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Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 2k + oops.

Warnings: none. Reader is kinda ruthless. Though I like that lol 

A/U: I based myself on this prompt by @lazy-writing-prompts .Reader is a smart scientist that got kidnapped by HYDRA. He’s meant to save her but things don’t go as planned. Hope you enjoy and leave feedback.

The pounding in your head grew gradually stronger, so much that in seconds it was hard not to ignore them and you reluctantly opened your eyes. You tried to move your hands, forgetting for a moment that they were tied up to arms of the chair.

A drop of sweat fell down your forehead, much to your dismay, you were still on the same place you had been brought on days ago when HYDRA had captured you.

“You’re up,” said the the grey-haired man, he looked to be in his sixties, or seventies. He had told you his name but you were drugged when he did so you couldn’t recall it now. “How’s the head?”


“It’s normal, I believe,” he said turning back to read information on a laptop.

You huffed, “Glad to hear you sound so sure,” you said, “when is this going to be over?”

“Not soon, I’m afraid,” he said looking back at you while writing down information on a notebook, “Your vitals look good, consistent. Strong enough to resist the injection,” he said looking down, “the injection, on the other hand,  it’s not as stable yet.”

“Can’t get it right just yet, huh?” You smirked, “Good.”

“I could use the the help,” he gave a weak smile, “It just need some tweaks, very minor things.”

“Not a chance asshole,” you said losing the smirk. That man was mental. Not only did he voluntarily work for HYDRA, but he had given out the idea to get you kidnapped, he had heard about your great scientific qualities and thought that you would be a perfect candidate to get the “power-enhancing” injection.

His theory was that instead of giving powers like they did to Captain America, he would enhance those qualities that already existed. A good runner would be super-fast, a bodybuilding guy would have the strength of the Hulk, and a smart person could become so much more intelligent than any other genius known to men. That’s where you came in.

The first try, with the bodybuilding guy, failed big time. The man’s body distorted to enormous size, painfully, until the man’s bones couldn’t take it and he died. The madman couldn’t understand why that happened. He modified it multiple times to the same result. No matter how much he tried he wasn’t capable of getting right. Then, he thought of it. If he managed to enhanced someone’s intelligence they might be able to figure it out. So he got that gifted girl he taught back in University and got her to help. When she refused to, he kidnapped her. And decided to modify the quantities of the injection to make sure that when given to her, she would live long enough to figure out the actual right proportions for someone to survive the injection. So far, all of his tests didn’t make it more than a minute and a half before dying, and in that time they were in too much pain to speak.

“You understand that you will be injected eventually, right?” he said, angrier this time, “You are not going anywhere.”

You rolled your eyes, “‘Freighting guy’ doesn’t suit you, so don’t threaten me. You have more of a ‘pathetic madman’ vibe going on.” You spat with a fake smile.

“Fine, suit yourself,” he said, grabbing a needle, “If you’re not going to cooperate it’s lights out for you. Again.” he took long steps towards you, positioning the needle on your bruised underarm.

That’s when an explosion-like sound rang out, one of the windows was broken down, pieces of glass and  wood were splattered around the room. Yet you couldn’t see anyone. You and the doctor looked around, but it seemed like you two were alone. Until you felt a breeze and the man was flown back crashing against  the table where his computer, notepads, and whatnot laid.

“What the hell…?”  You muttered, just as a man stopped opposite you. Tall, slender, white hair, handsome, with his hand in his hips.

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Day Sixty

-A man informed me that he was buying stocking stuffers. His purchase consisted of a bag of nuts, several pairs of plain socks, and a roll of tape. I hope Santa stops by with supplemental stuffers. His children deserve, at the very least, trail mix.

-I met a baby with unreasonably thick eyebrows and deep, wizened eyes that have seen more than I could ever imagine. I feel that I have been a part of history, selling formula to the second documented case of B. Button syndrome in recorded history. 

-I overheard Cat Lady delivering a lecture to an audience of none on the topic of the best candy over at Starbucks. Were I able, I would have taken my break immediately and sat, enraptured, learning the inner secrets of the candy industry. However, for now, I am grateful that she is gaining some solid public speaking experience.

-A man in a hoodie leaped back and forth through the doors, bent over, arms out to his side. I am reasonably certain that a gorilla of genetically-enhanced intelligence was on the lam from the laboratory and chose their first stop to be Target. I only wish that they had come through my lane so that I could have assisted their escape better.

-I heard a loud crash. Looking up, I found a woman had knocked over the display on the wall dividing the registers and the dollar aisle, leaving only her mortified face visible among a row of cartoonishly large boxes.

-I was handed a wrinkled dollar bill, the canvas of intricate doodles, a weathered strip of paper with a corner taped back on. I cannot help but think about the stories that this bill could tell. Perhaps it was handed from a US president to a McDonald’s cashier. It could have been a victim in a high-scale bank heist. This bill could even have paid for the last meal a man ever ate. Realistically it has just seen a lot of strip club floors and vending machine mishaps. 

-A woman set up shop in front of the soda machines, calling several credit card companies on speaker phone, holding her cell up to her ear regardless. This is the epitome of efficiency.

-I was asked what time it was. I informed the guest that it was 3:10. They told me that this meant that it was 12:10 in California. I was then informed that we are three hours ahead of California. She proceeded to count out three hours after 12:10 and ultimately concluded that it was 3:10. This expert sleuthing left me speechless and I hope she returns soon to discuss the specifics of the detective agency I silently resolved to found with her.

-An elderly woman in her seventies informed me, with an enormous grin, that she had just married her high school sweetheart. I have never been happier for a stranger and I hope we find the answer to immortality soon so that they can spend as much time together as they can.

-As a man was paying for his purchase, he told me that he was buying it at the advice of a friend who suggested it would be good for gift baskets. I looked down at his single box of unsalted crackers and silently reassured myself that it was okay to not be this man’s friend.

-I have found that the easiest way to pick up and scan baby dolls is to pick them up by the head and wave them around. I dearly hope to unlearn this habit by the time my firstborn arrives.

-The woman who had knocked over the display found herself checking out in my lane. I have never seen such instantaneous shame appear on one’s face as when she recognized me as the sole witness to her transgression.

-Today I saw a woman who had a beanie pulled over her baseball cap and a woman who seems to have fashioned a car mat into a high-end poncho. This is the sort of fashion innovation that I live for. 

-I may have been recognized by a reader, but I will never know as they did not do more than make intense eye contact and passionately wish me a good day. There are over twenty times as many readers of my stories as there are Target stores in the world, so I would like to remind everyone that if they do happen upon my store while I’m working, there is nothing I would love more than to say hello. I may have severe anxiety, but I also have a desperate need to have my ego stroked, so overall it will be a great time. 



Successor to the Normandy SR-1, and built by Cerberus, the SR-2 was recovered and upgraded by the Systems Alliance. In spite of its relatively small size, The Normandy is capable of enormous offence feats, equipped with Javelin Torpedoes, GARDIAN lasers, and the Thanix Cannon, a Reaper-based weapon.Even though defensively great, thanks to multi-core kinetic barriers ans silaris ablative armour, its strongest defence is based on its state-of-the-art stealth systems. Coupled with the tantalus drive core, and its Enhanced Defence Intelligence (EDI), The Normandy is the fastest, deadliest, and most advanced vessel in the Citadel Fleet. 

entire reason why i should not make fusions: mary sue


  • Adventurine is one of the premiere stones to attract luck, abundance and success
  • It comforts, harmonizes and protects the heart and also helping to atract luck in love
  • It is also a manifestation stone and helps bring your dreams into reality
  • The stone of opportunity
  • Is said to benefit one in all areas of creativity, imagination, as well as intellect and mental clarity 
  • A gentle stone energetically that gives a sense of calm and balance and also enhances happiness
  • Helps one to see alternatives and potentials in all situations, giving a positive outlook, courage and inner strength.
  • Brings friendship into your life.
  • It is a stone of protective energies.
  • Physically it is beneficial for blood, circulatory system, balancing blood pressure, sinus problems, nausea, headaches, general health, allergies, eczema, fever, and sleep disorder

Green Adventurine

  • associated with the heart chakra.
  • called the “stone of heaven”
  • opens and soothes a wounded heart
  • enhances intelligence
  • increases opportunities and motivation
  • brings luck and adventures in love and games

Blue Adventurine

  • Benifits the throat and third eye chakras
  • All around healer
  • opens and dissolves blocks in the brow center 
  • stimulates creativity and expression

Red Adventurine 

  • beneficial for the base, sacral and solar plexus or three lower chakras
  • Mental abilities as well as sexuality and vitality can be improved through these chakras
  • brings joy into your life
  • dissolves creative block
  • heals sexual trauma
  • aids in independence and originality 

White Adventurine 

  • works well with all chakras
  • may bolster ones ability to to experience psychic visions 
The Signs as witch/wizard powers

Aries - Aries allows strength-based abilities, like fire manipulation, and plain strength manipulation

Taurus - Taurus uses endurance or power-based abilities, such as enhanced endurance/stamina. As an element they can have earth manipulation.

Gemini - has replication type magic, and uses air as an elemental force

Cancer - Cancer has things like ability constriction and manipulation of others. Also can use water manipulation and aquatic respiration 

Leo - Leo can control animals minds, and has superhuman senses, and enhanced reflexes. their element is fire

virgo - Virgo can heal and regenerate. Their element is earth

Libra - Libra has the power of enhanced intelligence, and their element is air.

Scorpio - Scorpio uses poison like powers, and controls things like poisonous insects and reptiles. They use water as a element.

Capricorn - Can use earth powers, manipulate the ground and environment

Sagittarius - They have enhanced crafts as a magical skill, which means accuracy, hunting and creating things like potions. They control fire

Aquarius - Aquarius has water type magic, with water ice and sometimes air as a power.

Pisces - Pisces has water magic and illusion, which can confuse others minds in what they see.

Muses & their powers/special abilities (magic or otherwise);


  • Ability to breath under water and on land
  • Bioluminescence (his freckles, fins, gills, and eyes all glow in the dark)
  • Siren singing 
  • Enhanced bite, smell (underwater), hearing (underwater), and strength
  • High metabolism (mostly due to him being an athlete)
  • Passive electroreception
  • Weapon summoning (trident)


  • Claw retraction 
  • Enhanced reflexes, agility, jump, hearing, and smell
  • Night vision
  • Temperature regulation
  • Sharp canines
  • Psychic energy manipulation
  • Healing magic
  • Weapon summoning (whip. pretty much useless until she can learn how to use it properly though)


  • Pretty much everything that Calibri has tbh
  • Enhanced intelligence
  • Enhanced agility x2
  • Clairvoyance
  • Feral mind (product of split-personality disorder)
  • Contaminant immunity instead of healing magic (enhanced immune system)
  • Weapon summoning (claws. It’s actually kind of scary how adept she is at using them)


  • Superhuman strength
  • Zoolingualism (ability to communicate with animals telepathically)
  • Enhanced sight
  • Ability to see people’s auras
  • Plant manipulation (weak)
  • Psychic energy manipulation
  • Healing tears
  • Weapon summoning (sickle)


  • Hydrokinesis (ability to create, control, and manipulate water)
  • Hydro-Cryokinesis (ability to freeze water)
  • Aerokinesis (manipulate and control the air/wind)
  • Atmokinesis (the power to control and manipulate the weather itself)
  • Cryokinesis (create, manipulate and control ice and snow)
  • Electrokinesis (generate and control electricity/lightning)

anonymous asked:

Aquarius Sun and Moon, Pisces Venus, Pisces Mercury, Scorpio Mars and Leo Rising, please? 💞😘

As a Leo rising people are drawn to you. You come off very charming, warm even if you’re quiet. You are probably very good at making friends as you can see the best in people. Your Aquarius Sun and Moon lead to you having a cooler, detached nature than your rising might imply. You’re a very fun, interesting, and unique person. You probably love exploring and have lots of interesting ideas and opinions to share. You may have trouble expressing emotions with people and you tend to rationalize them a lot and brush them off. It may take a very close friend for you to feel comfortable showing the emotional side that you do indeed have. Thankfully your Pisces Mercury will help you a lot with this as it can enhance emotional intelligence and causes you to be very wise and wonderful at giving advice, even if you may still feel a little withdrawn emotionally yourself. I’d say try to use this placement to help express yourself more if you ever feel like you can’t. I guarantee you… water Mercury is great at getting their emotions across to others. With Pisces in Venus as well, you may be quite the charmer as I’m pretty sure your Venus positively aspects your Mercury with these placements. Very smooth with your words. You see love as very dreamy and soft. As beautiful as this placement is, I urge you to not get to caught up in your relationships as this placement can tend to overestimate or idealize people(assholes 😡) who may be mistreating them. I’m glad you have an Aquarius Moon to help you rationalize a bit better in this respect. You may be a little shy about pursuing relationships; not one to make the first move perhaps. Your Scorpio Mars contradicts this so you may just need to know they feel the same! Scorpio Mars makes for a very driven person who gets their business taken care of efficiently and low key. Like Capricorn Mars, they love reaching goals and success. They hold a mean grudge, but aren’t very showy when angry. Your Aquarius moon further intensifies this. You are wonderful at cutting people who have wronged you out of your life. You can feel anger very deeply and bottle it up. If pushed hard enough, you will sting whoever got you mad in just the right place!!!!

Thank you for asking, I love answering! Personal planets full of so much air and water is really interesting to me. It’s like logic and emotion coming together. 🖤 I hope this was enjoyable. I do full natal chart readings for 15$ on my Etsy if you wanna get more in depth.

Zombies with Superpowers

reposting because the post was acting weird on my tumblr)

So I might have gone a bit too far with brainstorming an idea presented by @bogleech in the following post: “The zombie apocalypse happens but when a zombie gets shot it resurrects the next day with a random superpower for every bullet.”

Note: long list ahead; I may have possibly got a wee bit carried away.

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