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“I believe his presence in the White House opened up the realm of possibilities for some of the change we’ve seen in movies and television. We are finally becoming more truthful to the greatness and humanity of people of color in our storytelling. There is a generation of children 8 years old and under who only know what it’s like to see an intelligent, measured black man serve as the leader of the free world. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that during his presidency, directors, producers, and casting directors became more open to countless numbers of extraordinary stories about people of color that had been previously ignored. Writers who had penned scripts with black leads saw their projects dusted off and pulled out of turn around to actually make it to the screen. I don’t think it’s a question whether I would currently be playing a black superhero king if we did not experience Barack Obama as our president.

“I had the honor of attending a White House screening of 42. In my conversation with him I could see that beyond being a policy maker and a politician he is a person of cultured substance and depth. He is a knowledgeable critic who himself is strong enough to entertain both praise and criticism. I’m proud to say that he personally gave me sound artistic and career advice, to seek the darkness as well as the light in my acting. That advice has served me well.”


Carlos Milano Harden



Charlamagne Kindly Got Tomi Lahren’s Ass Together

“If you go to a HIV/AIDS rally and the protest is about HIV/AIDS, do you Tomi stand there and say ‘What about Cancer’?” 

Now when I first heard Charlamagne had a debate with this bleached blonde dumbass (no that’s not a stereotype she has proven that she is slow) I was giving major side eye. The first thing that ran across my mind was, “who volunteered him as negro tribute?” but once I sat down and listened I was blown away. 

He kept his composure the entire time. Never once raised his voice, called her out her name, or threatened her; which is something I could not have done. He brought up great points, offered sound rebuttals, AND educated her ass all at the same time. This is a side to him many people have not seen. He is not only funny but a very intelligent black man and he represented our community as a whole very well. Now whether the message made impact is another story because it seems like Tomi didn’t hear a thing.

Her major argument was basically that Beyonce shouldn’t even be allowed to speak about the injustice in the slaughter of black people in this country because her husband used to sell drugs. HUH???? excuse me, but what the fuck does that have to do with anything!? The point she was trying to make was that it’s not ok for black people to pick and choose what to be mad about, and that we should be focused on the drug and violence issues in our community. Charlamagne shut her ass down with this perfect analogy, "If you go to a HIV/AIDS rally and the protest is about HIV/AIDS, do you Tomi stand there and say ‘What about Cancer’?”.

Another one of her arguments was that the “black lives matter” movement is violent. Citing the incidents of violence a SELECT FEW used during the protests. But these comments came directly after she said it wasn’t ok to label all police offers as corrupt murderers. Pardon me?? I can’t even take her seriously. She is a walking contradiction.

Her arrogant ass just doesn’t get it. She is still hooting and hollering that the black panthers were a terrorist organization and as a 23 year old woman she should be ashamed. This is a direct reflection of the failures in our education system and it is really disheartening. I don’t think they’ll ever truly get it.

This is a must watch. Thank you Charlemagne for a great debate and putting on for us! 

white media is already ‘calling out’ kanye saying he’s arrogant and that his speech was way too long but you KNOW if it was crusty ass white feminist miley cyrus up there they would be backing it to the absolute max they just can’t handle an outspoken intelligent black man that wants to change the world for the better by going after something they’ve monopolised for so long; politics

I remember this one time my dad said that a show can’t be popular without a white lead. Like they can have PoC as supporting characters but the main lead, the main love story has to be of a white straight couple.

And now I just show him the success that is How to Get Away with Murder. Because not only is Annalise Keating a black woman, she’s bi as well. Connor is gay but hasnt been stereotyped as the “nice and funny gay” rather he’s essentially an asshole (well first season). Micheala is a bitchy and smart black woman who is kicking ass. Wes is an adorable and intelligent black man.

Thus, you don’t need the cast to be all white or maily white and straight for the show to be successful. It’s just good plot.