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Paying a visit (sorcerouscheerleader)

After having met Ashley through the penpal service, Angela had wanted to meet her in person. There’s a lot of reasons for an intelligent black woman to not go into Alabama in the first place, but hopefully, meeting someone interesting from the Paranet will offset that.

The jetlag doesn’t really affect her, so as she deplanes, she looks around with bright eyes. Where is that girl? Weren’t they going to meet here?

Your skin color is what makes you beautiful and intelligent? I’d have no problem if you said you were a beautiful and intelligent black woman, but you’re telling me you’re those things simply because of your blackness? Why… I’d almost call someone who attributes their positive qualities to their skin color a supremacist.

i wouldn’t normally make a post like this but for the past few hours i’ve pretty much been glued to my laptop reading about this case and i dont think i’ve ever been quite so angry as i am now. the sandra bland story is absolutely horrifying and i’m struggling to understand how people can deny that police brutality is real and present. the fact of the matter is that the arresting officer got pissed that an intelligent black woman knew her rights, killed her, and now the entire department is helping him cover it up. regardless of whether she was uncooperative with the officer or not, she should not have been killed. the punishment for not cooperating with the institution who are meant to protect us is not execution. white amerikkka needs to wake up and realise that this racial crisis is still going on.. it didn’t end in the 60s, it’s taking place in 2015 NOW

Scandal Warriors Strike Back!

The Scandal Warriors is an online coalition of fans from across the United States and Canada. In a statement released by them today they wrote,

“Scandal was a gift to viewers. But it was a special gift to women, especially women of color and specifically black women. The show was magic. For the first time since the show, Julia, featuring Diahann Carroll, America had a gorgeous, intelligent, powerful black woman in the lead. Women of all colors were saying they wanted to grow up and be like Olivia Pope! And then, magic happened. The show struck gold with the powerful chemistry between the two lead actors, Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn. Their chemistry is the stuff of legends and joins other famous screen couples: Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Liv and Fitz became the love story that captured the hearts and minds of the viewing public. It was told with passion, dignity and relevance, acknowledging the racial component and the fact that Olivia Pope was a very independent woman working in what has traditionally been a man’s world. We were hooked and became advocates for "Olitz”.

But something else happened also. Scandal was no longer just a “t.v. show.” Almost from the beginning it became a cultural, social and political statement. There were scenes that resonated so deeply with black women that they heard echoes of their own experiences and upbringing. We became “invested.” We stuck with the story even when we started to see inconsistencies and flat out nonsense in the story line and character development. But we hung in there.

And then hell set in. The flames reached through the screen and torched everyone of us in episode 9, season 5. It was insulting on so many levels. Abortion is not a frivolous matter regardless of your position on it. Subjecting a black woman to abuse by a white man in other episodes hits a nerve. Transforming Olivia Pope from a sharp, professional character to what some have called a slut and a whore is not acceptable. If this was done by a white producer, a different kind of hell would have erupted with statements from some very high profile people.

Unless the producer received specific instructions from her bosses to denigrate the female lead, manipulate the male lead into something that bears little to no resemblance to a President of anything, and alienate a significant portion of the show’s fan base, the only thing we can assume is that producer has become self indulgent with little to no regard for the quality of her show or the devotion of her fans. If that is the case, we are here to say (to paraphrase a Scandal expression), “You don’t get to do that…” without consequences because Scandal has become bigger than just entertainment, bigger than just one producer’s show. It has become a statement whether the powers that be like it or not just as the election and re-election of Barack Obama became a statement about something much bigger than electoral politics.

So as Scandal Warriors, we have initiated a boycott of the show and will continue to do so. Some of us may never return. Some of us are still hoping for the resurrection of Olitz because we know that powerful, dramatic, relevant, and entertaining scripts can be written that will garner increased ratings, and become a genuine turning point in the history of television. It can be done. We’ve seen it on Scandal. And to those who will push back with the comment that this is the producer’s show. She has creative prerogative. Not any more. It’s our show now, and if we can’t get it back we will do our best to shut it down, and spread the word because that’s how much it means to us. We have become “the hell and high water.”

Operating much like the “Guerilla Girls”, an anoymous group of women protesting sexism in the art world, the Scandal Warriors see themselves as simply a critical mass of fans fighting for the integrity of this ground breaking show, and the respectful, realistic treatment of the female lead.

This something I really need to get off my chest because it’s been making me hurt so much for sometime.

I’m a black woman, 23, I’ve never been in an actual relationship and I’m studying to become a doctor. Everyday I’m surrounded by so many talented, intelligent individuals. A good number of them black. But I have found it so difficult to find love, or at the least, an individual to have a consistent relationship with. And though I’m not the most gorgeous girl, I know I am not by any means unattractive. When I look at most of the black men I know, more specifically the black men studying to become physicians as well. They either claim to be too busy to engage in such serious fancies, or they are with women of other races/ethnicities (ex. Hispanic, white, etc).

My problem is that as an intelligent black woman, I find that black men either want just sex/casual relationships, or they already have a light-skinned woman on their arm. In fact, of allll the black men in my school, only three/four are in relationships with black women. Now love is love, and it knows no race/color/etc. But what I see sometimes is that some black men feel that women with lighter complexions, and longer hair are “better” than darker skinned women. And for some time I thought that myself, growing up in the American culture that most of us have… My Hispanic friends have had no problem finding men. They prefer black men to Hispanic men, and tell me on occasion that how whoever they marry must give them little mixed babies. Over the years they have dated and have been courted by several black men and a few of them are with black men now..l

As someone who has so much to offer, I just feel like I am so frequently overlooked. I love my complexion, I love my cultural background, and I love what I do and who I am. But the struggle is so much harder as a black girl.


HAPPY BLACKOUT DAY! I am very proud to be a resilient, beautiful, bisexual, intelligent, and creative black woman. It’s time to embrace every part of ourselves and cherish ourselves regardless the color that appears on our skin. Love yourself for who you are. Fuck society’s ignorant stereotypes. Let’s prove them wrong!! Let’s make a fucking difference in the world we live in! We belong! We matter! We’re human beings too! let’s celebrate this day to the fullest!! ALL OF YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE YOUUU! 💖🌿💖🌿💖☀️💖☀️💖

What I need is...

A beautiful, intelligent black woman, who will not “hold me down” but will rather uplift me and make me want to be better, for her. Annnnd…she gotta let me rub on her booty to go to sleep. 🙌Annnnd…let me eat it on command. 😋That’s all. 👌