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girls dont really want hood niggas they want the alpha male qualities of a hood nigga in a respectful intelligent caring black man

not hard losers

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Oh come on. If this was any other show we'd be calling them out for 1) censoring the only gay kiss 2) making them completely chaste, or void of intimacy, in comparison to the het couples. The fact is they want queer rep, but don't wanna show it (not to offend the audience? is it gross? Did the actors demand it?) It's a well documented double standard, and TGD has it unfortunately.

… . void of intimacy? 

“Have you ever been i love? Once. How’d it end? It hasn’t.”

“I’ll keep you safe.” 

…  in comparison to the het couples? Where 1. The main couple is obviously going to have more screen time like this is Zeke’s story and y’all keep forgetting that. 2. Ra Ra and Tanya are shown sharing a peck and it’s solely their cartoon versions. 3. Character’s don’t have to be physically intimate to be good rep.

Like y’all will stay stanning show’s like Teen wolf or more recently Riverdale which deliberately queer baited but “oh the actresses says that they know the characters have so much chemistry, so it’s possible” and has one gay man who from the looks of it literally serves to be the token gay.

And yet somehow the Get Down isn’t good enough LGBTQ rep. Like there’s a way to phrase what you want to see from the characters and the show without saying that you wouldn’t recommend the show based on LGBTQ rep or that it doesn’t have good rep.

Because Idk whats not good rep about a charismatic, artistic, intelligent, young black man. Who loves the people around him dearly, whose sensitive and strong willed. Whose passionate about finding and owning his freedom. Who has always felt like an alien in the world he inhabits for his philosophical thoughts and his dreams. 

Why the TV show Timeless Deserves More Attention

Okay everyone listen up. This past year (meaning 2016 going into 2017), NBC seemed to have a good batch of new TV shows that have gained critical acclaim (This Is Us, I’m looking at you). But one that seemed to fly under the radar was the show Timeless. It was created by Eric Kripke, who is also known for creating the show of Supernatural which is on the CW, and Shawn Ryan.  

Now just a gist of what it’s about. It’s about a man who steals a time machine to go back into critical points of United States and early North American history to try and take out this organization called Rittenhouse, which seems to play a major role in basically every turning point of the historical timeline. The government takes over control of the industry who made the time machine and gets a trio of people to go back in time to stop the man. 

It seems that time machines and time travel seem to be an up and coming theme in media (Doctor Who reboot, Legends of Tomorrow to name two). But this one I found stood out in ways that deserve the recognition it’s due. 

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T'challa and racist enviers

Today on YouTube I was looking at Marvel stuff and I looked in the comment section and guess what I found??? Black Panther hate! It’s hilarious how people can say T'challa sucks but say Bucky is one of the best heroes of all time! It’s HILARIOUS how people say Captain America can beat Black Panther but last time I checked Captain America was getting his ass beat by Bucky in Winter Soldier WHILE Black Panther over here had Bucky running for his life!

As people get to know T'challa I feel like white people grow intimidated by him whether it be subconsciously or knowingly. T'challa is a beautiful, intelligent, and KIND black man that loves being BLACK and is not infested with self-hate. He’s not that type of black man that would shit on his race of women because they’re light or dark. HE MARRIED A BEAUTIFUL DARK SKINNED GODDESS, STORM! As his father said, “I understand your frustration in dealing with a Black man who can’t be bought with a truck full of guns, a plane full of blondes and a Swiss bank account, but please, hold on to what little class you have!”

Overall, T'challa has lots of white folks scared outta they mind because he’s a rich, independent, and smart king. White people are so used to being shown as the “best” at everything that they’re shocked when a black person is either just as good or better then them at what they do. As a Black Girl I’m so damn happy that we’re finally getting the representation we deserved! It’s about fucking time!
Btw, in this rant I’m not saying anyone is wrong for liking Bucky or Steve more than T'challa. You’re all entitled to your own opinions but PLEASE be realistic and respectful and see that T'challa is much more than a Black man in a “cat suit”. I get people are having fun with that but it gets very degrading if that’s all you see him as. Another thing, to all the white people that actually respect T'challa you’re very appreciated, if you see your fellow white friend or a person being unfairly disrespectful about Black Panther please let them know what they’re doing wrong that would be appreciated among the black community.

Listen, I am not one to promote shows. In fact, I am always the first one to say, “shows get cancelled all the time, fam.” But like The Bold Type is just so essential for to the culture. There’s a bi mixed woman, a Lesbian Iranian woman and they are in love. A very dark skinned black man who’s an intelligent writer, a gay black man as head of the fashion department, and 3 women who go after what they want. These are women who act like real women! Women who cry, who question their own choices, who don’t always get what they want! Strong women! Something we desperately need more of on television. @freeform I am begging you to let The Bold Type grow into an amazing show that I know it can be. Let the viewership grow over time.

Ps Freeform owes me for the last 4 shitty seasons of Pretty Little Liars.

so i watched the first two episodes of Rosewood and whAT a discovery it was

- charming, confident, talented, extremely intelligent black man is the titular character
- competent, also charming, also very smart hispanic female character is his partner, who is both physically strong, feminine, and isn’t considered weak because she shows grief at her husband’s unexpected death
- established, prominent interracial lesbian couple whose individual stories do not revolve around their sexuality or their relationship (except their pending nuptials, which is discussed with excitement and enthusiasm from EVERYBODY, PARENTS INCLUDED)
- in the second episode, main character (who abstains from alcohol for medical reasons) chooses not to engage in sex with his partner because she has been drinking and he wants her full consent, which she isn’t capable of giving. he neither treats this like a difficult decision or an inconvenience to him, nor is he accusatory or annoyed with her

how have i not heard of this show before
this is all just in tWO EPISODES

“Can you feel it Mr. Anderson? Closing in on you? Oh I can, I really should thank you after all. It was, after all, it was your life that taught me the purpose of all life. The purpose of life is to end.”

-Agent Smith, “The Matrix: Revolutions”

To write “clearly,” one must incessantly prune, eliminate, forbid, purge, purify; in other words, practice what may be called an “ablution of language.”.. . Women … wallowing in confessions and in personal, narcissistic, or neurotic accounts, are held to be hopelessly inept for either objective, subjective, or universal—that is to say accurate—thinking. Remember, the minority’s voice is always personal; that of the majority, always impersonal. Logic dictates. Man thinks, woman feels. The white man knows through reason and logic—the intelligible. The black man understands through intuition and sympathy—the sensible. Old stereotypes deriving from well-defined differences (the apartheid type of difference) govern our thought… . To write well, we must either espouse [the white man’s] cause or transcend our borderlines. We must forget ourselves… . 

The danger in going “the woman’s way” is precisely that we may stop midway
and limit ourselves to a series of reactions: instead of walking on, we are content with opposing woman(’s emotion) to man(’s abstraction), personal experience and anecdotes to impersonal invention and theory.

—Trinh T. Minh-ha,
Woman, Native, Other


Charlamagne Kindly Got Tomi Lahren’s Ass Together

“If you go to a HIV/AIDS rally and the protest is about HIV/AIDS, do you Tomi stand there and say ‘What about Cancer’?” 

Now when I first heard Charlamagne had a debate with this bleached blonde dumbass (no that’s not a stereotype she has proven that she is slow) I was giving major side eye. The first thing that ran across my mind was, “who volunteered him as negro tribute?” but once I sat down and listened I was blown away. 

He kept his composure the entire time. Never once raised his voice, called her out her name, or threatened her; which is something I could not have done. He brought up great points, offered sound rebuttals, AND educated her ass all at the same time. This is a side to him many people have not seen. He is not only funny but a very intelligent black man and he represented our community as a whole very well. Now whether the message made impact is another story because it seems like Tomi didn’t hear a thing.

Her major argument was basically that Beyonce shouldn’t even be allowed to speak about the injustice in the slaughter of black people in this country because her husband used to sell drugs. HUH???? excuse me, but what the fuck does that have to do with anything!? The point she was trying to make was that it’s not ok for black people to pick and choose what to be mad about, and that we should be focused on the drug and violence issues in our community. Charlamagne shut her ass down with this perfect analogy, "If you go to a HIV/AIDS rally and the protest is about HIV/AIDS, do you Tomi stand there and say ‘What about Cancer’?”.

Another one of her arguments was that the “black lives matter” movement is violent. Citing the incidents of violence a SELECT FEW used during the protests. But these comments came directly after she said it wasn’t ok to label all police offers as corrupt murderers. Pardon me?? I can’t even take her seriously. She is a walking contradiction.

Her arrogant ass just doesn’t get it. She is still hooting and hollering that the black panthers were a terrorist organization and as a 23 year old woman she should be ashamed. This is a direct reflection of the failures in our education system and it is really disheartening. I don’t think they’ll ever truly get it.

This is a must watch. Thank you Charlemagne for a great debate and putting on for us! 


Carlos Milano Harden


Love this picture and the fact that the man in the big powerful exoskeleton suit with the big macho gun is a Black man. There desperately need to be more Black men as heroes and dashing leading men in American movies, television and literature. I like Shonda Rhimes - love her actually and admire her (!!) - but (no shade) I could do without the interracial couple centered fiction. Show me a handsome, intelligent, capable Black leading man who is ready and able to save the day and the Black damsel in distress and I’m in!!


Fellas, especially black men: imma break down how the importance of your womans emotional, physical & financial needs contributes to your success in this post..

He doesn’t come from the best, barely knows his dad, & the relationship they do have is rude & disrespectful on his fathers part. His mom was just living with his aunt, working multiple jobs with a 9yr old, smokes & drinks but she’s awesome.

He’s out here alone, learning for himself, doing for himself & in the 8 years i’ve been back & forth with him, today, November 21st, 2016 i’ve seen so much growth. So much more of a sense of responsibility. Went from being a homeless dropout to having his own spot, & saving $3000 for a new one & to get back in school all while paying rent & spoiling me. Went from not being able to find a job because of his record of being falsely accused of crimes, Selling drugs, etc to serving bringing home no less than $100 a day. I used to give him bus money to look for jobs, now he gives me any & everything I ask for, including random gifts.

He respects my space & alone time. & In these pictures above I went all out for his birthday & he wouldn’t even let me pay for everything. Just recently a ‘just because’ surprise dinner, & 2K17 gold edition because he’s saved 3k all on his own while tending to his responsibilities. With me or not, that’s a huge accomplishment & I wanted him to feel as appreciated as he makes me feel.

Me & him do not come from a good place. But I love this, still learning, generous, intelligent black man. It’s almost been 10 years & i’m not more excited to see anyone else. & i’m gonna love him, make him feel like a part of my family if he feels like he doesn’t have his own, & continue to celebrate these successes as long as my needs are met. Fellas, we want to do these things. Just listen, be there for us & give us a reason..

Fuck 12

Last year, I had my first encounter with police harassment and racial profiling. While walking around my neighborhood I was randomly stopped and questioned by the police. My life seemed to be in harm’s way and realizing the reality due to recent events that if something was to happen to me, I could be seen as a thug or ignorant teen who got what he deserved, frightened me. I began to comprehend that this was the true reaction of the average African American when confronted by police. Feeling that I am not safe and not protected leaves me to depend on myself in order to simply survive in this world. Excelling is a fantasy! This awful experience led me to the feeling of hatred toward police. I quickly became a member of what was perceived by a dominating supremacy as the “rebellious youth,” when in fact honesty has always been misconstrued in order to prevent revolution. I will never forget this situation and will forever express my hatred toward police until justice is applicable for all human beings.
I was walking back home after shopping at a clothing store when I saw a cop car drive by extremely curious about me. I of course was oblivious to what they had found so interesting, but I didn’t allow it to bother me. After walking about another block or so, I saw them again but this time they had pulled next to me. The officers told me to stand still as one approached me with the question “what are doing here?” I remained calm answering back respectfully that I had just return from shopping. Then the same officer went on to question why I chose to shop all the way in the area I was in, clearly implying he either assumed I was not from the area or I did not belong within it. I was taken back by this and replied with the instinctual response, “Excuse me?” Both cops seemed threatened and immediately got closer to me asking me to repeat my statement. I interpreted my statement by saying, “ nothing wrong has been done, you’re simply stopping me based off my appearance which is not only racial profiling but at this point police harassment.” An officer told me to shut up and sit on the curb and I once again repeated “I ain’t do anything!” The officer then used force to sit me on the curb. Sitting there felt like hours! Fearful for my safety, I began to tear up but quickly held it back in avoidance to show the two officers me in any disturbance. I tried to remain strong, and unintimidated but I was honestly terrified. They got all of my information then after about ten minutes, they let me go. On my walk home I viciously cried in anger and fear, hating the part of reality I had confronted. I wish I would’ve said more, but I know now that I refuse to surrender my morals for anything. I’m stronger from that day!
That situation showed me my true color. Then, it showed me that my skin color can be seen as a threat at any time, as well as my intelligence. The black man and woman have always been forced to mask their true emotion in order to avoid being labeled angry or threatening, or worse being physically disciplined for “unruly conduct.” Today I know that as a black male yet to be stripped of my vulnerability and courage, silence never works for me! My conduct will be determined suitable for the situation by me FAIRLY, but by me only. I refuse to cooperate until I’m treated fairly.