchise”? you’re full of shit.

you didn’t like it because you’re a fujoshi, fetishizing male relationships, and you didn’t get your “uwu gay babies uwu kiss kiss stormpilot is in love uwu” interaction? tragic.

you didn’t like it because you’re “anti-reylo”? you think you’re SUCH a good ally to abuse victims by acting like you know a goddamn THING about how we feel? like you’re all high and mighty because you don’t “romanticize abusive relationships uwu”? bullshit. you know what? no one fucking asked you. as an abuse victim, i happen to LIKE seeing the ways abuse can change a person represented on the big screen, like seeing the ways people can react to it and redeem themselves or fall. sorry you have the intelligence quotient of a porg and have reduced the kylo/rey interaction to a simple ship, reduced it to an abusive relationship, reduced it and acted like the films have romanticized it and shown it in any other way than fucked up. (rey slashed kylo’s face open. what part of that makes you think you need to inform us that it’s not healthy?? uh, we realize ?????) get fucked.

you’re a luke skywalker fan and you don’t like his “character assassination”? lol, sorry white boys, that your sci-fi power fantasy self-insert from the original trilogy got some actual character development and flaws. farm nobody shows up to the rebellion and blows up the death star like “this bitch empty, YEET”? right. and you call rey a “mary sue.” luke is a better character than he’s ever been, die mad about it.

not to mention all of the fucking badass poc and other minority representation in this movie. poe is a badass with character development! finn is a badass with character development! rose is, SURPRISE, a badass with character development!!! sorry y’all mad that this isn’t the prequels and original trilogy with a bunch of white boys and one (1) token black guy anymore!

y’all really think this is just a rehashing of the original trilogy? headasses. remind me of when darth vader went beserk after killing palpatine and tried to convince luke to rule the galaxy with him. remind me of when luke told yoda to go fuck his coward self and took off to save the world on his own. remind me of when a character even ANYTHING like finn, poe, and rose ever existed in the original trilogy. when did leia ever use the force onscreen before? when did a strong, named female character sacrifice her life like paige tico and admiral holdo did to save the rebellion? when did the Big Bad change halfway through the series unexpectedly, showing the delicate balance of evil in the face of good? WHEN DID WE GET SUCH BADASS POC/MINORITY REPRESENTATION? WHEN DID WE EXPLORE THE DEEP, DEBILITATING PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF WAR? HUH?

i could go on for days, but y’all make me SO FUCKING TIRED. goodnight

There is nothing more capitalist bullshit then the fact that there is something called an “intelligence quotient,” and it is a single number that represents something as abstract as your entire intelligence, and it is found by taking a bullshit test, and white dudes sit on the internet and brag about their “scores.” Like you’ll never find more capitalist bullshit than that. This is what capitalism reduces us to.

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Requested by @doctor-mindela :) hope you like it!

I just don’t understand why people take online IQ tests seriously, I mean if you really want to know your intelligence quotient go to a psychologist and get it professionally done. Just because an online test tells you you’re a moron or a genius doesn’t actually mean you are one. 

DAY 3295

Jalsa, Mumbai              Apr 5/6,  2017              Wed/Thu 3:34 am

Birthday - EF - Judith Magdalena Konopka        Thu, April 6 .. Magdalena wishing you the very best birthday for the 6th and praying for your happiness and love always from the entire Ef ..

Incidents never happen without an element of surprise .. surprises to some are pleasant and to some not so .. but the element invariably that has been noticed is that, they all end up well and happy .. or so I would like to believe …

Yes .. so the Ef with their extreme intelligence quotient would have drawn conclusions, as they almost always do, that there has been a surprise element in my day and that it has not been pleasant .. nothing surprising .. they all feel that I live on the brink of either an illness, a disaster or some uncalled for moment .. among the many other positive information that they keep reminding me of ..

Thank you ..

But .. I shall refrain from making your life easier and shall not divulge the surprise element .. if at all it deserves such stature ..

The look tests for ‘Thugs continue with even greater vehemence .. long hours of bench sitting in one place for hours .. and at the end of it an appraisal that concludes with uncertain finality .. but that is how it should be ..keep working till there is general consensus of opinion that, all is well that ends well .. and safe to say for the moment that all is well .. 

Depression from the previous Chelsea game gave rise to another which thankfully gave success .. beating a team that was much stronger than the previous loss .. which is why the temperature of the frustration was higher than today’s .. it was edge of the seat .. but it was a win in the end ..

I generally feel that the one that suffers the ailment is in a lesser degree of pain than the ones that show concern at times .. it happens all the time .. which kind of defeats the essence of one of Babuji’s very prominent poems :

“Kya karoon samvedana, lekar tumhari kya karoon”

What am I to do with the sympathy that you show me  .. it is a longer poem and one that brought my Mother and Father together instantly .. someday I shall narrate that sequence .. it is poetry at it best .. it is emotion at its best .. it is simply heavenly ..

Much of the other work that I do whenever I get the time is to compose music to those eternal poems and give it voice not just in its rendition, but because a great amount of his works reflect the state of his life in practical terms, it may just be a wonderful idea to narrate the prose of the autobiography , with reference to a particular work of his, composed and sung by me .. the tune not undergoing any change - that being the original tune that was given by my Father ..

I was wondering if something like this were to be put out in the public domain, what would the Ef and other lovers of poetry think about it .. of course the non Hindi speaking would have translations ..

It reminded me of the New York Lincoln Center  and more particularly the Theatre du Champs Elysée, in Paris, many years ago .. and that unforgettable evening with the Ef  ..

Do you ever think about it ..??

Write in if you do ..

Till then its good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Is Darkiplier Really a Sociopath?

So I was thinking about Darkiplier. and I was thinking, is Darkiplier a sociopath? I’ve seen some people call him that but I wanted to do some research. so here’s this.

Sociopathy is defined as “a mental health condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others.” other signs of being a sociopath include,

Deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases (pretending to be mark), or conning others for personal profit or pleasure.

Irritability and aggressiveness. (He uses his suave nature to hide his intense rage.)

Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, though having no difficulty in establishing them.

Incapacity to experience guilt or to profit from experience, particularly punishment.

Lack of remorse as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another

High functioning sociopath is term used to describe people with sociopathic traits that also happen to have a very high intelligence quotient. They are likely to be highly successful in the field they endeavor (in Dark’s case, manipulating 18 million people.). They plan very meticulously and the presence of sociopathic traits like lack of empathy, lack of remorse, deceptiveness, shallow emotions, etc. makes it very difficult for “normal” people to compete with them.

These are all traits of a sociopath and they all fit Dark quite well.


What is Intelligence?

  • Intelligence: mental quality consisting of the ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations
  • It’s a socially constructed concept that differs from culture to culture.
  • Controversies on intelligence: 1. Whether it is one overall ability or many, and 2. Whether neuroscientists can locate and measure intelligence within the brain.
  • To reify intelligence is to treat it as though it were a real object, not an abstract concept.
  • Most psychologists now define intelligence as the ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and adapt to new situations.

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13x02: The Rising Son


Protect this precious nougat roll


In Crowley’s former throne room, minion demons stand around, getting drunk, waiting for Lucifer to return. The lights flicker, the doors flies open, and Colonel Sanders appears ready to reveal all 11 herbs and spices!

It’s Asmodeus! Poll: who else has been pronouncing it wrong since last season when they pronounced it wrong on the show? Also note the white suit. Color is insanely bold and symbolic in this episode. He makes it clear to the eager minions that the “grand old days of fire and brimstone are back.” I laugh, but am willing to give him a chance. He might be a fun and cool character –he’s not annoyingly overly campy and bad; he’s just temporarily written that way. He calls some demons forward, and without reason kills the rest. Hmm. Is that really the best way to get your inherently devious and constantly borderline rebellious followers to fall in line?

After the title card we find Baby Cas Jack sleeping in the back of the Impala as Sam stresses about his broken brother and Dean drives away his grief.

Dean is still Jack’s #1 anti. His desire to end “it” hurts way more than it should after one episode with the kid. Sam counters that Jack might be their only way to get their mom back. Sidenote: Remember all our -now seemingly void– spec about nephilim power bringing back Cas? I’m still curious if this is still in play in some fashion? The show is making it clear there’s a connection between Jack and Cas. If Cas is in the Empty, and God ain’t listening, then what ultra-powerful supernatural creature could still work his magic?

Meanwhile, Mary is on the worst nature walk of her life.

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anonymous asked:

The way you write, I can tell you're a genius. A sweet schizo genius. Just remember you're extremely young, and when I was your age I was a schizo patient too and I felt there was no world for me. Not gonna lie to you saying everything gets better, but it might, especially for someone with your intelligence quotient. You don't need to respond to this, just try to take my compliment personally because I'm not even lying.

Ahhh you’re too sweet! Thank you! But I actually don’t have a high intelligence quotient - my logic/mathematical intelligence suck, and so does my various cognitive abilities. I’m compensating with high verbal intelligence and I come across as far more intelligent than I am - (to the degree where I once got A+ in chemistry without EVER solving a single task in chemistry because my teacher just “knew I had it in me” 😂) This is not to negate your compliment, but the testing I’ve been through has shown that I am below average in IQ and if anything, that’s proof that intelligence is much more than what can be measured by an IQ test 😉

the signs as superpowers

aries: superhuman strength

taurus:  mind control

gemini:  duplication (of oneself)

cancer:   power weakening/enhancing

leo:  sonic scream

virgo:   teleportation

libra: superhuman mentality

scorpio:  merging

sagittarius: superhuman speed

capricorn:  time manipulation

aquarius:   freeze vision and water manipulation

pisces:   force field generation

anonymous asked:

Hi, can you, tell me what the criteria of lkkleosu and lyricaldanceflap is to having a. CS, Digital spy account and what. Intelligent Quotient I should have to post a comment.

Well basic understanding of punctuation would be a start.