intelligent pencil

An Interesting Encounter!


Today was a lovely day for a walk. The weather was nice, people were in a generally good mood, and there were plenty of animals scurrying about. Of course, Suzie felt it was a prime time to do some investigating.

She wandered into a park, following a peculiar little bird. It wasn’t a blackbird; that was obvious to the little girl. At first glance, it seemed like a raven, but, upon closer inspection, she found that it was a crow. “Hmm.” Suzie frowned. She had seen plenty of these before, but… “None of the crows I’ve seen have acted like this…” She muttered, writing some observations down in her notepad.

The bird hopped forward a few paces, then looked back at her, as if to check if she was following. She did, figuring that it would lead her toward its nest, perhaps for assistance. After all, crows are intelligent creatures.

Suzie’s pencil scratched down a few of her thoughts, along with the behavioral pattern of the bird. She was so focused on this strange animal that she hadn’t even noticed that the environment changed the farther she followed it. It wasn’t until the crow had evolved into a giant, cat-like creature that she realized what situation she was in.

In a moment of panic, she looked around.

“Th-this isn’t the park! But…How can…?” 

Her sentence was cut short when she got a good look at the creature before her. It certainly didn’t look friendly, despite the strange grin on its face. In fact, it looked like it would attack her, which was just what it was going to do.

“Oh, no…Help!”