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Medic’s doves, let me tell ya. The tf2 verse has always been excessively goofy, so I always imagine that medic’s doves are more affectionate than any bird could ever be:

Rubbing against him like damn cats, ruffling his hair, messing with his glasses, exploring his pockets, soft dove kisses (rapid light pecking that feels like teeny little taps), an entire vocabulary of coos that only medic understands, a tendency to follow him everywhere, crying when they can’t find him, always preening on him and floofing their feathers everywhere, perching on the curtain rail when he takes a shower (literally the whole bar is covered in doves patiently watching their pa bath), somewhat protective behavior, cuddling, and much more lovey dovey stuff

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I've seen lots of posts about corvids, but none really about cats. What are the felines on campus up to?

Several have too many eyes, for starters. But they’re sweet things, if you like cats, and while they’re not any more intelligent than the average cat, they seem to go between worlds without any kind of problem. They also more than likely all have the Sight, so, you know, if it’s staring into the middle distance go the other way.

Here’s an idea:

Despite the fact that so many people seem to be fixated on what Freddie’s sexuality was and nothing else, let’s remember Freddie for who he really was. He was beautiful and kind and intelligent; he loved cats and the colour yellow and he was an extremely talented musician. He could draw and dance and light up any room he entered. He could own a stage and keep huge audiences captivated, from the people in the front row to the ones standing at the very back. It’s important not to erase his sexuality, of course, but there’s more to him than the debate surrounding all that. He was a real person with a real personality and we were so lucky to have him. We love you, Freddie, and we haven’t forgotten who you really are.  

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What are some monsters that could make good wandcores and are native to the western part of the US?


Look, Nonny, darling, I’m from the UK and I honestly am pretty shit at Geography and beyond that there’s like the whole thing where different bits of the US like to consider them North/East/West/South/their state predominantly, which makes this like. Not at all simple. 

It’s also worth noting that wandcores are something which can be traded - while a wandmaker is going to want to select the wood themselves, as only some woods can work for a wandwood, and they must therefore inspect the tree personally, the cores are required as a magical item by which they may channel magic through the wand - the wood directs, the core channels. Finding suitable wood is the hard part, the core is a much simpler thing, and, in cases such as dragon parts, is an object with legal restrictions on trade, and therefore one which cannot be collected in person. Therefore, many cores are traded, so a core from the western part of the US might be found up in Canada or on the east coast instead.

I’m going to go over canon cores and then cores from headcanoned creatures and you can pick ones which seem interesting and see if they’re found in the area you’re looking for, ok? I’ve organised both lists in the rough order of most to least powerful as a wandcore.


  • Dragon heartstring - In America this could utilise the Heartstring of the dragonish-occamy-ish Snallygaster [monsterblog post], or Heartstrings from my American Thunderwing dragons, Florida Swamp Dragons, or Canyon or River Dragons.
  • Thunderbird tail feather - [monsterblog post] A cousin to Firebird-type birds, though not of the type themselves, the feather of a Thunderbird makes for a powerful, though difficult to master core, with a knack for Transfiguration.
  • Phoenix feather - From the American Eagle-Phoenix, most likely, though sometimes traded from other specimens. You can read about the specifics of its tendencies as a core over Here on @wandmore .
  • Rougarou hair - [monsterblog post] Though strongly linked to dark magic it is more that this core is very capable. Highly self-aware and very powerful, it takes a certain measure of will to manage such a core but, once managed, is the most loyal helpmate one could ask for.
  • Veela hair - [monsterblog post] While reputed to be a temperamental core, cores of Veela hair are nonetheless powerful and are capable of being especially loyal if in the hands of someone related to the Veela who donated a hair.
  • Horned Serpent horn - [monsterblog post] Very rare. Preference for Parselmouths and resistant to magic cast on it by way of Parseltongue. Likes the intelligent.
  • Wampus cat hair - [monsterblog post] Very powerful cores, the hairs of these creatures can only be collected by Cherokee wixes who have spent time studying the creatures and how to safely interact with them - due to this, many wandmakers who use this core maintain cordial relationships with Cherokee wixes so as to maintain the trading relationship, though these interactions have been strained (and outright called off) at several points in history due to the behaviour of MACUSA.
  • Unicorn hair - [monsterblog post] Due to various reasons, Unicorns were introduced to America by immigrant wixes and, to this day, the hair is used in wandmaking due to it’s power, loyalty and reliability.
  • White River Monster spine - [monsterblog post] Very nearly only found in inherited wands, these days, it makes for a wand of force and elegance. In recent years, since the death of wandmaker Thiago Quintana, who knew how to lure the creatures, wands with this core have only been made using found spines, washed up on dead specimens.
  • Kelpie Hair - [monsterblog post] Often, though not always, imported, the hair of Kelpies is most usually a wandcore found in imported wands, though this hasn’t stopped more experimental wandmakers experimenting with it.
  • Jackalope antler - [monsterblog post] a lively core but not the strongest. Nonetheless popular with some wandmakers, as it is known to help liven up more quiet woods.
  • Kneazle Whisker - [monsterblog post] As one might suspect, not the strongest of cores, and rather an aloof and tricky one at that. Often obtained from a wixes pet and used more as a practice wand than anything else.
  • Troll whisker - [monsterblog post] A very weak core, nonetheless, one found and occasionally used, depending on region.


  • Wendigo Spinal Cord - An incredibly rare and dangerous core, most wandmakers who are willing to use it will only bind it to a peaceable wood, lest it select too dangerous a wix and lend the wix means to do more harm than good. Not actively malicious, the core nonetheless likes those with a certain level of viciousness and a distinct strength of mind.
  • Vampire Venom - Usually only found in wands for the children and grandchildren of vampires, on some very rare occasions a vampire may donate a fang for the wands of their human bloodline. A very quick and subtle wandcore.
  • Dryad Hair - be it of the American Tree Dryad, or the splintery tendrils of the Swamp Dryad, these hairs are used as wand cores which do not “flavour” the wood, leaving the wood with the same personality, unaltered by the core.
  • North American Swamp Nixie Hair - Usually only donated to those who are actually related to them, they may sometimes give bundles of hair as part of alliance or trade agreements to “anchor” the promise. These hairs are usually then made into wands for the children of those who made the agreement. 
  • Pacific Moon Serpent Rib - Very rare but surprisingly powerful, the ribs of these creatures make for solid wands with a knack for reflective magics.
  • Winged Horse Feather - Be it from Volucens, Azazelan, or another breed kept in the USA, the feathers of these creatures are occasionally used as wandcores.
  • Griffin Feather - Usually from the Krizogryph, also called the Mississippi Heron Griffin, Pheasant Griffin (not the strongest) or the Rocky Mountain Griffin, these wandcores have a noble tendency.
  • American Hellhound Sinew - A dangerous wandcore in the wrong hands, it is, thankfully, not as powerful as some other cores on this list. However, when bonded to a sweet-natured wandwood, it makes for the most loyal helpmate a wix could ask for.
  • Ball-Tailed Cat Hair - Distant cousins to Wampus Cats, Splintercats and Cactus Cats, Ball-Tailed Cats are not as magically powerful as the former, though they are more powerful than the latter two. Prone to making for stubborn wands.
  • Splintercat Spines - Spines of these creatures make for accurate and almost sharp wands, though not as risky as Cactus Cat.
  • Cactus Cat Spines - Cactus Cat Spine cored wands have an unfortunate tendency to occasionally turn on the wix handling them, if they disagree on what to do, sometimes burning a wixes palm. This, however, is nothing compared to what they will do if a wix tries to steal them.
  • Chupacabra Spines - Wands made with this core are playful but curiously loyal, in that they will express as much loyalty to one their master willingly loans them to so long as the wix offers no threat to their true master.
  • Hidebehind Hair - Rather like Demiguise hair, this core can be very hard to see and is very hard to obtain. Despite this, it is not very powerful, hence it’s lack of popularity.
  • Hodag Horn - Not particularly remarkable, Hodag Horns rarely grow large enough to be of use.
  • Chama-lincis Whisker - Often very resistant to magic it is rare to find a whisker suitable for wandmaking.
  • Magical Raven Feather - Be it from Nebiros / Curious Raven, Valravn, or Nachtkrapp, these wands are not the most powerful but are not uncommon (though this varies depending on source), as they are wonderfully reliable. 
  • Ceribim Feather - Usually collected from pet specimens, such a core is not especially strong but can be interestingly flamboyant.
  • Argopelter Hair - Very rarely used due to sheer weakness and the trouble one must go to obtain, these hairs make for playful wandcores.
  • Warpgle Feather - Useful for those who might wish to enchant objects, but otherwise not particularly powerful enough.
  • Boletum crinis Tendril - A cheeky wandcore, these tend to enjoy working on jinxes, hexes and pranks, but rarely anything to do actual harm unless truly willed by their master or part of a wand with a more vicious wandwood.

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If asked, Harry would say that he doesn’t live alone; he lives with his lovely and intelligent cat Starberry. He lives on a street full of witches and wizards that he sees briefly before they apparate off their front steps, and his sister floos by unannounced quite often. If asked, Harry would say he lives a rather content life.

If asked, Harry would not say being practically run over by his new neighbour the first time they meet is a positive thing. He may even say that he wishes that new neighbour would stop following him around and let him do his produce shopping in peace.

This fic was written as part of an ongoing challenge. We each select random numbers and are given a specific emotion from the book 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names. To read the other fics written in this challenge, click here, or you can find the masterpost on tumblr here.


Talking with karanan and agent-gwendolyn,  we realized Imperial Intelligence totally needs comfort cats that can ground agents when they come back from horrible shit.

Would that be allowed though?? Who knows, maybe Agents Snuffles and his buds would have to be kept secret from the sith

Also nice drama if a lord ever killed on of the cats. All the ciphers flip their shit hehe, murder time

(also snuck in some people’s agents in the bg, hope you don’t mind :o juczerro zenatness karanan agent-gwendolyn )


The real reason Ragnell got worn down by the time Awakening rolled around is that Ranulf used it to sharpen his nails and basically treated it as a toy in cat form, once he and Ike settled down in a nice hut in the woods somewhere. Ike was a liiiittle mad that the kitty did this, but he could never stay mad at Ranulf for too long.

This isn’t the most noble explanation for it, so Priam just throws it around in combat without explaining it was basically turned into a glorified cat toy by his ancestor’s cat husband.

  • Someone: How could you even like Jumin Han? He is so rude and creepy!
  • Me: Well, I don't know. My last biases were *gazes at Sherlock* a high-functioning sociopath, *glances at Moriarty* a criminal mastermind, *peeks at Hannibal* a literal cannibal, *glimpses at Sebastian Michaelis* and a legit demon... Considering my taste in men, don't you think a sweet, pure, golden-hearted, intelligent, emotionally neglected, cat-loving executive director would be the best of them all?
The Zodiac Signs as Ancient Civilizations/ Empires
  • Aries: Vikings // War, courage, honor, adventure
  • Taurus: Mongols // Possessions, determination, economy
  • Gemini: Chinese // Rich culture, importance of writing
  • Cancer: Babylonian // Strong sense of community, protection of the weak and poor
  • Leo: Inca // Sun-God, magnificent buildings and art
  • Virgo: Romans // Engineering, efficiency, technology
  • Libra: Greek // Democracy, beauty, great works of art
  • Scorpio: Egyptians // Mystery, intelligence, CATS
  • Sagittarius: Aztecs // Nobility, extravagance, strength
  • Capricorn: Maya // Knowledge, studying, hard work, time
  • Aquarius: Atlantis // Universal consciousness, advanced technology, isolation
  • Pisces: Persian // Human rights, religious tolerance, equality

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There's no zero on the numbers page so I figure the clans have no concept of zero. Could a particularly intelligent cat (a seer, say) wrap their heads around it, or is it just beyond feline comprehension?

Super interesting question, man. The cats are kind of aware of it, but no one really understands anything being zero somethings. They get when you didn’t catch any mice, for example, or when a field doesn’t have any cats in it, but there’s still something left over - a cat with an empty mouth or a piece of land, however barren it may be. To think of an object and then say “there are zero of that object and nothing remains” is a little too advanced for them.

That’s not to say it’s impossible for them to learn, of course. There are definitely some curious and highly intelligent cats who can see a void in their mind and understand the idea of nothing. Your average cat would have some trouble, though.