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marius who speaks six languages and knows the law like the back of his hand (and totally uses it to get enjolras and bahorel out of jail when they inevitably get arrested at a protest) and runs a small side business doing peoples taxes for them because honestly this is not that complicated you guys but is also unable to navigate a city block without the assistance of a map and at least three helpful strangers on a good day

I wish people took glinda’s character seriously and valued her like they do elphaba

A vague annoyance that’s been bugging me of late

KotFE tells us that Saresh refused to relinquish power once her term was up 

According to Wookieepedia, a Supreme Chancellor is elected for a four year term, with a maximum of two terms in office for a total of eight years 

Dorian Janarus, her predecessor, was Supreme Chancellor for somewhere between ten and twelve years, depending on when he took office after the Sacking of Coruscant

Saresh can only, at absolute most, have been in power for eight years as we are being rescued from carbonite (3640-3632), so either she was ousted after four years and she was just ~soooo powerful~ that she was able to continue to manipulate affairs for another four years, or her ousting has only literally just happened

When the game goes out of its way to tell us that no one likes her and she’s just a power hungry tyrant, so if she’s that lacking in support that she has to rely on the GenoHaradan to execute her orders, so if it was four years ago, how has she accumulated the money and the influence to remain relevant

But that doesn’t change the fact that her predecessor exceeded the term limit and there’s no mention of the emergency provisions like Palpatine exploited to extend his term

So I guess she just served one term? And oops I forgot she’s an abrasive woman so that means she has to be punished for being a shrill, arrogant bitch I guess

What I wouldn’t give for politically savvy Saresh as an antagonist who was actually, you know, good at her job like she’s supposed to be but I guess that doesn’t play into the extended Jedi Knight storyline WHOOPS I mean Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion  

Ties that Bind, Chapter 14

Chapter 14/?

Summary: AU. A story in two times. Present day: None of them were expecting this, not this seemingly instant bond between two elderly strangers, or the story that they had to tell. That they have met before, bringing a drama like no other back to life. 1952: Delphine Cormier and Cosima Niehaus meet for the first time, and become so close, that it threatens to tear their lives apart.

Delphine rolls the window down enthusiastically, desperate for some air on what was turning out to be a humid August day. She looks over at Cosima, who talking animatedly seemingly unbothered by the heat. Her lover’s hands wave, before jolting back to the wheel once again. She sighs, unable to drive herself, Delphine is at Cosima’s mercy for this quick jaunt.

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a LOT of premodern european stuff would contain bits implying that if you didn’t understand it you were just a fucking idiot & really intelligent ppl would get it. There’s one in Dante, where he’s like, ‘clever readers will understand the true meaning of this….’ or whatever, and in the version I have theres a footnote and it says no one knows what he’s referring to

if james and sirius were going to get matching tattoos—and they probably did—i think they would get complementary halves of a ridiculously complicated arithmancy problem, one they either created or solved as they worked out how to become animagi or create the map

paragon || part 2

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paragon // part 1

pairing: reader + chae hyungwon

genre: college!hyungwon, romance, angsty-fluff

word count: 1426

summary: by serendipity or ill-fate, your life becomes entangled with that of your university’s poster boy whose two-faced personality makes you question if you’ll ever truly know him, even if you’re unquestionably in love with him. 

soundtrack: la vie en rose - daniela andrade

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title: Surveillance
summary: On your left. No, your other left. 
pairing: itasaku, flagrantly so

“Einstein, this is Fox. Mad Dog is heading your way.”

Sakura’s earpiece buzzed as she leaned in toward the computer screen. Something clattered and she froze. Fingers slipped off the keyboard. Her gun cocked in the darkness. 

“It’s me. They sent me to cover you in case,” a voice whispered from the shadows. Her shoulders lowered. The gun slipped back into the holster. Turning back to her laptop, she continued typing away. Strings of letters and numbers whizzed past on the screen. Another laptop sat next to her, balanced on a stack of musty boxes. Rolling her eyes, she typed in the access code.

“That’s stupid,” she muttered. Pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose, she peered up at the second laptop. She watched the progress bar crawl across the screen, dragging sluggish feet. Then she was typing again on the other computer.

“Agreed. But I’m not team leader today so this is out of my hands,” he sighed, sliding to the floor behind her. He pressed his back to hers. She could hear him propping his firearm up against the wall. He let out a heavy sigh.

“And these codenames are even stupider,” Sakura added as her earpiece buzzed again.

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On Every World

Title: On Every World
Fandom: Avengers Assemble
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~2200
Summary: Steve and Tony made their marriage official galactically.

“Here,” Peter said, and took the strange, long feathers out of Tony’s hands. The man tucked the feathers around Tony’s head, above and behind his ears, turning the black mass into a sensation of color. He bit his lip.

“And why, exactly, is this a thing here?”

“This planet is nothing but cliffs and ragged buttes that fall at least a mile or two down. Birds are considered most holy, able to travel freely between any crags. In marriage, you breach the gap that is just you and arrive in a new place, where there are two instead of one.”

“Oh.” Tony smiled softly. “That’s nice, actually.”

He could hear Peter rolling his eyes. “You are so far down the rabbit hole.”

Tony grinned outright. “You’re just jealous.”

“Not hardly.” Peter seemed to have finished with the feathers, because he finally pulled away from the back of his head and moved over to the table. Tony feared so much as moving his head, even though he knew the bottoms of the feathers had a strange sticky substance from the planet that would dissolve nicely, Peter assured him, in warm water. (Cold water, apparently, would turn the substance into something worse than glue.) “Get up. This one’s about clothes.”

Tony raised a brow and stood, stripping off his pants as he did. Peter glanced down, grinned, and looked away. “Aren’t you supposed to be married?”

“Apparently it’s not official here yet,” he said, and smirked. “But I am happily engaged, so I will thank you to look but not touch.”

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Smarts Vs. Wisdom

Wisdom and academic smarts are not the same. Being smart opposed to being wise or actually intelligent, are two entirely different animals. I have met highly post-high school educated people who seem to think their education automatically makes them intelligent. Ohhh, how wrong they are!

I have also met highly intelligent people with no formal education. Take a wild guess as to which I am more inclined to engage with.

It’s the actual intelligent or wise person hands down every time! These types are natural students of life. They recognize how to learn, adapt, and get ahead in life. Too often educated people are stifled by their degree or certificate. They turn off their brain and mistakenly believe they “know it all.” How wrong they are!

Each and everyday is an oppurtunity to learn something new. Some understand this mind set, some do not.

Being wise means knowing how to properly handle every situation that life throws at you. Formal education is really inept at teaching this crucial concept.

I often mistook people as stupid in my past, when really they are just foolish. Being an idiot and being a fool are not necessarily the same thing.

I think INTJs tend to be both smart and wise, which is rare. That is one major factor that separates us from the majority.

PSA: attacking characters for being white is dumb

Just stop. You look like insensitive idiots - not intelligent or witty or anything. Evak have literally had the LEAST airtime this season of any of the subplots. Noora has had more time, Yousef and the gang way more if you count the YouTube videos too, and Sana still plenty of airtime. They’re going to get coverage; quit with your homophobic comments. LGBT people and mental health need representation too - even if they’re white people.

Secularism as religious anarchy and the case for state atheism

A state is secular when it takes no position on religion per se and allows it to be practiced freely within the confines of supposedly areligious law. In a sense, we can say there is religious anarchy under secularism, in the same way there’s political anarchy in the absence of a state or international anarchy in the realist conception of international relations. When the state takes no position on religion, there will be a natural power-struggle between the religious factions (this is true of anarchy generally). Religion becomes more antagonistic under secularism as different groups are motivated to engage in public displays of religiosity in order to “mark their territory”. However, there can’t be any internal religious conflict in a nation which is entirely composed of atheists or a single religion by definition (but there can be disagreement over the interpretation of religious doctrine, which makes atheism superior in this respect). Being less inherently tribal, Northern Europeans are probably more compatible with secularism than any other ethnic group on the planet although it still may not be optimal, aside from the fact that we have millions of highly tribal religious aliens in our midst. At the other end of the spectrum of clannishness, it is a virtual necessity for Arabs to have a single authoritarian state religion to preserve an inherently fragile social order prone to war and tribalism.

We should also bear in mind as racial nationalists that an illiberal state ideology acts as a cultural barrier to immigration and racial mixing. State atheism would amount to a public war on modern Christianity, Judaism and Islam. We would be able to (with the White veneer of non-discrimination against any particular religion) close down all of the communist churches, subversive synagogues and murderous mosques. Some will claim that this would not be pragmatic; “the orthodox Jews would emigrate and the Muslims would riot”. I say…GOOD! If there’s one thing our nation doesn’t need more of, it’s Jews, and rioting Muslims will just stiffen the spines of Whites everywhere; a necessary condition for the expulsion of aliens. Not hearing treasonous gabble about “one world” and “equality” so common from our pulpits would be a mental detox for millions of Whites. Whatever merits the old Germanized Christianity had, it has none of them today; modern Christianity is little more than communism. Any Roman Catholic who listens to the deranged ramblings of a fool like “Pope” Francis knows this to be true and the “Sharia for Britain” Anglican church isn’t any better. If a despicable Kike like Peter Beinart is lamenting the decline of modern Christianity, even the most committed Christian patriot must see that it is a severe psychological barrier to White racial consciousness.

While I believe that state atheism amounts to upholding truth over suicidal relativism (secularism) or falsehood (religion), Christian traditionalists should prefer state atheism to secularism, for the same reason that a political traditionalist should prefer abolishing the House of Lords in its current degenerate form to its continued existence. The anti-British traitors used to want to abolish the Lords but they devised a far more devious and subversive strategy; take over the HoL and use it for their nefarious ends. This is exactly what happened to the Anglican church, which is not these days “The Tory party at prayer” but “The communist party at prayer”. Every genuine Christian traditionalist should want to extirpate the hostile religions of Judaism and Islam from this nation and state atheism would provide a solid pretext for doing so.

Despite my atheism, I support the maintenance of religion in alien lands. The stronger their religious belief, the less success they will have in science and they will remain backward while we in the West advance. Their religion also discourages race-destroying miscegenation and strengthens the Political (or friend-enemy distinction) which is as fundamental to meaningful human existence as anything else. Alien religions in the third world will continue to keep their populations down with internecine clan warfare and the intermittent creation of new aggressive sects, usually along ethnic lines. Religion will continue to destroy their racial unity, cull the herd and keep them backward & superstitious (i.e. not a threat to the White West).

Under state atheism, all public and quasi-public promotion of religion (such as the operation of a church, synagogue or mosque) would be banned. Religion may continue to be taught in public schools but from a critical perspective. However, truly private religious beliefs would not be persecuted. Whites would able to practice Christianity with their families in a far healthier environment than those found in most modern churches. Jewish and Muslim law courts, Jewish and Muslim religious slaughter, religious provisions in prison, male and female genital mutilation & religious garments would be banned, which would undoubtedly increase the rate of Jewish and Muslim emigration (and reduce their rate of migration) dramatically. Alien religious buildings and monuments shall be destroyed (aside from Christian ones, which will become museums).

Religion will have a difficult time in any nation with free speech, the internet and a culture that is antagonistic toward it, unless religious groups culturally secede and become hyper-insular (like the Amish) and preferably aggressive (like Orthodox Jews or Muslims). A nationalist state could attempt to foster a revival of our more vigorous and naturalistic European religions which would be less vulnerable to scientific attack and more conducive to racial progress. Many of the great political theorists such as Machiavelli have claimed that a state religion is necessary to maintain a strong moral order and promote unity. I agree with this claim, although I think “religion” can be used interchangeably with a useful social morality or system of values. I regard karmic reincarnation as being the most socially efficient metaphysical speculation about the afterlife and would be happy if a plausible case could be made for it but I do not believe that a such a case could be made on the evidence. The plausibility of atheistic materialism creates a sense of nihilism in most intelligent, rational people.

Although idiotic “new atheists” will not accept it, a tendency for religious belief is highly heritable. Most human beings are inclined toward the mysterious and something “greater than themselves”. I use the term “religion" in a loose sense; there are plenty of nominal atheists who are fanatical egalitarians and moral universalists, beliefs which are far more absurd and contradicted by evidence than theism, which is a doctrine that has not been refuted by science because it has proved thus far to be a non-scientific claim. Belief in a non-scientific claim is a lot more intellectually respectable than belief in a blatantly unscientific claim; the latter requires truly titanic levels of delusion when we are dealing with a belief like the veracity of human equality, which is not just untrue but the most obvious major falsehood that has ever been declared a truth.

The reason for the preponderance of the religious instinct in human beings is simple; the theistically-inclined have had far more success in Darwinist terms, a wonderful irony. Atheists like Richard Dawkins who long for “the end of religion” are going to be bitterly disappointed; contraception and abortion-loving atheists will select themselves out the gene pool, while the religious brown hordes pour in, slit their throats and enslave their women. The funny thing about Dawkins is that he’s essentially a pious, evangelical atheist; very much religious in nature. He would have surely been a high-ranking member of the Anglican clergy had he been born in the recent past. The religious instinct is strong and cannot be extirpated in maybe 95-99% of the public because it has been so useful to us evolutionarily. This is why I believe that state atheism in a White nationalist nation would result in a quasi-religious ethno-nationalism becoming culturally dominant which can only improve our chances of racial survival and prosperity. State atheism could lead naturally to a form of moral anti-realism, which would allow us to fight our enemies without philosophical guilt or pity.