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I will be posting each chapter of the AU at a time so here’s where the AU starts.

The Wheatato AU doesn’t take effect until the end of Chapter 5: The Escape. Before you can even press the Stalemate Resolution Button, Glados states that she has a better idea and then you hear Wheatley crying in pain. She electrifies him while he’s plugged in and gets knocked out from a system overheat. She then takes hold of you and Wheatley  (still knocked out) and ponders on how to teach you a lesson. She then realizes that Wheatley is who helped you get this far so to make him suffer, she put him in a potato battery.

Glados then wakes Wheatley up and claims to kill Chell and make him watch and then turn him into mashed potatoes. She then places Chell into a lift and shuts the door. Before doing anything, Glados snarls at Wheatley, remembering what his purpose was as an intelligence dampening sphere while Wheatley begins to deny it all and how he’s trying not to be the moron he was built to be. Since the turrets can’t shoot, maybe they can explode and kill Chell that way. But when Glados brings the defective turrets, too many of them come out at once and not only surround Chell but Glados as well. She then freaks out, accidentally throwing Wheatley at Chell. Glados raises her body up to shield herself from the explosions. When they exploded, the force messed with the lift, causing it to break and making both Chell and Wheatley fall.

While falling into a pit, Chapter 6: The Fall starts and Wheatley is being completely silent until he begins to utter how it was his fault the humans are dead back at the Enrichment Center and starts calling himself a moron over and over again. Then before they make it to the bottom a bird swoops in and takes him away while he cries out in horror.

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So ya know during Wheatley's betrayl GLaDOS says she recognizes his voice, and she say he was installed in her to hinder her intelligence. What would Daniel be hindering in David?

Hmm, Daniel could maybe be any (or all) of the following

- An un-empathetic murderer core to block David’s remorse and his respect for human life (a personal favorite of mine). Since he’s almost too kind and an opposite of GLaDOS in a way, Daniel could sorta be the opposite of a morality core. David in Camp Camp is overly empathetic, so it’s reasonable that when creating an AI with his personality, they’d realize he needs some blockage so he isn’t conversing with people and giving them relationship advice and the like instead of working.

- Cynicism to prevent David from being too naïve and unaware. They wanted to make sure David wasn’t a pushover

- David could be considered by some to be a moron himself, so Daniel could be anything but an intelligence dampening core, really

Feel free to add to this!

Fancy that, Robert’s got a new picture project!

Yes it’s Portal related but it only deals with the Personality cores this time. Wheatley’s a prime example here. It’ll take me a while but hopefully I’ll get it done- not in a rush but like over time since I got other stuff to do.

I was inspired to do this by an artist that I remember seeing their work here on Tumblr, sadly I can’t find the link to their picture but if I do find it I’ll show you. -3-

Anyways, hope you guys like what you see so far.


Down the hall there’s a vault door. Behind it, you’ll see a man crying on his desk with suspicious tubes of green liquid and dark figures inside of them, each labelled with a number, name, and function.

The Rainbow Sphere - Designed to keep employees positive
The Intelligence Dampening Sphere - Designed to keep the GLaDOS from making smart violent decisions if the time comes for it to happen
The Adventure Sphere - Designed to make testing more appealing and impressive so that more volunteers would continue with their tests
The Space Sphere - Designed to give current employees a ‘childlike imagination’ and invent better things
The Maintenance Sphere - Designed to maintain machines, employees, and number count for graphs

An empty tube is open, the name hastily scrawled onto it. Below it reads the function.

The Fact Sphere - Designed to give employees true up-to-date facts about the world to give them an idea of what to invent

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I'm still going through this blog, so I haven't seen everything yet. But is Daniel a dampening sphere like how Wheatley had been an intelligence dampening sphere? I could imagine Daniel as some sort of empathy dampening sphere and a major reason as to why David could neither comprehend nor learn that the test subjects were truly in distress.

That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been saying, anon! We think alike MMHMM

Role play with @littlemoronicportalfan

Glados sat in her main chamber, lounging on her mainframe as if it were a throne and scrolling through the cameras boredly. Everything had become a little more dull since Chell had left, so there wasn’t much to do.

She wipes her short white hair out of her optics, clipping it back with the white and black hairpin she had, with a bright glowing orange light. It closely resembled the head of her full AI form.

She also wore a black and orange suit, with short sleeves and heavy, black long-fall boots. Her white gloves and pale hair made up for the darker colours though, as well as the sparks and shines of white throughout her outfit.

She perks up as she hears a warning message, saying that a Aperture Science personality sphere was in range… And heading directly to the facility. And she knew just who that was. She leans close to the microphone, connecting to the Intelligence Dampening Core so he could hear her as he bolted down to the facility all the way from space.

“Hello, moron.”

New theory: The “intelligence” in Intelligence Dampening refers to information-gathering, IE spying on the scientists and other human workers.

In other words, Wheatley was a distraction from plotting murder.

GLaDOS: I know you…

Wheatley: Sorry…what?

GLaDOS: The engineers tried everything to make me…behave. To slow me down. Once, they even attached an Intelligence Dampening Sphere on me. It clung to my brain like a tumor, generating an endless stream of terrible ideas.

Wheatley: No! Not listening! Not listening!

GLaDOS: It was your voice.

Wheatley: No! No! You’re lying, you’re lying!

GLaDOS: Yes. You’re the tumor. You’re not just a regular moron. You were designed to be a moron.

Wheatley: I am not a moron!

GLaDOS: Yes, you are! You’re the moron they built to make me an idiot!

Wheatley: Well, how about now?! Now who’s the moron?! Could a moron punch you into this pit!?  Huh!? Could a moron do that!?

-”Portal 2″

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"I-I s'pose this is the o-only -bzzt- time I'll getta say it. Good a-as d-d-dead right now. I-I'm... I'm sor-bzzt-ry." [INTELLIGENCE DAMPENING SPHERE EMERGENCY SHUT DOWN IN PROGRESS. PLEASE STAND BY.] (Core, crashed back from space)

Chell was kneeling on the ground, holding the damaged core in her arms, silver eyes wide. “Nonono, don’t shut down on me, don’t you dare…” She watched as his cracked optic dimmed, and he went into shutdown. “I forgive you,” she whispered, barely audible. Then, she stood up and began running, clutching onto him tightly.