intelligent jokes

I wish people took glinda’s character seriously and valued her like they do elphaba

Types of Humor
  • Gryffindor: dirty jokes, do-it-for-the-vine, loud and hearty guffaws, physical pranks, at themselves and each other, knee-slapping, random tickling attacks, tears of relief and joy, raucous celebratory laughter
  • Ravenclaw: high and clear, musical laughter, intelligent jokes, punchlines, horrible wordplay and puns, obscure inside jokes, mischievous twinkles, waiting for the other shoe to drop, elaborate pranks
  • Hufflepuff: warm and chuckling laughter, snorting milk, sputtering water, laughing until you can't breathe, teasing and ribbing, team-effort pranks, false innocence, irony, the onion headlines, dad jokes
  • Slytherin: dark jokes, lets-play-serious-or-joking, best friend insults, throw your head back laughter, red face and teary eyes, knowing smirks, weird news, lewis carroll, inventive pranks, dangerous dares

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-He’s smart and intelligent
-He tells hilarious jokes!
-He’s sweet and cares for everyone
-He loves meeting his fans
-He’s immature! He acts like a sweet little kid! Do you know anyone else who can run naked through the snow??
-He makes the cutest faces!
-He has a great fashion sense! Look at his signature bandana thingy!
-He has the best laugh
-He’s chill and down to earth
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How to sound smart

If someone ever tells you a joke you’ve heard before and know the answer to, DON’T SAY “Oh, I’ve already heard this joke.” Instead, pretend to think for a few seconds and then say the answer. It will make you seem more intelligent and witty instead of being cocky.

I want It.

In movies Tonks doesn’t exist and when she’s present she’s not Tonks at all…Where the fuck are her Pink short hair? And her intelligent and ironic jokes? Why is she dressed as a trash bag? And why is she married to Remus in the sixth movie?? God, give me a TV series about HP where characters are equal to the books! (I want a solemnly cool thirtyfive-years-old Sirius, a sweet, scarred, complicated and with gray hair Remus and a grunge, iconic, strong, young and pretty Tonks).

I think “Please do nothing to the cook” is the most intelligent joke Rooster teeth has made in RWBY.

First it is a twist on the classic “kiss the cook” apron that makes sense for Ren because A: He would totally wear an apron and B: Of course he would want people to do nothing to him while he cooked.

Second, there was obviously a time, in the past, where Nora did something to him while he was cooking, that he would feel the need to obtain this apron.

Third, it is implied that, since it is a play on kiss the cook, Nora kissed him while he was cooking.

Fourth, at some point or another Ren was wearing a kiss the cook apron.

Fucking genius.

Things the signs laugh at
  • Aries: when someone falls
  • Taurus: fail videos
  • Gemini: memes
  • Cancer: everything
  • Leo: intelligent/sarcastic jokes
  • Virgo: people laughing
  • Libra: comedy shows
  • Scorpio: people they hate
  • Sagittarius: other people
  • Capricorn: their grades
  • Aquarius: nothing
  • Pisces: a funny vine

that show on netflix with miranda sings is bad. shitty, Even. why? because all it’s humor is based off of second-hand embarrassment and not “real”, intelligent jokes. it’s only plot is centered on the angst of a self-centered individual trying to become famous through unsatisfactory endeavors. viewers just can’t Relate. on top of it all, it’s a program mainly marketed to tweens/teens, with the main actress an internet star with an already developed fanbase. less Work for the creators of the show!

but zach stone is gonna be famous, MAN, that’s a Nice Ass Show