[Mass Greeting]

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It was a dark, dull afternoon. Of course, Lucifers days were normally dull, but the fact that it was dark made it extra-dull, and the black clouds lingering overhead didn’t give the fallen angel any hope of the dull-ness lifting.

However, he was determined to find something to entertain himself with. Perhaps he’d visit Spain - he’d heard it was nice this time of the year. But, of course, Spain was just as boring as Maryland. Maryland was where he had been staying, lately. It was home to the entrance of his cage, so there was nowhere else he really felt at home.

After a few minutes, the sound of footprints broke Lucifer from his thoughts and he turned around, curious as to who the newcomer would be. Perhaps they would prove to be interesting enough to relieve him of the boredom for a little while.


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Welcome to all of you, except for the hunters we don’t care much for your kind.

- Crowley