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happy 4th anniversary, bangtan ♡♡♡ 
i hope you guys achieve everything you want and more over the coming year, and that festa 2018 would celebrate you on a grander and larger scale. thank you for working hard despite the hard times. i can only imagine how difficult it would be to constantly challenge yourself creatively, especially with your schedules. you’re an inspiration to me (and many others) and encourage us to do our best, to stay kind and to be humble. thank you for your music and your lyrics and your words. you may be idiotic dorks lol but that’s okay, because “it’s the fools who change the world little by little”, after all. may your dorkiness, hard work, creativity, intelligence, humour, charisma, humility and kindness bring you to previously insurmountable heights. you deserve the world and more. ♡♡♡

“Your boyfriend isn’t here,” Nicky says, almost facetious. Neil assumes he’s referring to the fact that Neil is rarely in their room until the late evening; after classes he and Andrew tend to spend the most time alone. But that’s not the issue Neil takes with Nicky’s statement.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” he says, and walks to his desk to start assembling his books.

“Oh man, I’m sick of this,” Nicky says, dramatically rolling his eyes. “I’ve heard Andrew say he hates you, or say you’re ‘nothing’ or whatever, and we all know it’s bullshit.”

Neil almost smiles. “It’s not a lie.”

“Okay, sure, whatever. What would you call it, then? Partners in crime?”

Neil shrugs. He’s never had to find a word or phrase for what Andrew is to him. It doesn’t matter.

“Oh, come on, even you have to admit that’s ridiculous. He’s your boyfriend. It’s simple.”

“He’s not my anything,” Neil replies. Andrew doesn’t belong to him.

“Tell me,” Nicky pushes. “If he’s not your boyfriend, what is he?”

Nicky is going to continue pushing it, Neil knows. The best way to get him to stop is to give him an answer, though Neil also knows that giving an answer Nicky doesn’t like is just as likely to keep the conversation going. So Neil thinks.

There’s no title Neil can give Andrew that would be right. Boyfriend is juvenile, partner is almost too serious, significant other is a mouthful and altogether too formal; and all come with the issue that it would make Andrew into some type of belonging.

And besides, how could all Andrew is be confined to a single word? He’s home, he’s safety, he’s stability. He’s everything Neil never knew he needed and the comfort Neil never thought he’d get to feel. He’s warmth and fire and sparks. There is no word for the multitudes that make Andrew: the intelligence, the strength, the humour; his jagged edges and sharp eyes. 

Well, there is one word. “He’s Andrew,” Neil says simply, because that is, and always will be, enough.

3 main types of the signs
  • aries 1: energetic, restless, easily excitable
  • aries 2: quiet, hardworking and really intelligent, honest and reliable
  • aries 3: emotional, very caring, a little socially awkward, optimistic
  • taurus 1: a little lazy, great taste in everything, loves the good things in life and wants to enjoy themselves
  • taurus 2: social media god/goddess, great (maybe goofy) sense of humour, kindest person ever
  • taurus 3: super hard working, family and friend oriented, tough exterior but soft on the inside
  • gemini 1: very intelligent, never ending curiosity, charming and friendly
  • gemini 2: introverted, maybe a little socially awkward, great sense of humour
  • gemini 3: a little unreliable/unpredictable, very sociable, kind and clever
  • cancer 1: emotional, very affectionate, caring, possibly clingy
  • cancer 2: independent, reliable, good sense of humour, optimistic
  • cancer 3: emotional/moody, very sociable, selfish tendencies
  • leo 1: a little narcissistic, charming, incredibly loyal
  • leo 2: quiet and introverted, shy, kindest and very down to earth
  • leo 3: incredibly creative, great sense of humour, possibly selfish, sociable
  • virgo 1: quiet and very intelligent, organised and analytical
  • virgo 2: social and friendly, joker, very creative
  • virgo 3: more introvert, very creative, kind and honest
  • libra 1: very social, a little fickle, possibly selfish
  • libra 2: introvert but outgoing with friends, very intelligent, great sense of humour
  • libra 3: very serious, introvert, quiet but kind and selfless
  • scorpio 1: very intense, short temper, loves their friends and family more than anything
  • scorpio 2: quiet and introverted, very intelligent, absolutely selfless
  • scorpio 3: very social, great sense of humour, easily excitable and hyperactive
  • sagittarius 1: loud, good sense of humour, very active
  • sagittarius 2: philosophical, introverted, very intelligent
  • sagittarius 3: friendly, intelligent, kind and humorous
  • capricorn 1: hard-working, practical, reliable
  • capricorn 2: good sense of humour, doesn't like schedules, independent and rebellious
  • capricorn 3: sociable, friendly, loyal and hard-working
  • aquarius 1: outgoing, good sense of humour, kind
  • aquarius 2: very intelligent, introverted, unemotional
  • aquarius 3: really into the arts, friendly, selfless
  • pisces 1: very creative, caring and compassionate
  • pisces 2: good (maybe silly) sense of humour, very talkative, friendly
  • pisces 3: very intelligent, introverted, quiet and selfless
Gemini Compatibility

Note: Please take into account your Moon and Venus signs and remember that any pairing is possible with compromise, please don’t base your relationships completely off of astrology

Most to Least Compatible for Gemini:













Gemini and Aries:

Aries is a sign that expects nothing but loyalty in a relationship and sometimes Gemini’s can find this difficult. They go into the relationship with good intentions but as an Air sign, faithfulness isn’t something they’re the best at and this can upset Aries and set off their fiery temper which can in turn scare Gemini away and make them distant, confusing and angering Aries even more! This relationship can be like a dog chasing its tail and then squealing in pain when they bite it. Gemini’s require intellectual stimulus to keep them interested and Aries’ need a spark. Gemini’s aren’t the best listeners in the Zodiac and won’t pay much attention to emotional angst and everyday issues which can end up wounding Aries’ ego and annoying them. Aries’ passion and intensity could possibly frighten Gemini and scare them away.

Despite all this, Aries and Gemini have the potential for a very fun and loving relationship. Gemini’s tendency to debate about things can get Aries’ all fired up if it’s not about something serious, thus satisfying Gemini’s need for an intellectual debate and Aries’ need to be passionate and argue about something. Gemini’s and Aries’ both despise boredom with promises a very exciting and exhilarating relationship. Gemini’s are always evolving and changing which is good news to Aries’ who finds it hard to settle. This is a relationship that both sides can learn from. Gemini can show Aries’ the beauty of the mind and communication and Aries’ can show Gemini how passion can say things that words can’t. Neither are very fond of sharing emotions so there will be mutual empathy and understanding there when both are opening up. As problematic as this pairing is, it is capable of reaching a comfortable state of excitement and common ground, a lot of work is needed though.

Gemini and Taurus:

Taurus and Gemini are generally not a very compatible pairing, mainly because Earth and Air signs don’t mix very well, but there are also characteristics exclusive to these signs as to why they’re not compatible. Taurus is quite a jealous lover, preferring to have their partner to themselves and getting quite upset if they feel their partner is straying whereas Gemini hates to be tied down by someone, they’re known as the sign who have trouble with staying faithful and this is a huge no-no for Taurus. Taurus’ safe and secure nature isn’t exciting or challenging enough for Gemini who is always full of new ideas and goals. Gemini always needs new things to keep them busy and Taurus might not be able to keep up, preferring the comfort of home and security. Gemini, being an impulsive liar can end up hurting and manipulating Taurus without noticing it, causing Taurus to build their wall and dig up their hatchet.

However, like with every pairing, this one has a lot of potential. Taurus has a love of the arts which can spark a real intellectual stimulation in Gemini which is what they really need, it might even bring out their creative side and encourage them to produce new ideas. You need quite a lot of patience to be able to put up with a Gemini, not particularly in a bad way, it’s just they’re constantly jumping from one thing to another. Luckily, Taurus has more than enough patience to tolerate this as long as Gemini is willing to meet some of their needs too. Both signs are insensitive to an extent so there’s mutual understanding when it comes to comforting and emotions etc. which can benefit especially Gemini. Taurus’ seem to lack imagination and creativity but when in partnership with Gemini, Taurus can be exposed to new ideas and may find interests they never knew they had. Both signs are quite humorous so a good friendship can make a good foundation. If Gemini can be careful with Taurus’ emotions and if Taurus allows Gemini to have their space, this pairing can work.

Gemini and Gemini:

Same sign pairings have incredibly good fortune in terms with compatibility but sometimes things can get a little stuffy when a sign as well expressed as Gemini is duplicated. For example, Gemini like to feel free in any relationship they have. Depending on their Moon or Venus signs, in this relationship, one partner will be more likely to stray than the other. This isn’t an intentional thing but can be very upsetting. Gemini’s like to argue, whether it’s friendly debate or a serious conflict, this can lead to things getting pretty heated. Gemini’s like to talk but sometimes tend to zone out when it comes to listening, this can be problematic and hurtful to both partners as no matter how much we cover up our emotions, at the end of the day we all need someone to listen. Not to mention that Gemini is the jester, the trickster of the zodiac and can successfully trick and manipulate others. If this gets out of hand, serious damage could be done.

However like all same sign couples, Gemini’s make for a very understanding and zesty relationship. Gemini’s crave intellect and friendly debate, of which there is an infinite abundance in this relationship. These two will never run out of things to talk or debate about, they will open doors in each other’s mind that they never knew were even there. Witty and intelligent humour will bond these two together and give them reasons to laugh even in their darkest times. Despite their argumentative nature, this couple will be very good at communicating their problems to each other which is a big factor seeing as this is where most couples meet their downfall. Wrong words, miscommunications – these are not things that Geminis are prone to and this can help the relationship grow amazingly. If these two show each other how much they care and show as much loyalty as they can without compromising their own values and morals, this couple have a strong foundation to build their ideas on.

Gemini and Cancer:

Air and Water are tricky mixtures when it comes to relationship pairings. Air can stir water and water can make air heavy and damp. Gemini is very much a carefree, come and go partner whereas Cancer is a very home oriented, committed lover. Cancer needs to feel secure and safe at all times and depending on how dedicated Gemini is, this could be a problem. Gemini’s are the tricksters of the zodiac, they’re like a breeze, you feel their presence but you can’t catch them in your hand. Gemini’s love freedom and will be repelled if they feel in anyway obligated to be 110% dedicated to a person. This isn’t to say that every Gemini is disloyal, it just means that they need their space and if Cancer doesn’t understand this they can get hurt. Cancers like to address their emotions and if Gemini doesn’t accommodate this, it could be incredibly destructive to Cancer’s wellbeing. Both signs are quite manipulative, Cancer with their emotions and Gemini with their words so in this relationship, both partners will have to be able to recognise when they’re not being fair and be able to stop.

However, like all pairings, this relationship can work if both partners are willing to realise their differences and use them to learn from each other. For example, this relationship covers a lot of bases! Cancer is the mother of the zodiac and can provide understanding and emotional intelligence to Gemini who can sometimes neglect their emotional needs by talking them out of existence. Cancer will sense when Gemini is sad or hurting and can show them that it’s ok to feel things and can show them how to heal. Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac and can show Cancer how to communicate their emotions clearly so that it’s less of a puzzle to find out what they want. They can provide Cancer with different perspectives and thought patterns to help them out. Gemini is very artistic and Cancer is very intuitive, together they can produce artworks of all kinds. These two can make for a very character building pair and can last very long with the right amount of work and effort.

Gemini and Leo:

Air and Fire pairings always work well to a certain extent. They make for a very passionate and innovative couple but as with any other pairing, they are not without their faults. Romance and sexuality is very important to Leos, they feel it is the essence of relationships however Geminis, being air signs, rely on an intellectual connection to keep their spark alight. If Gemini can’t find intellectual stimulation in a relationship, they may look for it elsewhere which could make Leo jealous and spark an argument. Leo is “the royal” sign of the Zodiac and may be inclined to sit back in the relationship and let Gemini do most of the work – which Gemini will not be happy about. Both incredibly flirtatious signs however Leo is more inclined to be jealous than Gemini. Elementally speaking, Fire needs Air to exist, but Air does not need Fire. Leo may be the one that falls deeper than Gemini.

However when Air and Fire signs work well together, they work REALLY well! Think of this romance as one between a Monarch (Leo) and their Jester (Gemini). Gemini is blessed with a golden tongue and can flatter and entertain Leo as much as their heart desires, Leo’s amusement and attention is in itself a reward for Gemini. This pairing is likely to become a socialite type of romance, the type that would host dinner parties, or parties in general together. Gemini challenges Leo on an intellectual level and Leo always rises to the challenge. Leo likes to admire thing, and luckily Gemini has an abundance of qualities for Leo to enjoy. Geminis are exceptionally creative, especially in their words. Leos are natural born performers as well as creative in their actions which can appeal to Geminis as it can complement their own talents perfectly. If the two partners in this pairing can learn to put equal effort and respect their differences and their boundaries, this relationship can be one neither will forget.

Gemini and Virgo:

Sadly, this couple is definitely not one of the most compatible, it’s on the other end of the scale I’m afraid. For Virgo, stability, routine and organisation are key in relationships, that’s just about everything that Gemini may find restricting and heavy. Gemini needs freedom to explore what the world has to offer, regardless of how spontaneous or unplanned these things may be and that can really scare Virgo. Archetypically speaking, Virgo is much like the parent, and Gemini is much like the child of the Zodiac. Mature, practical Virgo may feel responsible for childlike, unpredictable Gemini which after a while, may strain Virgo. A lot of the time it will be Virgo who is looking after and maintaining the wellbeing of the relationship, even though it may come to them like second nature, it is not very healthy. Virgo’s detailed oriented nature may make Gemini feel scrutinised and generally, they haven’t got much in common, nor have they got enough differences to make it interesting.

However no pairing is ever impossible and with work this relationship can definitely last. Geminis are very creative and can communicate their ideas well, their Virgo partner can provide a solid foundation for them to build their ideas upon and can provide them with depth and practicality. Virgos have an awful habit of biting off more than they can chew and they end up becoming swamped in one situation or another. With Gemini as their partner they can learn that it’s ok to take time out to relax and heal themselves which is very important for their wellbeing. Intellect will most likely be the focal point in this relationship as both partners crave it. They tend to have the same type witty, sarcastic of humour also, meaning that conversation rarely runs dry. Fights can be handled very maturely and efficiently seeing as both signs are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. If Virgo loosens the reins and Gemini steps up to their responsibilities in the relationship they can most definitely be good for each other.

Gemini and Libra:

Air signs tend to amazingly together, as most same element signs do. Personally I believe that Gemini and Libra are near perfect for each other. They do of course, have their downfall. In most relationships, there’s always one person who tends to fall deeper than the other and in this case, that person is mostly likely the Libra. Librans love to love. They require a bit more emotion than Gemini in order to feel satisfied in the relationship and this can sometimes make Gemini feel uncomfortable. Gemini’s detached attitude may come across as untrustworthy to Libra and could hurt them. Although air signs like a friendly debate, Gemini sometimes tends to take it too far and it turns into an argument, this can upset Libra and make them compromise themselves to restore harmony. They’d both rather brush their problems under the carpet than to solve them and this can build up into one big problem. Deep relationships between these two can be hard to come by.

However these two are incredibly compatible, a meeting of the minds comes with this pairing and they both value that greatly. Both signs are very intellectual meaning they can really sit down and have a conversation. Gemini can really appreciate and admire Libra for their fairness and good judgement and Libra can fall in love with the witty humour that Gemini provides. Whimsy and optimism are the theme of this relationship, it simply never grows stagnant. This element of continual change and growth makes long term relationships less daunting for them (mostly Gemini). When in an argument Geminis communication skills and Libras compelling sense of justice and fairness guarantee that whatever the outcome of the fight is, it was for the best and was mutually agreed on. With compromise on both parts, this couple provide for each other a safe haven of creativity and light heartedness.

Gemini and Scorpio:

Air and Water signs can go very well together because they encourage the relationship to make its decision using both head and heart. However in this pairing, it’s getting Gemini and Scorpio to work together in harmony that’s the trick. Scorpio’s dark and deep essence may make Gemini feel dragged down, causing them to become more aloof in the relationship. Having a Gemini in your life is like a whirlwind, constantly jumping from one thing to the next, this can be quite disruptive and alarming to Scorpio who is very strategic and whose emotions are rightly compared to still, deep waters. Scorpios are quite possessive in their relationships which can repel Gemini. Geminis are naturally flirtatious which could anger Scorpio if it’s not directed at them. Geminis whimsy nature conflicts greatly with Scorpios strategic one. Gemini may not have to emotional capacity to handle Scorpios strong feelings.

However if these two work through their differences, the relationship is definitely achievable and maintainable! Scorpio’s dark passion can both intrigue and frighten Gemini which leads to a lot of exploration on their part. What you see is not what you get with a Scorpio and Gemini will enjoy putting the puzzle together. Scorpio rarely divulges their emotions to others but if they decide to, Gemini will have all the right resources to help Scorpio get their feelings across as accurately as they can. Geminis don’t see much point in holding grudges and if they use their golden communication skills, they can eventually convince unmovable Scorpio to let go of past hurts. While Geminis like to try their hand at everything, Scorpio can help them find their strengths and channel their focus for a smarter move. If they realise their differences and instead of ignoring them, use them for growth, these two are unstoppable.

Gemini and Sagittarius:

These two signs are opposites and like with any opposite signs, it can either go amazingly well or horrifically wrong. Like I’ve said before, Fire and Air go quite well together in terms of passion and friendship. However they can run into as much trouble as any other pairing in the Zodiac. Both signs tend to get carried away with themselves and will need to establish a good foundation if they want a good long term relationship. Whereas Gemini is quite good with words and chooses them wisely, Sagittarius sometimes comes across quite blunt and a poor choice of words could upset Gemini. Sagittarians can be quite opinionated and are stubborn when people question that, but that’s what Gemini does in order to get a view of multiple perspectives. Both signs are quite competitive in arguments and this can lead to it getting serious. Unless Gemini and Sagittarius have a strong common interest, this relationship can lose its spark and die out relatively quickly.

Should this relationship go well however, it’ll be quite rewarding. Both of these signs love to experience and learn new things and are constantly on a quest for new things to do. Since this is so important to both of them it creates a bond between the two when in a relationship. This is the relationship that will never grow old since they are constantly trying new things and finding out more about each other in the process. This make a long term commitment a lot less daunting for the both of them. Sagittarians need freedom, physically speaking whereas Gemini need that freedom in an intellectual form. Both partners let each other have the freedom they need as they know how important it is. Gemini is the thinker of the couple, who comes up with ideas while Sagittarius is the philosopher, who expands on those ideas. If they can combat their differences and use them beneficially, Sagittarius and Gemini can be life-long partners.

Gemini and Capricorn:

Air and Earth signs are incredibly tricky to get right and require an awful lot of work. Air dries Earth out and leaves it unfertile. Earth makes the Air heavy. For this pairing to work at all, it requires a very strong connection to build upon. Both partners must be determined to make it work or it could fall apart. Much like Virgo, Capricorn is very practical and realistic which Gemini can feel dragged down by. These two signs have very different way of doing things. Gemini likes to take short cuts and easy options as long as they get them to where they want to be. Capricorn on the other hand likes to be thorough and make sure that everything is done properly so they can say they’ve achieved their goal wholeheartedly. Geminis impulsiveness can scare Capricorn and make them build walls, walls that Gemini might not be bothered to break depending on how involved in the relationship they are. Emotions will also be quite tricky to master as Geminis never dwell on them and Capricorns internalize them.

However if these two are completely in love and will do what it takes to make it work, this relationship can be achieved and with the joint ambition of these two signs, it’s definitely doable. Capricorn likes to have control in order to get things done right but they also give Gemini enough space to do them, so Gemini has no problem letting Capricorn take the lead. Since these two are so unlike each other their own qualities seem amplified which makes it easier to understand each other’s needs. Although Capricorns silently deal with their own problems, they’re not the best at communicating them to others which may lead to a row if there is any miscommunication. Gemini can help Capricorn say what they feel. Gemini whizzes through life, not taking times to really appreciate things, Capricorn can help teach Gemini to slow down and smell the roses. If they really try with each other and do their best not to give up, these two can be very successful together in life in general.

Gemini and Aquarius:

Same element signs as I’ve said before are almost always the most compatible for each other as they share many qualities, however sometimes the differences between them can be quite problematic. Aquarius is a fixed sign and so can get stubborn when others are not cooperating for them. Gemini doesn’t like this very much as they’re mutable and they drift and flow rather than getting caught up on one thing. Aquarius may not give Gemini enough room to breathe if they get caught up in the relationship rather than just going with it. Aquarius likes to be in charge and if they don’t allow Gemini any space or freedom this could push them away big time. Neither of these signs pay much attention to their emotions and this can end up being a problem if they go too long without voicing their feelings. Although they have a lot of intellectual stimulation from each other, real passion is quite hard to come by as this pairing is more of a meeting of the minds. However even though there might not be much passion, how much this affects the relationship really depends on the partners.

This pairing is generally a very compatible one as both signs here crave and provide intellectual stimulation. Aquarius’ rebellious streak inspires and excites Gemini and their ideas. Aquarius’ need to be different, and they need that difference to be noticed. Gemini admires Aquarius’ individuality and provides the attention that Aquarius seeks. Both signs are very good at communicating to each other so fights rarely occur. These two like to spend time talking and debating, expanding and building on each other’s ideas and theories. If they have the right mind set these two can be very productive in terms of making these ideas more than ideas. Where Aquarius inspires Gemini, Gemini amuses Aquarius with their witty, intelligent sense of humour. When these partners practice equality and free will in their relationship, it’s an incredibly mindful one.

Gemini and Pisces:

Probably the most compatible Air and Water pairings, these two share a lot of qualities for signs that aren’t of the same element, and although Water supposedly dampens Air, and Air stirs Water, some believe that in this match, it’s beneficial. However communication sometimes gets messy here despite Gemini’s talent. Pisces’ are known as the martyr of the Zodiac and will suffer in silence unless someone asks them what’s wrong. Gemini might not notice anything wrong as Pisces’ are also quite good at making it seem like nothing’s wrong, much like Scorpio, their emotions run deep. The more comfortable they get with each other, the more likely Gemini is to notice that Pisces sometimes like to wallow in negativity, not all the time, but sometimes it’s necessary for regeneration. Gemini may feel awkward with this seeing as they themselves aren’t in touch with their emotions. On top of this both signs tend to be quite drifty, and as loyal as Pisces is, they always like to flirt with different possibilities, if there’s no strong attraction these two could float apart easily.

However this pairing as I said is highly compatible and can bring abundance to both partners’ lives. Both Pisces and Gemini have seemingly endless creativity that comes from different places. Pisces’ creativity comes mostly from their intuition, a lot of their emotions inspire the things they do whereas Gemini’s creativity comes from thought, they can take something mundane, think about it for a while and bring out the beauty and wonder from it. Gemini’s communication skills do not go to waste in this relationship either. As emotionally intelligent as Pisces are, they sometimes have trouble getting the right words out to describe how they’re feeling, Gemini can help Pisces with this. Gemini’s ideas can sometimes get too big for some people to handle but Pisces, who can understand these ideas on a deeper level encourages Gemini to think as big as they can. Despite Gemini not really expressing their emotions, Pisces knows when there’s something wrong and somehow knows how to heal Gemini without them even noticing. With the right amount of compassion and attraction, these two are a very compatible couple.

anonymous asked:

OHMYGOD i didnt even THINK of how fucked up it would be to be attacked by a hell hound if you were deaf or hearing impaired! Like, HOW would eileen have gotten away and known to start running?? SHE CANT SEE OR HEAR THE THREAT (maybe the hellhounds have a specific evil smell????) and how goddamn TERRIFYING would it be? This invisible creature who you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what they are or where they could be, flings you around?? god i hate everything about eileens death. she deserves better

Yeah, it’s just - ugh. Like, I know some people prefer ‘airbrushed’ stories - worlds where racism is not a thing, a past full of feminists and whatever - and I get why, but personally, I’m okay with showing that if you’re ‘different’ in some way, then you’ll probably have to face obstacles other people won’t. That’s what happens IRL, after all. But it’s one thing to deal with this with some grace (for instance, Timeless’ black protagonist often had to pretend to be a servant of some kind, but his intelligence, humour and courage under fire meant he was always in control), and quite another to just push these characters in a corner and have the audience see them fail - or, worse, laugh at them (this is definitely one of the reason TBBT’s become unwatchable). In this sense, Eileen was a very good character - despite the fact she’s only been on the show three times, she had a solid, interesting backstory, she could hold her own with the boys, and her disability was - in my opinion - handled just right: it wasn’t hidden in any way, it had its place in the narrative, and it gave a voice to a minority we normally know nothing about. Personally, I’ve learned a lot of things about deaf people and ASL since Eileen appeared on Supernatural, including some interesting acting techniques Shoshannah uses, and I was looking forward to know more about this character. Eileen versus a Hellhound - that could have made for a fascinating episode, especially considering Sam’s bound to have flashbacks here - people he loves being attacked and mauled by Hellhounds? - but, as usual, his feelings and his reactions have not been mentioned in any way. 

(Because this is the other thing that frustrates the hell out of me - if the goal is to keep the spotlight on Sam and Dean and Dean and Sam all the bloody time, why is it that we still know virtually nothing about Sam, and can’t we hear his opinions on anything? This was a woman he had a deep connection to - he was learning ASL for her, for fuck’s sake - and yet, as usual, we’re given nothing. I’m sure Jared did his best, but Eileen was basically treated as the Random Corpse of the Week, and I doubt we’ll ever know more about what her death meant to Sam.

And while we’re on the subject, again - if this is a show about two brothers and their Feels, why are we finding out now, and in such a way, that Mary doesn’t know anything about them - at all? There were like, five promising minutes at the very start of the season when we saw Dean agonizing over how much to tell his mother about their childhood, and then - nothing. So, which is it? If you want the Sam&Dean Manpain Show, these are things you need to write about; and if you want to widen your scope, then you can’t kill off every single friend they make just for the fun of it.)

So, yeah, anyway - imagine how haunting and terrifying such an episode would have been - Eileen isolated somewhere, tracked by something she couldn’t hear or see, and Sam and Dean arriving on the scene late, trying to help her, unable to reach her. Uh. Instead, well, we got that. Nice job, show.   

A Fleeting Moment - Archie x Reader

Hey! Ahaha, it’s years of reading and years of practice! But thanks so much!
This is shorter than usual though, I was writing it and it just sort of found it’s own natural conclusion, so I thought I would just leave it as it is :)

“Hey Arch,” you tug on his sleeve, “Look at that,”

His gaze follows your extended arm up towards the sky. Above you, stars twinkle on the black velvet of the night sky, the incomplete moon hanging amidst them.

“Wow,” he breathes.

“Can we stop for awhile?” you pull on his arm, heading towards an area less affected by the glare of the streetlamps, “I want to look at them,”

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the figure from the woods does not look human when it moves. the inconsistent stutter of its long limbs, approaching me now, seems machine-like. like a robot processing a queue of hastily typed commands.

“hello,” i say, and maybe it’s the wrong thing to say. maybe anything is the wrong thing to say, but i’m out here alone and there’s no one to stop me from making bad decisions.

it does not stop, but i did not expect it to. i’ve been walking since noon, my eyes adjusting to the dark as it fell, but i can’t make out any of its features. i remember the flashlight on my cell phone, and try to sneak a hand into my coat pocket. i don’t think this is a time for sudden movements.

the forest around us is so quiet. i realise i haven’t heard a single sound since night fell. only now, the sound of my own voice, trembling and as unreassuring as its ever been. my fingers curl around my phone.

there’s a story my mother used to tell. i try not to remember it here, because fear doesn’t serve me. the thing she saw at the side of the road, the twist in her expression as she told me. i always thought it was an excuse to have me home for dinner.

i turn the flashlight on.

it’s a deep grey, smooth skin where its face should be. it’s not the way it looks in the movies, no impressions of eyes or a nose. the longer i look, the less there seems to be. the longer i look, the more obscured it is. 

i don’t look away. i’m not a deer in headlights, more so aware of what happens in the five seconds it takes to turn heel. the light covers the span of most of its body, and it doesn’t move. 


it sounds like wind at first, but i can’t feel any breeze. 

can you kn….ow…. you’re a lesbia….n….. if you haven’t… been with a man…

the noise is like nails on a chalkboard. my grip on my phone falters for the moment it takes me to cringe, and when the light moves to the side, it moves again. i curse under my breath, readjusting as quickly as i can. i’m not dying to a condescending fuck in the middle of the woods.

“that’s really none of your business,” and honestly, i’m not sure where on this thing’s face i’m supposed to be looking, “but for the record, i have been.”

h…… oow…… can you be a lesbian….. if you’ve. … been with a maaaan…

i fix it with an expression my grandparents had always insisted i’d stolen from my mother. unimpressed and spiteful, capable of piercing an ego. i don’t know why i’d ever doubted her stories. she’d always been right about everything else.

“humourous but intelligent response,” i deadpan.

the trees erupt in applause. 

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What type and form of humor does each sign have

This is a very difficult question to answer broadly because sense of humour in someone’s chart is determined by many things, especially the sign in and aspects to Mercury and Jupiter… Venus also possibly.
I think the mutable cross itself symbolizes humour; Gemini with witty, clever jokes… Sagittarius laughs at everything, witty or not… Virgo is harder to impress, may even be difficult to get her to laugh… And Pisces just does not get the joke or laughs at what is clearly not a joke…

I believe people with a strong presence of Gemini/Mercury and Capricorn/Saturn could easily be described as having ‘dry humour’; drops a sarcastic remark with a straight face. The dryness comes from Saturn… 

People with Sagittarius/Jupiter dominance will literally laugh at everything (unless of course, they are seriously afflicted), I am the living proof of this (Sag dom), I’ve had teachers that are quite like the Gemini/Capricorn type described above who would literally just be giving a lecture, but because they are quite animated (Gemini’s hand gestures and mimicry…), serious, and impressionable, I could not help but laugh the entire time they were teaching! And I’d be the only one laughing… (Maybe my classmates were all Virgos…)
Sagittarians are definitely the half glass full type folk, so jokes about unfortunate situations aids their optimism. Their jokes are usually inclusive and playful.

Although pessimistic, I feel Cancers can be similar to Sagittarius in the way that they will laugh at unfortunate situations. They are very sarcastic.

I feel like the air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, could easily be grouped together as the types of people that appreciate intelligent humour; well thought out jokes, puns, “smart jokes”…
Of course, each air sign does have its differences. An Aquarius might crack a joke that is highly inappropriate and although a Libra might laugh at it, a Libra wouldn’t make a inappropriate joke… The classy Venusian sign is “too good” for that.
Aquarius and Aries are definitely the types to make inappropriate and dirty jokes. I’ve made this observation through plenty of Aquarians and people with Aries dominance. Aries in Venus is known for playful teasing, so Aries dominance probably would enjoy humour involving teasing (of course, never to purposely hurt anyone unless they didn’t like the person they’re making fun off..). In one instance, I know a person who is a Pisces sun, but has Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries and he comes off innocent, but will then unexpectedly say something extremely dirty (but funny) 😂! Oh and he also has Mars in Scorpio… I feel like Scorpio in Mars folks also have a specialty for dirty jokes, but I can never tell if they’re actually joking 👀

And about Scorpio… I know people are probably gonna hate me for saying this, but THEY DO have a dark sense of humour… And before you attack me for saying this, obviously look at aspects to Mercury and Jupiter, make sure you look over the whole chart’s personality. 
People with Scorpio/Capricorn influences especially have a very strange sense of humour and as a Sagittarian that is renown to laugh at everything, they are the one type of people I have a hard time laughing at because sometimes they are just down right strange! 

^ me when a Capricorn/Scorpio dom makes a joke

And then there’s Pisces…
I’ve met so many Pisces and every single one has had multiple “haha, what?” moments! Sure they will laugh with you, but often times they don’t get the punchline. I feel like they also like humour that doesn’t make sense, jokes that are purposefully random and confusing.
One Pisces teacher I had would sometimes make jokes that no one would get and he would laugh at his own jokes. 

And Virgos, like I mentioned at the very top of this post seem to be hard to get to laugh, but I’ve done it before. It’s actually really funny to see them try and hide a laugh, but then they crack a smile a little bit and you know you’ve got them. I believe Virgos appreciate clever humour like the air signs. I also know they are the type of people you can give a side glance at when you see someone cringy in public and they will know EXACTLY what you’re thinking and probably laugh at your mutual judgement towards a person who is being embarrassing. 

I feel like Leo’s humour is somewhat similar to Sagittarius with a hint of Aries. Loves the build up of a great, hilarious story. 

I think Taurus is the only one I didn’t really go over yet and they seem to like suggestive humour. Lots of innuendos, but not necessarily as crude and vulgar as Aquarius or Aries. Basically, they might make a butt joke, but they is no sexual motive behind it. 
They probably enjoy a range of humour, but it doesn’t have to be as witty as Gemini’s for them to enjoy. People are quick to describe Taurus’ humour to be ‘boring’, when really it’s just more average; it just isn’t as extreme as an Aquarius or Scorpio. 


MORE favourite dead not-American actors: an Advent Calendar

Day 23: Jeremy Brett

Much like my adoration for Pat Troughton , my love of Jeremy is approx 73% because of one role. That’s ok. This is the joy of things. Especially when those things are telly programmes and there’s a ton of them to enjoy over and over again. As a tiny nipper, my Holmes was Baz, of course, in the always-on-the-telly increasingly anachronistic 30s/40s films, but - luckily for me - teenage me got Jeremy, and wonderful scripts and marvellous design and two great Watsons. 

Set aside the reams and reams of nitpicking and debate that have been written about ACD and Holmes over the decades, (but not the fanfic, never set the fanfic aside) and just marvel in the sheer joy that is Jeremy’s Holmes. There are few more complete inhabitations of a role. Mercurial, cutting, agile, knowingly theatrical, charming; gleaming with intelligence and flashes of humour, and above all a real sense of respect for the source material, and the icon that Holmes is, without ever descending into parody or heavy-handedness. It is a wondrous, life-giving, glee-inducing, comfort blanket of a thing to see, whether for the first or the thirty-first time. 

Of course, there’s all the other roles as well. From his startlingly swoonsome youth (my dad, an avid theatre-goer from the 50s onwards, and not one to comment on the looks of actresses, never mind actors, said that 1950s Jeremy on stage was one of the most beautiful men he had ever seen), through his sterling work - especially in some great 70s telly - in his middle years, he is a delight to watch. And of course - which always helps - a complete darling of a man. 

Favourite Role: obvs Sherlock Holmes, and while I’m a Hardwicke gal, and don’t always rewatch S1 as much, he is perfection from the very start. It’s so hard to pick a favourite ep, but  I have an exceeding fondness for The Abbey Grange (scathing about the North), The Musgrave Ritual (petulant!Holmes and his comfort blanket) and The Master Blackmailer (everyone is fabulous, Holmes vs CAM is amazing).  

Another Good Place to Start: he’s a wonderful Basil Hallward in the BBC’s Picture of Dorian Gray [1976], with a little-too-old Johnny G as Henry Wooton and a rather petulant Peter Firth as Dorian. It’s stagey and videotaped, but it’s well worth watching. For young, swoony (supporting actor) Jeremy, Girl in the Headlines [1963] is an entertaining little british cop thriller, nicely seedy at times and pretty engaging. 

  • Ignis' opinion on himself: Amazingly gifted in humour and intelligence. Is the only reason Playmaker-""sama"" is even alive. Thinks could finish duels much quicker if Playmaker listened to him for once. Yuusaku is lucky he doesn't straight up text people his identity. Deserves better.
  • Yuusaku's opinion on Ignis: lmao he purble
I am a seventeen year old girl who has had her heart broken by different boys, so know you are not the first. When I met you I truly hated myself and felt like nothing but then offhandedly you told me you and your friends thought I was pretty. You have a vague recollection of this, and I think that’s funny and sad, how that was such a turning point in my life and for you it was just another day in the life. Through a period of mangled encounters we became friends and then I saw you in February. You looked pretty much the same as I remembered: tall, and with good hair, although you were wearing a leather jacket which I thought was parts cool and parts funny because I’d never seen you wear it before. I’d forgotten how good-looking you were, though, especially when you smiled, and when we walked out of our high school building I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I thought to myself that maybe, you know maybe, some outside spectator would think we were something more than we were. You have a way of making people feel special, you know. Loved. I don’t know if it’s your good looks, or your kindness, or your intelligence, or your humour, or anything. I just know that I want a piece of you that’s too much for someone like me to ask for. I’ve overstepped my bounds. One time, a long time ago, I asked if I could be just the girl who makes you laugh. I still want to be that girl. I don’t want to be the girl who makes you feel guilty.
—  april 11th 2017 // lily rose.
big sister- Jason imagine

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Request: Anonymous said:

Can you do a pll imagine where you’re Hannah’s big sister and you’re dating Jason? I love your blog to infinity btw 😍

A/N: thank you xxx I hope this is alright, I wasn’t quite sure what you wanted x

Being Hanna’s older sister had its ups and downs, especially when it came to you and Jason.

You met him because of Hanna, which you were grateful for. Hanna couldn’t drive and so after constantly nagging you 24/7 you agreed to basically be her chauffeur. That involved taking here shopping, driving her to and from school and also driving her friends around. You made her give you half of her pocket money to do it, but it meant that you could save up for a new car so she didn’t mind. The one you were driving broke down every now and then and it was extremely unreliable. One day she needed to be picked up from her friend Alison’s house. So you grabbed your keys and drove straight there, having nothing else to do. When you arrived she wasn’t waiting outside as usual. You got out of the car and walked towards the door. You couldn’t hear them outside so you guessed she was inside, probably gossiping or trying on clothes. You knocked twice and waited patiently but no one seemed to be coming, so you nocked louder, knowing they’d hear you that time.

But Hanna didn’t answer the door and neither did Alison. Instead you were met with the face of a guy around your age. A very nice face if you were asked to describe it. He frowned at you and it was only after he shifted that you realised you had been staring at him.

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Get your life, Bitches. Queen by Queen, Season by Season. Its RuPaul’s Drag Race ASKS. And don’t fuck it up!

Season One

Victoria “PorkChop” Parker: When did you ever feel your life was most at risk?

Tammie Brown: Do you ever go out and walk children in nature?

Akashia: How do you pick yourself back up again when you fall down?

Jade: Who is the fakest bitch you know? 

Ongina: Are there any causes you feel very strongly for?

Shannel: Do you tend to be conceited?

Rebecca Glasscock: Do you manipulate situations in order to get what you want?

Nina Flowers: What is your favourite cosmetic and why?

BeBe Zahara Benet: What is your favourite animal print?

Season Two

Nicole Paige Brooks: Do you have children? or Do you want children?

Mystique Summers Madison: Bitch, Where are you from?

Sonique: Are you comfortable in your own skin?

Morgan McMichaels: Do you prefer P!nk or Lady Gaga?

Sahara Davenport: Have you ever lost someone close to you?

Jessica Wild: Are you a fan of Tela-Novelas?

Pandora Boxx: Have you ever felt robbed of something you deserved?

Tatianna: Are you a Britney Spears fan?

Jujubee: What is your favourite song to lip sync to?

Raven: Do you tell people what they want to hear or what they need to hear?

Tyra Sanchez: What is your unpopular opinion? 

Season Three

Venus D-Lite: If you could be any Madonna song, what song would you be? 

Phoenix: What is your favourite saying?

Mimi Imfurst: Have you ever lifted anyone over your head?

India Ferrah: What is your most shocking moment?

Mariah: Who would you do on “Snatch Game?”

Stacey Lane Matthews: What is your favourite dessert?

Delta Work: Are you a Heather or a Booger?

Shangela: Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?

Carmen Carrera: Do you like getting naked?

Yara Sofia: Have you ever felt so much pressure you broke down?

Alexis Mateo: What is your opinions of sequins and rhinestones? 

Manila Luzon: What is/was your favourite cartoon?

Raja: Do you believe in the star signs? What is your star sign?

Season Four

Alisa Summers: Do you think it better to be doing to much or be doing not enough?

Lashauwn Beyond: When was the last time you had the weight of the world on your shoulders?

The Princess: What item of clothing makes you feel most like royalty?

Madame LaQueer: What makes you a good leader?

Milan: What is the worst lip sync faux-pas? 

Jiggly Caliente: Would you rather make friends and lose or make enemies and win?

Willam: Are you a troublemaker? 

DiDa Ritz: What fuels you to do better?

Kenya Michaels: Are you a pocket rocket, large and in charge or a happy medium?

Latrice Royale: What kind of romper room fuckery would make you lose your cool?

Phi Phi O'Hara: Are you a bitch or are you just honest?

Chad Michaels: Are you a perfectionist?

Sharon Needles: If you had 50 dollars to spend at Party City, what would you buy?

Season Five

Penny Tration: Do you enjoy puns?

Serena Cha Cha: Can you be immature?

Monica Beverly Hillz: What was the last big thing you admitted to your family/friends?

Vivienne Pinay: Do you prefer fishy pretty queens or campy comedy queens? 

Honey Mahogany: Does the look really matter?

Lineysha Sparx: Are you a horder or do you throw things away? 

Jade Jolie: Rainbows or Black and White?

Ivy Winters: Any unsual talents?

Alyssa Edwards: What is your best dance move?

Coco Montrese: Do you do any impersonations?

Detox: Would you ever consider getting any work done?

Roxxxy Andrews: If you were a kind of candy, what candy would you be?

Alaska Thunderfuck: Which do you consider more important: Looks, Humour, Intelligence or Talent?

Jinkx Monsoon: If you were a natural disaster, which one would you be?

Season Six

Adore Delano: What part of Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent, do you embody the most?

April Carrion: What is your cutest body part?

BenDeLaCreme: What is the best thing about your personality? What is the worst thing?

Bianca Del Rio: Do you often come across harsher than you are? Is there really a heart of gold?

Courtney Act: What is the sexiest foreign accent?

Darienne Lake: Are you misunderstood by the people around you? 

Gia Gunn: If you could go to any country in the world, where would you go?

Joslyn Fox: Who is your biggest idol?

Kelly Mantle: Do you like bacon?

Laganja Estranja: Have you ever smoked pot?

Magnolia Crawford: Are you an attention whore?

Milk: What is the craziest outfit you have ever worn?

Trinity K. Bonet: What is it that you do successfully?

Vivacious: What is your favourite style of Drag?

loopymoony  asked:

(Hi! This is rowan-buzzard-whitethorn from my primary) 1, 15, 28

1. What is your name and does it mean anything?

Casandra (spelled with one s, because my parents thought that was cool).
If google is to be trusted, Cassandra means “Prophetess”.
Cassandra was also a daughter of King Priam and of Queen Hecuba of Troy in Greek mythology. There are different versions but basically, Apollo gave her the gift of foretelling the future. But when Cassandra rejected him, he cursed her so no one would believe her prophecies. She foretold the downfall of Troy and the Trojan Horse, but no one believed her, causing the end of the city.
(Sorry, I’m obsessed with greek mythology and couldn’t miss this opportunity to fangirl over my own name LOL)

15. Things about someone that you find attractive?

Physical: Smile. Eyes. Hair. Back. Hands.
Personality wise: Sense of humour. Kindness. Intelligence. Confidence.

28. What is your favorite soda?

I actually don’t drink any soda, I stopped drinking it about 5 years ago.

Thanks for the questions, darling!



Scotty was sitting at the gang’s usual table in the mess hall surrounded by his friends. Scotty was envied by everyone down in mechanics for a number of reasons, the main one was the fact that he was sitting with Captain James Kirk, Lieutenant Uhura, Commander Spock, Commanding Officer Sulu, Ensign Chekov and Doctor McCoy. The last member of the group was you, Lieutenant Kirk. You were Jim’s baby sister and you were loved by everyone onboard the Enterprise for your charm, quick wit, humour, intelligence and kindness.

You would smile at anyone who walked by and knew everyone by name. The thing you prided yourself on the most was your ability to make others feel like someone wanted to listen and could remember things about them. When you began working on the Enterprise, Jim had been apprehensive about letting you go on dangerous missions or work in environments where you could potentially get hurt. That was until you were able to prove yourself to him on a mission with Bones and Scotty where you took control and got everyone out of a certain death situation without so much as a scratch. From then on Jim and the rest of the crew had a deep respect for you and your work, especially when you began assisting Bones in the medbay and saved even more lives.

Immediately after you arrived onboard for the first time you were introduced to all of Jim’s friends who quickly became yours too. That was why you were standing at the door of the mess hall, grinning as you spotted everyone in their usual places around the back table. You quickly began weaving through tables to get to them and when you did, you slumped down in between Scotty and Jim.

“Hey, muffin.” Jim said as he affectionately hugged you from the side and kissed your hair. “How was work?”

“Long.” You replied, stealing one of Jim’s fries. “Too much blood to clean up, hence why I’m late.” You finished shooting a pointed look at Bones who looked sheepishly at Jim.

“Oh, so Bones made you stay behind and clean up, did he?” Jim smirked as Bones blushed and mumbles a quick, “Sorry.”

You began collecting the leftover food that your friend’s were too full to eat and shoving it into your mouth as you recounted the many injuries you had had to deal with that day.

“Scotty, are you feeling alright?” Came Uhura’s teasing voice from across the table. Scotty seemed to physically snap out of whatever daydreaming state he was in and look around confusedly.

“What?” He asked as everyone gave each other pointed looks and snickered into their palms, watching as Scotty turned beet red.

“Are you sure you’re alright, love?” You said, noticing Scotty’s face and immediately becoming worried.

“Aye, lassie. I’m fine, thank you.” He said, casting his eyes down towards his food.

You looked at the clock on the wall and decided that it was time for bed.

“Bye, my loves!” You said in a sing-song voice and listened as a chorus of “Bye!”’s rang around the table. You went to walk away but doubled back.

“Bye, Scotty.” Smiling, you tucked your hair behind your ear and walked to the door.

You could hear the rest of the gang teasing Scotty as the door shut behind you and smiled to yourself as you walked down the hall and away from the noise.

“Jeez Scott, you’re done for.” Bones laughed.

“Shut up.” Scotty’s face turned an ever darker shade of red.

“So ven are you going to ask her out?” Asked Chekov.

“She doesn’t even love me back, there’s no point.” Came Scotty’s sad reply.

“Love? You’re in love with her? I thought it was just a crush!” Jim slapped the back of Scotty’s head as a warning not to mess with his baby sister.

“Would it not be logical for you just to inform Y/N of your feelings for her? It would certainly improve the quality of conversation in the group and eradicate all of the, as Nyota put it, sexual tension between the two of you.” Spock suggested.

“But how do I seduce a woman who’s so far out of my league?” Scotty asked.

“Damn right she’s out of your league!” Jim exclaimed.

“She’s the most precious thing in this universe!” Sulu added.

“You better do something soon though, Scotty. She’s my best friend and I can’t stand to see her upset.” Said Uhura.

“Why is she upset?” Scotty inquired.

“Because she thinks that she’s done something to offend you! She thinks that because of the way you’re acting towards her, that you don’t like her.”

“But it’s the exact opposite!”

“Then go!” Bones urged.

“What, now?” Scotty asked incredulously.

“Yes, now! There’s no time like the present.” Jim pushed Scotty out of his seat and everyone sighed thankfully as he scrambled towards the door in pursuit of you.

Running through the hallways, Scotty had almost given up hope of ever finding you when he rounded a corner and there you were, casually sauntering along without a care in the world.

“Y/N!” Scotty called and you spun around, tears streaking your face. “Y/N, what’s wrong, lassie?”

“Do you hate me?” You sobbed.

“Of course not, lassie. Why would you think that?” Scotty softly wiped the tears off your cheeks and pulled you into a gentle hug.

“I love you, Scotty.” You confessed and you felt Scotty freeze in your embrace. He slowly pulled away, an unreadable expression on his face which made you scared you’d said the wrong thing. Suddenly, Scotty’s face split into a wide grin and he pulled you close to him, smashing his lips onto yours and kissing you passionately. He pulled away all too soon and said the words you’d been waiting to hear and he’d been dying to say.

“I love you, too.”

The signs based on people I know

Aries : strong, caring and extremely good in leading people or inspiring them. will always watch out for their family and people they care about, can seem too carefree from time to time, acts very childish sometimes but it’s actually quite cute. gets angry real quick but it’s just bc they care so much.

Taurus : likes to be around people, creative, lovely, spontanous, is always fun to be around, gets along well with most people, can be a bit of a drama queen, extremely stubborn, tidy - at least most of the time, loves being outside. loves helping other people.

Gemini : very intelligent, optimistic and realistic at the same time, knows things most people would never even think about, reads a lot of books, will probably win the noble prize one day, is interesting in many things, very moody, can change their opinion on things sooner than anyone else.

Cancer : caring, loves to cuddle, loves cats, is always there for their friends, believes to see the good in people, struggles hard with being let down by others, can be very anxious from time to time, great humour, loves books and fandom stuff, a bit of nerd, introverted, very intelligent, actual sunshine.

Leo : life of the party, craves attention, is really sarcastic and funny, laid back, extroverted, not always what you expect them to be, confident in themselves and their decisions, loves dogs, might judge people before getting to know them really, inspiring, is a bit too self centered sometimes but they don’t mean to hurt anybody with it, generous, loves seeing the people they love happy.

Virgo : nerd of the century, most intelligent, creative, interested in various things, stunning, mysterious, you never know what to expect from them, will not share their thoughts with just anyone, get really loud and crazy around people they feel comfortable with, can be very harsh & cold sometimes.

Libra : loveable, get along well with basically everyone, can be shy at first but can’t stop talking if they know you a little bit more, love to read, love history, want to make everyone feel special, would do anything for people they love and that matter to them, hardworking, sometimes too people-focused.

Scorpio : bubbly, creative, deep, will make you fall in love with them within seconds, extemely intelligent but not always aware of it, love music, usually not the best in making conversation with people, that kind of person that spends all day on tumblr, might be very focused on what people think about them.

Sagittarius : opinionated, loves travelling and fashion, very optimistic, judges people often way too soon, cares a lot about basically everything, begins many things but never finishes them, childlike, funny, cute, exciting, is really good with people, most likely to travel the world of all signs.

Capricorn : protects people they care about, knows everything, will probably surprise you constantly, always say what they think, great leader, best in reading people, confident in what they believe, opionated, strong willed, has the best and most intelligent humour of all.

Aquarius : active, loves to be spontaneous, hates it when people or animals are being treated wrongly, can identify with various fictional characters, can be very bossy, will always see the best in people, hard working, humourous.

Pisces : sweet, is a bit of a mystery to everyone, can be quite tough actually, will be very insecure if people judge them, escapes into their little fantasy world very often, gives the best hugs, makes everyone feel loved and cared about, most likely to be interested in things such as mythology & astrology, shy.